7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
siestas CATNAPS
accommodate OBLIGE
foul-smelling RANCID
borscht eater's need SOUPSPOON
trendy berry ACAI
subtly suggests IMPLIES
kindergarten period PLAYTIME
left out OMITTED
Japan's largest island HONSHU
made more money than OUTEARNED
nesting boxes BIRDHOUSES
cab money FARE
not going with the flow RESISTANT
thinly distributed SPARSE
crazes MANIAS
widespread quality PREVALENCE
juts out EXTRUDES
smile meekly SIMPER
bicycle wheel support SPOKE
country singer McCready MINDY
powerful female SUPERWOMAN
business activities ENTERPRISES
docking places HARBORS
coconutty Girl Scout Cookies SAMOAS
wheel-shaped pasta ROTELLE
people in the cockpit AVIATORS
half-cooked PARBAKED
coming (from) STEMMING
able to operate underwater SUBMERGIBLE
condition of closed hatches BATTENED
pottery with dabbed design SPONGEWARE
shallow cove GUNKHOLE
additive to make malleable PLASTICIZER