7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
affected refusal ACCISMUS
not living forever MORTAL
puts up roadblocks STYMIES
below the surface SUBLIMINAL
elimination ERADICATION
panel member JUROR
its capital: Port-au-Prince HAITI
official announcements NOTICES
farm machinery COMBINE
font components CHARACTERS
really terrible AWFUL
husband or wife SPOUSE
without hope DOOMED
someone you live with ROOMMATE
dreamer's opposite REALIST
not separate TOGETHER
homely UGLY
become narrower TAPER
something made CREATION
green onions SCALLIONS
pachyderm ELEPHANT
where stock cars run RACETRACK
sweet root vegetable PARSNIP
humped animal CAMEL
huge commercial success BLOCKBUSTER
circus performer CLOWN
color-changing lizard CHAMELEON
figure skating's Hamill DOROTHY
capital of Nepal KATMANDU
unusual sitting spot FLAGPOLE
tough riddle STICKLER
head scarf KERCHIEF
petty quarrel TIFF
convention goer ATTENDEE
loss of esteem SHAME
alfresco meal PICNIC
shrivel up WITHER
Marshall Islands atoll BIKINI
sweater feature TURTLENECK
prairie hare JACKRABBIT
young actress INGENUE
sugar in honey FRUCTOSE
one way to read a book ALOUD
bikes with engines MOPEDS
civilian who avenges a crime VIGILANTE
overblown publicity HYPE
like dishwater SUDSY
angry lawyer's cry OBJECTION
deliberately anger PROVOKE
reviewer CRITIC
sewer entrance MANHOLE
type of sweater PULLOVER
bank worker TELLER
orange squash PUMPKIN
not at all shy IMMODEST
the tallest mountain EVEREST
old calculator ABACUS
medal recipient WINNER
company head BOSS
bratty SPOILED
not very feminine MANNISH
Ivy League school YALE
sudden rainstorm CLOUDBURST
large white flower GARDENIA
infantryman of ancient Greece HOPLITE
small crested songbird WAXWING
vague or indistinct NEBULOUS
contract stipulation PROVISO
take time to consider RUMINATE
over a large area EXTENSIVE
work together COOPERATE
come out on top TRIUMPH
baseball game division INNING
snake tooth FANG
expression of gratitude THANKS
boneless strip of meat FILLET
away from the public PRIVATE
plan a complicated event ORCHESTRATE
keep within tight restrictions STINT
occurring earlier PREVIOUS
city adminstrator MAYOR
abnormally expanded SWOLLEN
sudden intake of breath GASP
stonework MASONRY
faucet annoyance DRIP
it's knotted at the throat NECKTIE
tallest mammal GIRAFFE
prudent CAUTIOUS
department store supervisor FLOORWALKER
address SPEECH
Mendel's science HEREDITY
Russian leader Yeltsin BORIS
mix up JUMBLE
winter wear SWEATER
career criminal FELON
according to custom FORMAL
anticipate with fear APPREHEND
TV ad figure SPOKESMAN
fender bender BINGLE
dodge AVOID
thrilled STOKED
mattress covers SHEETS
Bindi, to Steve DAUGHTER
trousers, slangily STRIDES
oil well tower DERRICK
unaffected IMMUNE
like some guitars ELECTRIC
high quality glass CRYSTAL
Yahtzee equipment DICE
area ZONE
small pieces of jewelry TRINKETS
cord leading to dynamite FUSE
baseball cap part VISOR
sullen look LOWER
put on hold SUSPENDED
parcel of land TRACT
language studies LINGUISTICS
quake fracture FAULT
witty one PUNSTER
eat away at TORMENT
shiny photo GLOSSY
playground menace BULLY
put a point on SHARPEN
where a Texas leaguer lands OUTFIELD
shown off VAUNTED
elaborate INVOLVED
what hoarding can lead to SHORTAGE
long-running Broadway show CATS
frankness CANDOR
Marilyn Monroe was one BLONDE
sure thing CERTAINTY
extinct bird DODO
verse of four lines QUATRAIN
sticky situation DILEMMA
carnation or columbine FLOWER
in a lively manner SPRIGHTLY
it's wound into balls YARN
cloak-and-dagger CLANDESTINE
it helps keep a shoe on LACE
twisting one's arm COERCION
peppermint oil extract MENTHOL
piece of land PLOT
one way of cheating COLLUSION
guardianship CUSTODY
sap energy from ENERVATE
examine by touching PALPATE
room at the top HEADSPACE
library activity BORROWING
bag quantity SACKFUL
ill-mannered RUDE
thousand year periods MILLENNIA
remove the shroud from UNVEIL
feature of a warm jacket LINING
sports car quality PERFORMANCE
toque tote HATBOX
tendency to laugh RISIBILITY
to a man UNANIMOUS
two-masted ship YAWL
coupon user REDEEMER
art museum activity FRAMING
early movie theater NICKELODEON
feel sadness MOURN
olive branch, perhaps OFFERING
dangerous tiger MANEATER
mistress of a household CHATELAINE
full of good humor JOLLY
tiny stone PEBBLE
fish basket CREEL
dirty and rundown GRUNGY
floating without gravity WEIGHTLESS
of an uncle AVUNCULAR
Polynesian island TAHITI
mental power WILL
likeness in paint PORTRAIT
planet WORLD
indescribably bad UNSPEAKABLE
where a college student sleeps DORM
foot doctor PODIATRIST
summit TIPTOP
ill-gotten gains LOOT
security guard WATCHMAN
intensify ACCENTUATE
foot woe BUNION
save from the scrap heap SALVAGE
tundra-dwelling rodent LEMMING
serenity STILLNESS
soldier or deep-sea fish GRENADIER
piece of an archipelago ISLE
poor place to change horses MIDSTREAM
freshman's grade NINTH
word after South or Union PACIFIC
stiff muslin fabric ORGANDY
part of a peony PETAL
beat around the bush EQUIVOCATE
hair styling material MOUSSE
lost love emotion HEARTBREAK
singer Gwen STEFANI
serve as an example EXEMPLIFY
argosy or steamer SHIP
musical theater form OPERETTA
walking aid CRUTCH
crepuscular ray SUNBEAM
slash sign VIRGULE
salacious LASCIVIOUS
means of access PATHWAY
specialized thief SAFECRACKER
ribosome component PROTEIN
ingenuity RESOURCE
speak haltingly STAMMER
not entirely accurate INEXACT
tennis stroke FOREHAND
big purse CARRYALL
like a wet blanket DAMP
sound of joy or triumph HUZZAH
talked with one's hands GESTURED
resin used as a varnish SHELLAC
male horse at stud STALLION
lumbago BACKACHE
dancing skill FOOTWORK
on the fringe PERIPHERAL
perplex MYSTIFY
moveable part of a wing AILERON
box-shaped sled PUNG
subway passenger STRAPHANGER
lovingly indulgent DOTING
expels from the law office DISBARS
change funding assigments REALLOCATE
chiropractic task ADJUSTMENT
mixes, as chili STIRS
stair step face RISER
circus attraction TAMER
discredits INVALIDATES
scatting Ella FITZGERALD
descend by rope RAPPEL
speaking two languages BILINGUAL
thrown out EJECTED
finds another use for RECYCLES
parental right VISITATION
makes fun of MOCKS
kind of SOMEWHAT
capital of Alaska JUNEAU
rubbish DEBRIS
pair on a shelf BOOKENDS
influence of a sort LEVERAGE
witty remark QUIP
paper, envelopes, etc. STATIONERY
type of scientist BIOLOGIST
canned fruit spreads PRESERVES
Yucatan tribe member MAYAN
"Tintern Abbey" poet WORDSWORTH
very close INTIMATE
Disneyland's home ANAHEIM
evaluate APPRAISE
made minor adjustments to TWEAKED
ten to the hundredth power GOOGOL
accustom ORIENTATE
pesky critters VARMINTS
lacking sophistication JEJUNE
with no assembly required PREBUILT
stadium lot partiers TAILGATERS
a little at a time PIECEMEAL
all-knowing OMNISCIENT
they make dire predictions DOOMSAYERS
menial laborers HIRELINGS
time for work, usually WEEKDAY
salad base LETTUCE
answer to a division problem QUOTIENT
archaeologist's finds RELICS
yellow bloom DAFFODIL
shaken instruments MARACAS
how something may be rued BITTERLY
insult PUTDOWN
wi-fi need MODEM
biographer of Johnson BOSWELL
Parthenon's location ACROPOLIS
tourist who goes a-looking SIGHTSEER
series of wins or losses STREAK
Israeli communal settlement KIBBUTZ
wall-less garage CARPORT
sugar made in photosynthesis GLUCOSE
boilerplate TEMPLATE
put into motion ACTIVATED
in a boorish way CRUDELY
describe DEPICT
alternative medicine HOMEOPATHY
having a red complexion FLORID
golf great Seve BALLESTEROS
signature written for a fan AUTOGRAPH
cries out EXCLAIMS
in the best-case scenario IDEALLY
popular bit of jargon BUZZWORD
punished for being naughty SPANKED
English essayist Bacon FRANCIS
pertaining to currency MONETARY
deformed MISSHAPEN
adds paper to, as a printer REFEEDS
it's needed by an inventor PATENT
prove to be false CONTRADICT
shrub with dark blue berries JUNIPER
rope that limits movement TETHER
uses a Singer SEWS
wheel used as a sharpener GRINDSTONE
mingles at a party SOCIALIZES
users of the Web NETIZENS
mild, as weather BALMY
actress Dakota FANNING
narrow urban street ALLEYWAY
word in a Harper Lee title MOCKINGBIRD
ancestry ROOTS
worked out, as a deal NEGOTIATED
weaken the foundation of UNDERMINE
shamelessness IMMODESTY
formally approve RATIFY
lack of bias EVENNESS
rueful notions MISGIVINGS
treating to a spa visit PAMPERING
Bush's Secretary of State CONDOLEEZZA
treating badly ABUSING
snowboarding structure HALFPIPE
spicy sauce HORSERADISH
made a movie FILMED
trying out AUDITIONING
leatherworking tools AWLS
like book pages, usually NUMBERED
reference manual HANDBOOK
brand of instant coffee NESCAFE
Canadian voice actress Mills STEPHANIE
declared invalid ANNULLED
anxiety treatment VALIUM
worst off NEEDIEST
multiplied by five QUINTUPLED
denounce EXECRATE
before delivery PRENATAL
it borders Libya ALGERIA
overly critical of details NITPICKY
tackle box staples HOOKS
cause of some allergies DANDER
Sicilian volcano ETNA
got the exclusive story SCOOPED
sound of glasses hitting CLINK
recollection REMEMBRANCE
people of higher rank SENIORS
removed feathers from PLUCKED
end of a ship STERN
highest mountain in Fiji TOMANIVI
obtaining stone from a pit QUARRYING
He and I are these, briefly ELEMENTS
call again REDIAL
Pepperidge Farm snack GOLDFISH
person from Yerevan ARMENIAN
synthesizer pioneer MOOG
leather lash BULLWHIP
gives in ACCEDES
arms and legs LIMBS
company's representative SPOKESMAN
without wearying TIRELESSLY
Kellogg's rival POST
ignited SPARKED
nocturnal insect EARWIG
schemes and plans CONCEPTS
happening places SITES
have a good pitch SELL
unevenness ROCKINESS
biased devotion CHAUVINISM
ambulance attendant PARAMEDIC
deal with HANDLE
processions of vehicles MOTORCADES
unprofessional AMATEURISH
origamist's supply PAPER
guppy's home, maybe FISHBOWL
exhibition room GALLERY
plummet from a plane SKYDIVE
decked out CLAD
going through rehearsals PRACTICING
person at a convention booth EXHIBITOR
linked together JOINED
"Star Trek" officer UHURA
offering from a bootblack SHOESHINE
kind of genetic material RECOMBINANT
coarse brown seaweed WRACK
spread out payments AMORTIZE
refusal to give credit DISBELIEF
Chinese coastal province ZHEJIANG
people in confinement CAPTIVES
group behind Firefox MOZILLA
cross, as a river FORD
birthplace of Drew Carey CLEVELAND
act like a "bore" PIERCE
garden shrub BUSH
comic-strip feline GARFIELD
bestow GRANT
popular vacuum cleaner brand HOOVER
Irish cudgel SHILLELAGH
rock enthusiast GEOLOGIST
giving assistance to SUPPORTING
beds for babies, in UK COTS
finding the means, perhaps AVERAGING
pretty ugly, for one OXYMORON
imputation of wrongdoing SLUR
first four-minute miler BANNISTER
Mile High City team BRONCOS
milepost location HIGHWAY
mileage ticket COUPON
kind of mile STATUTE
one-eighth of a mile FURLONG
miles from nowhere ISOLATED
deviation from the norm ABNORMALITY
purposes ENDS
support for climbers TRELLIS
fashion catalog company SPIEGEL
a purpose of the UN PEACEMAKING
without compassion PITILESSLY
mattress brand COMFORTAIRE
hold down OCCUPY
hold in custody IMPOUND
hold hostage KIDNAP
hold off POSTPONE
hold sway REIGN
hold forth EXPOUND
hold with SUPPORT
white blood cell LEUKOCYTE
white noise BACKGROUND
white-knuckle FRIGHTENING
white-out BLIZZARD
white-collar SALARIED
whitewash TROUNCE
whitener BLEACH
bound to master INDENTURED
went at a lick SPED
hard case SHELL
"fabulous" loser HARE
northeastern state of Brazil MARANHAO
comes or goes casually BREEZES
bright red gem CARBUNCLE
book on a single subject MONOGRAPH
cheap book PAPERBACK
decorative book cover lining DOUBLURE
big book seller AMAZON
book lice PSOCOPTERA
book binding leather SKIVER
book with large pages FOLIO
was older than PREDATED
like grass in the morning DEWY
start of a golfer's stroke BACKSWING
pertaining to tongues LINGUISTIC
malicious MEAN
muddled thinking ILLOGIC
brand of tools sold by Sears CRAFTSMAN
plant fertilizer STAMEN
unfavorable ADVERSE
the Stooges' comedy genre SLAPSTICK
deprived of as a penalty FORFEITED
defective hearing MISTRIAL
Australian clothing company BILLABONG
jazz saxophonist Ornette COLEMAN
silenciar CALLAR
ex-agente del KGB PUTIN
agente secreto ESPÍA
disfrazado INCÓGNITO
forma para gelatina MOLDE
introducirse para espiar INFILTRARSE
código de II Guerra Mundial NAVAJO
instrumento de ocho cuerdas CUATRO
agujero grande CAVERNA
mayor de veintiuno, quizás ADULTO
él camina lateralmente CANGREJO
cubierta de la papa CASCARA
vertedero de porquería BASURERO
instrumento de viento FLAUTA
marca de tenis de 3 rayas ADIDAS
isla italiana CORSICA
calzado de verano SANDALIAS
té lleno de antioxidantes VERDE
compositor sordo BEETHOVEN
tipo de canoa de una persona KAYAK
cortar hierba SEGAR
it might be Phillips SCREWDRIVER
hinged jack SCISSORS
after-dinner implement TOOTHPICK
computer document FILE
spiral shape CORKSCREW
eyebrow groomers TWEEZERS
part of an ice skate BLADE
pursue romantically COURT
largest grammatical unit SENTENCE
"What did you say?" PARDON
of short duration BRIEF
one of the senses HEARING
get smaller CONTRACT
made up of small particles FINE
mete out RATION
grandmother NANA
very impressive ENVIABLE
giving a prompt to CUEING
campers' illumination LANTERNS
cut off SEVERED
declares publicly PROMULGATES
1981 Atari arcade game CENTIPEDE
when radio shows run AIRTIMES
circuit layout diagram SCHEMATIC
international news agency REUTERS
Indic language PUNJABI
capable of being validated VERIFIABLE
refuse receptacle refuser LITTERBUG
imposed FOISTED
author of "Canterbury Tales" CHAUCER
least old NEWEST
"liquidity" between banks RIVER
Tottenham soccer team HOTSPUR
greyish white HOARY
an Irish county and town ROSCOMMON
unsubstantiated UNSUPPORTED
careful with your spending FRUGAL
feeling down and out DISPIRITED
ancient Palestinian city HEBRON
sounded like the Road Runner BEEPED
a dense hedge QUICKSET
mustard relative PEPPERGRASS
lacking the skill UNABLE
repositories STOREHOUSES
thanks, in France MERCI
gives a cue to PROMPTS
Oscar winner Gary COOPER
Sundance's buddy BUTCH
tear-like wounds LACERATIONS
bigheaded CONCEITED
big house PRISON
big-ticket EXPENSIVE
the big screen CINEMA
in a big way VIGOROUSLY
bigwig HONCHO
maternal MOTHERLY
steeped in sauce MARINATED
demoralize, with "out" PSYCH
Egyptian beetles SCARABS
Jekyll's other half HYDE
in a professional manner EXPERTLY
comedic actress Madeline KAHN
in no time at all INSTANTLY
two-faced DIHEDRAL
bewildered PIXILATED
giving free tickets to COMPING
killer whale ORCA
oppose NAYSAY
personal computer brand EMACHINES
coin money SPECIE
chest muscles, for short PECS
immaculate SPECKLESS
Puerto Rican rococo artist CAMPECHE
Indiana river TIPPECANOE
cartoon Woody is one WOODPECKER
they may have done the crime SUSPECTS
city on Danube in Ukraine IZMAIL
drawing room STUDIO
without a leg to stand on APODOUS
ingesting with sucking sound SLURPING
retaining KEEPING
listening equipment EARS
NASA headset maker PLANTRONICS
hair in front of the ear SIDEBURN
liable to tax DIFFICULT
Dutch philosopher Baruch SPINOZA
cold-blooded poisoner VIPER
rich cake GATEAU
made noise of disapproval BOOED
bush baby GALAGO
responses REPLIES
had an effect on INFLUENCED
foot-operated levers PEDALS
site of unimportant storm TEACUP
aristocratic lady MARQUISE
ship of the desert CAMEL
try to enroll again REAPPLY
lupine WOLFISH
on the ocean ASEA
thrashes about wildly FLOUNDERS
tennis legend Graf STEFFI
laughed noisily CACKLED
shows to be so PROVES
rafter's obstacles RAPIDS
printing from raised surface LETTERPRESS
simple dwellings HUTS
giving permission to LETTING
bumps on a toad WARTS
ABBA's best-selling single FERNANDO
what DVDs made obsolete VCRS
general idea CONCEPTION
orthodontist's device RETAINER
English poet Stephen SPENDER
doing batik work DYEING
elongated bivalves MUSSELS
night light MOON
didn't commit HEDGED
called strikes UMPED
cook part way and freeze PARBAKE
overly pedantic teacher PEDAGOG
worker in a horse's home STABLEMAN
formal legal objection DEMURRAL
scruffiness MANGINESS
planar x-ray TOMOGRAPHY
hats and helmets HEADGEAR
strews garbage around LITTERS
actress Steenburgen MARY
had a desire WISHED
mandibles JAWBONES
line of fashion dolls BRATZ
areas of expertise SPECIALTIES
they can give you a leg up STILTS
two-wheeled electric vehicle SEGWAY
put small braids in hair CORNROW
level quality FLATNESS
taking back REVOKING
go at full speed HIGHBALL
refused to bend INSISTED
"Pineapple Island" of Hawaii LANAI
secret stores CACHES
alternative to water skis KNEEBOARD
place of uneasiness TENTERHOOKS
uses up EXPENDS
water clock CLEPSYDRA
sheep shorn for first time SHEARLING
Lacey's detective partner CAGNEY
spent lavishly SPLURGED
major Basque city BILBAO
state of being wealthy RICHNESS
declared AVOWED
specific magazines ISSUES
tentacled sea creature ANEMONE
classic song by the Eagles DESPERADO
topped off, as a beverage FRESHENED
sailors' cells BRIGS
virtual-reality "Trek" place HOLODECK
blended household STEPFAMILY
to wit NAMELY
retirement investments, say ANNUITIES
trivial SLIGHT
9Lives cat in commercials MORRIS
wriggling SQUIRMING
kitchen watering hole SINK
declare invalid ANNUL
fatal to plants HERBICIDAL
it doesn't hold water COLANDER
getting the better of OUTSMARTING
not in good taste INDECOROUS
"flashy" phenomenon LIGHTNING
with extreme precision SURGICALLY
it may be Union or League RUGBY
blacklight paint brand DAYGLO
growing along the ground PROCUMBENT
people fleeing to safety REFUGEES
removing moisture from DRYING
boson namesake Peter HIGGS
supervision for youngsters DAYCARE
socially awkward GAUCHE
in an awkward way UNGAINLY
awkward age ADOLESCENCE
awkward silence filler CHITCHAT
awkward to move CUMBERSOME
awkward clash CONTRETEMPS
awkward predicament PLIGHT
contest of knights JOUST
contest with no winner STALEMATE
contest elimination survivor FINALIST
sports contest TOURNAMENT
easily won victory WALKAWAY
contest of honor DUEL
competitor RIVAL
warm up HEAT
unorthodox individuals MAVERICKS
large brown bears GRIZZLIES
lightning follower THUNDER
music of Charlie Parker, say JAZZ
Roundheads' enemies CAVALIERS
goads SPURS
imitation coin or token COUNTER
science of body movement KINESIOLOGY
some indeterminate number PASSEL
Microsoft tablet SURFACE
online storage DROPBOX
city of western Germany DORTMUND
pleasantly low temperature COOLTH
objects fashioned on a lathe TURNERY
make a summary of SYNOPSIZE
less fresh STALER
bone in a bird's leg TIBIOTARSUS
inclined to shy, of a horse SKITTERY
walked with attitude SASHAYED
Australian state VICTORIA
small apartment BEDSIT
Snowy Mountains town JINDABYNE
weeping TEARFUL
bullocky's assistant OFFSIDER
speed controller REGULATOR
North Queensland city CAIRNS
like radar, kayak and noon PALINDROMIC
listened attentively HARKED
amenities FACILITIES
flexible BENDY
office workers SECRETARIES
upending INVERSION
people of good family GENTLEFOLK
corrosiveness CAUSTICITY
making a point, perhaps SHARPENING
process of making changes REVISION
lighter crew member BARGEMAN
they're problematic in a can WORMS
gave lie detector test to POLYGRAPHED
South African open grassland VELDT
not artificial REAL
practical PRAGMATIC
unsophisticated EARTHY
informal or casual FOLKSY
affectedly modest DEMURE
not arrogant UNASSUMING
reasonable SENSIBLE
fast food sandwich WHOPPER
dark, leafy green KALE
Swiss cheese GRUYERE
a double one really hurts WHAMMY
birthplace of Barry White GALVESTON
underhanded DIRTY
Belgrade native SERB
forming a dry crust CAKING
place in contrast COUNTERPOSE
light-metal objects TINWORK
towel fabric TERRY
bad golf hit SHANK
aunts' children COUSINS
gives word to NOTIFIES
select PICK
in an identical manner EQUALLY
sounded like an angry dog GROWLED
weighing more HEAVIER
signing up ENROLLING
Alabama's state flower CAMELLIA
carrying some fat LARDY
as a steak may be with fat MARBLED
sloppy and sticky GOOPY
silent movie star Buster KEATON
Spanish artist, 1746-1828 GOYA
an only child SINGLETON
Bears running back Walter PAYTON
Walter O'Reilly alias RADAR
Walter Cronkite's old job ANCHORMAN
Walter Mitty's creator THURBER
Sir Walter Scott novel IVANHOE
Walter Camp's sport FOOTBALL
Walter Winchell's specialty GOSSIP
samosa trait TRICORNERED
violent intensity RABIDNESS
car with a jarring ride BUMPER
delay or sojourn TARRIANCE
designed to destroy DESTRUCT
awkward or clumsy SPASTIC
loop holding a curtain aside TIEBACK
dual-purpose radio gizmo TRANSCEIVER
one of Saturn's moons JANUS
homes among eaves or leaves HIVES
act of extending ELONGATION
Jim of "Mad Money" CRAMER
Buffalo sports team BILLS
eco-friendly transportation BIKE
bested at chess, say OUTPLAYED
homemade shorts, perhaps CUTOFFS
air travel inconvenience DELAY
Italian luxury brand BVLGARI
chess champ Carlsen MAGNUS
paid attention to HEARKENED
"Risk" regions TERRITORIES
lifting devices WINDLASSES
philosopher Hannah ARENDT
reminiscent of Excalibur BLADELIKE
heebie-jeebies WILLIES
classic Hollywood star Ava GARDNER
"Death Be Not Proud" poet DONNE
like potato slices in sauce SCALLOPED
one who grinds grain MILLER
Mercury 7 astronaut Alan SHEPARD
scaredy-pants COWARD
old electronic memory game SIMON
one who napped mid-race HARE
Sonoma's partner in cookware WILLIAMS
russet-colored AUBURN
actions before free throws FOULS
emulating the Beach Boys HARMONIZING
former UK name, to Romans BRITANNIA
CD player predecessors PHONOGRAPHS
state of gloom WOEFULNESS
v or timing, perhaps BELT
risen (up) SPRUNG
winter weather quality SNOWINESS
more skilled and nimble DEFTER
Acura model INTEGRA
graduates' documents DIPLOMAS
ran fast, like a horse GALLOPED
type of pine tree BRISTLECONE
crooned SANG
young pig SHOAT
person equal in stature COMPEER
gathering food in the wild FORAGING
stored to use later WAREHOUSED
goes parasailing, say GLIDES
reveals, as a secret DIVULGES
ten-sided DECAGONAL
word origin ETYMON
sagging a little more DROOPIER
those not yet of age MINORS
late DJ Casey KASEM
chemical element #49 INDIUM
like the Muppets chef SWEDISH
wood shop sight BANDSAW
not too big SMALLISH
all the way COMPLETELY
hue and cry CLAMOR
odd man out MISFIT
dog-eat-dog CUTTHROAT
did not die SURVIVED
tit for tat RETALIATION
division by cutting across TRANSECTION
quality of being oppressive ONEROUSNESS
second largest whale FINBACK
ornamented with brass BRAZED
where junk may end up SCRAPHEAP
home of the Skeleton Coast NAMIBIA
assimilated by Greek culture HELLENIZED
not in an ideal way IMPERFECTLY
like a saw's teeth SERRATE
backyard cook's option CHARGRILL
sea salt, to a dermatologist EXFOLIANT
by eyesight VISIBLY
inefficient computer program BLOATWARE
doing one's shoelaces again RETYING
covered in chimney dust SOOTED
Toronto footballer, in short ARGO
supplied with food VICTUALED
said in an incoherent manner MUMBLY
quality of being swollen TURGIDNESS
covered in creepers VINED
one-wheeling it UNICYCLING
develops a theory EXPLICATES
in a "touchy-feely" way TACTILELY
with deadly force LETHALLY
Turkic language KAZAKH
pregnancy, technically GRAVIDITY
thwarted STYMIED
"once in a lifetime" union MONOGAMY
the G in GB GREAT
lacking ample assistance UNDERSERVED
occurring from time to time PERIODIC
like some errors UNFORCED
negotiate BARGAIN
with vindictiveness VENGEFULLY
sinecure facet CUSHINESS
April 15 payments TAXES
industrious PRODUCTIVE
hard work LABOR
working steadily DILIGENT
hard-working OPEROSE
requiring hard work TOILSOME
requiring a lot of effort STRENUOUS
one demanding hard work TASKMASTER
settled down DOMICILED
gather in a condensed layer ADSORB
covered with a sheet BESHROUDED
written carelessly SCRAWLY
pledged with a partner COSPONSORED
Canadian astronaut Chris HADFIELD
Wyndham hotel brand MICROTEL
capturing & storing of film VIDEOGRAPHY
rivaled EQUALED
bring about all over again RECREATE
company emblem LOGOTYPE
as Spock would STOICALLY
underground plant part ROOTSTOCK
contrasting conjunction WHEREAS
young boxer's experience PUPPYHOOD
fortress of old PRESIDIO
pleasing to the ear HARMONIC
prepare to strike, perhaps UNIONIZE
volcanologist's instrument TILTMETER
Timberlake's wife BIEL
couch potato, usually VIEWER