7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
identical twin DOUBLE
scared cry YIKES
not quite sane UNBALANCED
leg exercise equipment THIGHMASTER
old Egyptian symbols HIEROGLYPHS
puts up for election NOMINATES
bringing back RETRIEVING
fell over TOPPLED
like some mittens WOOLEN
daydreaming PREOCCUPIED
tries to cure of hiccups SCARES
easily stolen UNGUARDED
thin slices of meat CUTLETS
Kermit and Piggy MUPPETS
time off LEAVE
prying devices CROWBARS
logically invalid FALLACIOUS
brunch order, maybe WAFFLE
sound systems STEREOS
swollen ENGORGED
mechanize AUTOMATE
restraint by officials DETAINMENT
supporters BACKERS
hanging around STAYING
worker's reward PAYCHECK
speaks confusedly SPLUTTERS
one of music's 3 B's BRAHMS
people who change things REFORMERS
a sixth and an eighth, say FRACTIONS
a satellite of Saturn PHOEBE
Mussorgsky, to his friends MODEST
chalky crayons PASTELS
walls have them, it's said EARS
music streaming service SPOTIFY
a taker of great steps STRIDER
US general Scott WINFIELD
spicy Asian cuisine THAI
vendors SELLERS
singing the blues BEMOANING
some pickles GHERKINS
fluster RATTLE
spuds TATERS