7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
store detective's concern SHOPLIFTER
big party WINGDING
water channels CONDUITS
standardization of measurers CALIBRATION
"Star Wars" name SKYWALKER
really hated LOATHED
spilling secrets BLABBING
small dog breed CHIHUAHUA
A-list star Roberts JULIA
aircraft unit SQUADRON
surpassed in expecting OUTWAITED
editor-reformer Horace GREELEY
it's frequently tucked in SHIRTTAIL
doesn't act immediately HESITATES
ostentatious SPLASHY
sandwich chain PANERA
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark SCANDINAVIA
fix, as a piano TUNE
common herbal supplement GINSENG
getting too big for OUTGROWING
workbench tool VISE
"Carol Burnett Show" regular KORMAN
eastern European country SERBIA
college applicants' hopes ACCEPTANCES
24 times a day HOURLY
solar phenomena SUNSPOTS
memory training system PELMANISM
not missing the mark UNERRING
tiny photographs MICRODOTS
having three feet TRIPEDAL
they start things off ORIGINATORS
tie-breaking game DECIDER
with great care MINDFULLY
they can be deafening SILENCES
Firth or Farrell COLIN
Centennial State native COLORADAN
requiring more tact TOUCHIER
at the metropolitan center INTOWN
tough street guys HOODLUMS
German thinker Kant IMMANUEL