7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
lived through UNDERWENT
places for pedestrians WALKWAYS
going in order SYSTEMATIC
Pete of The Who TOWNSHEND
position of prominence EMINENCE
not easily shocked UNFLAPPABLE
virility MANHOOD
capped joints KNEES
surface underlying an ocean SEAFLOOR
skilled manual laborers TRADESMEN
leader of the Smiths MORRISSEY
they hang ten SURFERS
like carbon monoxide ODORLESS
Shawnee chief of old TECUMSEH
intense fear HORROR
short, biographical poem CLERIHEW
reason to call pest control INFESTATION
reminiscent (of) EVOCATIVE
written messages MISSIVES
call the wrong number MISDIAL
Albania's highest peak KORAB
in a mischievous manner IMPISHLY
characterized by little rain SEMIARID
it's now named Volgograd STALINGRAD
united, as a group BANDED
twisted yarn WORSTED
lacking a "halter" BRAKELESS
John Adams' First Lady ABIGAIL
presumptuous ASSUMING
Saab's 1958 safety standard SEATBELTS
grain crop high in protein QUINOA
pointed out NOTICED
timps, more formally KETTLEDRUMS
outsider offering advice KIBITZER