7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
tippy boat CANOE
Mexican sauce SALSA
portable canopy UMBRELLA
sell illegally TRAFFIC
opera star Lanza MARIO
facial hair MUSTACHE
increasing WAXING
move close to CROWD
strike with foot KICK
work toward a goal CAMPAIGN
most large BIGGEST
Marty's friend Doc Brown INVENTOR
appealing to the masses POPULAR
beginning STARTING
fastener BUTTON
baby cat KITTEN
Notre Dame buttress FLYING
dental hygiene aid TOOTHPASTE
interception point BLOCKADE
never finishing ENDLESS
neighborhood section BLOCK
period of availability WINDOW
law building COURTHOUSE
Monopoly stop JAIL
Tony Danza's first TV show TAXI
group of Secretaries CABINET
last place CELLAR
"Incoming!" on the green FORE
branch of mathematics ALGEBRA
soaring toy KITE
country formerly called Gaul FRANCE
low points NADIRS
sharp-toothed bat VAMPIRE
ski boot fasteners BINDINGS
jumble CONFUSE
home of the Hawkeyes IOWA
leaf stalk PETIOLE
giant cactus SAGUARO
French roll CROISSANT
one who shirks work GOLDBRICK
impudent BRASSY
national monetary problem DEFICIT
uppercase letters CAPITALS
like one swinging at a piñata BLINDFOLDED
overcharging GOUGING
Jewish house of worship SYNAGOGUE
walked like a duck WADDLED
item of sentimental value KEEPSAKE
Peruvian empire INCA
Venice transport GONDOLA
natural cleft FISSURE
front side of a coin OBVERSE
bed sheets LINEN
Iowa resident HAWKEYE
blue corundum SAPPHIRE
where you grew up HOMETOWN
change of climate WEATHER
voice amplifier BULLHORN
musical TV series GLEE
chess maneuver CASTLE
reporter's coup EXCLUSIVE
catch midway INTERCEPT
political coalition advocate FUSIONIST
provisional TENTATIVE
use gravity to accelerate SLINGSHOT
spindle on which a bell swings GUDGEON
mollusk with a spiral shell VOLUTE
circular window OCULUS
trickery ARTIFICE
largest planet JUPITER
spot for sports GYMNASIUM
letter deliverer MAILMAN
tropical windstorm TYPHOON
mechanical being ROBOT
migraine HEADACHE
money earned by doing chores ALLOWANCE
web master SPIDER
surly GRUFF
cut off from friends LONESOME
not very interesting FORGETTABLE
"likewise" DITTO
lawsuit compensation DAMAGES
exceptionally good STELLAR
undecided DOUBTFUL
without delay SOON
not exact INDEFINITE
yachter's activity SAILING
spurning of affections REJECTION
muscular organ HEART
convivial FESTIVE
Apollo mission start LAUNCH
small cosmetics case COMPACT
belt alternative SUSPENDERS
blade wielder FENCER
type of computer DESKTOP
sticky "stick" substance GLUE
hot wind SIROCCO
black songbird DRONGO
spinning wheel rod SPINDLE
basic AFL move PUNT
shrub with small green fruit GEEBUNG
disagreement STOUSH
expressed ambiguously BACKHANDED
skin spots FRECKLES
humorous story JOKE
a, e, i, o, or u VOWEL
game played over a net VOLLEYBALL
fancy plates CHINA
knives, forks, and spoons SILVERWARE
essay citation FOOTNOTE
servile person FLUNKY
coral structure REEF
planetary explorer ROVER
say "um" or "er" HESITATE
offal choice TRIPE
extended PROLONGED
"Come in!" ENTER
appropriate SUITABLE
labor WORK
class reading TEXTBOOK
unable to read ILLITERATE
spruce up ENRICH
session at the piano, maybe LESSON
butane holder LIGHTER
very strong INTENSE
pacify ASSUAGE
measure out ALLOCATE
put up, as a house BUILD
type of salad dressing GREEK
red ink user ACCOUNTANT
end of a relationship BREAKUP
at the point of no return HALFWAY
university in Ithaca CORNELL
penalty indicator FLAG
what some doors do REVOLVE
cuff with the hand BUFFET
presidential parade MOTORCADE
domain AREA
bone in the forearm RADIUS
credit report number RATING
remarkable event PHENOMENON
one of the Little Rascals ALFALFA
energetic and enthusiastic DYNAMIC
boarder LODGER
quarry worker STONECUTTER
Parisian policeman GENDARME
gentleman farmer's land GRANGE
walk through the surf WADE
yellowish brown BEIGE
countermanded OVERRIDDEN
in an ill-mannered manner CROSSLY
toward a river's head UPSTREAM
camcorder control SHARPNESS
reliability STABILITY
race with an anchor RELAY
cornmeal mush SAMP
wide view PANORAMA
petition for SOLICIT
after one's death POSTHUMOUS
do the backstroke SWIM
door sign PUSH
gigantic WHOPPING
overflowing with excitement EBULLIENT
humongous COLOSSAL
device with a venturi CARBURETOR
Mr. Potato Head brand PLAYSKOOL
bit of greenery SPRIG
egg cell OOCYTE
"ta da!" VOILA
area of enclosed buildings COMPOUND
like a salamander SLIMY
access to the plumbing CRAWLSPACE
acetylene torch user WELDER
gratifying REWARDING
feeling dissatisfaction FRUSTRATED
capital of Texas AUSTIN
Arab leader SHEIK
"board" of education SHINGLE
fear of heights ACROPHOBIA
kind of lead COMMANDING
skein member GOOSE
glossy-shelled gastropod COWRIE
deplete DRAIN
about the sense of taste GUSTATORY
filled, as a balloon INFLATED
documented set of techniques METHODOLOGY
gross failure NEGLIGENCE
fixed attitude MINDSET
French dance MINUET
calendar line WEEK
one in the cooler CONVICT
train porter REDCAP
here and there EVERYWHERE
republic on the Gulf of Aden YEMEN
illustrator CARTOONIST
extinguisher user FIREFIGHTER
movement to a new country IMMIGRATION
not normal UNUSUAL
21-gun salute SALVO
lacking backbone TIMID
explosive powder CORDITE
Bullwinkle, for one MOOSE
deep-sea diving craft BATHYSCAPHE
sudden forcible jet SPURT
old reporter's signoff THIRTY
turbulent BUMPY
final result UPSHOT
railroad inspector TRACKWALKER
complete obscurity OBLIVION
like Shangri-La IDYLLIC
admirer of British things ANGLOPHILE
to the third power CUBED
weight system AVOIRDUPOIS
loathe HATE
sound bite SNIPPET
it crashed in 1937 HINDENBURG
like a stringbean LANKY
parvenu UPSTART
applauded CLAPPED
nervous system signal IMPULSE
growing of crops CULTIVATION
hairy situation PREDICAMENT
figure of speech TROPE
young actress STARLET
introductory scene PROLOGUE
extension of education OUTREACH
John Hancock SIGNATURE
contract clauses PROVISOS
University of Michigan team WOLVERINES
raced quickly SCUDDED
impeached U.S. President JOHNSON
ocean abutters COASTLANDS
easiest, of jobs CUSHIEST
nook's partner CRANNY
Spanish gentleman CABALLERO
poor loser SOREHEAD
make automatic MECHANIZE
multiply by four QUADRUPLE
radar screen detections BLIPS
schoolkid's tote KNAPSACK
like ready-made homes PREFAB
malign VILIFY
high jumper PARACHUTIST
openly declared PROFESSED
robust HEARTY
resistant to sullying STAINPROOF
debutante's ball COTILLION
food that's "to go" CARRYOUT
capital of Oregon SALEM
at no time NEVER
dairy enzyme LACTASE
on the lookout SEARCHING
strong disagreement DISSENSION
noteworthy act DEED
online transmission WEBCAST
bright sea creature ANGELFISH
hedge shrub BOXWOOD
restaurant workers WAITSTAFF
sports drink component ELECTROLYTE
philosophy IDEOLOGY
consequent theorem COROLLARY
roller rink attendees SKATERS
global law enforcement group INTERPOL
like an insomniac's nights SLEEPLESS
office implements STAPLERS
semolina dish COUSCOUS
ignominy DISHONOR
exercise a final say-so VETO
talkative CHATTY
persuasive, as an argument COGENT
with attention to detail PAINSTAKING
food for livestock FODDER
reason not to do something DOWNSIDE
tread heavily TRAMPLE
10th US president TYLER
without spirit MEEKLY
football positions TACKLES
laying waste to DEVASTATING
know by feeling INTUIT
Xerox machine COPIER
"enlightening" car feature MOONROOF
irritates NETTLES
flashing light STROBE
complete chaos BEDLAM
line of would-be customers QUEUE
household manager HOMEMAKER
Kentucky Derby city LOUISVILLE
described too glowingly OVERHYPED
WWII general Douglas MACARTHUR
front teeth INCISORS
dreadful, as consequences DIRE
running for exercise JOGGING
bike rider CYCLIST
mentally altered BRAINWASHED
chronic HABITUAL
extreme school punishment EXPULSION
lip cosmetic GLOSS
Soviet-era farm COLLECTIVE
desk jockeys do this PAPERWORK
supermarket cashier CHECKER
character actor Martin LANDAU
carefully observed NOTED
largest member of a fleet FLAGSHIP
act of flowing in INFLUX
Jefferson's homestead MONTICELLO
long, narrow path ROPEWALK
shoulder misalignment DISLOCATION
not completed UNFULFILLED
convertible furniture piece DAYBED
study of artistic taste AESTHETICS
fifth US president MONROE
city on the Congo River BRAZZAVILLE
female spouses WIVES
leading to results EFFECTIVELY
perking up LIVENING
faithful follower DISCIPLE
mustard or salsa CONDIMENT
Dish Network rival DIRECTV
pressing down hard on SQUISHING
overwhelm with force STEAMROLL
stressed ACCENTED
Walt Disney World's home ORLANDO
in a glorious way SPLENDIDLY
pot-cleaning tools SCRUBBERS
intimidate DAUNT
combative WARLIKE
meat-eater CARNIVORE
underemphasizing DOWNPLAYING
square you can see through PANE
gather together COMPILE
Villanova's team WILDCATS
stable girl FILLY
protect against disease IMMUNIZE
unnerves DISMAYS
putting up ERECTING
mashed greens and potatoes COLCANNON
sung in alternation ANTIPHONAL
in an unforgettable way MEMORABLY
spending wastefully SQUANDERING
he works an extra job MOONLIGHTER
"baking powder" FLOUR
whipping boy SCAPEGOAT
weightlifting needs DUMBBELLS
little cuts SNIPS
seizing, like illegal cars IMPOUNDING
British Oscar winner Michael CAINE
clocks and watches TIMEPIECES
finishing a hem STITCHING
takes from the Internet DOWNLOADS
filled to capacity PACKED
conglomerations MIXTURES
game show players CONTESTANTS
they reveal plot points SPOILERS
in a really weird way FREAKILY
record holder SPINDLE
12-year-olds PRETEENS
lower ends of some rivers ESTUARIES
organ protrusions HERNIAS
Grecian jar AMPHORA
turtle cases SHELLS
wept CRIED
learned scholar SAVANT
Tom and Jerry NAMES
Gary Johnson's party LIBERTARIAN
sent into exile BANISHED
authorial partner COWRITER
men's sportswear store NAUTICA
they don't change sides LOYALISTS
quadrennial POTUS event INAUGURAL
turncoat RENEGADE
big formal parties GALAS
grabbed up SNATCHED
loses traction SKIDS
pretending PLAYACTING
whitewater activity RAFTING
former wife of The Donald IVANA
nervous ANTSY
poison used as a pesticide STRYCHNINE
delaying the punishment for REPRIEVING
exit ramps TURNOFFS
Lipton rival NESTEA
experts in valuable stones LAPIDARIES
broken-down horses NAGS
cheese with holes EMMENTHAL
dig a big hole EXCAVATE
poke a hole in PUNCTURE
Black Hole location CALCUTTA
gopher hole BURROW
hole in the wall CAVE
watering hole WELL
arts' partner SCIENCES
making tea, perhaps BREWING
with no mistakes ACCURATELY
male astronaut SPACEMAN
parts of the brain LOBES
"Higher Love" singer Steve WINWOOD
lack of design balance ASYMMETRY
Persians, for example CATS
Jennifer Hudson vehicle DREAMGIRLS
Sooner State OKLAHOMA
lacquer for locks HAIRSPRAY
unwise undertakings FOLLIES
wife of Juan Perón EVITA
Hollywood animation award ANNIE
voracious spreader of gossip RUMORMONGER
vertical door sides JAMBS
tenders of captive animals ZOOKEEPERS
lack of vitality ANEMIA
classic bicycle brand SCHWINN
West Yorkshire metropolis LEEDS
electric guitarists' needs AMPS
find the meaning of words DECIPHER
express in another language TRANSLATE
remove bad language BOWDLERIZE
rules of word use SYNTAX
make suitable for print REDACT
study of inscriptions EPIGRAPHY
egg cell OVUM
red blood cell ERYTHROCYTE
nerve cell NEURON
electric cell BATTERY
fertilized egg cell ZYGOTE
large prisoners' cell BULLPEN
island cell site ALCATRAZ
not stressed ATONIC
intimidated COWED
undulating WAVELIKE
royal issue PRINCESSES
without a coat UNVARNISHED
oil producer, in Africa GROUNDNUT
ancient Roman administrator PROCONSUL
handheld PORTABLE
backhander BRIBE
right-hand man ASSISTANT
sleight of hand LEGERDEMAIN
hand over CEDE
herb in pesto BASIL
like milk substitutes NONDAIRY
not wearing a hat BAREHEADED
dressed down SCOLDED
fixed in place FASTENED
people who agonize endlessly WORRYWARTS
go through cases DECLINE
display of fare TAXIMETER
governed by one person MONOCRATIC
displaying peevishness SPLEENY
moving home WINNEBAGO
expressing objection PROTESTING
Celtics great John HAVLICEK
ciencia de los números MATEMÁTICAS
clase de la pintura ARTE
responsable de una escuela DIRECTOR
habitación donde se come COMEDOR
de la escuela ACADÉMICO
centro de educación INSTITUTO
Don Quijote, por ejemplo LITERATURA
"Provincia Verde" de Ecuador ESMERALDAS
desconfianza SOSPECHA
acción antes de cosechar SEMBRAR
Superman vs. Lex Luther RIVALIDAD
la ruina del Titanic ICEBERG
"Romeo y Juliet," quizás TRAGEDIA
vecino de los Estados Unidos CANADÁ
un palo de naipes ESPADAS
de buen genio APACIBLE
en aquel momento ENTONCES
persona que vive en Helsinki FINLANDÉS
un pueblo indígena de México YAQUIS
su personalidad en Facebook PERFIL
Islas Pacíficas FILIPINAS
individually-owned apartment CONDOMINIUM
European kingdom BELGIUM
of exceptional quality PREMIUM
skylit courtyard ATRIUM
concert venue STADIUM
one thousand years MILLENNIUM
size between "S" and "L" MEDIUM
group of bees SWARM
group of actors COMPANY
group of woodpeckers DESCENT
group of observers AUDIENCE
group of mountains RANGE
group of flowers BOUQUET
group of fish SCHOOL
Oscar winner Kathy BATES
hung in the air HOVERED
aromatic herb FENUGREEK
feature on a fedora HATBAND
political writer Ivins MOLLY
inspire with love ENAMOR
hits one out of the park HOMERS
like a 100-32 victory, say LOPSIDED
steered a ship CONNED
they make good neighbors FENCES
in a complaining manner QUERULOUSLY
pre-school art medium HANDPRINTS
bother ANNOY
changed residences MOVED
US tycoon Kirk KERKORIAN
small layers QUAILS
region in western Ireland CONNEMARA
Colombian guerrilla group FARC
uniting by interweaving SPLICING
strong suit ARMOR
cried, catching one's breath SOBBED
guardapolvos de guardería BABI
llave maestra GANZÚA
ligeramente fría FRESCA
regulador de temperatura TERMOSTATO
empezar la pelea ATACAR
tiempo de ciencia ficción FUTURO
ferocidad BRAVÍO
plays the market SPECULATES
pack down TAMP
completely barren DESOLATE
early astronaut John GLENN
eliminates RIDS
showed a response REACTED
ride the waves, in a way BODYSURF
remoulade SAUCE
Frasier Crane's brother NILES
permissive quality LAXNESS
corporate honcho, for short EXEC
what one owns POSSESSIONS
handwriting PENMANSHIP
tentacled sea creature POLYP
actor Seymour Hoffman PHILIP
image-altering program PHOTOSHOP
small computer PALMTOP
take care in grooming PRIMP
central tooth material PULP
a deep mystery ARCANA
getting ready PREPARING
in a terse manner CONCISELY
treats poorly ABUSES
main occupant of a home HOUSEHOLDER
young Canadian actor Ryan GOSLING
not contaminated UNPOLLUTED
one of the Big Four auditors KPMG
"highly" informative gauge ALTIMETER
European banking dynasty ROTHSCHILD
it causes a stir TEASPOON
river flowing into Black Sea DNIEPER
Bill Clinton JEFFERSON
James Polk KNOX
James Garfield ABRAM
Warren Harding GAMALIEL
Lyndon Johnson BAINES
Gerald Ford RUDOLPH
Barack Obama HUSSEIN
Andean stratovolcano COTOPAXI
four footer TETRAPOD
British person at the bar BARRISTER
a recurring theme LEITMOTIV
howlers BOOBOOS
plant food producer CHLOROPLAST
milk curdler RENNET
northwest Scottish mountain FOINAVEN
wool-gathering SHEARING
waylaid ACCOSTED
ask too much for OVERPRICE
serving to punish PUNITIVE
happen to BETIDE
animal welfare organization SPCA
feeling of great happiness JUBILANCE
"Paper Lion" author George PLIMPTON
illustrators' need INKS
Shakespeare and Shaw PLAYWRIGHTS
yawn-inducing person BORE
breaks up with DUMPS
related to good eating GASTRONOMIC
uses a squeegee on WIPES
old Roman officers CENTURIONS
girl in Australia SHEILA
pulpy type of paper NEWSPRINT
more unfriendly CHILLIER
trying for a field goal KICKING
five-sided figures PENTAGONS
early DVR TIVO
do better in a game OUTPLAY
legislative houses PARLIAMENTS
shorthand method GREGG
tousling MUSSING
pustule PIMPLE
male relatives MENFOLK
like Mickey or Minnie MOUSY
Norway's second largest city BERGEN
ruminant's first stomach RUMEN
lounge around LOAF
designed to be hard-wearing RUGGEDIZED
child who's nobody's son DAUGHTER
absolutely massive HUMUNGOUS
food storage container brand RUBBERMAID
website creation program DREAMWEAVER
a flat Italian bread FOCACCIA
state of logical consistency COHERENCY
"Vertigo" film genre NOIR
contemporary art gallery SAATCHI
ice hockey need PUCK
for an office assistant SECRETARIAL
hairstylist's comb RATTAIL
baseball team from Cleveland INDIANS
four-sided figures RECTANGLES
shimmers like a candle FLICKERS
early "Tonight Show" host PAAR
take the endowment from DEFUND
movable property CHATTEL
eject forcefully DISGORGE
slows down DECELERATES
those folks THEM
annual purchases CALENDARS
fighting zone BATTLEFIELD
hurled with force FLUNG
quenched one's thirst DRANK
temper tantrums MELTDOWNS
mixture of things FUSION
rocker Springsteen BRUCE
@, #, and % SYMBOLS
small pit POCK
lettering guides STENCILS
Mumbai or Shanghai, say MEGACITY
tying the knot MARRYING
relating to heaths ERICACEOUS
not found UNLOCATED
Rhodes' was a Wonder COLOSSUS
list separately ITEMIZE
Professor X's surname XAVIER
major, Texas-based IT host RACKSPACE
five-faced solid figure PENTAHEDRON
went away DEPARTED
implanted deeply ROOTED
Avalanche's retired #19 SAKIC
young horse FOAL
citizen's status NATIONALITY
was part of a crew ROWED
comedian Shandling GARRY
restrictions LIMITATIONS
puts on a happy face SMILES
organ on the pelvic floor BLADDER
all-in-one Apple computer IMAC
extraordinary ability VIRTUOSITY
items for serving food CROCKERY
was klutzy BUMBLED
makes less dangerous DEFUSES
Turkish fruits FIGS
Oscar winner Dustin HOFFMAN
heading right on a map EASTBOUND
stately, measured dances MINUETS
financial support FUNDING
comfy piece of furniture LOUNGER
longed (for) PINED
crystal clear UNAMBIGUOUS
Rocky the squirrel's friend BULLWINKLE
Hollywood's Washington DENZEL
Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix GUITARIST
capable of being mended PATCHABLE
items made of CU/ZN alloy BRASSWARE
pertaining to food intake DIETETIC
Star Trek's 3D simulator HOLODECK
most cornball HOKIEST
opening of the larynx GLOTTIS
consisting of four QUATERNARY
not smelling INODOROUS
they're proverbially hard NAILS
golfer Trevino's nickname SUPERMEX
sterilized using steam AUTOCLAVED
old person, in Africa MZEE
sounded like an owl HOOTED
auto-induced nausea CARSICKNESS
sly trick WILE
modern DVD rental kiosk REDBOX
deep blue gems SAPPHIRES
caught a glimpse of ESPIED
unintended results BYPRODUCTS
Mexican peninsula BAJA
one who avoids work GOLDBRICK
one who avoids meat VEGETARIAN
one who avoids the law FUGITIVE
one who avoids service DESERTER
one who avoids school TRUANT
one who avoids spending TIGHTWAD
one who avoids people HERMIT
certain metropolitan Scot GLASWEGIAN
possess HAVE
well-mannered COUTH
street-side stealers PICKPOCKETS
tennis great Borg BJORN
brings to a halt PARALYZES
secluded habitation HERMITAGE
landfill DUMPSITE
a murder mystery WHODUNNIT
Green Revolution's father BORLAUG
able to be made longer EXTENDABLE
a nap shearing machine CROPPER
they surround Fort McMurray OILSANDS
spruce up TITIVATE
small owl MOPOKE
penicillin, for example ANTIBIOTIC
Hobart river DERWENT
romantic song SERENADE
Australian shrub and fruit GEEBUNG
shrivelled up WITHERED
long-distance drover OVERLANDER
irregular heartbeat PALPITATION
greeting people WELCOMERS
personal property CHATTELS
got involved, as a plot THICKENED
irritability SNAPPINESS
sacrifice FORFEITURE
bring back REGURGITATE
servitude BONDAGE
South American mammals ALPACAS
"Ol' Man River" singer Paul ROBESON
wood fiber material HARDBOARD
Spanish noblemen GRANDEES
Chinese computer maker LENOVO
Lakeland county of England CUMBRIA
extreme devotee ZEALOT
band follower GROUPIE
unprotesting follower MYRMIDON
servile follower MINION
obsequious follower LACKEY
servant of the Middle Ages VASSAL
group of followers RETINUE
small bracelet add-on CHARM
car needing frequent fixes LEMON
performed very well SHINED
adjusting structure FAIRING
adorn brightly DECK
it divides your attention DISTRACTION
like Amazonia FORESTED
excellent, informally COOL
actor and philanthropist Eva LONGORIA
wavering, musically TREMANDO
relating to leaves FOLIAR
like a sphere EDGELESS
second digit INDEX
like a mountain road WINDY
desert-driving danger DUSTSTORM
a region, or its weather CLIME
having no place to lie down BEDLESS
smallest of raccoon family OLINGUITO
"Crime & Punishment" author DOSTOEVSKY
stand of bamboo-like grasses CANEBRAKE
aluminum silicate ZEOLITE
defeats through-and-through SHELLACKS
polymer component MONOMER
congratulated effusively BACKSLAPPED
protected from illness IMMUNIZED
Cockney and Creole DIALECTS
palm tree variety SAGO
young actor Zac EFRON
young bovine male BULLOCK
adorn with flowers GARLAND
early 19th century Doctrine MONROE
fourteen pounds, in UK STONE
encourage FOSTER
George W. Bush's home town CRAWFORD
supersonic airliner CONCORDE
showy pheasants PEAFOWL
unwavering loyalty STAUNCHNESS
nonstick cookware company TEFAL
French film star Audrey TAUTOU
planet seen before sunrise DAYSTAR
not observed UNPERCEIVED
specialty shops BOUTIQUES
suggestions PROPOSALS
visitor's accommodation GUESTROOM
struggling for breath GASPING
produced bubbles FIZZED
poll official in some lands SCRUTINEER
established facts GIVENS
able to be divided, as pizza SLICEABLE
capable of being mixed MISCIBLE
Bob Beamon, for example LONGJUMPER
in an austere manner BLEAKLY
Twitter's video sharing app VINE
had a yen LONGED
device for copying pages HECTOGRAPH
very small start-up funding MICROLOAN
abundance LAVISHNESS
like a clam at high tide HAPPY
dining sumptuously BANQUETING
actress Calista FLOCKHART
grain gatherers GLEANERS
Asian part of Turkey ANATOLIA
outside the box INNOVATIVE
mailbox filler FLYERS
boom box feature ANTENNA
strongbox deliverer of old STAGECOACH
box opener of myth PANDORA
squeezebox ACCORDION
box for an official seal SKIPPET
bestow IMPART
covered in goop GUNKY
locker room items TOWELS
sovereign people ROYALTY
food sellers GROCERS
actress Margulies JULIANNA
making small changes to TWEAKING
pet gently STROKE
quality of a lemon or lime SOURNESS
cashes in REDEEMS
Brie of "The Lego Movie" ALISON
important MAJOR
evergreen hedge plant ARBORVITAE
faces up to CONFRONTS
from central Italy TUSCAN
removed the plastic covering DELAMINATED
New York basketball player KNICK
bedside lights LAMPS
teeth next to the canines PREMOLARS
furthest from the right LEFTMOST
wandered off STRAYED
commonly caged pets GERBILS
giving a scathing review of PANNING
amount of reflected energy ALBEDO
fixes MENDS
apologetic word SORRY
put on the line RISK
surgeon's work OPERATION
object of some chases TWISTER
USS Maine, for one BATTLESHIP
detective's find CLUE
"head case" CRANIUM
Vikings' hometown MINNEAPOLIS
in rows and columns TABULATED
canoe-building material BIRCHBARK
how wind may blow TURBULENTLY
a curved ceiling VAULT
turned to the right again RETIGHTENED
a fur scarf STOLE
"big" & "little" sky figures DIPPERS
key tool for P.J. O'Rourke TYPEWRITER
make oil solid HYDROGENATE
soccer catcher GOALIE
where to look in a self exam INWARDLY
Cracker Jack suit SAILOR
not attained UNREACHED
grass-covered grazing land PASTURAGE
attracted DREW
board game of Indian origin PARCHEESI
with a disturbed heartbeat ARRHYTHMIC
convey spores to a flower POLLENIZE
short, reinforced saw BACKSAW
raised in a pouch MARSUPIAL
bad debaters move them GOALPOSTS
set up to look like a crook FRAMED
most opaque MURKIEST
soggy quality WETNESS
Mrs. King's TV show partner SCARECROW
All, Tide or Wisk DETERGENT
showing lament MOURNING
Danish explorer Bering VITUS
Outlook replaced it HOTMAIL
Jefferson Memorial feature DOME
calculator's work COMPUTATION
first name in fairy tales HANS
vocal inflections CADENCES
burnt to a crisp OVERCOOKED
badly sunburned BLISTERED
start to burn CONFLAGRATE
illegal burner ARSONIST
burn calories EXERCISE
partner of George Burns GRACIE
Robert Burns, for one POET
gate-crashing INTRUDING
rival of Uber LYFT
small electronic attachment DONGLE
some climbing vines WISTERIAS
kneecaps PATELLAE
Congressional mail privilege FRANKING
floating ice masses BERGS
stonecutter LAPIDARY
hedge shaper TOPIARIST
ore expert ASSAYER
dock worker STEVEDORE
blacksmith FARRIER
football kicker PUNTER
male opera singer BUFFO
groups, as of cookies BATCHES
underhand SNEAKY
liveried servant CHASSEUR
taking off DEDUCTING
acts as a host ENTERTAINS
having a backbone VERTEBRATE
breaking up FRAGMENTING
presides over a case HEARS
upstate New York city SYRACUSE
cliched mystery's guilty one BUTLER
large amount, informally PASSEL
how nuisances act ANNOYINGLY
collector's collection MEMORABILIA
evinced a plumbing problem LEAKED
1967 Literature Nobel winner ASTURIAS
sluggish economic state STAGFLATION
active Philippines volcano TAAL
head off PREEMPT
wielded a welding tool BLOWTORCHED
insect CRAWLY
log structure CRIBWORK