7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
powerhouse DYNAMO
nervous movement FIDGET
sequester CLOISTER
purple dinosaur BARNEY
medieval code CHIVALRY
four quarts GALLON
deflect PARRY
fruits and vegetables PRODUCE
Czech capital PRAGUE
skeptical and negative CYNICAL
unite with ALLY
Sanders' rank COLONEL
cheap BUDGET
foreboding OMINOUS
1992 Olympics location BARCELONA
metal pot CAULDRON
Olympic champion MEDALIST
British flashlight TORCH
produce coins MINT
head and shoulders sculpture BUST
intentional DELIBERATE
fake hair TOUPEE
best seller writer NOVELIST
swamp MARSH
military school ACADEMY
all your relatives FAMILY
set free LIBERATE
not complicated BASIC
clarified butter GHEE
bigwig HONCHO
long hair style PONYTAIL
connective tissue CARTILAGE
not seen before UNKNOWN
car puller LOCOMOTIVE
no-good ornery skunk POLECAT
inclined to fight BELLICOSE
obligation DUTY
"Immediately, nurse!" STAT
article slant BIAS
inscrutable person ENIGMA
turned to stone PETRIFIED
heedless of others' needs SELFISH
dangerous place to be in war FRONT
willfully contrary PERVERSE
they rarely leave the office WORKAHOLICS
finale ENDING
large brown bear GRIZZLY
art gallery MUSEUM
delighted GLAD
stop sign, for example OCTAGON
maker of Oreos NABISCO
substance in wheat GLUTEN
slight advantage EDGE
decorate FESTOON
not caring either way INDIFFERENT
"USA Today," for one NEWSPAPER
fire department figure MARSHAL
an eye for an eye REPRISAL
notably large CONSIDERABLE
military governing group JUNTA
colonel or captain RANK
very windy BLUSTERY
golfer's tool RANGEFINDER
early type of automobile BROUGHAM
spectators' area PARQUET
adhesive VISCOUS
drinking goblet CHALICE
equivalent of 21 shillings GUINEA
fit as a fiddle HEALTHY
water carrier PIPE
valuable metal PLATINUM
barbecue COOKOUT
rummy player's cards HAND
where broncos buck RODEO
sends in the wrong direction MISLEADS
finding a position for PLACEMENT
iPod accessory DOCK
apply, as force EXERT
Ohio city AKRON
second thoughts QUALMS
how you carry yourself BEARING
dental problem OVERBITE
GM acquisition in 1918 CHEVROLET
silly laugh GIGGLE
credit problem DEBT
Middle Eastern country ISRAEL
body around a planet SATELLITE
space for storage CAPACITY
long story SAGA
flag fabric BUNTING
evergreen tree CONIFER
small marine mollusk NAUTILUS
dish measured in "alarms" CHILI
delaying contract signer HOLDOUT
like a baby duck DOWNY
woofer or tweeter SPEAKER
most enjoyable BEST
navigation-based sport ROGAINING
warnings from a cat HISSES
official rebuke REPRIMAND
Chilean sea bass TOOTHFISH
say again REPEAT
playing cards suit HEARTS
bread grain WHEAT
cute rabbits BUNNIES
spectacular hoops feat DUNK
sports participant ATHLETE
Teen Choice Awards award SURFBOARD
attempting to deceive FRAUDULENT
not real MOCK
socialize HOBNOB
group of sisters SORORITY
ardent DEVOTED
Kelsey Grammer sitcom FRASIER
bewilder with brilliance BEDAZZLE
smart aleck WISEACRE
step up INCREASE
move smoothly GLIDE
hermetically sealed AIRTIGHT
dapper SPORTY
dell dweller in song FARMER
nippy CHILLY
thickly applied paint IMPASTO
beyond monetary value PRICELESS
big shot in business TITAN
populate INHABIT
district with a seat COUNTY
like a globe ROUND
Old West gunfight SHOWDOWN
profanity SACRILEGE
intelligence agents SPIES
North Dakota town MINOT
lick on a stick LOLLIPOP
hard to satisfy FUSSY
abnormality DEVIATION
underwater locator SONAR
coddle COSSET
like a candle WAXY
concerning essentials SUBSTANTIVE
unconquerable INDOMITABLE
reach for ASPIRE
large in extent PRODIGIOUS
imitated COPIED
coriaceous LEATHERY
muscle spasms CRAMPS
conscious choice VOLITION
office greenery FERN
tending to flow RUNNY
garden lattice TRELLIS
South American nation ECUADOR
temporary residence SOJOURN
smiled broadly GRINNED
give approval for OKAY
pass catcher RECEIVER
free from physical desire PLATONIC
on the schedule SLATED
chafing, perhaps DISCOMFORT
one of a pair MATE
existing in the mind only VIRTUAL
downsizing CURTAILMENT
billing statement INVOICE
to one's liking AGREEABLE
defamatory LIBELOUS
insurrection SEDITION
not naughty GOOD
point of agreement CONGRUITY
sooner or later EVENTUALLY
joshing KIDDING
respiratory organ LUNG
extreme poverty PENURY
brain region THALAMUS
part of a lighter STRIKER
it reduces one's tax burden DEDUCTIBLE
locust or mahogany HARDWOOD
extinct zebra subspecies QUAGGA
cut of mutton CHOP
cause of hives and sneezing ALLERGY
climb to the top of SURMOUNT
sound of moving leaves RUSTLE
sudden change in life VICISSITUDE
go over again and again REHASH
skirmish FRAY
come to light EMERGE
overused phrase CLICHE
count in INCLUDE
small wild cat JAGUARUNDI
extensive research LEGWORK
with due cause JUSTLY
golf course LINKS
like some space flights MANNED
3-D artwork SCULPTURE
one of the Three Bears PAPA
workshop support SAWHORSE
dental work EXTRACTION
blending in with surroundings CAMOUFLAGED
scrape with the feet SCUFF
woofer's partner TWEETER
energy unit JOULE
hairy spider TARANTULA
likely as not PROBABLY
document carrier BRIEFCASE
contaminated UNCLEAN
skilled craftsperson ARTISAN
more expensive UPSCALE
relish ENJOY
not often SELDOM
opposing force RESISTANCE
cereal quality CRUNCHINESS
Tyrolean shorts LEDERHOSEN
least desirable WORST
model MOCKUP
puzzlement OBFUSCATION
extreme hardship RIGOR
bottle up REPRESS
having exclusive rights to PROPRIETARY
physical punishment SPANKING
sled dogs HUSKIES
show unhappiness FROWN
urn VASE
evaluated JUDGED
at the same time MEANWHILE
admission ceremony INITIATION
heterogenous MOTLEY
tawdry RAFFISH
more furious ANGRIER
not as important LESSER
Irish lad BOYO
authority DOMINANCE
gull relative TERN
body-reshaping surgery LIPOSUCTION
sugary substitute SACCHARINE
salt, for one CHLORIDE
covers, like snow BLANKETS
Mensa members SMARTIES
vengeance WRATH
diversify VARY
Algonquin tribe BLACKFOOT
party game CHARADES
Nevada city RENO
army horn BUGLE
bee participant SPELLER
trying to get tan SUNBATHING
game with underhand pitching SOFTBALL
obliterate EXPUNGE
annual reference book ALMANAC
person from Prague CZECH
captain of industry MAGNATE
works with patchwork QUILTS
jabbed with a finger POKED
judge's adjective HONORABLE
Shakespeare title role OTHELLO
worrywart BROODER
Italian cheese RICOTTA
pressed on IMPELLED
brutality TRUCULENCE
swollen tissue ABSCESS
joint woe ARTHRITIS
showily decorated FLASHY
slovenly RAUNCHY
more than habitually CHRONICALLY
confection magnate Michele FERRERO
shade of purple HELIOTROPE
by whatever means SOMEHOW
got less intense MELLOWED
most bright and cheerful SUNNIEST
dunkable treat DONUT
strives hard ENDEAVORS
cooperation TEAMWORK
musical composition OPUS
punctuation mark PARENTHESIS
1982 Ben Kingsley biopic GANDHI
feeder filler BIRDSEED
suspect's need in a whodunit ALIBI
get ahold of again REGAIN
audacity TEMERITY
obvious, as an error GLARING
created a model of SIMULATED
impart gradually INSTILL
bring back together REUNITE
cheerful and easy-going GENIAL
round skippers BYES
enters data INPUTS
Latin singer Jennifer LOPEZ
acrobatic feat HANDSPRING
most humble LOWLIEST
clustered GROUPED
sound system components SPEAKERS
tellers of tall tales LIARS
cast aside, as a lover JILT
city dwelling TOWNHOUSE
fictional sleuth Philip MARLOWE
having many bends, as a line SQUIGGLY
biased due to resentment JAUNDICED
angry look SCOWL
bank (upon) RELY
main competitor ARCHRIVAL
pamper CODDLE
impartial, as a judge EVENHANDED
bottom of a sleeve CUFF
Asian boat SAMPAN
British supermodel Naomi CAMPBELL
they record transactions BOOKKEEPERS
like soft mud SQUASHY
recklessly bold FOOLHARDY
Dyson products VACUUMS
Norwegian inlets FJORDS
requested entry, perhaps BUZZED
dinner jackets TUXEDOS
sharply scolded REBUKED
make tortuous COMPLICATE
thinking too much of oneself CONCEITED
to the letter FAITHFULLY
defeating handily TROUNCING
like-minded SIMPATICO
gesture of respect CURTSEY
demands by force EXACTS
sounded like a pigeon COOED
catcher's position CROUCH
imagining DREAMING
one-eye glasses MONOCLES
former, popular Kodak model INSTAMATIC
NBA coaching great Pat RILEY
some supplemental pages ENDNOTES
Lewis Carroll creature SNARK
hankering for DESIRING
gardening chore WEEDING
tossed out DISCARDED
old-fashioned trousers PANTALOONS
brings to light EXPOSES
probable LIKELY
veggie with white florets CAULIFLOWER
teen sleuth Nancy DREW
single UNWED
was intimidated by FEARED
start a computer back up REBOOT
making a recap of SUMMARIZING
walking arrogantly SWAGGERING
fed on grass GRAZED
"highly" vocal female SOPRANO
adhering strictly to the law LEGALISTIC
things sold abroad EXPORTS
sound science ACOUSTICS
fiber from the agave SISAL
girl from the Highlands LASS
being piggish OVEREATING
gave a surprise test to QUIZZED
nullifies CANCELS
process of selling assets DIVESTMENT
matter of no concern NONISSUE
fertile California valley NAPA
everywhere OMNIPRESENT
Supreme Court members JUSTICES
gave a piddling offer LOWBALLED
Visa rival, for short AMEX
Willamette University team BEARCATS
part of our solar system JUPITER
used a sauna SWEATED
lack of beauty UGLINESS
ringleader, of a sort SPYMASTER
smudged SMEARY
they're keepers, it's said FINDERS
feels poorly AILS
treacherous PERFIDIOUS
mathematic variable PARAMETER
showing to customs DECLARING
got some rest SLEPT
cotton fabric VELVETEEN
from France or Spain, say EUROPEAN
laugh riot SCREAM
border MARGIN
air travel offerings UPGRADES
sang like Perry Como CROONED
sound similar to "plop" KERPLUNK
putting the wrong tag on MISLABELING
member of the opposition ANTI
floating in the air WAFTING
added commas and periods PUNCTUATED
MLB Twins star Kirby PUCKETT
restaurant patron EATER
Greek spinach pie SPANAKOPITA
made a dull sound THUDDED
snapshots PHOTOS
giving a little color to TINTING
lifted, as one's spirits BUOYED
letter carrier ENVELOPE
place to deposit letters MAILBOX
letter addition POSTSCRIPT
letter starter DEAR
written letter MISSIVE
letterhead STATIONARY
Letterman on TV DAVID
make key mistake MISTYPE
wasting no effort EFFICIENTLY
Heisman Trophy winner Tim TEBOW
Unilever soap brand LIFEBUOY
not well thought-out RASH
horse's leg joints FETLOCKS
free of tarnish UNSULLIED
Fab Four member McCartney PAUL
use a "five-finger discount" STEAL
unit measuring six feet FATHOM
seven-piece geometric puzzle TANGRAM
figure-eight look-alike INFINITY
one of nine on a field SHORTSTOP
ten centuries MILLENNIUM
in an impish manner PUCKISHLY
mound built by workers ANTHILL
skillet residue GREASE
cause to be conveyed SEND
wickerwork RATTAN
rock group SEDIMENTARY
confounded JIGGERED
largest state in Mexico CHIHUAHUA
hoarse HUSKY
useful suggestion POINTER
nubby fabric POODLE
watch carefully SHEPHERD
Yorkshire valley AIREDALE
long-distance bus company GREYHOUND
win the day TRIUMPH
evade by trickery DODGE
leader of Ottawa tribe PONTIAC
large, spotted cat JAGUAR
horizontal part of chair SEAT
area of south London VAUXHALL
positively charged particle PROTON
"eau de Cologne" RHINE
Australian mountain town KATOOMBA
horologist WATCHMAKER
inactive QUIESCENT
seeking "enlightenment" DIETING
getting rid of ABOLISHING
shriveled with age WIZENED
breed of retriever LABRADOR
Iranian airline CASPIAN
compass point NORTH
Danish explorer Vitus BERING
wind force scale BEAUFORT
achromatic color BLACK
world's largest island GREENLAND
blizzards SNOWSTORMS
kept far away DISTANCED
person at home plate BATTER
city in New Hampshire NASHUA
added sugar to SWEETENED
two-time Oscar winner Sean PENN
superimpose OVERLAY
lacking flexibility INELASTIC
baseball team quorum NINE
it offers "meaningful" help DICTIONARY
geographically restricted LOCALIZED
able to do arithmetic NUMERATE
"tube fare" MACARONI
Danish physicist Niels BOHR
él aterriza en agua o tierra HIDROAVIÓN
palo en la baraja americana DIAMANTES
tren, carro o metro TRANSPORTE
medio de transporte VEHÍCULO
canción lenta amorosa BALADA
palo saltarín POGO
lo que empuja los barcos REMOLCADOR
cervatillo de Disney BAMBI
tecnología hecha en Korea SAMSUNG
cantante de Maroon 5 LEVINE
volcán inactivo de Japón FUJI
verdura sana de ensalada ESPINACA
rodeando ALREDEDOR
centro donde se venden cosas COMERCIAL
una región de Colombia ORINOQUÍA
pueblo indígena de Nicaragua MISKITO
lugar de procedencia ORIGEN
gancho pequeño para pescar ANZUELO
algo imprescindible NECESIDAD
mamá, niñera o enfermera CUIDADORA
la exploradora DORA
one who files suit PLAINTIFF
accused one DEFENDANT
court representation ATTORNEY
public officer of the court JUDGE
court panel member JUROR
he keeps order in the court BAILIFF
one who gives testimony WITNESS
cuts short TRUNCATES
very short moment TRICE
cause of an electrical short SURGE
most short-tempered TESTIEST
short on cash PENNILESS
short poem HAIKU
comic actor Short MARTIN
extra zip, as in a fastball MUSTARD
red ones misdirect you HERRINGS
place under microscope MAGNIFY
temporary loss of identity FUGUE
Jack needs it to candlejump NIMBLENESS
British schoolyard game ROUNDERS
it places goods above all MATERIALISM
searched unsystematically RUMMAGED
dupe GULL
sign of what will happen AUSPICE
hairy humanoid, supposedly SASQUATCH
without legal formalities SUMMARILY
transfer to lower division RELEGATION
party in court APPELLEE
closest to the center INNERMOST
extremely high VERTIGINOUS
Gaelic social event CEILIDH
long-suffering STOICAL
Bucharest soccer team STEAUA
covered a bed MULCHED
certain person DOGMATIST
the 'H' in Canada's HST HARMONIZED
like artists' first drawings SKETCHY
release UNBOLT
each draft brings these REVISIONS
wiry, like a scouring pad BRILLO
last word in credit card ad PRICELESS
Punxsutawney Phil and pals GROUNDHOGS
what Nero did as Rome burned FIDDLED
windshield-clearing device DEFROSTER
decorative supporting posts PILLARS
shrub with white flowers MYRTLE
Old Hollywood actress Harlow JEAN
study of classical lit HUMANITIES
block printing guarantees it LEGIBILITY
bugs, as a phone line WIRETAPS
bug zapper site PORCH
plant bug APHID
"Bugs Bunny," for one CARTOON
software bug GLITCH
basketball, colloquially HOOPS
fun and casual timekeeper SWATCH
fragments and splinters MATCHWOOD
all software is this CODED
recycled alternative REUSED
acknowledging the applause BOWING
pulverizing POWDERING
pertaining to plants BOTANIC
powder room on a ship MAGAZINE
in a dishonorable manner IGNOBLY
main plaza of Mexico City ZOCALO
fall as rain or snow PRECIPITATE
insincere weeper CROCODILE
thin, crisp Indian bread POPPADUM
long, thin bread loaf BAGUETTE
grilled bread BRUSCHETTA
thin, crisp bread of India PAPADUM
form of flat bread MATZO
dry bread fed to babies ZWIEBACK
bread cooked on a griddle CHAPATI
sweet French bread BRIOCHE
pre-Euro Italian currency LIRA
country in Africa's Horn ERITREA
southern plains Indian tribe COMANCHE
refer again to a committee RECOMMIT
baby-faced R&B musician EDMONDS
on a diagonal ASLANT
darkly poisonous plant NIGHTSHADE
exaggerated HYPERBOLIC
charged as a debt DEBITED
wooden-faced VENEERED
like Anne of Avonlea's roof GABLED
a squirt of liquid SKOOSH
toy "revolver" WHIRLIGIG
deepest lake in the Balkans OHRID
"Night at the Museum" star STILLER
puts a finger on TOUCHES
industrial skyline towers SMOKESTACKS
cloth used for cleaning WASHRAG
destroyed, as documents SHREDDED
move to prevent FORESTALL
dotted line filler SIGNATURE
they roll after a movie CREDITS
intended to fix things CORRECTIVE
like a catchy tune HUMMABLE
open-heel shoes SLINGBACKS
star-related ASTRAL
early TV & radio star Arlene FRANCIS
sports recap features HIGHLIGHTS
made an unclear utterance GRUNTED
"60 Minutes" host Safer MORLEY
specialized jargons LINGOES
summertime parties, often BBQS
relating to the lung tubes BRONCHIAL
the thing here THIS
where pounds are spent BRITAIN
bring about ENGENDER
burger restaurant FUDDRUCKERS
like rooms with many windows AIRY
pre-Renaissance historian MEDIEVALIST
place to apply deodorant UNDERARM
punitively reduced, as wages DOCKED
bones in the foot METATARSALS
pasta in the form of ribbons PAPPARDELLE
they are found in a pack CARDS
old keyboard intrument CLAVICHORD
feeding upon honey MELIPHAGOUS
make lawful LEGITIMIZE
"absorbing" marine creature SPONGE
make less "attractive" DEMAGNETIZE
being a pedestrian WALKING
fairy tale's second word UPON
withdrew from a case RECUSED
with some pausing HESITANTLY
widespread damage DEVASTATION
playground rides SLIDES
piquant ZINGY
thumbing a ride HITCHHIKING
life stories, for short BIOS
mortified feeling HUMILIATION
forehead PATE
putting on the calendar SCHEDULING
winter off-road vehicles SKIMOBILES
obsessed HOOKED
shower scrubber LOOFA
threadbare RATTY
Dutch painter Hieronymus BOSCH
Japanese photography company FUJIFILM
braided ropes CORDS
like Englishman's upper lip STIFF
the green light CONSENT
sugar substitute XYLITOL
they're locked when arguing HORNS
period between reigns INTERREGNUM
really nasty YUKKY
Indian dishes CURRIES
in a lively, stylish manner DASHINGLY
separating the threads of UNRAVELING
not able to survive INVIABLE
easternmost Canary Island LANZAROTE
frank and spontaneous FREEHEARTED
Aldi billionaire Karl ALBRECHT
childhood deficiency disease RICKETS
VapoRub maker VICKS
like wall outlets ELECTRICAL
hunters need them PERMITS
compels FORCES
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
rural outings HAYRIDES
like shoo-in candidates UNOPPOSED
"center" of New York ROCKEFELLER
having feminine qualities GIRLY
item around a nurse's neck STETHOSCOPE
cloudy, as water TURBID
Travelocity rival EXPEDIA
Italian holiday destination TUSCANY
did some basic maths DIVIDED
Cuban dances CONGAS
additional charge SURTAX
international agreement TREATY
sounds like a bird TWITTERS
klutzy OAFISH
lecture about one's trips TRAVELOG
bigoted people CHAUVINISTS
false reason PRETEXT
reason for wrongdoing EXCUSE
legal reason GROUNDS
personal reason MOTIVATION
reason used to persuade ARGUMENT
form of deductive reasoning SYLLOGISM
Reasoner on "60 Minutes" HARRY
French restaurateur Daniel BOULUD
amount of material wasted SPOILAGE
they play at work MUSICIANS
German confectionary brand TROLLI
stretch out STREEK
early "summer" ABACUS
record of earthquake SEISMOGRAM
having a short temper HOTHEADED
short trip TURN
"Short People" singer Randy NEWMAN
shortest route BEELINE
shortfall DEFICIENCY
Short Line, in Monopoly RAILROAD
lasting a short time BRIEF
gym class activity DODGEBALL
protected from oxidization RUSTPROOFED
segue between key signatures MODULATION
officiated REFFED
metes (out) DOLES
Mexican musician MARIACHI
sets apart SEQUESTERS
thyroid deficiency disease MYXEDEMA
popular Thai beach resort PATTAYA
more strongly built STURDIER
written records CHRONICLES
Turks' Caribbean partners CAICOS
South American rodents CAVIES
small blue or black fruit BILBERRY
Aussie entertainer, Kylie MINOGUE
fast foxtrot QUICKSTEP
spinning deliveries GOOGLIES
Aussie PM's residence KIRRIBILLI
seller's livestock enclosure SALEYARD
needed urgently CRAVED
engraved works ETCHINGS
sketched DREW
A4s and TTs AUDIS
charged the company card EXPENSED
more prickly THORNIER
ready to be "driven" TEED
smart aleck WISEGUY
lifelessly INANIMATELY
illumination in a cave, say TORCHLIGHT
refutation DISPROOF
knightly fighting JOUSTING
1950s R&B group COASTERS
"wraparound" tuba SOUSAPHONE
currency conversion EXCHANGE
pompom shaker CHEERLEADER
Georges Pompidou's country FRANCE
volcano near Pompeii VESUVIUS
he defeated Pompey the Great CAESAR
pompano COQUINA
pompadour, for one HAIRDO
not odd EVEN
king who became a mummy TUTANKHAMUN
cups, plates and plaques TROPHIES
Enya or Maureen O'Hara IRISHWOMAN
what detectives look for CLUES
model quality, often LEGGINESS
Elizabeth II's husband PHILIP
sequences that repeat CYCLES
legal fiction author Scott TUROW
things that happen OCCURRENCES
Spanish port CADIZ
rancheros' estates HACIENDAS
"Now see here!" LOOK
old clothes presser FLATIRON
set of twenty SCORE
twentieth VIGESIMAL
like the Twenties ROARING
man on a twenty dollar bill JACKSON
Phillies #20 Mike SCHMIDT
20/20, of vision PERFECT
solid with twenty faces ICOSAHEDRON
toe adjustment ALIGNMENT
officiating a baseball game UMPING
does the trick WORKS
water, in Spanish AGUA
shortages SCARCITIES
vacuum cleaner brand DYSON
teach privately, in a way HOMESCHOOL
overcast LOURING
overcome SURMOUNT
oversight OMISSION
overseas ABROAD
cohesive property GLUINESS
animated leaders SPARKPLUGS
winds blowing east WESTERLIES
striped bass ROCKFISH
pruning tool BILLHOOK
animals kept for breeding SEEDSTOCK
classic Alan Ladd movie SHANE
in a jeering manner TAUNTINGLY
mystery author Sue GRAFTON
expressing, as emotions VENTING
small disorderly fights SCUFFLES
likely to be true PRESUMABLE
issued a common greeting HELLOED
see back-to-back episodes BINGEWATCH
unsteady WAGGLY
namby-pamby PANTYWAIST
computer hardware company NETGEAR
in a satisfactory manner PASSABLY
turn on a dime PIVOT
town named after two states ARKOMA
big fuss FOOFARAW
real surname of Dr. Seuss GEISEL
maximum for a hostess, say MOSTEST
element named after a school BERKELIUM
country singer Steve EARLE
relies DEPENDS
Cub Scout achievement BADGE
puppy love INFATUATION
kittenish PLAYFUL
muscle in the leg calf SOLEUS
"Kid Dynamite" actor Jimmie WALKER
Piglet's pal POOH
old home for the Colts BALTIMORE
goodbye, informally TOODLES
supplied electricity to POWERED
like many bathroom floors TILED
"village people" TOWNSFOLK
made together COCREATED
mountain path TRAIL
adds sugar to SWEETENS
hollow pouring sound GLUG
capital of Yemen SANAA
burned without flame SMOULDERED
where Brazil's waters meet MANAUS
largest city of Paraguay ASUNCION
tepid or indifferent LUKEWARM
plant with long flower spike MOUSETAIL
"Get Over It" actress Dunst KIRSTEN
its capital is Funchal MADEIRA
Miss Potter's bunny hero PETER
severe, gloomy quality DOURNESS
looking weary from worry CAREWORN
every cloud has a silver one LINING
replied sharply RETORTED
unyeilding FLINTLIKE
Falls bordering US and Canada NIAGARA
can be reduced SHRINKABLE
game with spinners PINBALL
transluscent-shelled oyster WINDOWPANE
decoy maker, perhaps WOODCARVER
actress Kaling MINDY
Mr. Olympia's pride PHYSIQUE
francophone Caribbean island MARTINIQUE
chef's cap TOQUE
"patchy" sewing technigue APPLIQUE
soup often including seafood BISQUE
Maputo is its capital MOZAMBIQUE
prehistoric drawing PICTOGRAM
unshaven quality SCRUFFINESS
colorful aquarium fish NEONS
making it big ARRIVING
parts of an intersection CORNERS
singer Ono YOKO
armadillo shell guitar CHARANGO
hasp attachments PADLOCKS
big but empty talker TINHORN
swallowed quickly GULPED
shine in rainbow colors IRIDESCE
roams about WANDERS
Japanese stock index NIKKEI
turning to steam EVAPORATING
comic actor Jason BIGGS
most rough, in a way GRAINIEST
people from Reno or Vegas NEVADANS
compares LIKENS
type of shading pattern CROSSHATCH
stevedores' places DOCKS
Native American tribe ABENAKI
director's field FILMMAKING
make an officer INSTATE
Jimmy of "Vertigo" STEWART
young horses COLTS
"by-the-book" employees LIBRARIANS
column crossers ROWS
pre-WWI era in England EDWARDIAN
George Washington, for one PRESIDENT
Georgia O'Keeffe, for one ARTIST
Tennessee Williams, for one PLAYWRIGHT
Hannah Montana, for one SINGER
Virginia Woolf, for one WRITER
Indiana Jones, for one PROFESSOR
Minnesota Fats, for one HUSTLER
weighs the pros and cons CONSIDERS
finding a time slot for SCHEDULING
with reference to REGARDING
post-surgery prop WALKER
under supervision REGULATED
laundry quantity LOAD
without vigilance OBTUSELY
swelling of the brain MENINGITIS
brain cases CRANIA
brain teaser PUZZLE
almond-shaped brain region AMYGDALA
brain section LOBE
brainstorm THOUGHT
duds vendor CLOTHIER
computer scientist Alan TURING
misanthrope's activity HATING
club sandwich inserts SWORDS
vanity forerunner WASHSTAND
shapes of ravioli PILLOWS
put down, as a rebellion QUELLED
WWII-era poster girl Betty GRABLE
literally, "one name" MONONYM
like the wrongfully accused FAULTLESS
encounters MEETS
most out of practice RUSTIEST
Khan Academy class, in brief MOOC
easily-shared news digest CLIPSHEET
ancient city in Pamphylia ASPENDUS
carbon dioxide charting curve KEELING
tricked FINAGLED
Munchkins' rival TIMBITS
replaced an active player SUBBED
Emma Thompson's ex BRANAGH