7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
small, rounded hill KNOLL
pine or spruce, for instance EVERGREEN
period around noon LUNCHTIME
haptophobic's fear TOUCH
Mojave Desert city NEEDLES
overexposure redness SUNBURN
kitchen remodel purchase COUNTERTOP
say you will PROMISE
Henry the Eighth's surname TUDOR
coalition LEAGUE
industrial building FACILITY
disorganized CHAOTIC
prompt with instructions COACH
way out LOOPHOLE
relating to the Sun SOLAR
orbiting body MOON
thickly liquid state VISCOUS
division SECTOR
varying widely DIVERSE
crossword horizontal ACROSS
round shape CIRCLE
whitener BLEACH
healthy practice HYGIENE
night vision DREAM
offensive to the nose FOUL
oily lubricant GREASE
widespread EPIDEMIC
striped cat TABBY
sleep the winter away HIBERNATE
what you get for speeding TICKET
Sherlock Holmes's partner WATSON
give a warning to CAUTION
Snoopy's airplane DOGHOUSE
ordinary EVERYDAY
trade-last COMPLIMENT
transmission GEARBOX
auctioneer's gavel HAMMER
facial hair BEARD
bowler's bane SPLIT
hint of an idea INKLING
afraid CHICKEN
obstacle for a bug on a road WINDSHIELD
held the same opinion AGREED
dots on dice PIPS
worrisome UNSETTLING
fungi with crowns MUSHROOMS
get an "A" nefariously CHEAT
lines separating countries BOUNDARIES
very manly MACHO
percussion instrument XYLOPHONE
jelly flavor GRAPE
gaunt-looking HAGGARD
bungling INEPT
rodeo participant COWBOY
"Beautiful Dreamer" composer FOSTER
dreamboat HUNK
dream up CREATE
daydream FANTASY
bad dream NIGHTMARE
"Daydream Believer" group MONKEES
Dreamliner maker BOEING
display prominently BLAZON
nocturnal insectivorous bird NIGHTJAR
gray-green pottery glaze CELADON
South African trumpeter Hugh MASEKELA
short German sausage KNACKWURST
secret religious meeting CONVENTICLE
Australian gum tree COOLIBAH
spot for a sticker BUMPER
day off HOLIDAY
speedy spotted cat CHEETAH
hot green pepper JALAPENO
state with the "Windy City" ILLINOIS
royal fortress CASTLE
blowing snowstorm BLIZZARD
course of food DIET
excavating machine DIGGER
calm under pressure COOL
regular routine GROOVE
engage in talking CONVERSE
sauce-thickening process REDUCTION
working idea THEORY
sausage maker BUTCHER
enlarge MAGNIFY
dangerous HAZARDOUS
tone down TEMPER
uneven with sharp points JAGGED
wild hog RAZORBACK
noisy insect CICADA
pots and pans COOKWARE
praising the virtues of EXTOLLING
Argo's constellation CANOPUS
stellar size MAGNITUDE
ascot CRAVAT
Ponzi scheme SWINDLE
comment REMARK
enclosures for sheep PADDOCKS
sponge feature PORE
sheep product WOOL
museum piece RELIC
loathsome ABOMINABLE
statement of beliefs CREDO
mottled horse PINTO
burrito wrapper TORTILLA
puppet brought to life PINOCCHIO
room divider WALL
year behind senior JUNIOR
surprise STARTLE
closet contents CLOTHES
itching to fight HOSTILE
fir variety DOUGLAS
wartime fleet ARMADA
muscle BRAWN
master builder ARCHITECT
alderman's area WARD
authoritatively forbid INTERDICT
conjecture ASSUMPTION
person HUMAN
Hong Kong residents CHINESE
one who meddles INTERLOPER
purpose MEANING
put down on paper PRINTED
kingdom REALM
dearth LACK
carry out, as a crime PERPETRATE
mutual affection SYMPATHY
at an opportune time APROPOS
showing sensitivity TACTFUL
umpire ARBITER
agent 007 BOND
northern ocean ARCTIC
the smart set GLITTERATI
wanderer VAGABOND
uninteresting BANAL
stalking hunter PREDATOR
piece of pipe or macaroni ELBOW
adjective liked by dentists PAINLESS
extraordinary PHENOMENAL
steal away ABSCOND
in progress UNDERWAY
hawk claw TALON
glove part FINGER
place to dip fingers BOWL
one skipping school TRUANT
report card letter GRADE
art class subject ANATOMY
school requirement ATTENDANCE
work in a school TEACH
English class assignment THEME
schoolroom surface BLACKBOARD
like major highways PAVED
smartphone operating system ANDROID
two-panel artwork DIPTYCH
certain ball protector EYELID
blackmail EXTORTION
peel off the bark from DECORTICATE
impose by necessity ENTAIL
knitted shoes BOOTIES
warped representation DISTORTION
hodgepodge FARRAGO
imitating APING
when darkness approaches NIGHTFALL
still in the package PRISTINE
fibrous STRINGY
young hen PULLET
obsequious SUBSERVIENT
sax or violin INSTRUMENT
scalp condition DANDRUFF
old Montreal team EXPOS
Kalamazoo's state MICHIGAN
not quite right AMISS
salon activity STYLING
be a somnambulist SLEEPWALK
unauthorized workers' strike WILDCAT
novel purchase HARDCOVER
move cautiously CREEP
put a spike into IMPALE
answer RESPOND
test answer FALSE
he reads the answers on TV TREBEK
answer to a question REFUTATION
multiplication problem answer PRODUCT
indefinite answer POSSIBLY
answerable LIABLE
vivacity BRIO
make destitute IMPOVERISH
not printed UNWRITTEN
model of excellence PARAGON
secure from invasion INVIOLABLE
ill-natured CRANKY
hair net SNOOD
unsuitable IMPROPER
confab CHAT
within the rules PERMITTED
snow job REMOVAL
lowest balcony MEZZANINE
not of nobility UNTITLED
swollen BULBOUS
physical attack ASSAULT
Popeye's favorite food SPINACH
publisher's trademark COLOPHON
position of celestial object AZIMUTH
tell tall tales EXAGGERATE
Quasimodo was one HUNCHBACK
edible bulbs ONIONS
melancholy feeling GLOOMINESS
multi-man Olympic sport BOBSLED
series of narrative sketches STORYBOARD
tubular pasta ZITI
new academy attendee RECRUIT
long-legged ruminant ANTELOPE
scoring 10 out of 10 PERFECT
survivor of the past HOLDOVER
anabolic compound STEROID
slavery fighter LIBERATOR
lay out a sleeping bag, say UNROLL
grumpy attitude GROUCHINESS
denim wear JEANS
washing basin DISHPAN
carelessness SLOPPINESS
drive forward IMPEL
legal right of use USUFRUCT
flashy device GIMMICK
formally accuse DENOUNCE
film editing machine MOVIOLA
outright PATENTLY
ostracize BLACKLIST
poem set to music CANTATA
British military rank BRIGADIER
plate of glass WINDOWPANE
tennis equipment RACKETS
helpful person at a hotel CONCIERGE
expounds on CLARIFIES
wiped out ERADICATED
tribal leaders ELDERS
U.S. federal officers MARSHALS
commotion or hubbub UPROAR
outlay of money EXPENSE
weighing the most HEAVIEST
winter garments COATS
farm structure HENHOUSE
mental conformity of many GROUPTHINK
"Friends" character MONICA
doubly TWICE
East African country SOMALIA
tall and small, e.g. RHYMES
increase HEIGHTEN
like canned milk CONDENSED
move forward PROGRESS
prom night rental LIMOUSINE
ride a bicycle PEDAL
put on the payroll EMPLOY
diamond specialist JEWELER
apt anagram for actors COSTAR
one of eight offspring OCTUPLET
goes into debt OVERSPENDS
less orderly SLOPPIER
The Father of Geometry EUCLID
certain fugitive OUTLAW
evaluative criteria HEURISTICS
incriminate INCULPATE
runged climber STEPLADDER
not optional MANDATORY
natural talent PRODIGY
took a breather RESTED
from Cardiff, say WELSH
animals with plates ARMADILLOS
take apart DISMANTLE
push forward PROPEL
harp on BELABOR
toward the top of a slope UPHILL
quirky actor Jeff GOLDBLUM
self-absorbed EGOCENTRIC
loose top worn to bed NIGHTSHIRT
like a big brother OLDER
"Glee" star Matthew MORRISON
critically important PIVOTAL
certain facial contour JAWLINE
spectator at a chess match KIBITZER
old fighting ship GALLEASS
spoken tests ORALS
boastful person BLOWHARD
reason for an illegal act MOTIVE
put to use EXERTED
wrongdoing MALFEASANCE
came up with, as plots HATCHED
flag with three stripes TRICOLOR
run out EXPIRE
reggae singer Bob MARLEY
their lenses are divided BIFOCALS
bad billiards hit MISCUE
gushing EFFUSIVE
unpleasant person PILL
some blood vessels ARTERIES
half of a globe HEMISPHERE
good at dealing with people DIPLOMATIC
tuneful songbird THRUSH
African desert region KALAHARI
White House office shape OVAL
taken aback SURPRISED
like a cabana's roof THATCHED
groups of atoms MOLECULES
cord used to close a bag DRAWSTRING
eggplant's color PURPLE
heat-resistant glass SILEX
on a higher floor UPSTAIRS
getting cozy SNUGGLING
irritates OFFENDS
Swedish turnip RUTABAGA
glow from the hearth FIRELIGHT
consequence OUTGROWTH
request for more issues RENEWAL
lost traction SKIDDED
fluorine or iodine HALOGEN
hot, in slang STOLEN
Istanbul strait BOSPHORUS
"Mama Said" girl group SHIRELLES
uses commas and colons PUNCTUATES
moved furtively SKULKED
name on an envelope ADDRESSEE
planks BOARDS
foot doctors PODIATRISTS
checking the length again REMEASURING
gave energy to INVIGORATED
stock owners get them DIVIDENDS
Houston baseball team ASTROS
sitcom star Amy POEHLER
liquid metal MERCURY
holds back RESTRAINS
sturdily made SUBSTANTIAL
unit of length METER
like some fouls INTENTIONAL
preppy clothing company LACOSTE
like some gowns and masks SURGICAL
snobbery ELITISM
something of value KEEPER
pleasant and attractive PERSONABLE
word or symbol SIGNIFIER
lament BEWAIL
giving a player a hand DEALING
mental pictures IMAGERY
cup won at golf RYDER
flying circus AEROBATICS
the "Crown of the East" ANTIOCH
nincompoop FOOL
Brussels-based organization NATO
clumsy ships HULKS
distributed APPORTIONED
famous "midnight rider" REVERE
moves to a new place RELOCATES
told a small lie FIBBED
putting in something larger SUBSUMING
bug killer FLYSWATTER
tidy person NEATNIK
angled lumber cut CHAMFER
person from the same land COUNTRYMAN
actor Cumberbatch BENEDICT
nodding off DOZING
looking over EYEBALLING
Homo sapiens HUMAN
large block of stone MONOLITH
financial aid for college SCHOLARSHIP
related to a profession VOCATIONAL
toy dog breed POMERANIAN
obligatory IMPOSED
Huck Finn's transport RAFT
much-wanted DESIRABLE
traffic cones PYLONS
small metric weights GRAMS
making oneself heard SHOUTING
front end of a grocery store CHECKOUT
small bunch of flowers NOSEGAY
ticklers of the ivories PIANISTS
sounding like a teakettle WHISTLING
spikes on wire fences BARBS
like some professors' suits TWEEDY
starch, for one STIFFENER
half brothers David & Shaun CASSIDY
red-faced, perhaps EMBARRASSED
frozen yogurt chain TCBY
prepared for surgery SCRUBBED
east African country DJIBOUTI
warbled SUNG
like a tyrant DESPOTIC
getting more mature RIPENING
hash house BEANERY
bird house AVIARY
manor house CHATEAU
ice house IGLOO
field house GYMNASIUM
safe house SANCTUARY
upper house SENATE
they're often color-coded ALERTS
brought shame to DISGRACED
actor and director Ben AFFLECK
monarchs and such BUTTERFLIES
give a new position REASSIGN
general tendencies TRENDS
areas in the Everglades SWAMPLANDS
get the better of BAMBOOZLE
swindle MULCT
deceive COZEN
cheat a stranger BUNCO
deprive of money by deceit DEFRAUD
easily cheated GULLIBLE
censured REPROVED
a remedy for bad marks ERASER
nicknamed MONICKERED
reduced to fine particles PULVERIZED
binding together CONNECTIVE
jam ingredients TRAFFIC
a forge SMITHY
"The Sea Gull" playwright CHEKHOV
home of the Seahawks SEATTLE
sea rovers PIRATES
sea vessel that goes under SUBMARINE
height above sea level ALTITUDE
by the sea, as property BEACHFRONT
theater pit occupants ORCHESTRA
oily fruit with a pit OLIVE
fruit pit ENDOCARP
pit to cut stone QUARRY
where pit stops occur RACETRACK
bottomless pit ABYSS
brownish pit viper COPPERHEAD
how you might be accused FALSELY
Colombian city MEDELLIN
squabbling QUARRELING
name for a place's resident DEMONYM
quality of being speculative RISKINESS
Brazilian ace autoracer SENNA
bothersome TROUBLING
3-hull boat TRIMARAN
commercial passenger ship LINER
small sailing warship CORVETTE
ship with 3 or more masts BARKENTINE
galley with 2 banks of oars BIREME
passenger boat FERRY
single-masted sailing vessel SLOOP
doesn't rent OWNS
acrobatic feats BACKFLIPS
take one's clothes off UNDRESS
TV star Candice BERGEN
second editions REPRINTS
stringy, like asbestos FIBROUS
regal KINGLY
relating to floods DILUVIAN
supporting financially BANKROLLING
look for treasure by the sea BEACHCOMB
absorbing item on desk BLOTTER
magnificently SUPERBLY
they can't be choosers BEGGARS
Kenyan World Heritage Site LAMU
fácil de engañar CRÉDULO
panqueque francés CREPE
pescado de agua dulce PERCHA
fruta tropical CHIRIMOYA
árbol enorme de California SECUOYA
tipo de automóvil SEDÁN
lo que hacen los matemáticos CALCULAR
prenda deportiva CAMISETA
una persona cambiante CAMALEÓN
modificar CAMBIAR
habitación de barco CAMAROTE
banana en Venezuela CAMBUR
especia de un rollo sueco CANELA
marca finlandesa de teléfono NOKIA
país del norte y del sur COREA
hablar gratis por ordenador SKYPE
reacción al viento gélido ESCALOFRÍO
isla Griega CHIPRE
raro, singular EXTRAÑO
algo escrito para periódicos ARTÍCULO
pleasant to the taste SAVORY
light purple LAVENDER
wise person SAGE
singer Clooney ROSEMARY
Peruvian singer Yma SUMAC
doctor with 23 flavors PEPPER
ceremonial staff MACE
useful piece of advice HINT
small piece of information INKLING
potential plan SUGGESTION
piece of advice POINTER
seek advice from CONSULT
inside information TIPS
crime-solving assistance CLUE
goods for sale WARES
small pack animal BURRO
Romantic variety of hero BYRONIC
punctured PRICKED
accepting of other's beliefs TOLERANT
shape of a globe SPHERE
QB line of scrimmage call AUDIBLE
fire SACK
article cut out of the paper CLIPPING
a unit of football play DOWN
obstructing an opponent BLOCKING
midpoint CENTER
aggressively throwing QB GUNSLINGER
they have their own agendas MEETINGS
grooved, like a column FLUTED
Dickinson's poems weren't TITLED
threatened harm or evil MENACED
licorice candy mixture ALLSORTS
from Beirut, say LEBANESE
he creates jibs and genoas SAILMAKER
La española fue "invencible" ARMADA
trozo de pan duro MENDRUGO
oficio de James Bond ESPÍA
carrera de barcos REGATA
pincelada gruesa BROCHAZO
premio de Suecia NOBEL
colonia de corales ATOLÓN
American capital DOLLARS
bad taste INDELICACY
sordid person SLEAZEBAG
disappointing loss of ideal DISILLUSION
burned slowly without flame SMOLDERED
mansion in Memphis GRACELAND
low fellow BASS
undertook ASSUMED
central part MIDDLE
partner of prim PROPER
about chemistry or biology SCIENTIFIC
lady for a knight MAIDEN
finish second PLACE
sphere of influence DOMAIN
observe MONITOR
saw, hammer, and drill HARDWARE
small rodent MOUSE
Lorna Doone, for one COOKIE
canned luncheon meat SPAM
harpsichord feature KEYBOARD
Tasmanian indigenous people PALAWA
it's said to make one smile CHEESE
shaped MOLDED
where to find a buck BURROW
coming into possession of ACQUIRING
large Swedish island OLAND
2X Nobel winner Frederick SANGER
made one FUSED
kingly trappings REGALIA
spooked by a gander, maybe GOOSY
speed of time in the slammer POKEY
in an unpacified way IMPLACABLY
does one better, in golf BIRDIES
home of Athens and Rome GEORGIA
province of southern Spain GRANADA
region of northern Israel GALILEE
Irish city and county GALWAY
capital of Guyana GEORGETOWN
birthplace of Kofi Annan GHANA
largest city in Scotland GLASGOW
what one look may speak VOLUMES
German household help MIELE
provided some spice to MACED
where Jean Valjean did time TOULON
they're frayed by stress NERVES
young lady with the news PAPERGIRL
long-distance train INTERCITY
touch screen computers TABLETS
guilty of neglect of duty DERELICT
numerical logic puzzle KENKEN
wartime plunder SPOILS
dug for mollusks CLAMMED
done in a headlong manner IMPRUDENTLY
hauled onto shore BEACHED
world's northernmost capital NUUK
brand of luxury RV AIRSTREAM
alert, ready to think CLEARHEADED
glasses and goblets STEMWARE
disease-producers PATHOGENS
untidiness MUSSINESS
Yukon and Northwest TERRITORIES
pioneering naturalist John MUIR
simply and severely STARKLY
hard areas on the feet CALLUSES
brought sorrow to AGGRIEVED
inheritances LEGACIES
grocery store worker STOCKER
bothered ANNOYED
part of a stage PROSCENIUM
monitor maker VIEWSONIC
ardent, passionate TORRID
like wet and snowy roads SLUSHY
pet food brand EUKANUBA
personal shortcomings VICES
disputed North Atlantic isle ROCKALL
distinctly CLEARLY
placed out of sight CONCEALED
certain Northern Italian VENETIAN
eavesdrop EARWIG
foretold PRESAGED
is contingent upon HINGES
Aussie surfwear company QUIKSILVER
serving temporarily ACTING
experimental trial PILOT
slam-dancing MOSHING
potato chips sold in cans PRINGLES
view ID to establish age CARD
not figuratively LITERALLY
clean-shaven BEARDLESS
word in a comparison THAN
simple beds COTS
messy sort SLOB
ran amok through RAMPAGED
what an immigrant seeks CITIZENSHIP
visual aids SPECTACLES
anti-bite device MUZZLE
pulled an ugly, twisted face GRIMACED
standing in line QUEUEING
being afraid of FEARING
nadir's opposite ZENITH
make less dense RAREFY
quality sought in pajamas COZINESS
internet speeds, in brief MBPS
open source OS LINUX
hands over some appreciation CLAPS
back in business event REOPENING
substituting for REPLACING
Ayn Rand's philosophy OBJECTIVISM
type of defense mechanism SUBLIMATION
football referee's call OFFSIDE
hard tropical gourd CALABASH
sports divisions LEAGUES
giving consent ACCEDING
conductor Solti GEORG
most crazy ZANIEST
largest district of India KACHCHH
in a disgusting way REPULSIVELY
reserved in advance BESPOKE
Google web browser CHROME
worked long and hard TOILED
roguish adventurer PICKAROON
revolting person RIOTER
region in northwest France BRITTANY
like a dark night sky STARLESS
sleeved blanket SNUGGIE
postwar compensation REPARATIONS
royal crowns DIADEMS
South African leader Mandela NELSON
Revolutionary War fighters REDCOATS
air-circulating device VENTILATOR
lit candle parts WICKS
daily occurrence in the sky MOONRISE
like some income (hopefully) DISPOSABLE
electronics retailer RADIOSHACK
cavity remedies FILLINGS
like a bassist's fingertips CALLUSED
punishes a bad student SUSPENDS
upbeat person's trait POSITIVITY
bicep-building reps CURLS
sonata movement RONDO
waitresses on wheels CARHOPS
delicacy of manner SUBTLENESS
he stubbornly resists change STANDPATTER
Malaysia's highest peak KINABALU
assembled into one area MASSED
Big Band-era jukebox WURLITZER
water pumper on the water FIREBOAT
Russia's capital city MOSCOW
Russian cosmonaut Yuri GAGARIN
Russian vine, for example CLIMBER
Russian olive OLEASTER
Russian-French artist Marc CHAGALL
Russian tea urn SAMOVAR
Russian-style headscarf BABUSHKA
noisy birds JAYS
alters, as a house REMODELS
thrills KICKS
vast amount BOATLOAD
guarantees CERTIFIES
swallow loudly GULP
ship bottoms HULLS
enclosure or make worse COMPOUND
injury or coiled WOUND
captivate or doorway ENTRANCE
fish or guitar BASS
anesthetic or digit NUMBER
waste conduit or Betsy Ross SEWER
give solace or TV cabinet CONSOLE
post-surgery discomforts RESIDUALS
a gregarious character EXTRAVERT
convertible hair condition WINDBLOWN
small European wading bird JACKSNIPE
humility LOWLINESS
at the water's edge DOCKSIDE
disfigurement DEFORMATION
covers for kings and queens BEDSPREADS
old ones are tough, they say BOOTS
generous LIBERAL
model's attribute PRETTINESS
understand without hearing LIPREAD
one who refuses to give up FIGHTER
thesis summaries ABSTRACTS
Aboriginal basket DILLYBAG
affection ENDEARMENT
plughole GURGLER
extremely cold ANTARCTIC
big flies BLOWIES
river in eastern NSW HAWKESBURY
toes, in a children's rhyme PIGGIES
disloyal FAITHLESS
fashion designer Hilfiger TOMMY
German sausage WURST
the D in "3-D" DIMENSIONAL
it grades with "G" and "R" MPAA
defacement MUTILATION
about the enamel, perhaps DENTAL
perceptible DISCERNABLE
completely fooled THROWN
easy marks SAPS
drinking vessels GLASSES
one using semaphore, say FLAGGER
with much fluctuation UNEVENLY
deceive through trickery BAMBOOZLE
cheat out of money SWINDLE
easily cheated GULLIBLE
practice deception FINAGLE
snake oil salesman MOUNTEBANK
cheat a stranger BUNCO
professional trickster FRAUD
having the musical spotlight SOLOING
sudoku neighbor, perhaps JUMBLE
capable of being noticed PERCEPTIBLE
happens again RECURS
hors d'oeuvre pasty spread PATE
like a Hemingway title feast MOVEABLE
light four-wheeled carriage PHAETON
low pleasure carriage for 2 VICTORIA
carriage with a high front BAROUCHE
low, strong cart DRAY
long, spacious carriage BRITZKA
light open carriage CHAISE
light covered carriage CARRYALL
Buffalo wing, maybe SABRE
"tree" people DESCENDANTS
casual footwear SLIPPER
footwear for the beach SANDAL
like Mr. Peanut MONOCLED
Asia, in the 1980s SUPERGROUP
deception FAKERY
North Dakota neighbor MANITOBA
freebie at an ice cream shop SAMPLE
city with a Strip, briefly VEGAS
Kentucky turf BLUEGRASS
comedic bits SKETCHES
comic partners FOILS
love potion PHILTER
displaying love AMATIVE
lovesick PINING
what misery loves COMPANY
Montague in love ROMEO
where love is a bad thing TENNIS
lover of "7 Little Words" LOGOPHILE
liquid dispenser DROPPER
acceptance TOLERATION
complaining MOANING
fatally MORTALLY
without good sense MISGUIDEDLY
flat egg noodles TAGLIATELLE
American novelist Ken KESEY
like a visionary FARSEEING
the planets, for example OCTAD
Miami Heat mascot BURNIE
took too many porgy and bass OVERFISHED
Buenos Aires and Sochi SUBTROPICS
more substantial HEFTIER
"Peer Gynt" composer GRIEG
they are handed down HEIRLOOMS
part of the Leeward Islands GUADELOUPE
not beyond comprehension KNOWABLE
six-shooters, say REPEATERS
American author Wolff TOBIAS
in a so-so manner TOLERABLY
like some boots SQUARETOED
Killebrew with 573 homers HARMON
Shakespeare's works, say ELIZABETHAN
two-aisled airliner WIDEBODY
puppet show FANTOCCINI
find help not at the firm OUTSOURCE
limited term INTERIM
work perks BENEFITS
one with a second job MOONLIGHTER
Manpower hire TEMP
work-for-hire paper CONTRACT
independently contract FREELANCE
goes beyond, as a limit EXCEEDS
Carlisle of the Go-Go's BELINDA
oddly-shaped fish SEAHORSE
retrieves FETCHES
play along with HUMOR
forgoing WAIVING
yellow flowers GOLDENRODS
page arrangements LAYOUTS
calling to mind EVOKING
brought in ADMITTED
Tom of "Dukes of Hazzard" WOPAT
makes very attractive GLAMORIZES
"I want that!" GIMME
turkey wattles DEWLAPS
early 1900s art movement FUTURISM
Pepperidge Farm cookie type SAUSALITO
dusk events SUNSETS
Colorado River tributary GILA
not well-balanced TIPPY
Barnum's first name PHINEAS
sounds that go with oohs AAHS
fuddy-duddies PRUDES
likelihood of succeeding WORKABILITY
jungle beasts' sounds ROARS
old John Candy comedy show SCTV
brand of kids' briefs UNDEROOS
woodworker's skill CARPENTRY
exterior OUTER
Rabbit maker VOLKSWAGEN
cereal craved by a rabbit TRIX
Disney rabbit THUMPER
wabbit hunter ELMER
rabbit ears ANTENNA
Mrs. Roger Rabbit JESSICA
"rabbit food" SALAD
timid type CREAMPUFF
Malamud protagonist Roy HOBBS
language of Pakistan PUNJABI
set free LOOSED
two-time Grammy winner Jon SECADA
Nintendo controller WIIMOTE
sellers outside of arenas SCALPERS
board with tacks in it BULLETIN
going against CONTRASTING
pertaining to the windpipe TRACHEAL
dissuasion DETERMENT
shallow water vessel KEELBOAT
printing again, as a book REISSUING
instruction manuals, maybe BOOKLETS
classic Clapton song LAYLA
self-serve diner AUTOMAT
men's fashion accessory TIECLASP
adds to one's smartphone INSTALLS
easily shaped, like putty MOLDABLE
bibliography listing SOURCE
place for a page number FOOTER
by mistake ERRONEOUSLY
wedding dress detail LACEWORK
Stuart Smalley portrayer FRANKEN
capable of being lessened REDUCIBLE
exhibiting passionate anger LIVIDLY
Rex Harrison film role DOLITTLE
discouraging PROHIBITORY
Airbus competitor BOEING
Welsh market town CONWY
Trinidadian borough ARIMA
color of oxidized iron RUFOUS
Sayers' detective Peter WIMSEY
cross the line TRANSGRESS
crosspatch GRUMP
cross-check VERIFY
Cross & Waterman products PENS
double cross BETRAY
crossbreed HYBRIDIZE
crossword features CLUES
within a work group INTEROFFICE
prominent metaphysical poet DONNE
surges of adrenaline RUSHES
Milanese sweet bread PANETTONE
driving accompaniment AUDIOBOOKS
in a unlikely manner REMOTELY
"Things Fall Apart" author ACHEBE
stone street surface MACADAM
grow out of control MUSHROOM
element number 12 MAGNESIUM
it's gained going downhill MOMENTUM
having popular appeal MAINSTREAM
embroidered letters, maybe MONOGRAM
a very small earthquake MICROSEISM
they measure thickness CALIPERS
bother TROUBLE
Australia's largest lake EYRE
in a made-up way FICTIONALLY
kindred human being FELLOWMAN
pleasingly AGREEABLY
"The Rosie Project" author SIMSION
completely FULLY
cancel SCRUB
broke away from authority REVOLTED
determining DECIDING
inclined DISPOSED
cut paper art DECOUPAGE
far-reaching view VISTA
Nebraska legislature type UNICAMERAL
where pages are assembled BINDERY
Jane Austen's older sister CASSANDRA
like a blown transmission GEARLESS
in a delicious manner FLAVORFULLY
1990s "Tubthumping" group CHUMBAWAMBA