7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
military headquarters PENTAGON
be indecisive WAVER
free of germs STERILE
he hunts wabbits ELMER
pastry DANISH
citrus fruit ORANGE
sugar pill PLACEBO
cooking place KITCHEN
black terminal NEGATIVE
apex PEAK
be indecisive WAFFLE
assistant HELPER
trip to workplace COMMUTE
ownership stake EQUITY
blink of an eye INSTANT
put on APPLY
make less concentrated DILUTE
television advertisement COMMERCIAL
make up for COMPENSATE
find a way through NEGOTIATE
bouncing sound ECHO
muscle spasms CRAMPS
believer in sweeping reform JANITOR
trim, as a picture CROP
emergency vehicle AMBULANCE
without a light to see by DARK
outrageous behavior TANTRUM
printing orientation LANDSCAPE
thin mortar GROUT
member of the weasel family WOLVERINE
tot's play area SANDBOX
tidy hospital attendant ORDERLY
yearn PINE
remove impurities REFINE
move a train to a new track SHUNT
distinctive characteristic TRADEMARK
heartwood of a tree DURAMEN
hobo's transportation BOXCAR
torn pieces of cloth TATTERS
show off one's biceps FLEX
algebraic expression EQUATION
glass or plastic container BOTTLE
hearty laugh GUFFAW
tried to save money SCRIMPED
turns over, as pancakes FLIPS
pleasingly quiet TRANQUIL
verbose WORDY
very sweet SUGARY
photographer's stand TRIPOD
cry from a sty OINK
eucalyptus eater KOALA
determine precisely PINPOINT
young person JUVENILE
childhood disease MEASLES
unpleasant sight EYESORE
Polonius, to Laertes FATHER
major shock JOLT
evil one FIEND
balderdash EYEWASH
close to the end PENULTIMATE
inflatable boat DINGHY
sail restraint BUNTLINE
light rowing boat CAIQUE
reprimand severely CASTIGATE
loud ringing noise CLANGOR
lighthearted SPORTIVE
part of a rocket STAGE
climb aboard, as a horse MOUNT
it killed the cat, they say CURIOSITY
Texas home of the Astros HOUSTON
Romeo's love JULIET
place to keep your socks DRESSER
emit streams of light RADIATE
regular practice ROUTINE
lacking feeling NUMB
plumbing tool SNAKE
failure to win LOSS
stirring emotions MOVING
change for the better AMEND
expression of regret SIGH
football uprights GOALPOSTS
having courage GRITTY
spread out EXPAND
Italian sports car FERRARI
shoe part INSOLE
make your own PERSONALIZE
tight necklace CHOKER
literary piece CONTEXTURE
take for granted PRESUME
shallow dish PLATE
lime ingredient CALCIUM
1907 World Series champs CUBS
perceive the meaning of UNDERSTAND
abundant PLENTEOUS
the universe EVERYTHING
small group of people MINORITY
of applied sciences TECHNICAL
justification EXCUSE
morning follower ARVO
show signs of a cold SNIFFLE
chef's task COOKING
camper's home base TENT
grasp the meaning of UNDERSTAND
palace manservant BUTLER
close partner SIDEKICK
sign of fire SMOKE
set up for a crime FRAME
bay leaf or basil HERB
funnel-shaped receptacle HOPPER
way the body is held POSTURE
calendar notation APPOINTMENT
lacking strength FEEBLE
one-story house BUNGALOW
uniform material KHAKI
going on forever INFINITE
Mexican entrees FAJITAS
cause for alarm DANGER
Skylark maker BUICK
tile material CERAMIC
tug-of-war CONFLICT
dance in tutus BALLET
despot TYRANT
like a despot CRUEL
long-legged bird BUSTARD
essential nature SUBSTANCE
peace of mind EASE
scale down DECREASE
hold dear CHERISH
main point in a speech THRUST
military ploy TACTIC
refined sense of taste PALATE
for the common people POPULIST
point of view STANCE
state of equilibrium POISE
old prospector SOURDOUGH
bit of precipitation RAINDROP
scab, as a credit card SWIPE
sword sheath SCABBARD
fabric of uneven yarn BOUCLE
like some caps CHILDPROOF
put on clothes DRESS
knitting technique ENTRELAC
not in motion STATIONARY
draft animals' harness YOKE
at large ABROAD
country on Gulf of Thailand CAMBODIA
Portuguese folk song FADO
tent site CAMPGROUND
Tarzan's home JUNGLE
heavily armed battleship DREADNOUGHT
hydrant user FIREMAN
pants for the "mussel bound" CLAMDIGGERS
put to work UTILIZE
took after EMULATED
occurring regularly PERIODIC
kewpie or Barbie DOLL
sharpen WHET
breed of cat HIMALAYAN
quirk ODDITY
storm cloud shade GRAY
formal proclamation EDICT
relating to the sky CELESTIAL
engineering project need BLUEPRINT
telethon prop TOTEBOARD
flowing back REFLUX
matted fabric FELT
acknowledgment of a retort TOUCHE
give the cold shoulder to SPURN
poetic foot TROCHEE
timid soul NEBBISH
put back together RECONSTRUCT
ones to pass the ball to TEAMMATES
natural spring OUTPOURING
fatty tissue FLAB
drop steeply PLUNGE
where some carry a chip SHOULDER
syringe, briefly HYPO
evoking tenderness TOUCHING
arrest warrant CAPIAS
late, like a library book OVERDUE
brought back to life REVIVED
removed stubble SHAVED
waxy perfume substance AMBERGRIS
molecular attraction COHESION
queen bee's underling WORKER
hat badge COCKADE
off the beaten path ASTRAY
surveyor's reference point BENCHMARK
blood component SERUM
amorous or ardent PASSIONATE
dumbfounded NONPLUSSED
combine into one unit CONSOLIDATE
come back to REVISIT
racing rowboat WHERRY
small boat SKIFF
delivery expertise OBSTETRICS
rule under an iron fist TYRANNY
state of motherhood MATERNITY
Joe of bubble gum fame BAZOOKA
business accounting BOOKKEEPING
weed-choked, perhaps OVERGROWN
complex of beliefs and values MYTHOS
first First Lady MARTHA
siesta time AFTERNOON
contaminated IMPURE
counteract NEUTRALIZE
squeezed together COMPRESSED
Dick Loudon on "Newhart" INNKEEPER
goldbricker LAYABOUT
squeezing snake CONSTRICTOR
causing one to reel DIZZYING
animal life FAUNA
vichyssoise ingredient LEEK
all over ENDED
horned mammal RHINOCEROS
somnolence DROWSINESS
revealed TOLD
militarist WARMONGER
three card TREY
hat check girl's "office" COATROOM
"Mandy" singer Barry MANILOW
monetary grant SUBSIDY
excessive in nature OBSESSIVE
taking a whack at ATTEMPTING
second version of a movie REMAKE
walking about AMBULATING
was on TV AIRED
protesting PICKETING
holding steady STABILIZED
arrogance POMPOSITY
delegate APPOINTEE
use of dead reckoning GUIDANCE
bend in the river OXBOW
big building EDIFICE
caretaker CUSTODIAN
enter forcefully INVADE
needing salt, perhaps UNSEASONED
subtraction word MINUS
wild canines JACKALS
fundamental PRIMARY
open or invitational TOURNAMENT
fatherly nickname POPS
pressed sandwich PANINI
clarinet, for example WOODWIND
solid with eight faces OCTAHEDRON
ancient rowboats GALLEYS
fish with a net TRAWL
fleshy fruit DRUPE
study of geometric forms TOPOLOGY
necessary NEEDED
type of varnish LACQUER
takes on, as a challenge ACCEPTS
repayment of a favor REQUITAL
Northern Ireland capital BELFAST
"3...2...1..." follower BLASTOFF
like a celeb's lifestyle GLAMOROUS
beside oneself OVERWROUGHT
heaved SLUNG
lack of grace GAWKINESS
oversaw, as a school dance CHAPERONED
frugality PARSIMONY
bluegrass artist Alison KRAUSS
movie about a person's life BIOPIC
putting straight ALIGNING
convention speaker PRESENTER
picture collage PHOTOMOSAIC
slow on the uptake OBTUSE
ocean floor SEABED
an unspecified person ANYBODY
Wall Street trader STOCKBROKER
capital of Switzerland BERN
short songs in commercials JINGLES
unable to relax UPTIGHT
fire truck monitor DISPATCHER
sluggish FAINEANT
sets in motion ACTIVATES
exhaustion DEPLETION
sauce source CRANBERRY
Renaissance man POLYMATH
thinly sliced meat PAILLARD
one way to fly STANDBY
like a schoolmarm PRIM
home of the Beatles LIVERPOOL
lacking light DINGY
meat eaters CARNIVORES
like Union soldiers NORTHERN
as quickly as possible POSTHASTE
plaster used for moldings STUCCO
work the room MINGLE
cap lining SWEATBAND
make a surprise attack on BUSHWHACK
Pontiac muscle car FIREBIRD
groups within a league TEAMS
store customer SHOPPER
steadfast LOYAL
unsatisfactory, as an excuse LAME
state south of Montana WYOMING
nothing but PURELY
plasterboard, commonly SHEETROCK
shaped like a billiard rack TRIANGULAR
seeds for our winged friends BIRDFEED
playwright George Bernard SHAW
dilapidated TUMBLEDOWN
road workers PAVERS
took second place PLACED
ocean fun SNORKELING
pinball machine surface PLAYFIELD
annual reference books ALMANACS
cycling arena VELODROME
one escaping a country REFUGEE
without reward THANKLESSLY
stable state of mind SANITY
narrow cut SLIT
chewed out REPROACHED
buttoning or zipping FASTENING
part of a shoe INNERSOLE
laptop navigation device TRACKPAD
influences AFFECTS
seniors supplement brand GERITOL
felt sore ACHED
written assurance GUARANTEE
Boston Marathon's month APRIL
rodeo participant ROPER
make excuses for RATIONALIZE
rainwater carrier DRAINPIPE
truly hated DESPISED
worthy of belief CREDITABLE
having a monomania OBSESSED
actor Christopher WALKEN
stretched out casually SPRAWLED
speaking rhetorically DECLAIMING
mountain passes GAPS
kind of acid in lemons CITRIC
animal cultivation HUSBANDRY
made uneasy DISQUIETED
type of steam locomotive CAMELBACK
somewhat sky-colored BLUISH
indistinctly FUZZILY
having an affinity for water HYDROPHILIC
"bit of a lark," perhaps FEATHER
coastal resort in Dorset, UK BOURNEMOUTH
loafers lack them SHOESTRINGS
museum piece CURIO
giving a tug YANKING
had a portion PARTOOK
1980s haircuts MULLETS
Covent Garden, for one THEATRE
sounded like frying bacon SIZZLED
played in the pool SPLASHED
like some twins IDENTICAL
the Amish raise them BARNS
fix a hem, for example RESTITCH
comebacks RETORTS
"Come Monday" singer Jimmy BUFFETT
more expensive COSTLIER
litterers POLLUTERS
country lad SWAIN
in a dainty manner DELICATELY
postponements DEFERMENTS
napper SNOOZER
hunting for pelts TRAPPING
buoyancy FLOTAGE
never abating RELENTLESS
like a porcupine SPINY
homeowners' debts MORTGAGES
obedient person's action COMPLIANCE
rival of Boeing AIRBUS
along the Seine, perhaps RIVERFRONT
formed opinions in advance PREJUDGED
schoolyard problem BULLYING
political conventioneers DELEGATES
puts into office ELECTS
take a header FALL
"Groundhog Day" actor Bill MURRAY
unhip people SQUARES
imbued INFUSED
Italian cheese PROVOLONE
parts of a comic strip PANELS
fixing up REPAIRING
pretenders POSEURS
held motionless TRANSFIXED
tacky and cheap SHLOCKY
frivolity SILLINESS
alpha particles have two NEUTRONS
"Bravo!" relative ENCORE
Charlie of old movies CHAPLIN
delta's shape TRIANGLE
"echo" location CANYON
foxtrot, say DANCE
golf hole location GREEN
they're in the fine print DETAILS
socking away STASHING
theater workers USHERS
most glossy SLICKEST
Colombian actress Sofia VERGARA
made an arduous journey TREKKED
"Civil Disobedience" author THOREAU
Civil War general GRANT
actress on "Civil Wars" HEMINGWAY
violate, as civil rights INFRINGE
one with civil liberties FREEMAN
not civil RUDE
Civil War subject SECESSION
vitamin D source MILK
corporate reorganizations SHAKEUPS
middle-of-the-road position CENTRISM
extremely big TITANIC
Goodyear rival MICHELIN
port near Hong Kong MACAO
not at all tedious ENJOYABLE
"Bear Symphony" composer HAYDN
toy bear TEDDY
powerful bear GRIZZLY
Wall Street bear, perhaps INVESTOR
they bear interest BONDS
"Bear" Bryant's school ALABAMA
the authorities POLICE
one fighting authority REBEL
absolute authority IMPERIUM
authorizes WARRANTS
card game authority HOYLE
authorization FIAT
authority EXPERT
beneath UNDER
theater performer, say SURGEON
member of irregular force GUERRILLA
made small nervous movements FIDGETED
remote Himalayan peaks GASHERBRUM
half of humanity WOMANKIND
printed material BATIK
sailor's stew LOBSCOUSE
stew made from game meat BURGOO
vegetable stew POTTAGE
stew of odds and ends MULLIGAN
Hungarian stew GOULASH
stew in one's own juices BRAISE
Norwegian dogs ELKHOUNDS
website code HTML
convention, for example GATHERING
dusts and vacuums CLEANS
cream contains it BUTTERFAT
stuck in one's house HOMEBOUND
female net user FISHERWOMAN
so-so, for example OCTAVE
Amalfi coast resort, Italy POSITANO
corrupting DEPRAVING
without physical distress PAINLESSLY
is unable to stand HATES
golf equipment maker PING
descripción de una fiesta DIVERTIDA
opuesto de horizontal VERTICAL
estado de las estrellas CALIFORNIA
angustia AGONÍA
comunidad autónoma de España ARAGÓN
islas en el océano Índico MALDIVAS
una naranja pequeña MANDARINA
enseñanza del cuento MORALEJA
aparato de cocina HORNO
estrella argentina de fútbol MARADONA
artista de la voz CANTANTE
manojo de flores RAMO
el amanecer del día MADRUGADA
gota de tristeza LÁGRIMA
gran futbolista Argentino MARADONA
tienda de moda española ZARA
pintor impresionista MONET
libro de instrucciones MANUAL
actriz de Spider-Man DUNST
cordialmente AMABLEMENTE
declaración verdadera HECHO
horse racer JOCKEY
Canadian policeman MOUNTIE
horseshoer FARRIER
ranch rider COWBOY
skilled horse rider EQUESTRIAN
man in charge of horse care GROOM
soldiers on horses CAVALRY
work absence FURLOUGH
like absence with a note EXCUSED
absence of all matter VACUUM
absence of stress REPOSE
absence of order ENTROPY
absent-minded PREOCCUPIED
"Absence of Malice" star NEWMAN
they promise better sleep ERGOFLEX
it precedes a redealing RESHUFFLING
priced too high OVERVALUED
unaware of what's going on UNWITTING
car racing's Patrick DANICA
sign of what is to come PORTENT
not too hot, not too cold LUKEWARM
dress trimming RUCHE
hunkered down SCRUNCHED
it describes unclear writing JARGONY
susceptibility to jokes GULLIBILITY
reddish yellowish orangish OCHER
get this to the client, asap DELIVERABLE
dazzled BLINDED
clock work HOROLOGY
leader of UK Labour Party Ed MILIBAND
advancing with little effort COASTING
northern Australian gulf CARPENTARIA
power shower STRONGMAN
walking in a leisurely way STROLLING
Attila's followers HUNS
storage buildings WAREHOUSES
relaxed, in a sense UNSTRUNG
string quartet instruments CELLOS
placed in inventory STOCKED
sailing ships WINDJAMMERS
didn't run smoothly SPUTTERED
female breeding horse BROODMARE
marking the beginning of INAUGURAL
merely mouthed the lyrics LIPSYNCHED
they profit illegally RACKETEERS
bring to light by searching UNEARTHING
book of tried cases LAWBOOK
TV cable type, for short COAX
underground explorer SPELUNKER
underground chamber CELLAR
sleep underground, perhaps HIBERNATE
underground layer BEDROCK
underground tunnel CATACOMB
underground worker MINER
underground edible fungus TRUFFLE
arrest COLLAR
wisdom, for example TOOTH
found fault CRABBED
container with narrow neck BOTTLE
high points MOUNTAINS
snitch, in the UK GRASS
one who proposes a candidate NOMINATOR
sudden alternating turns ZIGS
twenty-faced solid ICOSAHEDRON
gold coin of Persia DARIC
tote for textbooks and pens SCHOOLBAG
inauspicious UNFORTUNATE
group of celestial neighbors CLUSTER
laboratory cylinder BEAKER
uncivilized person ANIMAL
salad which includes apples WALDORF
basketball player Washington KERMIT
child's vehicle SCOOTER
bizarre GONZO
NASA astronaut Voss JANICE
not pressed UNIRONED
inclined to doubt SKEPTICAL
settlement of expenses DEFRAYAL
went before PRECEDED
"flower" in London THAMES
scientific study of aging GERONTOLOGY
coin formerly used in Europe DUCAT
granny, for example KNOT
in a bombastic manner TURGIDLY
omnipresence UBIQUITY
potato skin JACKET
Morocco's longest river DRAA
it swims against the current SALMON
letting oneself down ABSEILING
devouring greedily WOLFING
it comforts a cold sufferer BLANKET
Trinidadian cricketer Brian LARA
firmly holding the attention RIVETING
withering SHRIVELING
numerous BEAUCOUP
city on the Seine PARIS
go flush REDDEN
certain candy maker CHOCOLATIER
customers PATRONS
telemarketers, for example CALLERS
area between countries BORDERLAND
broad bean FAVA
video game machines CONSOLES
singer & actress Newton-John OLIVIA
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
eggbeaters COPTERS
process of twisting CONTORTION
unpardonably INEXCUSABLY
atomic number of phosphorus FIFTEEN
one who defames another SLANDERER
relaxing, in teenspeak VEGGING
Home Depot paint brand BEHR
large South American wetland PANTANAL
informality of language SLANGINESS
done with great skill ADEPTLY
how fancy DVD sets come SLIPCASED
living on alms MENDICANT
returned to full strength REFORTIFIED
watery amusement park ride FLUME
shock-absorbing system SUSPENSION
exerted power over LEVERAGED
enumerating COUNTING
helped seed production POLLINATED
rang up CALLED
exchequers TREASURIES
pulsates THROBS
long-time Toyota model COROLLA
fast runners SPEEDSTERS
dealt with minor matters TRIFLED
Tom Wilson comics character ZIGGY
small computer programs APPLETS
Clyde's partner in crime BONNIE
giving praise to EXALTING
Australian gemstones OPALS
bringing into harmony CONFORMING
Roman ruins in Lebanon BAALBEK
narrow sea passage STRAIT
with competence CAPABLY
land next to a road WAYSIDE
the opposite of "ins" OUTS
practice ornithology BIRDWATCH
peeling off in small pieces FLAKING
declared as fact AVERRED
subway passages TUBES
displayed a cold symptom COUGHED
belt or tie, for example ACCESSORY
furiously MADLY
sustained, musically SOSTENUTO
sign of insertion CARET
large US grocery chain SUPERVALU
New Zealand island group CHATHAM
army jumper PARATROOPER
natural inclination PROPENSITY
circular letter in Greek OMICRON
members of city council ALDERMEN
Russian newspaper PRAVDA
yielding readily (to) SUSCEPTIBLE
rising market investors BULLS
soaked up, in a way SPONGED
snares TRAPS
quality of mayonnaise CREAMINESS
great bowling throws STRIKES
put up obstacles BARRICADED
milk cartons, often QUARTS
had a midday meal LUNCHED
spinning around SWIRLING
celebrity chef Guy FIERI
wanders off-topic RAMBLES
went from 3rd to 2nd DOWNSHIFTED
popular cable TV channel DISCOVERY
group of eight OCTET
flowed out plentifully GUSHED
negative reactions BACKLASHES
close up OCCLUDE
acted the informer SQUEALED
machine part with cogs GEARWHEEL
fail to impress UNDERWHELM
ubiquitous smartphone photos SELFIES
flippant nature PERTNESS
comforting REASSURING
in an original manner FRESHLY
new digital currency BITCOIN
peevishly disagreeable LIVERISH
spur-of-the-moment SPONTANEOUS
horizontal beam in building LINTEL
shoe removal aid BOOTJACK
secretly follows and watches SHADOWS
happening to BEFALLING
it turns litmus paper red ACIDNESS
blades on the lawn GRASS
shoulder blade SCAPULA
uses rollerblades SKATES
city with the daily "Blade" TOLEDO
vehicle with a blade BULLDOZER
morning blade RAZOR
tend to a dull blade SHARPEN
without consolation COMFORTLESS
with some certainty CONFIDENTLY
heats to make edible COOKS
Elizabeth II's pet dog breed CORGI
like counting sheep SOMNIFEROUS
Kirk's Enterprise, for one STARSHIP
scuffling vigorously TUSSLING
do better than Lebron, say OUTSHOOT
like selective art shows JURIED
coral atoll in Seychelles ALDABRA
oversee a project SUPERINTEND
unruly eyebrow quality BUSHINESS
Hawk Moth larva HORNWORM
wrote music COMPOSED
spear launcher WOOMERA
young one KIDDIWINK
lean-to SKILLION
concerning DISTRESSFUL
outback fare PUFTALOON
spatula wielder, perhaps GRILLER
(like this clue) PARENTHETIC
splaying out, as a deck FANNING
butcher's section HINDQUARTER
danced audibly TAPPED
regularly occurring CYCLIC
with much magnificence GLORIOUSLY
ledge above a fireplace MANTELSHELF
it helps a pitcher's grip ROSIN
one who whines needlessly FUSSPOT
arboretum built by the CCC PEAVY
one who buys to sell again RESELLER
medieval European weapon POLEAXE
unsteadily FLIMSILY
over the top EXCESSIVE
go over the line, in bowling FOUL
all over FINISHED
overdue LATE
head over heels ENAMORED
over the moon ELATED
"Over the Rainbow" singer DOROTHY
state of western Mexico NAYARIT
least common Swiss language ROMANSH
Aussie burger ingredient BEET
Austrian neurologist Sigmund FREUD
modern location of Babylon HILLAH
Indonesian monetary unit RUPIAH
quick, as reflexes CATLIKE
vernal season SPRINGTIDE
some convention handouts PAMPHLETS
fibrous quality STRINGINESS
went forth PROCEEDED
electricity pioneer Tesla NIKOLA
puts chairs and tables in FURNISHES
one of a pair of lawyers COCOUNSEL
blue gemstone SODALITE
put a ring around CIRCLED
bittersweet genre TRAGICOMEDY
moviedom's Malcolm MCDOWELL
Purdue football player BOILERMAKER
quote-based puzzles ACROSTICS
business bookkeepers ACCOUNTANTS
infiltration PERVASION
in an attractive manner CUTELY
blowing southward NORTHERLY
wintertime illnesses COLDS
said goodbye FAREWELLED
declaring innocent EXONERATING
beat with a flat object THWACK
beat after a struggle OVERCOME
beat, as wheat THRESH
beat around the bush STALL
beat pounder POLICEMAN
beating the rap UNPUNISHED
open boat with pointed ends WHALEBOAT
impact crater near Pretoria TSWAING
landlocked European nation ANDORRA
characterized by secrecy CLANDESTINE
ancient harp-like instrument LYRE
chief or principal CENTRAL
"The Natural" star Robert REDFORD
quarrelsome person SQUABBLER
long-windedness VERBOSENESS
polished BUFFED
one who manages others OVERSEER
often repeated CONTINUAL
threaded fastener SETSCREW
not fulfilled, of a need UNMET
cowboy wearing black hat BADDIE
illegible writing SQUIGGLES
M. Hollande, for one FRENCHMAN
common sight at ports CONTAINERS
a dentist, sometimes DRILLER
Olympian's characteristic SPORTINESS
Plato's fellow citizens ATHENIANS
exceedingly SUPREMELY
big brass instruments TUBAS
Old Hollywood actor Flynn ERROLL
thrust forward OBTRUDE
George Eliot novel MIDDLEMARCH
pulling out WITHDRAWING
hat in Magritte paintings BOWLER
Hatfield enemy MCCOY
winter hat features EARFLAPS
tin hat HELMET
Medicine Hat location ALBERTA
old military hat adornment PLUME
tall hat STOVEPIPE
authored WROTE
puzzle "makers" JIGSAWS
pajamas, e.g. NIGHTWEAR
fills, as space OCCUPIES
yogurt-based beverage LASSI
hardest to come by SCARCEST
mimicking IMITATING
b-flat, slide, and pocket TRUMPETS
defensive hockey move BACKCHECK
Bangladesh development bank GRAMEEN
"Sergio" editor Karen SCHMEER
didn't quite get a birdie PARRED
capable of being penetrated PERMEABLE
joining, as parts PIECING
Betelgeuse's constellation ORION
back door or gate POSTERN
not as weighty LIGHTER
shoes and boots FOOTGEAR
Mozart's compatriots AUSTRIANS
lack of clarity MURKINESS
actress MacDowell ANDIE
tart, round candy SOURBALL
laundry bins BASKETS
3-D oval shape ELLIPSOID
on instinct REFLEXIVELY
rolled around in mud WALLOWED
language of Mumbai MARATHI
blacksmith's workplace FORGE
red in the face EMBARRASSED
relative of an orange GRAPEFRUIT
expensive yellow spice SAFFRON
it leads to the green FAIRWAY
one who talks a blue streak CHATTERBOX
Indigo Books shopper, maybe CANADIAN
Wonka factory visitor Violet BEAUREGARDE
woos with music SERENADES
getting back, as strength REGAINING
river of Newcastle, England TYNE
kibitzer RAILBIRD
South African president Jacob ZUMA
part of a dancer's footwork COUNTERSTEP
like an orca's fin DORSAL
most sociable FRIENDLIEST
fishing line attachments LURES
birds of prey CONDORS
beauty contests PAGEANTS
letting the air out of DEFLATING
some tow trucks FLATBEDS
"Brothers" of folk music AVETT
songlike ARIOSE
tauten anew RETIGHTEN
pertaining to the body ANATOMICAL
backslide RELAPSE
".is" on the internet ICELAND
Rickie Henderson's forte BASERUNNING
refusing to talk, with "up" CLAMMING
Filipino transport JEEPNEY
like some potato chips RIDGED
record or conflict HETERONYM
render harmless, as cattle DEHORN
how to look with desire LONGINGLY
pull together COOPERATE
pulled candy TAFFY
pull up from the bottom DREDGE
pull roughly MANHANDLE
pull the plug on TERMINATE
drawer pull KNOB
pull someone's leg DECEIVE
program of events SCHEDULE
Canadian island VANCOUVER
"monumental" rock pile CAIRN
alter to mislead MANIPULATE
nauseous QUEASY
inevitably UNAVOIDABLY
extremely variable PROTEAN
able to adjust ADAPTABLE
transformation PERMUTATION
easily influenced PLIABLE
able to bend and not break SUPPLE
moving to a new place SHIFTING
fickle or flighty MERCURIAL
like most car tires TUBELESS
decking manufacturer TIMBERTECH
energy bar brand CLIF
broke into sections CHUNKED
prevent from happening SCUPPER
Ontario university MCMASTER
the best medicine LAUGHTER
mythical bird HALCYON
wartime defenses TRENCHES
UK town famous for its moor ILKLEY
debacle SHAMBLES
Robin's shade of green LINCOLN
according to general belief REPUTEDLY
in way bringing one to tears MOVINGLY
establishes by deduction INFERS
strict adherence to rules LEGALISM
self-importance PRETENSION
travel interruption STOPOVER
rule badly MISGOVERN
toned down DULLED
behind, nautically ABAFT