7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
voice amplifiers BULLHORNS
largest city in Alabama BIRMINGHAM
they feature Jefferson NICKELS
plainly true UNDENIABLE
encroached upon INVADED
vichyssoise ingredients LEEKS
symbolizing TYPIFYING
light snack REFRESHMENT
substantiation VALIDATION
Kansas city WICHITA
cyberspace barriers FIREWALLS
loose African garment BOUBOU
bitter conflict STRIFE
sticky GLUEY
make less anxious RELIEVE
rom-com director Nora EPHRON
brought down LOWERED
canned pasta brand BOYARDEE
producing, as coins MINTING
shoes and socks FOOTWEAR
skin care company OLAY
pertaining to normal vision ORTHOSCOPIC
courteous MANNERLY
opinionated DOGMATICAL
what Gulliver did TRAVELED
not able to do math INNUMERATE
capital of South Sudan JUBA
indigenous Mexican people MIXTEC
what tiered seating improves SIGHTLINES
like a shapely woman CURVACEOUS
does lots of things at once MULTITASKS
making a sale TRANSACTING
having more complaints WHINIER
Wilmington resident DELAWAREAN
like some security features BIOMETRIC