7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
disgusting REPULSIVE
actor in heavy dramas TRAGEDIAN
purloining STEALING
made official FORMALIZED
German dog breed SCHNAUZER
TV journalist Rachel MADDOW
animals in a caravan CAMELS
all agog EXCITED
licks on sticks LOLLIPOPS
ancient Greek poet SAPPHO
feisty fighter SCRAPPER
sutures STITCHES
fan of Mr. Spock and company TREKKIE
large game fishes TARPONS
being aware of KNOWING
basic verb forms INFINITIVES
wood fiber component CELLULOSE
"The Help" star Sissy SPACEK
knights' journeys QUESTS
insensitivity BOORISHNESS
characteristic TRAIT
those brought on board CREWMEN
cacomistle RINGTAIL
not much competition BEATABLE
in a way that looks clued in KNOWINGLY
butterfly compared to larva TRANSFORMED
seed of a sweet treat CACAO
get out EXCRETE
peeled vegetable leftovers PARINGS
worst behaved NAUGHTIEST
"Breathe Again" singer Toni BRAXTON
relating to Wolfgang Amadeus MOZARTIAN
a certain Central American NICARAGUAN
previously mentioned FOREGOING
most fastidious FUSSIEST
in a way that can be beaten VINCIBLY
specialist in tiny things MINIATURIST
schlock JUNK
Gramineae-covered land GRASSPLOT
adhesively STICKILY
state in America's heartland KANSAS
with a lace collar RUFFED