7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
give out ASSIGN
barrettes HAIRPINS
aromatic REDOLENT
very thorough EXHAUSTIVE
dashboard gadgets GAUGES
redness-removing brand VISINE
less substantial SLIGHTER
transforms CONVERTS
Italian explorer Sebastian CABOT
complexion adjective CREAMY
the study of meaning SEMANTICS
disdainfully proud HAUGHTY
support of a king ROYALISM
Baylor of the NBA ELGIN
physicist, Nobelist Richard FEYNMAN
bathing in mud WALLOWING
harden, in a way CALCIFY
like some store-bought wood PRETREATED
elaborate procedure RIGMAROLE
abides by society's rules CONFORMS
move in one's seat SHIFT
timber-cutting plants SAWMILLS
longtime Yankees 1B Don MATTINGLY
large Asian python BURMESE
surrounded completely ENVELOPED
stock market activity TRADING
showering, in a way LAVISHING
most unclear FUZZIEST
Ann Arbor athletes WOLVERINES
foresees PREDICTS
Grieg or Munch EDVARD
buzzword at Whole Foods ORGANIC
Salt Lake City denizen UTAHN
subjects of infatuation CRUSHES