7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
system with liters METRIC
getting working again FIXING
part of a school calendar SEMESTER
deliberation ADVISEMENT
two-piece chess move CASTLING
Apple product MACINTOSH
like mime performances WORDLESS
narrow shipping passage CHOKEPOINT
stress or emphasize PUNCTUATE
free booty SWAG
fruit fly killer MALATHION
most freezing NIPPIEST
covering with straw THATCHING
lifting devices with a crank WINCHES
search for food SCAVENGE
Lemmon's frequent costar MATTHAU
current events films NEWSREELS
make an unproven statement ALLEGE
refused to buy BOYCOTTED
ad-libbed comedy IMPROV
connecting ridge or tooth SPLINE
Ontario's Royal City GUELPH
passed time agreeably WILED
exhaust the river's supply OVERFISH
close family quality TIGHTKNIT
scientific cave discipline SPELEOLOGY
updating an iPod SYNCING
bends back REFLEXES
entertaining hoopster Lemon MEADOWLARK
rounding third base HOMEBOUND
with passion FEVERISHLY
time period BOUT
like some homemade rugs BRAIDED