7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Hawaiian instrument UKULELE
water-supplying process HYDRATION
wasn't sure about DOUBTED
Italian restaurant choice TORTELLINI
keep bottled up INTERNALIZE
came out EMERGED
chef's seasoning SAGE
commotions TURMOILS
storied White Sox ballpark COMISKEY
clip or clop, maybe HOOFBEAT
Aristotle's school LYCEUM
producing fever PYRETIC
light woolen fabric SHALLOON
pizza necessity DOUGH
like wet leaves SOGGY
castle wall PARAPET
sympathize (with) COMMISERATE
Luke and Owen Wilson, e.g. BROTHERS
early Web browser NETSCAPE
turn tables on CONFOUND
out of control APOPLECTIC
"priceless" credit card MASTERCARD
2012 Spielberg epic LINCOLN
major Ecuadoran river GUAYAS
in an unlikely way IMPROBABLY
construction site vehicle DUMPTRUCK
one looking to the stars GAZER
spinning around TWIRLING
Orion, notably HUNTER
actress Zellweger RENEE
outward sign of being cold GOOSEBUMP
remake for new use RETROFIT
fellow inventor COCREATOR
hunks of soil CLUMPS
19th-century French author STENDHAL
treasure hoard TROVE
sticky substances GOOS
like party tents RENTABLE
getting sicker WORSENING