7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
it keeps a baby dry DIAPER
very hard substance DIAMOND
worth something VALUABLE
small amount PINCH
bear from central China PANDA
fake SHAM
talented individual PHENOM
exposed NAKED
trade BARTER
it's good on pancakes SYRUP
do away with ABOLISH
protect DEFEND
involving the body PHYSICAL
apply pressure SQUEEZE
equilibrium BALANCE
move toward APPROACH
make the most of MAXIMIZE
stored energy POTENTIAL
assign a job to TASK
close-fitting women's hat CLOCHE
variety of tomato or fungus BEEFSTEAK
water-moving apparatus PUMP
home of the Dalai Lama TIBET
long-tailed bird PHEASANT
liquid with curds WHEY
fine, thin fabric TISSUE
hat or race DERBY
large American thrush SOLITAIRE
simple task BAGATELLE
violent criminal GANGSTER
no longer fresh STALE
heat up COOK
mark with loops and whorls FINGERPRINT
me and mine PRONOUNS
acting without thought MINDLESS
umbilicus NAVEL
crumbly pastry topping STREUSEL
typical result of revelry NOISE
he ran against Truman DEWEY
eat ravenously DEVOUR
neighborhood ball game site SANDLOT
heavy winter coat PARKA
forty-niner PROSPECTOR
unit of frequency HERTZ
black or red candy LICORICE
hair framing a lion's face MANE
male ballet performer DANSEUR
camel's cousin LLAMA
sleeveless rainwear PONCHO
terrifying experience NIGHTMARE
manuscript manager EDITOR
clarinet's need REED
schoolkid's bane HOMEWORK
food snob GOURMET
many an -ectomy SURGERY
become an expert at MASTER
angry and unpleasant ACRIMONIOUS
sincere regret CONTRITION
backbone SPINE
informal gathering SOCIAL
primitive vertebral column NOTOCHORD
sea monster KRAKEN
monetary unit of Honduras LEMPIRA
sudden forward movement BREAKAWAY
like the work of Bernini BAROQUE
playfully frivolous SKITTISH
26-mile run MARATHON
beacon on shore LIGHTHOUSE
building with many stories LIBRARY
bug that eats wood TERMITE
Ford's Model T is one AUTOMOBILE
dot on a computer screen PIXEL
unit of weight POUND
socket insert LIGHTBULB
not as large SMALLER
snap BREAK
unanticipated incident ACCIDENT
launch preceder COUNTDOWN
very tasty DELECTABLE
soft wavering light SHIMMER
hits with a paw CUFFS
happening soon IMPENDING
tragic event DISASTER
conscious AWARE
let bygones be bygones FORGIVE
understood KNEW
like an old disk FLOPPY
grumble at BEGRUDGE
worked up EMOTIONAL
with rundown joints ARTHRITIC
heavy type BOLDFACE
pickpocket THIEF
British prime minister CHURCHILL
twinkle in the eye GLEAM
newcomer STRANGER
Australian anteater ECHIDNA
cricket trophy, with "the" ASHES
television show PROGRAMME
thong to hold up pants legs BOWYANG
strap to hold up pants BELT
"Citizen Kane," for one FILM
early part of the day MORNING
painters or sculptors ARTISTS
series of links CHAIN
water channel RACEWAY
auto, in slang WHEELS
army member SOLDIER
British "torch" FLASHLIGHT
éclair filling CUSTARD
sharp POINTY
avian paramour LOVEBIRD
bring back to mind RECOLLECT
angry or passionate HEATED
tiny burning particle SPARK
flesh-and-blood REAL
long American river MISSISSIPPI
late meal DINNER
child's associate PLAYMATE
chicken leg portion DRUMSTICK
wreath of flowers or leaves GARLAND
study of debate FORENSICS
set theory mathematician CANTOR
miscellaneous SUNDRY
last stop before home THIRD
ability to speak VOICE
heritage or estate INHERITANCE
customary REGULAR
strong praise ACCOLADE
still competing ALIVE
usurps forcefully WRESTS
packed CROWDED
Barbie's eye color BLUE
turkey GOBBLER
identification badge NAMETAG
handshake or hug, perhaps GREETING
cockpit occupants COPILOTS
makeshift solution KLUDGE
hippie adornment HEADBAND
having a crush on SMITTEN
unable to decide TORN
overused TRITE
sorry and ashamed REPENTANT
pleasing to the ear EUPHONIOUS
Russian place of exile SIBERIA
deny or spurn REJECT
Red Square's city MOSCOW
parched THIRSTY
get under one's skin BOTHER
singer Dion CELINE
reference book feature INDEX
distribute among INTERSPERSE
native of Kansas JAYHAWKER
camel variety DROMEDARY
knotting craft MACRAME
trading center MART
mollify PLACATE
crying loudly BLUBBERY
part of some compound words HYPHEN
blow one's own horn BRAG
overly formal CEREMONIOUS
leftover film RESIDUE
passing down HEREDITARY
run like mice SCURRY
zinger RIPOSTE
spice rack choice NUTMEG
serving as a warning CAUTIONARY
somewhat FAINTLY
quaternary FOURTH
heart part VALVE
entrance area ANTEROOM
tall fur hat BUSBY
top edge of the side of a ship GUNWALE
stated your case ARGUED
mountain ridge ARETE
back part of a saddle CANTLE
indent above the upper lip PHILTRUM
get used to ACCUSTOM
cinematic technique FLASHBACK
bee's load POLLEN
like cobwebs GOSSAMER
soup stock BOUILLON
Brownie maker KODAK
overconfident racer HARE
postponement of punishment REPRIEVE
greens on a baked potato CHIVES
polio vaccine developer SABIN
deodorizing tablet PASTILLE
having one mate for life MONOGAMOUS
free from deceit GUILELESS
cutting through red tape EXPEDITIOUS
courteous and reverent RESPECTFUL
cooked well enough to eat DONE
conversation DISCOURSE
covey bird QUAIL
commiseration PITY
canoe wood BIRCH
unintended bad reaction BLOWBACK
filled with tenants OCCUPIED
having a strong appeal TEMPTING
not brand name GENERIC
most up-to-date LATEST
presidential ouster IMPEACHMENT
Korean car maker HYUNDAI
courage BRAVERY
turning away AVOIDANCE
twist in pain WRITHE
map line LONGITUDE
baked treat with a crusty top MUFFIN
lumber cutting tool RIPSAW
not on the straight and narrow WAYWARD
clear broth CONSOMME
cause of a runner's high ENDORPHINS
dormant SLEEPING
something uncommon RARITY
recession DOWNTURN
grammatical category GENDER
means of movement LOCOMOTION
drooling SLOBBERY
stimulated AROUSED
financial rescue BAILOUT
predict the future SOOTHSAY
going around SKIRTING
full of good ideas INVENTIVE
full of high spirits ELATED
governor, at times PARDONER
"Rodeo" composer Aaron COPLAND
fish-eating bird of prey OSPREY
of a frivolous nature LIGHTMINDED
improvements UPSWINGS
horse or Stegosaurus HERBIVORE
square or rectangular QUADRATE
ballet move GLISSADE
tamale wrapper HUSK
soda bottle capacity LITER
reduce to atoms VAPORIZE
memory loss sufferer AMNESIAC
geodesic dome designer FULLER
area of runways AIRFIELD
swimming method BACKSTROKE
one of the Judds WYNONNA
kind of juice GRAPEFRUIT
lack of fairness INEQUITY
leg bone TIBIA
"swim, bike, and run" sport TRIATHLON
heavy metal LEAD
"none of the above" OTHER
shiny and smooth SATINY
fairly large SIZABLE
school attendee PUPIL
quirk FOIBLE
water-bearer constellation AQUARIUS
hold spellbound ENTHRALL
"Follies" composer SONDHEIM
black tea from Sri Lanka PEKOE
engaging in colloquy DISCUSSING
podiatric deformity HAMMERTOE
legal do-over RETRIAL
measurement from a distance TELEMETRY
doctor's orders TREATMENTS
plant of the Southwest YUCCA
pressed the doorbell RANG
inciting a duel, maybe SLAPPING
pleasure ENJOYMENT
singer Cyndi of the 1980s LAUPER
pillar supporting a frame BEDPOST
overtakes SURPASSES
Amelia Earhart, for one AVIATRIX
Banana Boat product SUNSCREEN
vocal critic DETRACTOR
pale yellowish-white color EGGSHELL
movie star Angelina JOLIE
like some gowns and veils BRIDAL
page number FOLIO
occurring every four months TRIANNUAL
43 Victor Herbert works OPERETTAS
fishing weights SINKERS
inconsistent SPOTTY
dance style for fast feet QUICKSTEP
lack of pretentiousness SIMPLICITY
thinks the world of ADMIRES
one-wheeled vehicle's rider UNICYCLIST
Sunday paper filler SUPPLEMENTS
Scottish seaport GLASGOW
they may be overridden VETOES
Campbell's offerings SOUPS
scatterbrained sort AIRHEAD
old-time coffeemaker PERCOLATOR
place in jeopardy IMPERIL
restaurant workforce WAITSTAFF
sausages, in Britain BANGERS
car resembling a convertible HARDTOP
"Piano Man" singer Billy JOEL
"The Scarlet Letter" author HAWTHORNE
she cleans bedrooms CHAMBERMAID
donated GAVE
US economic system CAPITALISM
sound from an empty stomach RUMBLE
risky, exciting undertaking ADVENTURE
unlikely to happen IMPROBABLE
northern African nation TUNISIA
gasoline thief's device SIPHON
serious danger PERIL
asking strangers for money PANHANDLING
pier WHARF
urgently implore BESEECH
boutonniere flower CARNATION
causing a small dent to DINGING
dispossession EVICTION
rain gear SLICKERS
knickknack shelves WHATNOTS
Lionel Richie's old group COMMODORES
devour greedily GORMANDIZE
second marriage DIGAMY
hire too many employees OVERSTAFF
most courageous BOLDEST
pampers CODDLES
stretched out EXTENDED
weight-loss product brand HERBALIFE
sleeps for a long time HIBERNATES
emergency rescue MEDEVAC
person with an ex DIVORCEE
more avaricious GREEDIER
acclimated ACCUSTOMED
like some celebrity rises METEORIC
followers jump on it BANDWAGON
corporate department MARKETING
genius from Germany EINSTEIN
mall establishments SHOPS
made unreadable, as a file CORRUPTED
combat missions SORTIES
rang out SOUNDED
parts of a bouquet BLOOMS
"Jeopardy!" host Trebek ALEX
putting together GROUPING
insincere emotional outburst HISTRIONICS
accompanied by WITH
boat propeller OARSMAN
habit of reoffending RECIDIVISM
Nice chap, perhaps FRENCHMAN
seaside city near Sydney WOLLONGONG
principal protein of corn ZEIN
fail to notice OVERLOOK
pairs TWOS
golfer Garcia SERGIO
last in a race SLOWEST
killed pests, in a way FUMIGATED
sneaker brand ADIDAS
walked back and forth PACED
has a nosh SNACKS
bear of children's books PADDINGTON
made trolley noises CLANGED
not hardcover PAPERBOUND
explode BURST
croquet items MALLETS
simply ONLY
blood flow problems BLOCKAGES
last viceroy of India MOUNTBATTEN
fielding practice hit FUNGO
goalie equipment MASK
saying witty remarks QUIPPING
Indian metropolis, formerly CALCUTTA
former "SNL" actress Jane CURTIN
Saskatchewan's capital REGINA
puts back in the suitcase REPACKS
Meow Mix rival WHISKAS
pouring down TORRENTIAL
Irish singer O'Connor SINEAD
royal residences PALACES
forest youngsters FAWNS
in reality ACTUALLY
bandleader Tommy DORSEY
business magazine FORTUNE
cobblers create them SHOES
staying around REMAINING
Pavlova performances BALLETS
rowdy soccer fan HOOLIGAN
BP competitor EXXON
helped with a crime ABETTED
three-ring items, often BINDERS
spy fiction author Eric AMBLER
halted, as a flow STEMMED
Victrola features CRANKS
personal assistant AIDE
a personal foul in football CLIPPING
personal hygiene goal CLEANLINESS
personal stereo WALKMAN
personal digital assistant PALMTOP
personal trainer's expertise FITNESS
personal effects BELONGINGS
got a quick look at GLIMPSED
reason to set foot in a spa PEDICURES
severely destructive VIRULENT
"Brown Eyed Girl" singer Van MORRISON
nicknames MONIKERS
Butte or Helena denizen MONTANAN
sense scents SMELL
male mail carrier POSTMAN
cowered like a coward CRINGED
where to wear scuba gear UNDERWATER
not in a knot UNTIED
game won by a margin of one SQUEAKER
shoot-the-chute location CARNIVAL
sources of arms SHOULDERS
Scottish soccer star Kenny DALGLISH
NYSE formed under this tree SYCAMORE
person who mixes cards SHUFFLER
not in gear NAKED
fell out QUARRELED
breed of chicken WYANDOTTE
Roman orator and writer SENECA
Jeep model CHEROKEE
US Army helicopter APACHE
"The First State" DELAWARE
bird of genus Corvus CROW
motor home brand WINNEBAGO
James Garner TV series MAVERICK
P-51 fighter-bomber MUSTANG
Spanish celebration FIESTA
stellar bull TAURUS
kind of bean PINTO
pirate CORSAIR
widely accepted MAINLINE
gave voice to UTTERED
a B vitamin THIAMIN
English actor Hugh LAURIE
covered in precious stones JEWELED
able to do anything OMNIPOTENT
made a "Sir" KNIGHTED
Brazilian planned city GOIANIA
render harmless DECLAW
retro laundry aid WASHBOARD
had a hankering ITCHED
using a rotary phone DIALING
endured longer than OUTLASTED
family room fixtures FIREPLACES
ridge over the eye BROW
joint action KNEELING
talked scornfully of DISPARAGED
British high street bank NATWEST
comedian FUNNYMAN
considered casually TOYED
arsonist FIREBUG
"Venice of Brazil" city RECIFE
Abraham, escritor peruano VALDELOMAR
acción que provoca asombro ESCÁNDALO
donde se sienta para comer MESA
solo, sin otro de su especie SINGULAR
Justin, "presidente del pop" TIMBERLAKE
mezcla de cosas diversas POPURRÍ
partes de una bicicleta PEDALES
hábito RUTINA
país del Monte Ararat TURQUÍA
flor de Holanda TULIPÁN
opuesto de siempre NUNCA
una sustancia radiactiva URANIO
un ritmo distinto RUMBA
aspecto de un gobierno malo CORRUPCIÓN
paraíso tropical de Ecuador PASTAZA
pincho de gusano ecuatoriano CHONTACURO
pescado preparado en limón CEVICHE
pueblo del Ecuador Amazónico WAORANI
fruta amarilla de Ecuador PITAYA
región alrededor del ecuador TROPICAL
cuidad más grande de Ecuador GUAYAQUIL
pick-wielding workers MINERS
picking one's brain CONSULTING
picked up the check TREATED
picking up on NOTICING
pick on HARASS
pick up the pieces REBUILD
"Ice Age" cat DIEGO
ice skating jump LUTZ
ice cream drink FRAPPE
break the ice COMMENCE
sport played on ice CURLING
ice cream variety NEAPOLITAN
Iceland's capital REYKJAVIK
informant TIPSTER
stage & screen actor Martha PLIMPTON
it can fly backward HUMMINGBIRD
is very hungry STARVES
in an apprehensive manner NERVOUSLY
country singer Robbins MARTY
secure, at sea BELAY
bravery VALIANCE
Scottish bank BRAE
summoned by writ SUBPOENAED
English royal house SANDRINGHAM
deceptive ILLUSIONAL
strike action SLAP
smelling moldy MUSTY
bring into public ownership NATIONALIZE
a piece of it's no problem CAKE
sudden hostile invasion INCURSION
running, heraldically COURANT
immoderate behavior EXCESSES
revolutionary movement ROLLING
French mineral water brand EVIAN
confidencia al oído SECRETO
premio de película OSCAR
recorrer mundo VIAJAR
capital de Japón TOKIO
héroe de cómic SUPERMAN
ganar altura SUBIR
maestro de la batuta DIRECTOR
puts in the bank DEPOSITS
lunar landers, say MODULES
certain herring SHAD
puts together CONNECTS
source of irritation BUGABOO
not hygienic UNSANITARY
a closed organ pipe is this STOPPED
insulating resin BAKELITE
prancing FLOUNCY
sore throat bacterium STREP
cook in an open frying pan PANBROIL
large seaway carrier SUPERTANKER
red in the face RUBICUND
redwood SEQUOIA
in the red OVERDRAWN
red gemstone RUBY
red fruit STRAWBERRY
red in tooth and claw SAVAGE
entertainer Red SKELTON
presented as a play DRAMATIZED
it aided Pilgrims' progress MAYFLOWER
not finished UNCOMPLETED
Chinese savory dumpling WONTON
kind of invertebrate, in UK MOLLUSC
occurring simultaneously CONCURRENT
legally seized IMPOUNDED
studies carefully EXAMINES
abundant BOUNTIFUL
Serbian tennis star Novak DJOKOVIC
stuffed Mexican treat GORDITA
change for a dollar, maybe QUARTERS
like some steel TEMPERED
brief summary APERCU
level surface PLATEAU
SeaWorld attraction SHAMU
home of Iolani Palace HONOLULU
surroundings MILIEU
large deer CARIBOU
movie star Reeves KEANU
articulating VOCALIZING
rock from Earth's mantle PERIDOTITE
bombastic TURGID
go to pieces SHATTER
resembling workers, perhaps ANTLIKE
she has pins and needles DRESSMAKER
Belgian North Sea port ZEEBRUGGE
look smart HURRY
poisonous to living cells CYTOTOXIC
all at sea FLUMMOXED
largest city in The Gambia SERREKUNDA
results of shelling PEAS
food distribution company SYSCO
backyard privy OUTHOUSE
Thoreau's pond WALDEN
US National Cemetery site ARLINGTON
chainsaw brand HUSQVARNA
loop pile carpet type BERBER
quality of French bread CRUSTINESS
southernmost Mexican state CHIAPAS
got away from EVADED
prepare for a kiss PUCKER
largest ocean PACIFIC
seeped OOZED
the Pied Piper's town HAMELIN
record producer Phil SPECTOR
Twinkie maker HOSTESS
like the US legislature BICAMERAL
shade trees now decimated ELMS
handheld fireworks SPARKLERS
land unit HECTARE
in an evil way WICKEDLY
two-seat carriages SURREYS
convict who reoffends RECIDIVIST
"day center" NOON
shelter for ships HARBOR
nervously agitated FEVERED
"penalty area" JAIL
Wood, in Hollywood ELIJAH
period of seven years SEPTENNIUM
Hamlet often considers his MORTALITY
one who goes AWOL DESERTER
element used in solar cells SELENIUM
book's supplemental pages APPENDICES
make less callous SENSITIZE
misrepresenting BELYING
Louis Armstrong, familiarly SATCHMO
going back to REVISITING
combines into one group AGGREGATES
it allays doubt REASSURANCE
made a sweater WOVE
lack of forward movement STAGNANCY
country singer Hill FAITH
manacle SHACKLE
styles of dress FASHIONS
cable sports awards ESPYS
feeling intuitively SENSING
apprehends NABS
teach new skills to RETRAIN
Andover attendee, perhaps PREPPY
KFC founder Harland SANDERS
where Krakow is POLAND
summer meteor shower PERSEIDS
serious problem for farmers DROUGHT
gum & baseball card pioneer FLEER
made wider BROADENED
Haitian dictator "Papa Doc" DUVALIER
liberating FREEING
old woman GRANDAME
dorm room decorations POSTERS
supplying to excess SURFEITING
smooth, like Burns' mouse SLEEKIT
Gorbachev's "restructuring" PERESTROIKA
an emirate of the UAE FUJAIRAH
demanded and obtained EXACTED
complying with the whims of HUMORING
Barcelona soccer team ESPANYOL
garments worn in combination SEPARATES
demand loudly CLAMOR
bitingly sarcastic MORDANT
nighttime bashes SOIREES
having more golden locks BLONDER
Ralph Lauren brand POLO
freed from blame VINDICATED
completely surrounds ENVELOPS
how a wily person acts DECEITFULLY
showing signs of rust CORRODING
copy, as a CD BURN
farthest from the sunrise WESTERNMOST
used a crowbar PRIED
tosses overboard JETTISONS
accused, as a politician IMPEACHED
Joplin of 1960's rock JANIS
hoodwinked DECEIVED
hit hard SMITE
window pane divider MULLION
in space SPATIALLY
got to know all over again RELEARNED
keep your nose out, in short MYOB
meeting in a friendly way SOCIALIZING
light snowfall forecast FLURRIES
used a broom SWEPT
referee's decisions RULINGS
like bell-bottoms FLARED
railroad track endpoints TERMINI
open, as a gate UNLATCH
retail store employee SALESWOMAN
stereo system component WOOFER
showed one's pearly whites SMILED
population count providers CENSUSES
chiropractor, at times MANIPULATOR
large Atlantic game fish TARPON
coerces through threats BLACKMAILS
blues legend Waters MUDDY
home for a "shark" POOLHALL
1992 Winter Olympics host ALBERTVILLE
humdingers LULUS
suppressed, as an argument SQUELCHED
famed "screw" inventor ARCHIMEDES
reflex-testing hammer PLEXOR
certain SoCal resident ANGELINO
tree-climbing girl, maybe TOMBOY
cover girl SUPERMODEL
young Girl Scout BROWNIE
a girl's best friend DIAMONDS
sassy girl MINX
Spice Girls hit song WANNABE
famous '80s girl band EXPOSE
straightened UNBENT
symbols in mathematics OPERATORS
appointed meeting-place RENDEZVOUS
downloadable sound files PODCASTS
male progeny of progeny GRANDSONS
yield of uranium ore YELLOWCAKE
like a pig, say SNOUTED
compose on an Olivetti, say TYPEWRITE
played catcher BACKSTOPPED
make "edgier" HONE
that which can be deferred CARRYOVER
striking repeatedly BUFFETING
clearness, as of water PELLUCIDITY
main Venetian thoroughfare CANALAZZO
sailing master NAVIGATOR
thrust forward OBTRUDE
one from Darwin, perhaps TERRITORIAN
green leaf vegetable SILVERBEET
coated square of sponge cake LAMINGTON
baby transport PRAM
petal-less native flower GREVILLEA
garden climber CLEMATIS
wrongly identifying MISTAKING
incompetent movie Kops KEYSTONE
most effervescent FIZZIEST
acting legend Bogarde DIRK
tormented PLAGUED
English cathedral city WINCHESTER
not permanently connected DETACHABLE
third US vice president BURR
making nervous, with "up" KEYING
vanquish a second time RECONQUER
did very well EXCELLED
blood pumpers HEARTS
certain math expressions POLYNOMIALS
"Dream On" band AEROSMITH
frightening dream NIGHTMARE
dream up CONCOCT
"Dream Lover" singer Bobby DARIN
dreamer IDEALIST
state of dreamy meditation REVERIE
having no vote or rights VOICELESS
soccer backstop NETMINDER
gold seeker in a stream PANNER
it saves two elevator rides SKYBRIDGE
USSR economic reform PERESTROIKA
defer to a later date BACKLOAD
enameling technique CLOISONNE
with warm relations COMPATIBLY
bound as with shackles ENFETTERED
emotional and mental focus MINDFULNESS
with regular bursts of wind GUSTILY
revision to meet guidelines REDACTION
Southeast Asian pheasant FIREBACK
one seeking legal remedy PLAINTIFF
winner of a renowned prize NOBELIST
determined beforehand PREORDAINED
Monrovia resident, perhaps LIBERIAN
preserving food PICKLING
opera star Pavarotti LUCIANO
unit of atmospheric pressure MILLIBAR
friend of Winnie the Pooh KANGA
provided encouragement REASSURED
measured or estimated GAUGED
ocean-going DEEPWATER
absorbent SPONGELIKE
warehouse worker STOCKMAN
stereotypical genius EGGHEAD
"Gilligan's Island" role PROFESSOR
appealing to the intellect CEREBRAL
high IQ group MENSA
highly intelligent BRAINY
all about book learning ERUDITE
concerned with academics SCHOLARLY
Titanic builder, say SHIPWRIGHT
churlish characteristic SULKINESS
donned a corset GIRDLED
short putt you can skip GIMMIE
considered very precious HALLOWED
Hyundai sports coupe TIBURON
hybrid language PIDGIN
developing slowly GESTATING
angry placard bearer PROTESTER
blazing AGLARE
faint indications GLIMMERS
holding one's attention GRIPPING
exulted GLORIED
more talkative CHATTIER
Seahawks QB Wilson RUSSELL
Comcast cable service XFINITY
solids don't have it POTABILITY
taking out staples UNFASTENING
copy machine part IMAGER
physiological atmosphere ECOSPHERE
yeasts FUNGI
inexplicably unsuccessful SNAKEBIT
like the toughest stains IRREMOVABLE
frequent Filipino erupter MAYON
rival of Staples OFFICEMAX
Gateway Arch, for example STEELWORK
in an unmanageable way INTRACTABLY
it's a fantasy UNREALITY
stable worker GROOM
person who cares for horses HOSTLER
maker of horseshoes BLACKSMITH
elephant driver MAHOUT
camel driver CARAVANEER
herd watcher COWBOY
flock tender SHEPHERD
treated as identical EQUATED
aardvark ANTBEAR
ponders THINKS
reaching a maximum PEAKING
cellist Pablo CASALS
Pennsylvania city PHILADELPHIA
dark times NIGHTS
California college city IRVINE
tree-like vein in a rock DENDRITE
most difficult to solve TRICKIEST
giving a medal to AWARDING
small clam CHERRYSTONE
machines used for lifting PULLEYS
spark anger ENFLAME
talented hoops player BALLER
island near Java TIMOR
make more than OUTEARN
5th largest city of Brazil FORTALEZA
Trojan War king PRIAM
"Lean In" author Sheryl SANDBERG
coiled fossil shells AMMONITES
involvement in an offense COMPLICITY
holds tight CLINGS
emergency takeoff for pilots SCRAMBLE
Jane Austen's last novel PERSUASION
Hewlett's computing partner PACKARD
English east coast estuary HUMBER
eye-popping STARTLING
private eye GUMSHOE
eyewash NONSENSE
green-eyed JEALOUS
eye tooth CANINE
see eye to eye AGREE
terrible, in slang WACK
basketball star Allen IVERSON
surface coatings FINISHES
drawing in ENTICING
intellect MIND
like the Ural Mountains EURASIAN
quick sellers, supposedly HOTCAKES
Margaret Thatcher, e.g. STATESWOMAN
bronze winner's place THIRD
iPod variety MINI
mountaineers ALPINISTS
head honchoes BIGWIGS
most awesome, in slang SWEETEST
some Japanese autos MAZDAS
disturbs TROUBLES
carried in a wagon CARTED
dress or polo, say SHIRTS
buyers' warnings CAVEATS
state of unease DISQUIETUDE
hid in the shadows LURKED
CNN journalist O'Brien SOLEDAD
heeds the dentist FLOSSES
Garfield's canine pal ODIE
post WWII child BOOMER
able to fit in crates PACKABLE
tallest Mt. in the lower 48 WHITNEY
give a sneak peak FORESHOW
Brit's raincoats, for short MACS
stomach grumbling BORBORYGMI
person from Kumasi, perhaps GHANAIAN
7th governor of Hawaii, Neil ABERCROMBIE
Guatemalan lake or volcano ATITLAN
astonish DUMBFOUND
refuse to continue BALK
where bread is cooked BAKEHOUSE
title monster GODZILLA
title doctor DOLITTLE
title ogre SHREK
title clownfish NEMO
title con artist MAVERICK
title pig BABE
title football player RUDY
tuft of hair LOCK
joined together INTERLINKED
of the open sea PELAGIC
attics LOFTS
public place to make call PAYPHONE
commotions HULLABALOOS
composer Mendelssohn FELIX
of iron FERROUS
iron wielder GOLFER
iron-fisted DESPOTIC
alloy of iron and carbon STEEL
"Iron Butterfly" Jeanette MACDONALD
ironman sport TRIATHLON
"Swan Lake," for one BALLET
rugged Argentine province CATAMARCA
fiber invented in UK in 1941 POLYESTER
eel used for food CONGER
lively, meaningless activity BUSYNESS
brought into existence GENERATED
like a 1940s crime film NOIR
type of racing venue HIPPODROME
citizens of a country NATIONALS
large Australian city WOLLONGONG
dropped a wrapper, say LITTERED
put together FORMED
without any fatigue UNTIRINGLY
Jeep Cherokee trim line LAREDO
obviously scandalous quality FLAGRANCE
Swiss crude oil trader GUNVOR
minor literary addition MANTISSA
extra game in a set TIEBREAK
closely integrated TIGHTKNIT
without joy MIRTHLESSLY