7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
vegetable often mashed POTATO
first man on the moon ARMSTRONG
speak very softly WHISPER
very tall building SKYSCRAPER
recipe collection COOKBOOK
British princess Kate MIDDLETON
tusked whale NARWHAL
it's not rabbit food TRIX
kitchen utensil SPATULA
save from danger RESCUE
apartment, in Britain FLAT
Peron's homeland ARGENTINA
luxurious home VILLA
advocate CHAMPION
produce GENERATE
withstands STOMACHS
curved baskets in jai alai CESTAS
donkey and horse offspring MULE
sound of rushing air SWOOSH
catcher's position SQUAT
unpleasant consequence FALLOUT
1922 James Joyce novel ULYSSES
stupid person IGNORAMUS
not a danger HARMLESS
metal screen GRILLE
famous and respected EMINENT
puzzle invented in 1913 CROSSWORD
beginning of the moth CATERPILLAR
courage PLUCK
voice opposition to CONTROVERT
playground structure SLIDE
unplanned meeting ENCOUNTER
desire to be evil MALICE
medical listening device STETHOSCOPE
Fort Benning's state GEORGIA
"chief" of the skydivers GERONIMO
reluctantly admit CONCEDE
department store section HOUSEWARES
junkyard dog's sound GROWL
on a ship ABOARD
pastime PURSUIT
weapons in a winter fight SNOWBALLS
relieved an itch SCRATCHED
the film industry CINEMA
game with five dice YAHTZEE
love song BALLAD
Galapagos animal TORTOISE
period of decline SLUMP
entrance PORTAL
wedding reception essential CAKE
ice inhibitor ANTIFREEZE
make incoherent noises BABBLE
Japanese for "harbor wave" TSUNAMI
rise and fall of sea level TIDE
patio cookout BARBECUE
comical tumbling PRATFALL
slippery, like soap SAPONACEOUS
repetition of an idea TAUTOLOGY
one with a quick temper FIREBALL
bombastic OROTUND
make wet and dirty DRAGGLE
kapok source CEIBA
external part of the ear PINNA
baby frog TADPOLE
main part of a tree TRUNK
rural greeting HOWDY
woodwind instrument CLARINET
red or black candy LICORICE
runaway elephant ROGUE
find fault with CRITICIZE
place side by side JUXTAPOSE
candlemaking substance PARAFFIN
poison nullifier ANTIDOTE
travel by car MOTOR
long ribbons of pasta LINGUINE
record new sounds on OVERDUB
eliminate PURGE
for protection DEFENSIVE
liable to catch cold BARE
huge financial success KILLING
populate PEOPLE
intensely uptight EDGY
needlework stitch LOOP
speak in favor of RECOMMEND
water vessel BUCKET
jersey SHIRT
spot between eyes and scalp FOREHEAD
printing error TYPO
musical based on Dickens OLIVER
short stay VISIT
temporary shelter QUAMBY
ahead of schedule PREMATURE
talk big BOAST
give it a try BURL
city Colonel Light founded ADELAIDE
controlled behavior DISCIPLINE
sleeveless garment VEST
female sibling SISTER
gather up COLLECT
French or Spanish LANGUAGE
one working with a brush PAINTER
period of 100 years CENTURY
think over again RECONSIDER
fire, as a gun SHOOT
every seven days WEEKLY
pine tree CONIFER
bronx cheer RASPBERRY
"Diana" singer Paul ANKA
from the very beginning PRIMORDIAL
highest ranking FOREMOST
chiropractor's concern BACKBONE
odor AROMA
painting surface CANVAS
pesticide components, often CHEMICALS
like a toucan's beak COLORFUL
with no rhyme or reason SENSELESS
out of the ordinary CURIOUS
defense area BACKFIELD
causeway or parkway ROAD
Chinese philosopher CONFUCIUS
1848 gold rush site CALIFORNIA
"The Right Stuff" author WOLFE
date or durian FRUIT
British legislature PARLIAMENT
pouty look MOUE
tarnish TAINT
deception FALSITY
sit on eggs BROOD
ruin of street cred DEFAMATION
kind of tire RADIAL
airport waiting area LOUNGE
unpleasant experience BUMMER
expose as false DEBUNK
part of a centipede SEGMENT
blew your top FLIPPED
vitality VIGOR
scholarly ERUDITE
twirled SPUN
provider of groceries BREADWINNER
collapsed under pressure BUCKLED
object code producer COMPILER
soldier's duty DETAIL
observance of ceremony FORMALITY
1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner KISSINGER
snakebird ANHINGA
cooking apple COSTARD
dull and listless DRAGGY
dishonesty DEVIOUSNESS
throw off the premises EVICT
jumbled collection PATCHWORK
like a lion LEONINE
boggy MARSHY
commercial MERCANTILE
one just starting out NOVICE
gracefully FLUIDLY
debilitation WEAKENING
gigantic ENORMOUS
dressing accessories TRAPPINGS
sleeveless undergarment CAMISOLE
dancer's workout attire LEOTARD
long loose shirt TUNIC
high heels STILETTOS
woman's one-piece garment FROCK
woman's shirt BLOUSE
sense FEEL
just plain stubborn MULISH
castle owner ROYAL
actress O'Hara MAUREEN
one falling behind STRAGGLER
slight illness AILMENT
far from being poor WEALTHY
mysterious ARCANE
staying out of sight HIDING
mournful PLAINTIVE
calumny SLANDER
street game STOOPBALL
jumbled mass AGGLOMERATE
isolation SOLITUDE
gathering leaves RAKING
preference DRUTHERS
incorporate SUBSUME
like a hooligan ROWDY
autoclave STERILIZER
on the apex ATOP
bony substance in the mouth CEMENTUM
aromatic herb FENNEL
hint of perfume WHIFF
dine heartily FEAST
misuse of a word MALAPROPISM
take out of one's will DISOWN
impetuously HEADLONG
idiotic NUTTY
off the wall SCREWBALL
half-baked HAREBRAINED
unconventional OFFBEAT
senseless MESHUGA
difficult problem CONUNDRUM
belligerence PUGNACITY
brief poem RONDELET
eternal UNENDING
chop meat PORK
like Monaco HILLY
formal announcement DECLARATION
blown up ENLARGED
making a request of ASKING
flicker FLITTER
small anchor GRAPNEL
securely TIGHTLY
causing friction RUBBING
draw from a scabbard UNSHEATHE
popular '50s hairdo DUCKTAIL
whispering sound SUSURRUS
for the birds AVIAN
some futures COMMODITIES
pantywaist MILKSOP
great enthusiasm EBULLIENCE
acting like a child again REGRESSION
Muppets creator Jim HENSON
soak in sauce MARINATE
examine closely SCRUTINIZE
newly coined word NEOLOGISM
treading underfoot TRAMPLING
receiving of food INGESTION
dazzling style PIZZAZZ
merry-go-round WHIRLIGIG
in a royal way QUEENLY
architectural artist DRAFTSMAN
small laughs GIGGLES
where railcars are linked SWITCHYARD
Irish girlfriend MAVOURNEEN
animal with a long tongue ANTEATER
broadband company VERIZON
Utah film festival SUNDANCE
a, an, and the ARTICLES
tattletale SQUEALER
gradual increase BUILDUP
take up one's thoughts PREOCCUPY
physical feeling SENSATION
learned people SCHOLARS
more than two times THRICE
about a specific subject THEMATIC
spiral-shaped pasta ROTINI
little bit SOUPCON
report card listing GRADES
like tectonic shifts SEISMIC
from the front ANTERIOR
beamed, as the sun SHONE
bejeweled GEMMY
senior citizen OLDSTER
socialist French president HOLLANDE
sewer TAILOR
water surrounding a castle MOAT
like trees on the ground FALLEN
gradual softening, in music DECRESCENDO
thoroughly soak DRENCH
thumb instruments CASTANETS
desire for dinner APPETITE
traveler's bag DUFFEL
home to the Tigris river MESOPOTAMIA
small sphere GLOBULE
teenager, say YOUNGSTER
some test rankings PERCENTILES
lowered the worth of DEVALUED
using a certain deli machine SLICING
Ripa's cohost, once PHILBIN
many kiddie shows CARTOONS
significant life event MILESTONE
tender feeling COMPASSION
useful HANDY
place to store leftovers FRIDGE
creator of Pooh and Piglet MILNE
turn up one's nose at SCORN
rain overflow RUNOFF
got some exercise JOGGED
what a meter may measure USAGE
the big picture OVERVIEW
related to a heart valve MITRAL
sluggish LETHARGIC
Chinese province HUNAN
temporary inactivity ABEYANCE
took dishonestly POCKETED
more disreputable SHADIER
state again REITERATE
former Canadian leader PEARSON
short work of fiction NOVELETTE
where "Laugh-In" was filmed BURBANK
person in a pool, say TYPIST
earthquake's focal point EPICENTER
cattle thieves RUSTLERS
"David Copperfield" author DICKENS
indoor planking FLOORBOARDS
the "A" in A/V AUDIO
small nation near Belgium LUXEMBOURG
arthropod with many legs CENTIPEDE
ditty TUNE
direct opposite ANTITHESIS
author of "Candide" VOLTAIRE
fish, oysters, etc. SEAFOOD
Chic Young's comic strip BLONDIE
like Kevlar vests BULLETPROOF
Seinfeld buddy Michael RICHARDS
slightly injured BRUISED
crude and tactless GAUCHE
riding breeches JODHPURS
like many breath fresheners MINTY
baseball team's locker room CLUBHOUSE
actor Liam NEESON
satisfies SUFFICES
turns aside DEFLECTS
salon employees COIFFEURS
element #23 VANADIUM
on the schedule SLOTTED
first of "Seven Sisters" VASSAR
get out of a ship DEBARK
putting in place ORGANIZING
peddled HAWKED
its capital is Pristina KOSOVO
in a savage manner BRUTALLY
winter lake vehicle ICEBOAT
dolphin used for food MAHIMAHI
Pittsburgh squad STEELERS
certain teeth MOLARS
minimize DOWNGRADE
quick excerpts SNIPPETS
"Billy Budd," for one NOVELLA
comparisons of a sort METAPHORS
paid athletes PROS
deceptive ILLUSORY
gives off EMITS
Colorado ski resort TELLURIDE
poetic form BALLADE
online poster BLOGGER
emotionally scar TRAUMATIZE
they make up a hand CARDS
in a severe way HARSHLY
slips back RELAPSES
TV medical examiner of yore QUINCY
sending to a new address FORWARDING
hair over the forehead BANGS
potato starch or guar gum THICKENER
destroying office papers SHREDDING
comic actor Seth ROGEN
showing little emotion PHLEGMATIC
like a he-man MUSCLY
canine-related, perhaps DENTAL
considers anew REANALYZES
soldiers' mail, formerly ARMOR
ornate manner FANCINESS
acts punitively PENALIZES
inability to read ILLITERACY
in a rush HURRYING
mom and dad PARENTS
kind of crime VICTIMLESS
without a sound QUIETLY
variety of endive ESCAROLE
tacked-on fee SURCHARGE
very busy with work SWAMPED
parchment source GOATSKIN
like a party crasher UNWELCOME
most sterile, say CLEANEST
adaptable kind of skirt WRAPAROUND
paid attention to ATTENDED
social organizations CLUBS
"Our Town" playwright Wilder THORNTON
mountain range heights PEAKS
wasting many steps INEFFICIENT
messes up badly MANGLES
did some acrobatics TUMBLED
remove poisons from DETOXIFY
goes down DECREASES
playground game JACKS
Fruit of the Loom rival HANES
short educational movies FILMSTRIPS
made a hole in BREACHED
in a generous manner UNSELFISHLY
trattoria sauce MARINARA
problem for an orthodontist UNDERBITE
microblogging platform TUMBLR
Manhattan neighborhood BOWERY
boxcar mover LOCOMOTIVE
box turtle relative TERRAPIN
think outside the box, maybe INNOVATE
jukebox selections RECORDS
pizza box material CARDBOARD
box spring topper MATTRESS
strongbox SAFE
"Deal or No Deal" selection CASE
least stale FRESHEST
movie director Lyne ADRIAN
gripped HELD
yeast, for example LEAVENING
fiddled (with) TINKERED
equip with an engine MOTORIZE
hogwash RUBBISH
hog-wild BERSERK
whole hog ENTIRELY
in hog heaven JOYFUL
hog call SOOEY
electrostatic cleaning cloth SWIFFER
in a debauched way DISSOLUTELY
lie under oath PERJURE
"man of letters" POSTMAN
Indian clay oven TANDOOR
tit for tat, perhaps TYPO
labour force CONTRACTION
pawns HOCKS
part of a castle's defenses DRAWBRIDGE
like a knight CHIVALROUS
Bishop in the Rat Pack JOEY
Queens, for one BOROUGH
king's seat THRONE
across-the-board GENERAL
decorative molding CORNICE
kind of arch HORSESHOE
classic gable PEDIMENT
round room ROTUNDA
rail support BALUSTER
succession of arches ARCADE
bridge structure support PIER
very stormy TEMPESTUOUS
greatly enjoyed RELISHED
Russia's largest airline AEROFLOT
famous diarist Samuel PEPYS
evening out FLATTENING
Japanese electronics company CASIO
Australian monolith ULURU
green-eyed JEALOUS
greenheart BEBEERU
the Green Isle IRELAND
green drake MAYFLY
greenhouse ORANGERY
green sickness CHLOROSIS
greenness VERDURE
not allowed PROHIBITED
talking informally CHATTING
Denver football team BRONCOS
return along the same route BACKTRACK
multiplied by itself SQUARED
tenacious DOGGED
devastating CALAMITOUS
in a playfully frivolous way SKITTISHLY
lung disease EMPHYSEMA
fare avoidance FASTING
Turkish city in Anatolia IZMIR
not appearing to be educated TRUANTING
restlessly shifted position SHUFFLED
no ácido ALCALINO
bañador de dos partes BIKINI
lugar de pollo frito KENTUCKY
ganar a alguien VENCER
diversión PLACER
una fruta con agua adentro COCO
futbolista de Inglaterra BECKHAM
nombre de familia APELLIDO
arrancar el vello DEPILAR
empleado de comercio DEPENDIENTE
idioma de Sudáfrica ZULÚ
película de cómics Marvel VENGADORES
nombre del bisonte americano BÚFALO
pequeña antorcha CERILLA
dispositivo musical INSTRUMENTO
huella del meteorito CRÁTER
desprovisto de cocción CRUDO
ella croa RANA
negocio de aparcamiento GARAJE
pieza de cubertería CUCHARA
bars of precious metal INGOTS
maker of chocolate bars HERSHEY
bar, in music MEASURE
using a crowbar PRYING
vehicle with handlebars BICYCLE
athlete on the parallel bars GYMNAST
bar-code reader SCANNER
tool for a smith ANVIL
Davy Jones' band, with "The" MONKEES
Granny Smith, for one APPLE
creator of Winston Smith ORWELL
Inigo Jones' occupation ARCHITECT
Quincy Jones' instrument TRUMPET
home of Smith College NORTHAMPTON
enjoying SAVORING
flavoring agent VANILLIN
old-fashioned person FOGEY
make uniform STANDARDIZE
traditional Japanese archery KYUDO
they're regularly cut short TOENAILS
correctly ARIGHT
bearing DEMEANOR
"eyesore" STYE
offered formally TENDERED
county town of Suffolk, UK IPSWICH
protest strongly REMONSTRATE
it's full of dates CALENDAR
poisonous to plants PHYTOTOXIC
heaps of stones CAIRNS
people in a pool TYPISTS
where to find a bank STREAMSIDE
piped music PIBROCH
without delay DIRECTLY
filled choux pastry puff PROFITEROLE
animales de sangre fría REPTILES
máquina del tiempo RELOJ
sin domar SALVAJE
chepa del camello JOROBA
dormir todo el invierno HIBERNAR
el futuro inmediato MAÑANA
nadar bajo el agua BUCEAR
multipurpose pocket tool LEATHERMAN
not impractical WORKABLE
performed surgery OPERATED
dollars, slangily CLAMS
shipboard rebellions MUTINIES
currency rolled out in 2002 EURO
"Moon River" composer Henry MANCINI
indie film distributor MIRAMAX
not appropriate UNSUITABLE
insect-gobbling plant FLYTRAP
British actor Hawthorne NIGEL
searching high and low SCOURING
documentation PAPERS
coming in second PLACING
art support EASEL
bridge support TRESTLE
it may include child support ALIMONY
airplane seat support ARMREST
publicly support ENDORSE
canopy support BEDPOST
support for stair climbers RAILING
Oscar winner McDormand FRANCES
really loathed DEPLORED
Versace heiress ALLEGRA
not widely liked UNPOPULAR
needing oil, perhaps RUSTY
"Winnie the Pooh" donkey EEYORE
makes twice as big DOUBLES
Apple's web browser SAFARI
resembling a goat HIRCINE
prioritizing system TRIAGE
electromagnetic charge unit ABCOULOMB
made a careless mistake BLUNDERED
late innings pitcher RELIEVER
having a hidden meaning CRYPTIC
cover up CONCEAL
cloud over OBSCURE
having a hidden identity ANONYMOUS
hide away STASH
hidden storage place CACHE
hidden or remote ABDITIVE
with ease HANDILY
just a little water STREAMLET
bear market, for instance DOWNTREND
fill with horror APPALL
Indian wrap SARI
in advance BEFOREHAND
field work PLOWING
ancient Assyrian city NINEVEH
ingenious device or scheme CONTRIVANCE
"sticky" vegetable CELERY
ruminant's fourth stomach ABOMASUM
insidious snare COBWEB
theater awards TONYS
raconteurs have them STORIES
Michael Flatley show RIVERDANCE
actress Locklear HEATHER
more needing of sifting LUMPIEST
Napoleon's isle of exile ELBA
made a goal SCORED
most sad, having no friends LONELIEST
certain math expression POLYNOMIAL
Broadway singer Betty BUCKLEY
places to play, often BACKYARDS
sharing driving duties CARPOOLING
putting into voice SOUNDING
like planetary paths ORBITAL
"Little Women" author Alcott LOUISA
17th century Flemish painter RUBENS
elusively transparent GAUZY
lazy sorts SLUGGARDS
like laws that matter ENFORCEABLE
farthest from the beginning OLDEST
surface without shine MATTE
ready to stick BONDABLE
wished things were different RUED
sign of use WEAR
like car manufacturing AUTOMATED
colorful Chinese hot springs HUANGLONG
heartbeat problem ARRHYTHMIA
rule with oppressive force TYRANNIZE
till the soil PLOW
in a shocking manner DREADFULLY
prickly bed occupant ROSEBUSH
coastal Indian city PONDICHERRY
parasol SUNSHADE
NASCAR driver Darrell WALTRIP
made pools of water PUDDLED
gave approval to OKAYED
nightstand's place, often BEDSIDE
cotton-processing machines GINS
Braque or Picasso CUBIST
gets the government out of PRIVATIZES
soft colors PASTELS
as much as a ship can hold BOATFUL
lowly MENIAL
old-style photograph TINTYPE
contradict BELIE
people who love themselves NARCISSISTS
library on wheels BOOKMOBILE
turpentine, for instance THINNER
in the best physical shape BUFFEST
struck against repeatedly BUFFETED
skiing recklessly HOTDOGGING
quality of some storm winds GUSTINESS
prevents from falling PROPS
place favoring rapid growth HOTBED
shoulder muscles DELTOIDS
KGB predecessor OGPU
when pigs fly NEVER
rid of unpleasant smell DEODORIZED
TV's "Lone Ranger" Clayton MOORE
destroying meaning of a word VERBICIDE
Spanish city split by canyon RONDA
deliberately set fire to TORCHED
a factory's raw materials FEEDSTOCK
awareness SENTIENCY
Jay Gatsby's gangster ally WOLFSHIEM
supersonic jet speed unit MACH
un-poetic PROSAIC
Emerald Isle walking stick SHILLELAGH
historic Pittsburgh industry STEELMAKING
give off EMIT
filled with irony SATIRIC
hard copy PRINTOUT
topped off a drink REFILLED
plays a ukulele STRUMS
secured, in a way PADLOCKED
not fresh or frozen CANNED
coffee production method PERCOLATION
Lincoln's bills FIVES
disgusting quality GROSSNESS
farming-related AGRARIAN
gives one's approval CONSENTS
took a leisurely walk PROMENADED
mothers, informally MOMS
takes the place of SUPERSEDES
coop residents CHICKENS
steam instruments CALLIOPES
put in a journal LOGGED
moves to a new home TRANSPLANTS
sounds froggy CROAKS
kitchen drier DISHTOWEL
backwoodsman BUSHRANGER
showing remorse CONTRITELY
"leggy" arthropod MILLIPEDE
without hiding anything OPENLY
computer security brand KASPERSKY
wreathed in flowers GARLANDED
descended under a canopy PARACHUTED
lemon-and-white spaniel CLUMBER
the younger JUNIOR
horse sense JUDGMENT
with annoyance IRRITABLY
power tool brand DEWALT
long loaves BAGUETTES
like Keats' urn of poetry GRECIAN
big name in golf equipment CALLAWAY
SMS messages TEXTS
lacking shape AMORPHIC
what poison ivy causes ITCHINESS
clothes basket HAMPER
typical basket material WICKER
baskets over a burro's back PANNIERS
basketball hoop neighbor BACKBOARD
basket case WRECK
making a basket WEAVING
baby basket BASSINET
goods traveling by plane AIRFREIGHT
music for five instruments QUINTETTE
Helsinki-based flyer FINNAIR
shared spoils, perhaps DIVVIED
spar in front of the boat JIBBOOM
with most people's approval POPULARLY
in an alarming manner SCARILY
one who forgot the words HUMMER
lacking in imagination PEDESTRIAN
soccer, colloquially FOOTIE
automata ROBOTS
score a field goal PLACEKICK
Kellogg's vegetarian brand MORNINGSTAR
video game of ostrich steeds JOUST
North Queensland tableland ATHERTON
platform DECKING
flooring LINO
semi drivers TRUCKIES
openings VACANCIES
obstacle to portability BULKINESS
in an annoying manner GALLINGLY
circulatory system's "road" BLOODSTREAM
native of Brittany BRETON
where hippos may wallow MUDHOLE
singer-songwriter Mitchell JONI
money put by for many years LIFESAVINGS
German dog breed KEESHOND
watery, of the eyes RHEUMY
ornamental foliage plant HOSTA
watering, of the mouth SALIVATING
reminiscent of Sherlock HOLMESIAN
rolled up securely FURLED
colorless bodily fluid LYMPH
rick in a field HAYSTACK
sick at heart UNHAPPY
pick of the bunch CREAM
kick of a firearm RECOIL
tick, as a box CHECK
lick in a fight VANQUISH
nick in a surface NOTCH
fixing car exteriors BODYWORK
organic chocolate brand DAGOBA
growing old SENESCENT
tots tubular weapon PEASHOOTER
a female employee WORKWOMAN
Hawaiian National Park KALAUPAPA
"I" comes after it AITCH
like some trusts REVOCABLE
singer-songwriter Rita COOLIDGE
circumvents, in a way SKIRTS
caused a copier malfunction JAMMED
hair "lines" PARTS
team's metaphorical catalyst SPARKPLUG
title role for Rock Hudson MCMILLAN
owl's sound HOOT
Maryland metropolis BALTIMORE
opera star Price LEONTYNE
like some range hoods DUCTLESS
small wooded hollows DELLS
payments to an author ROYALTIES
Podgorica resident, maybe MONTENEGRIN
oak tree wannabees ACORNS
making more attractive PRETTYING
put forward, as an idea MOOTED
a honey of a flower CLOVER
crisp, browned pork rind CRACKLING
in a peaceable manner PACIFICALLY
they give you credit BANKS
lover of fine arts DILETTANTE
philatelist, for example COLLECTOR
team follower AFICIONADO
leisure time pursuer HOBBYIST
rock star adorer GROUPIE
one with a strong liking FANCIER
superficial participant DABBLER
lightning units BOLTS
Kickstarter alternative INDIEGOGO
sorted laundry pile, maybe WHITES
hardwood flooring piece PLANK
refer (back) HEARKEN
post-mowing refuse CLIPPINGS
vassalage FEUDALISM
weakest FRAILEST
showed off FLAUNTED
should, in slang OUGHTA
certain communists MARXISTS
NYC film festival site TRIBECA
county of SE England KENT
witty replies REPARTEES
swimmers seen by spelunkers CAVEFISH
no-name quality GENERICNESS
crumpling (up) BALLING
like canoes and sailboats MOTORLESS
in a thickset manner STOCKILY
weather-focused US agency NOAA
Sea off the Antarctic coast WEDDELL
Ohio city's nickname CINCY
future litigator's study PRELAW
small Asian deer MUNTJAC
Harlem Renaissance writer HURSTON
waterfront work site DOCKLAND
where some fish are raised AQUAFARM
friend providing support WINGMAN
Mexican pal AMIGO
swimming partner, say BUDDY
one you trust CONFIDANTE
closest friend BESTIE
male friend HOMEBOY
like mittens but not gloves FINGERLESS
long-snouted creatures ANTEATERS
brain-related NEURAL
dressed in WEARING
one who works at "home" CATCHER
publicity PRESS
Marseille's region PROVENCE
burning torch FLAMBEAU
in an imposing manner OBTRUSIVELY
some woodwind players OBOISTS
in a rough, yanking manner JERKILY
recorded in a systematic way CATALOGED
to summarize or condense ENCAPSULE
dry area of southern Israel NEGEV
tennis player Djokovic NOVAK
element number 16 SULFUR
elbow-to-wrist regions FOREARMS
small bays INLETS
Italian port city SALERNO
classical guitarist Andres SEGOVIA
two, in Paris DEUX
golf hazard TRAP
oddballs WEIRDOS
Spanish clothing company MANGO
architectural moldings CORNICES
giving grounds for a lawsuit ACTIONABLE
forms rust OXIDIZES
on the road TRAVELING
on the spur of the moment IMPULSIVELY
"On the Town" director Donen STANLEY
on the level HONEST
on the go ACTIVE
on the money EXACT
on the house GRATIS
ID in black-and-white BARCODE
nonsense BALONEY
Chaka Khan's 1970s band RUFUS
unsympathetic quality STONINESS
tufted weed grass CROWSFOOT
Lisbon, Portugal, city park MONSANTO
preserve by drying DESICCATE
seesaws, essentially LEVERS
writing implement brand PENTEL
sunset quality DUSKINESS
pickier CHOOSIER
mixing up JUMBLING
tourist kiosk handouts BROCHURES
with negligence CARELESSLY
extending ELONGATING
over-the-top displays THEATRICS
maturing agent RIPENER
remove from text SCISSOR
works with movements SONATAS
noted clothier Eddie BAUER
certain northern Europeans FINNS
loud activity NOISEMAKING
gives way YIELDS
polled people's opinions CANVASSED
Maryland team, for short TERPS
rotates SPINS
kid watchers NANNIES
pitted, as a complexion POCKED
rapidly declining NOSEDIVING
purloiners PINCHERS
Indian pickles, UK-style PICCALILLI
observers of the celestial ASTRONOMERS
Turing's enigmatic tome CODEBOOK
the study of things Chinese SINOLOGY
blonde streaks, perhaps HIGHLIGHTS
New England's ocean ATLANTIC
serendipity FORTUNE
sum of the first four primes SEVENTEEN
surface OUTSIDE
one with an educated palate GOURMET
check recipients PAYEES
Internet personality Matt DRUDGE
takes care of PRESERVES
guys from Scandinavia NORSEMEN
Canadian law officers MOUNTIES
expert chess player MASTER
Hi's wife, in the funnies LOIS
weight for bicep curls DUMBBELL
storytelling singer BALLADEER
speckled sort of horse APPALOOSA
compact disc forerunner CASSETTE
money pit of a project BOONDOGGLE
one who's naively optimistic POLLYANNA
simple kitchen quantity SPOONFUL
ranch worker FARMHAND
Venezuelan poet Andres BELLO
ancient north African city CARTHAGE
sources of human strength NUTRIENTS
sneaking and cowardly DASTARDLY
containing salt BRINY
horse mackerel SCADS
amusement park favorite COASTER
put at risk JEOPARDIZE
puzzle MYSTIFY
internet naysayers HATERS
football star receiver Cobb RANDALL
shaving citrus ZESTING
eastern UK fishing port GRIMSBY
Edinburgh's railway station WAVERLEY
obstruct STYMIE
textual Turing test CAPTCHA
plant poisonous for puppies DOGBANE
one who solicits votes CANVASSER
in an indistinct manner OBSCURELY