7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
took out of the cargo hold UNLOADED
fitted together well MESHED
least intelligent DUMBEST
varnish, for example COATING
horrified AGHAST
jobs for mechanics REPAIRS
show sympathy CONDOLE
prime meridian location GREENWICH
fool SIMP
bouncing around JOUNCING
muleheaded OBSTINATE
is hard to understand MUMBLES
users of medicinal plants HERBALISTS
yoked beasts OXEN
microbes GERMS
made a financial plan BUDGETED
font design TYPOGRAPHY
radio tower toppers ANTENNAS
extreme eagerness VORACITY
past the deadline LATE
milk, as a joke OVERUSE
falling like heavy raindrops PLOPPING
near the coast INSHORE
more cheerful CHIRPIER
ribbed, of cloth CORDED
with a sore big toe, say GOUTY
like some spectacles HORNRIMMED
result of getting cold feet CHILBLAINS
2014 Blackberry model PASSPORT
a "high rise" of workers ANTHILL
natives of New Zealand MAORIS
clad in loose clothing FROCKED
Shakespeare's hangout STRATFORD
late actor, rather "sweet" CANDY