7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
flat top PLATEAU
stretchy stuff SPANDEX
not a nice guy SCOUNDREL
not very fancy SPARTAN
stays away from AVOIDS
whirlwind TORNADO
desires WANTS
bear witness TESTIFY
ending FINALE
assignment MISSION
it's worn to keep warm JACKET
Homer's epic ODYSSEY
relating to the ocean MARINE
cetacean DOLPHIN
similar item ANALOG
give the meaning of DEFINE
Fifth Avenue building FLATIRON
political process ELECTION
fierce fish BARRACUDA
German sausage BRATWURST
maned cat LION
personal book DIARY
hole left by a meteorite CRATER
British flying machine AEROPLANE
woman engaged FIANCEE
kinship RAPPORT
silvery food fish HERRING
move in a wavelike motion UNDULATE
put on display EXHIBIT
maker of Air Jordans NIKE
Buzz or 0.306601 parsecs LIGHTYEAR
long sock STOCKING
complicated in design ELABORATE
Scottish draft horse CLYDESDALE
temporary loss of memory LAPSE
flock BAND
ward off DETER
overturning, as a sailboat CAPSIZING
grandiose film EPIC
dismissal of an employee LAYOFF
small but powerful engine MOTOR
fruits baked into muffins BLUEBERRIES
waterproof footwear OVERSHOES
uneasy ANXIOUS
wiggle room LEEWAY
chocolate company GODIVA
extremely picky FINICKY
one over par BOGEY
tiny trace SCINTILLA
noisy bird MACAW
very tall building SKYSCRAPER
it uses an inked ribbon TYPEWRITER
pasta made in ribbons FETTUCCINE
Cleveland's river CUYAHOGA
tiny voracious mammal SHREW
yellowing of the skin JAUNDICE
it may be due PROCESS
radical system BOLSHEVISM
disgusting NOISOME
herd sound LOWING
small thicket BOSK
rock garden plant STONECROP
arid garden design XERISCAPE
gondolier's song BARCAROLE
woolly elephant MAMMOTH
Wright brothers' creation AIRPLANE
face wiper NAPKIN
made for carrying PORTABLE
audience member SPECTATOR
car with a removable roof CONVERTIBLE
slow-moving creature TURTLE
watering hole OASIS
watermelon remnant RIND
water vapor STEAM
type of waterfowl MALLARDS
waterlogged SATURATED
"Watership Down" creature RABBIT
waterproofing material SEALANT
not fit for drinking BRACKISH
inconsolable HEARTBROKEN
good at stretching LIMBER
police region DISTRICT
humeri and radii BONES
move BUDGE
"Romeo and Juliet" city VERONA
bring into style INTRODUCE
scorch the surface of SINGE
prison or park worker WARDEN
astronaut's exploration MOONWALK
kick back RELAX
dodge responsibility for DISAVOW
bill clause RIDER
BlueScope production STEEL
gold mine BONANZA
speaking effortlessly FLUENT
privy DUNNY
false teeth DENTURES
cause confusion CONFOUND
bad guy CROOK
egg order SCRAMBLED
spaghetti, for one PASTA
Internet node COMPUTER
group of buffalo HERD
snagged CAUGHT
buzzing insect HOUSEFLY
science of trees FORESTRY
lacking shoes BAREFOOT
filibuster participant SENATOR
stories with a purpose FABLES
Scrooge McDuck's happiness RICHES
doze off SNOOZE
roof gutter TROUGH
standing or rank POSITION
trench DITCH
sheep meat MUTTON
breakfast meat BACON
William and Harry's granny ELIZABETH
rise rapidly SKYROCKET
chocolate treat KISS
kindergarten class CHILDREN
humane KIND
make a pretense of SIMULATE
put under oath ATTEST
small fruit BERRY
incautious BRASH
loan default action FORECLOSURE
thin porridge GRUEL
edible clam QUAHOG
one-track mind OBSESSION
heavy end is the light end MATCH
deep ditch TRENCH
astute observation INSIGHT
with ease EFFORTLESS
glitzy GLAM
without planning SPONTANEOUS
beyond repair KAPUT
swimming pool chemical CHLORINE
took a header FELL
hot period SUMMERTIME
easy to teach DOCILE
hard to catch ELUSIVE
inclined WILLING
easily controlled MANAGEABLE
hair setters CURLERS
bladed footwear SKATES
hawker CRIER
dip under water SUBMERSION
immature CHILDISH
column shaped like a woman CARYATID
musical group of six SEXTET
disloyal UNTRUE
element element ATOM
dishwasher phase CYCLE
what libraries do LEND
players in a pit ORCHESTRA
easily managed MALLEABLE
brilliant INSPIRED
part of a battery ELECTRODE
scrim, perhaps BACKDROP
Mensa member EGGHEAD
Robin's ride BATMOBILE
pound on a porterhouse TENDERIZE
one with no permanent home NOMAD
truck "door" TAILGATE
"American Gothic" tool PITCHFORK
Bruce Wayne's home MANOR
brief and to the point CONCISE
make a bad estimate MISJUDGE
operatic introduction OVERTURE
popular dog breed POODLE
yellow flower COWSLIP
mom of dad, for one GRANDPARENT
like some orange juice PULPY
clean up a text BOWDLERIZE
southern breakfast dish GRITS
atomic element 96 CURIUM
peaceful SEDATE
pollen, for some ALLERGEN
one and the other BOTH
trip to see the big game SAFARI
multiply by five QUINTUPLE
galvanization STIMULATION
no later than UNTIL
in the race COMPETING
harmful NOCENT
oratory skill ELOCUTION
locquacious TALKATIVE
stand-up bit MONOLOGUE
wordiness VERBOSITY
speak with a nasal tone TWANG
deliver a formal recitation DECLAIM
professional speaker LECTURER
sleeveless shirt TANKTOP
final figure TOTAL
healing application POULTICE
holdup ROBBERY
combination of cuisines FUSION
able to see into the future PRESCIENT
handheld firework SPARKLER
slow-moving primate LORIS
intensive study session SEMINAR
suddenly formed depression SINKHOLE
drop like a stone PLUMMET
one who starts fire ARSONIST
overnight visitor HOUSEGUEST
good-for-nothing loafer DEADBEAT
spa treatment FACIAL
Italian cornmeal POLENTA
highlighted ACCENTUATED
workman LABORER
one involved in a lawsuit LITIGANT
as well as BESIDES
hand drier BLOWER
early flowering spring shrub PRIMROSE
balance sheet entry ASSET
given first aid BANDAGED
horse handler WRANGLER
light horse-drawn carriage BUGGY
warehouse or museum REPOSITORY
outgoing sort EXTROVERT
small shark DOGFISH
rounded roof DOME
most microscopic TEENTSIEST
creator of Big Brother ORWELL
delicious YUMMY
make upset ANTAGONIZE
brings up BROACHES
fascinate SPELLBIND
on-the-scene reporter LEGMAN
smooth, lustrous fabric TAFFETA
bad trumpet sound BLAT
works together COOPERATES
seedcoat TESTA
LaDainian of football TOMLINSON
left-handed person SOUTHPAW
Spanish surrealist DALI
regular theater fan PLAYGOER
X and Y, on a graph COORDINATES
un- or dis- PREFIX
unmoving INERT
little clue HINT
candy bar from Mars SNICKERS
book introduction FOREWORD
Schwarzenegger's birthplace AUSTRIA
prove correct VINDICATE
pair for the head EARRINGS
stack of logs WOODPILE
obligate oneself UNDERTAKE
Japanese garment KIMONO
revoked monetary support DEFUNDED
of high standards RAREFIED
Canadian province ALBERTA
deeply impresses DAZZLES
Hamilton bill TENNER
like sunsets, to most BEAUTIFUL
put back to the beginning REWIND
did a janitor's job MOPPED
unbreachable IMPERVIOUS
most gloomy DARKEST
fork or spoon UTENSIL
noisy altercation FRACAS
painter Winslow HOMER
smoothest SILKIEST
Eleanor's home AQUITAINE
charges with a crime INDICTS
announcer's wear HEADSET
some photos GLOSSIES
suspicion DISTRUST
French writer Emile ZOLA
oft-repeated slogan CATCHPHRASE
historic region of China MANCHURIA
in the correct manner PROPERLY
horse for a young rider PONY
powerful businessmen TYCOONS
code monkeys PROGRAMMERS
list notations CHECKMARKS
passing fit of pique HUFF
percussion caps DETONATORS
country singer Carrie UNDERWOOD
prices sometimes do this SOAR
colorful candies SKITTLES
holder of sewing aids PINCUSHION
sprig of parsley, often GARNISH
damaged by abrasion SCUFFED
halfway-done exam MIDTERM
golfer Arnold PALMER
desire WANT
voice-overs NARRATION
extremely wet DRIPPING
Vietnamese city SAIGON
deceived by flattery BEGUILED
walking in another's shoes EMPATHY
visit a blog without posting LURK
strong POTENT
confusing hodgepodge MISHMASH
warehouse vehicles FORKLIFTS
hearing range EARSHOT
pizza buyer's specification TOPPING
long-armed primate GIBBON
concrete entity GESTALT
physicist Newton ISAAC
job perks BENEFITS
seize possession of COMMANDEER
brimmed hats FEDORAS
dressing room structure BATHHOUSE
automatic response REFLEX
rooster's offspring CHICKS
capital of South Korea SEOUL
hard mineral SPINEL
not taught UNSCHOOLED
without objection BLINDLY
steer away DIVERT
submit without a fight TRUCKLE
refusing to cooperate BALKING
typed a message via phone TEXTED
tennis legend Andre AGASSI
requiring a key, say LOCKED
edge of a football field SIDELINE
cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
not wanting to mingle ASOCIAL
face part CHEEK
drink quickly GUZZLE
rays from above SUNLIGHT
hair braid in the UK PLAIT
combines, in a way SYNTHESIZES
not permanent TRANSITORY
surrounded ENCIRCLED
nicknames EPITHETS
write down TRANSCRIBE
sent up SPOOFED
part of a larger area SUBSECTION
1984 Daryl Hannah movie SPLASH
materialized APPEARED
intestinal infection SHIGELLOSIS
in a very serious way SOLEMNLY
British diaper rash ointment SUDOCREM
vessel with three hulls TRIMARAN
Australian oaf OCKER
parents' issue CHILDREN
only city in Cornwall, UK TRURO
coriander leaves CILANTRO
units of resistance OHMS
manual skill HANDICRAFT
enjoying a beverage DRINKING
saxophonist Coleman HAWKINS
women's hybrid garment SKORT
fills with wonder AWES
Asian flower HYDRANGEA
money-raising events TELETHONS
threw with effort HEAVED
all work and no play DULL
capital of Queensland BRISBANE
traffic jam's result SLOWDOWN
silly behavior GOOFINESS
pigeon shelter COTE
geomorphic feature LANDFORM
madmen MANIACS
qualification or fitness ELIGIBILITY
small dent DING
blues singer's phrase MELISMA
dangerous cargo, for short HAZMAT
paper towel brand BRAWNY
set up for service INSTALLED
vest, in England WAISTCOAT
oldest Oscar nominee Gloria STUART
awkward and inept MALADROIT
cotton and silk strip fabric ALGERIAN
classifies CATEGORIZES
does some roadwork TARS
around January to February MIDWINTER
Napoleon's wife JOSEPHINE
places LOCALES
right and wrong OPPOSITES
pageant contestant's wear SASH
without being forced WILLINGLY
cranberry-picking spots BOGS
prove superior to OUTMATCH
takes from the library BORROWS
home of model Larissa Bond UZBEKISTAN
worldly SECULAR
herb of the mint family MARJORAM
cold storage FREEZER
coldest continent ANTARCTICA
period of cold WINTER
cold potato soup VICHYSSOISE
cold sweat cause FEAR
cold-blooded animal REPTILE
"Cold as Ice" band FOREIGNER
person living in institution INMATE
prolonged, tough questioning INQUISITION
receiving deliveries BATTING
aggravate INFLAME
having many different forms MANIFOLD
yielding to stronger person SUBMITTING
gang leader FOREMAN
one of the Marx Brothers GROUCHO
Iago's superior OTHELLO
TV clown BOZO
early Italian scientist GALILEO
detective played by Falk COLUMBO
Apache leader GERONIMO
Dorothy's dog TOTO
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
most filthy DIRTIEST
unlikely outcome FLUKE
agitate PERTURB
came to pass TRANSPIRED
"Radio Days" actress Mia FARROW
interchangeability EQUIVALENCE
puzzle magazine GAMES
healthy lifestyle magazine PREVENTION
old rock music magazine CREEM
science magazine DISCOVER
business magazine FORBES
Spirit Airlines magazine SKYLIGHTS
old weekly magazine LIBERTY
best kind of medicine PREVENTIVE
plant-based healing agents BOTANICALS
treatment REMEDY
method of treating disease ALLOPATHY
get over an illness CONVALESCE
Chinese medical practice ACUPUNCTURE
having the power to heal SANATIVE
Spanish banking group SANTANDER
a B vitamin PYRIDOXINE
New Zealand's largest lake TAUPO
a "big noise" PERSONAGE
watertight LEAKLESS
sign for missing letter APOSTROPHE
a "groomed" woman BRIDE
flow over completely INUNDATE
water flow regulator SLUICE
overflow ALLUVION
flow out forcibly SPURT
steady flow STREAM
let liquid flow away DRAIN
overflowing AWASH
cracked, as a coded message DECRYPTED
robot with biological parts CYBORG
rummy game participant CARDPLAYER
proceed in a steady stream FLOW
Cheney's former employer HALLIBURTON
sunglasses SHADES
most elegant and streamlined SLEEKEST
Australian flag carrier QANTAS
one trying to lose, in UK SLIMMER
Canadian jazz musician Diana KRALL
newly submerged continent ZEALANDIA
"going price" BAIL
had talks with the enemy PARLEYED
un pastel francés ÉCLAIR
grandísimo ENORME
una alternativa al ascensor ESCALERA
un baile típico español FLAMENCO
descripción del niño típico ENERGÉTICO
representante de un país EMBAJADOR
fuente natural de potasio BANANA
estado venezolano GUÁRICO
isla pacífica de los EEUU GUAM
hermoso, atractivo GUAPO
opuesto de rico POBRE
novios después de la boda CASADOS
especialidad de peluquera EXTENSIONES
signos sinfónicos NOTAS
revestida de acero ACORAZADA
vacaciones en el mar CRUCERO
de la penúltima estación OTOÑAL
juguete de Mozart PIANO
hueso de la rodilla RÓTULA
hoja impresa PÁGINA
game with Free Parking MONOPOLY
city with the "Free Press" DETROIT
freed from chains UNFETTERED
creature in "Free Willy" ORCA
freewheel COAST
freeboot PLUNDER
"The Odd Couple" playwright SIMON
get even RETALIATE
even-tempered CALM
odds and ends MISHMASH
they can be odd or even NUMERALS
a group of five QUINTET
supply with nerves INNERVATE
slippery slope PISTE
pinching NIPPING
oppressively solemn SOMBER
English money bags PURSES
fashionably MODISHLY
impromptu bookmark DOGEAR
rustic faux finish look WOODGRAIN
amorphously INDEFINABLY
World War I cause ALLIANCES
purify a substance SUBLIMATE
collapsed under pressure CAVED
Angela Merkel's title CHANCELLOR
country-music instruments FIDDLES
Japanese island KYUSHU
former Toyota model TERCEL
ethical people have them SCRUPLES
Dr. J's last name ERVING
the art of arguing POLEMICS
actress and model Bracco LORRAINE
writing down PENNING
late night hosts' spiels MONOLOGUES
having a particular subject THEMED
like most table salt IODIZED
more fogged up MISTIER
not given enough money UNDERFUNDED
avoids while walking SIDESTEPS
in a cardboard container BOXED
blockbuster producer Jerry BRUCKHEIMER
try to drive the price down HAGGLE
relieves an itch SCRATCHES
bald-headed Kojak star SAVALAS
balderdash NONSENSE
bald bird EAGLE
bald-faced SHAMELESS
Baldwin who played Jack Ryan ALEC
baldness remedy ROGAINE
bald, on purpose SHAVEN
beat in a game OUTSCORE
Oscar winner Marisa TOMEI
lack of cohesion DISUNITY
on the same side TEAMED
stage after larva PUPA
they work with compounds CHEMISTS
from what place WHENCE
AMPAS announces them NOMINATIONS
yet to come EVENTUAL
basketball sportscaster Dick VITALE
dangerous swimmers PIRANHAS
plot mathematically GRAPH
executed perfectly NAILED
extremely SORELY
bitter criticism DIATRIBE
"hurled" criticism BRICKBAT
find fault with REPREHEND
cricitism of an easy target POTSHOT
criticism, slangily FLAK
petty criticism QUIBBLE
criticize severely SCARIFY
one who grabs and runs SNATCHER
every second ALTERNATE
Japanese comics for grownups MANGA
all-female 1980's band BANGLES
French composer Hector BERLIOZ
Russian spacecraft SOYUZ
TV's guffaw getters SITCOMS
deep narrow valleys RAVINES
listlessness MOPINESS
very cruel and unpleasant BARBARIC
swindle RIPOFF
unleashing WREAKING
Zambian capital LUSAKA
related to your forebears ANCESTRAL
Cowell compatriot Paula ABDUL
members of the nobility COUNTS
pay attention to HEED
complicated INVOLVED
meat markets DELIS
salon staple HAIRSPRAY
crafty scheme MACHINATION
salad veggie, for short CUKE
study of rocketry AERONAUTICS
teams primed for an upset UNDERDOGS
a look, in slang GANDER
becomes an expert in LEARNS
crones HAGS
witnesses BYSTANDERS
sinuous CURVY
got the kinks out of PERFECTED
like "1984" ORWELLIAN
Wisconsin battery maker RAYOVAC
discombobulate ADDLE
American explorer John FREMONT
an American quail BOBWHITE
cultured foodstuff YOGURT
simple wind instrument PANPIPES
bestow everlasting fame upon IMMORTALIZE
making dental breakthroughs TEETHING
Argentine tennis star David NALBANDIAN
"roaring" ocean area FORTIES
gradually weakened SAPPED
yogurt and cucumber dip TZATZIKI
take heart from CORE
comedian Garofalo JANEANE
useful feature AMENITY
Prince William's wife CATHERINE
without a brogue ACCENTLESS
long sandwiches SUBS
not fully cooked, as bread DOUGHY
one-time Soviet news source TASS
baked meals CASSEROLES
triangular sails JIBS
"Medical Center" star Chad EVERETT
random gadgets DOODADS
they partner snakes in game LADDERS
what Ed Moses did best HURDLED
large South Yorkshire town ROTHERHAM
making with skill CRAFTING
people who stand surety BONDSMEN
world's first cloned sheep DOLLY
with haughtiness ALOOFLY
the largest asteroid CERES
like cuddly pets FURRY
developed a certain fungus MILDEWED
more comfortable COZIER
keeping an eye on WATCHING
legendary singer Warwick DIONNE
small illuminators PENLIGHTS
with great ferocity SAVAGELY
"Ice City" of northern China HARBIN
King of Spain's daughter INFANTA
clotting, as of blood COAGULATION
it makes perfect, they say PRACTICE
South African prison island ROBBEN
offered unwanted advice KIBITZED
anticlimax BATHOS
enthusiasts ZEALOTS
preen PRINK
period between Olympics QUADRENNIUM
incapable of being justified INEXCUSABLE
government by seven rulers HEPTARCHY
sent mass emails to SPAMMED
equestrian HORSEMAN
former senator Bayh EVAN
not pardoned UNFORGIVEN
got one's bearings again REORIENTED
less stringent MILDER
took a chance DARED
Tupperware sound BURP
nonspecific item ANYTHING
presidential first name WOODROW
country separator BORDER
excludes BARS
countesses and duchesses NOBLEWOMEN
activity for Scouts CAMPOUT
short expression of concern RUOK
carry out FULFILL
"dead giveaway" LEGACY
web experts SPIDERS
like grass on the other side GREENER
hammer holders TOOLBOXES
agricultural laborer FARMWORKER
put stress on EMPHASIZED
zero NONE
in a rude manner IMPOLITELY
gave free tickets to COMPED
auto sharing company ZIPCAR
just as the author had it UNREVISED
capital of Lesotho MASERU
powerfully POTENTLY
Monty Python song subject SPAM
business suit pattern PINSTRIPE
making use of UTILIZING
unsalted dried hake or cod STOCKFISH
Germany's took place in 1871 UNIFICATION
unskilled sailor LUBBER
workers for tips, often WAITERS
gave some tips to ADVISED
at one's fingertips, say CONVENIENT
pen tips NIBS
tipped over TOPPLED
wingtip shoe relative BROGUE
tiptop point PINNACLE
financial supporter BACKER
passionate ZEALOUS
heavenly ETHEREAL
transfer HANDOVER
great skill ARTISTRY
not wearing gloves BAREHANDED
remove O from DEOXYGENATE
spiral fossil shell AMMONITE
Latvian of old LETT
world's longest open inlet SOGNEFJORD
like very sturdy shelters BOMBPROOF
soft, brownish coal LIGNITE
well-educated LETTERED
small wallaby PADEMELON
football jumper GUERNSEY
silvery-grey food fish BARRAMUNDI
AFL catches MARKS
puts into words VERBALIZES
beasts of burden PACKHORSES
deeply embarrassing MORTIFYING
sausage dogs DACHSHUNDS
capable of being slaked QUENCHABLE
nitwit TWIRP
chuckles CHORTLES
in a tedious way BORINGLY
leave-takings PARTINGS
big-eared toy dog breed PAPILLON
traditional Irish game HURLING
most charming to look at PRETTIEST
moves about lightly FLITS
frontiersman Kit CARSON
drum kit components CYMBALS
model kit stickers DECALS
emergency kit item FLARE
sewing kit item THREAD
their babies are called kits BEAVERS
mess kit items UTENSILS
SpongeBob's pet snail GARY
where fossilized fuel is dug COALPIT
meditatively MUSINGLY
the act of acquiescing COMPLIANCY
grape-growing VITICULTURE
producer of bouillon KNORR
nearest the back of the boat STERNMOST
"Sam" of cartoons YOSEMITE
acting great Douglas KIRK
"I" problem EGOMANIA
got some shuteye, say RECHARGED
Harding sought its return NORMALCY
gave credit ATTRIBUTED
athrob PULSING
popular potato RUSSET
Oscar winner Heath LEDGER
roofing installer SHINGLER
Chipotle purchase BURRITO
with due cause JUSTIFIABLY
Zevon of rock WARREN
Longfellow's alma mater BOWDOIN
"Gulliver's Travels" author SWIFT
band members with rhythm BASSISTS
entangling INVOLVING
double-dealing DUPLICITY
sanitized, in a way DEGERMED
resided for the warm months SUMMERED
northern Plains resident DAKOTAN
fast talker SALESMAN
fastener VELCRO
playing fast and loose TRIFLING
"Fast Car" writer Tracy CHAPMAN
fast food item HAMBURGER
hard and fast UNALTERABLE
Italian scuba gear maker CRESSI
fill with strong emotion RAVISH
a delay of something PUTOFF
Ural Mountains river BELAYA
sea north of Tehran CASPIAN
not set apart for a purpose UNALLOCATED
casually improvising NOODLING
small cafes BISTROS
assessing EVALUATING
German artist Hans HOLBEIN
Maine delicacies LOBSTERS
moved stealthily SNUCK
not the best possible SUBOPTIMAL
shape on a one-way sign ARROW
in a loyal way TRUEHEARTED
model and actress Rebecca ROMIJN
Homeric epic hero ODYSSEUS
reporter's prize PULITZER
in one's sights PERCEIVABLE
grazing locale BRUSHLAND
one way to be conservative FISCALLY
British "spot" ADVERT
famed Pisan's last name GALILEI
nose-tingling SMELLY
display of great wealth OPULENCE
white-marked butterfly SISTER
patted (one's own) back PRIDED
large structure EDIFICE
cave hanger STALACTITE
hang in mid-air HOVER
one who hangs back DAWDLER
hang-up PROBLEM
hang around LOLLYGAG
office wall hanging CALENDAR
decorative wall hanging TAPESTRY
spiller of official secrets LEAK
person who gets things done ACHIEVER
fragment PIECE
set up tents ENCAMP
rule-tightening periods CLAMPDOWNS
American actress Bleeth YASMINE
woman's outer garment COATDRESS
not allowing PROHIBITING
available for lease RENTABLE
Oscar-winner Joanne WOODWARD
with anonymity NAMELESSLY
jewelry counter worker SALESWOMAN
more than dozens HUNDREDS
Washington, DC, university AMERICAN
American composer Philip GLASS
had aspirations HOPED
fake-seeming quality PHONINESS
it measures air moisture HUMIDISTAT
sea near Scandinavia BALTIC
one of the Osmonds MARIE
organizations' periodicals NEWSLETTERS
18th century morning wear BEDGOWN
covered in fibrous bits LINTY
compact enough to tuck away POCKETABLE
unfastened, like a jacket UNSNAPPED
approved basis of comparison STANDARD
in a belittling fashion SLIGHTINGLY
path between peaks RIDGELINE
"Fraggle Rock" creator HENSON
rock and paper partner SCISSORS
rock candy formation CRYSTAL
Plymouth Rock lander MAYFLOWER
rock salt HALITE
move in a rocking motion SEESAW
solid as a rock DEPENDABLE
feature of a poor excuse FLIMSINESS
wood coating FINISH
models' runways CATWALKS
BuzzFeed specialty LISTICLE
show signs of EXHIBIT
Italian notebook maker MOLESKINE
put price tags on MARK
made a walk-on appearance CAMEOED
make more unclear BECLOUD
throws far away FLINGS
more prone to tears WEEPIER
fall guy STOOGE
small signs with monikers NAMEPLATES
did a dance that takes two TANGOED
emotional resonance POIGNANCE
varies between extremes FLUCTUATES
Garfield's owner Jon ARBUCKLE
like multi-word verbs PHRASAL
making airtight SEALING
roof extension EAVE
creature with an exoskeleton ARTHROPOD
Duke University's Coach K KRZYZEWSKI
12-sided shape DODECAGON
site of many welcome mats HOUSEFRONT
Afghanistan-Pakistan pass KHYBER
rocket fuel, for one PROPELLENT
curved like a bow ARCUATE
Wimbledon surface RYEGRASS
previous legal decisions PRECEDENTS
person providing testimony WITNESS
lying in court PERJURY
British lawyer of high court BARRISTER
right of passage, say EASEMENT
wrongful act TORT
what a bailiff delivers OATH
whinnies NEIGHS
aerobatics display AIRSHOW
financial boost, perhaps INJECTION
on a higher horse SNOOTIER
routes off the beaten path BYROADS
established again REINSTATED
British singer Amy WINEHOUSE
city of Georgia/Greece ATHENS
city of Tennessee/Egypt MEMPHIS
city of Massachusetts/UK CAMBRIDGE
city of Texas/France PARIS
city of Texas/Ukraine ODESSA
city of Illinois/Egypt CAIRO
city in Ohio/Ireland DUBLIN
how a tired person breathes WHEEZILY
common name for borage STARFLOWER
South Africa capital citizen PRETORIAN
condition of rat's eyes BEADINESS
beams for overhanging loads CANTILEVERS
car that has fahrvergnugen VOLKSWAGEN
king conquered by William HAROLD
attempts, in slang STABS
most repulsive ICKIEST
2015 Best Actor Eddie REDMAYNE
asked for too much OVERCHARGED
more corpulent PORTLIER
auto mechanics' offices GARAGES
making unclear OBSCURING
soft French or Swiss cheese VACHERIN
arboreal apes CHIMPS
SI unit of capacitance FARAD
scintillant AGLITTER
very irritable BRISTLY
distress signals FLARES
one obviously pleased GRINNER