7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
strange ABNORMAL
spontaneously playful WHIMSICAL
chick's cry PEEP
device used on some screens STYLUS
one in music up to his chin VIOLINIST
detail-oriented METICULOUS
trill WARBLE
common theme THREAD
methods DEVICES
strata LAYERS
substituted for REPLACED
risky opening chess move GAMBIT
communications MESSAGES
discoverer FINDER
benefactor PATRON
acquainted FAMILIAR
additional information APPENDIX
abstract idea CONCEPT
feudal Japanese ruler SHOGUN
strong belief FAITH
female protagonist HEROINE
where the thigh is the limit MINISKIRT
group of naval vessels FLEET
increase in size GROW
yellow-topped weed DANDELION
having a sweet smell FRAGRANT
triangular Swiss chocolate TOBLERONE
famous fast food clown RONALD
recipe card item INGREDIENT
capital of Western Australia PERTH
Baby, in "Bringing Up Baby" LEOPARD
Spock's home planet VULCAN
colloquial DEMOTIC
baseball position SHORTSTOP
marching band tuba SOUSAPHONE
quantity of cookies BATCH
mechanical laborer ROBOT
back of the brain CEREBELLUM
brass constituent ZINC
like some pirate treasure BURIED
how salesmen talk GLIBLY
musical suite opener PRELUDE
discombobulated RATTLED
showing the effects of age TIMEWORN
sell abroad EXPORT
supermodels sashay on it RUNWAY
bakery creation PASTRY
colorful writers CRAYONS
undisturbed PLACID
contemptuous SCORNFUL
state of change FLUX
aromatic herb BASIL
get rid of ELIMINATE
waiter's income source TIPS
one who signs up MEMBER
bakery purchase LOAF
one who inspires MUSE
not encumbered UNBURDENED
devotional artwork ICON
moving by gravity alone BALLISTIC
1974 scandal WATERGATE
tie score DEADLOCK
interpretation of scripture EXEGESIS
Internet fad MEME
divert SHUNT
when all is said and done AFTERWARD
close your eyes to focus SQUINT
s'mores ingredient MARSHMALLOW
not interesting BORING
it's used to fix mistakes ERASER
green vegetable BROCCOLI
water in the air MOISTURE
newspaper employee JOURNALIST
endearing SWEET
falling to pieces UNDONE
realtor's objective OFFER
liquid, as lava MOLTEN
conceited fop COCKSCOMB
teeth neighbors GUMS
like an old tree GNARLED
"Stop!" WHOA
pregnancy test ULTRASOUND
below the surface UNDERNEATH
protect from harm PRESERVE
talk about DISCUSS
crush into a pulp MASH
disposition of troops FORMATION
keyboard instrument HARPSICHORD
slanted type ITALICS
woven fabric TEXTURE
gnat MIDGE
producing abundantly FERTILE
skeet-shooting weapon SHOTGUN
market for goods OUTLET
causing dissension DIVISIVE
chicken CHOOK
wild horse BRUMBY
utterly wicked HEINOUS
shark flesh FLAKE
southern state FLORIDA
bed cover QUILT
urban bird PIGEON
hard to do DIFFICULT
put in order ARRANGE
sound blockers EARPLUGS
clay dishes POTTERY
unstoppable power STEAMROLLER
software thief PIRATE
horseshoe pounder SMITH
surrender CEDE
make illegal PROHIBIT
singer-actress Carey MARIAH
foamy FROTHY
they come 12 to a carton EGGS
collegial type SCHOLAR
power to act for another AUTHORITY
small biting insect GNAT
speak softly MUTTER
religious scholar THEOLOGIAN
total UTTER
animal with a backbone VERTEBRATE
attenuated WEAKENED
similar ALIKE
waste away ATROPHY
keyboard instrument ORGAN
baby goose GOSLING
some speakers of Gaelic IRISH
celebrity chasers PAPARAZZI
having a spouse MARRIED
home of the golden arches MCDONALDS
extreme edge VERGE
first name in detection SHERLOCK
furniture style COLONIAL
house style VICTORIAN
not insulated very well DRAFTY
pleasingly pretty CUTE
free from fault or dust IMMACULATE
al fresco dining spot PATIO
jut out PROTRUDE
rounded mound KNOLL
pine tree EVERGREEN
it's often around noon LUNCHTIME
lay a finger on TOUCH
result of iodine deficiency GOITER
result of summer exposure SUNBURN
kitchen surface COUNTERTOP
passed through the enemy line INFILTRATED
pleasant KINDLY
collapsed CRUMPLED
a dead giveaway HEIRLOOM
like Beach Boys music HARMONIC
big lie WHOPPER
mountain lion COUGAR
distrustful LEERY
under cover CLANDESTINE
light splitter PRISM
impulsive CAPRICIOUS
pickpocket FILCH
savagery CRUELTY
act of joining the work force EMPLOYMENT
form a ring around ENCOMPASS
French prince DAUPHIN
massacre CARNAGE
small hospital INFIRMARY
answer on some tests TRUE
during the daytime DIURNAL
having a round figure OVERWEIGHT
lasting forever SEMPITERNAL
fatty part of fresh milk CREAM
theater group TROUPE
painting of a night scene NOCTURNE
art of clockmaking HOROLOGY
hot day SCORCHER
not so hot MEDIOCRE
hot drink ESPRESSO
work over a hot stove SLAVE
like a hot pepper SPICY
hot under the collar FUMING
hot oven for pottery KILN
followed silently STALKED
in a pile, as books STACKED
tennis shot VOLLEY
Avon representative SALESLADY
the teaching profession PEDAGOGY
up to one's eyeballs AWASH
showing a lack of interest DETACHED
lawn intruder CRABGRASS
irascible GROUCHY
nautical nonsense BILGE
relating to the body CORPOREAL
tender in Tijuana PESO
across the ocean OVERSEAS
squanderer SPENDTHRIFT
full of fibs DECEITFUL
patient transportation GURNEY
of small size PYGMY
Kennedy predecessor EISENHOWER
sharp as a tack ACUTE
derisive shout HOOT
vegetable casserole RATATOUILLE
give to a cause DONATE
place to cast votes POLL
classic potato soup VICHYSSOISE
edible flatfish PLAICE
adrenal gland neighbor KIDNEY
sign of imperfection ERASURE
all over ENDED
charade PRETENSE
skin on a turkey's throat WATTLE
incentive STIMULUS
optimistic FAVORABLE
pugilist BRAWLER
overhead SKYWARD
top surface of a step TREAD
mistaken ERRONEOUS
endowment BEQUEST
do away with ABROGATE
indoctrinate BRAINWASH
tree of the pine family LARCH
stolen SWIPED
pre-workout routine WARMUP
cup material STYROFOAM
canvas shoe PLIMSOLE
most desolate BLEAKEST
floating fishing gear BOBBER
of the sea MARITIME
Estonia's capital TALLINN
moving in a circle GYRATORY
old data storage format DISKETTE
body trunks TORSOS
hemispheres HALVES
waited before acting HESITATED
popular fashion magazine ELLE
come together CONVENE
Summer Olympics event GYMNASTICS
photography enthusiast SHUTTERBUG
Spanish snacks TAPAS
party with poi LUAU
eye doctor's field OPTOMETRY
American vulture CONDOR
Italian carmaker MASERATI
party decoration BALLOON
middle-of-the-road MODERATE
Swedish turnip RUTABAGA
Winter Olympics vehicle SLED
necessary REQUIRED
valet, for example ATTENDANT
birthplace of Columbus GENOA
daubing, as fingerpaint SMEARING
bubbles FROTH
donates temporarily LENDS
element 114 FLEROVIUM
sign of disuse COBWEB
did a disappearing act VANISHED
chance, numerically PROBABILITY
unlikely to cause suspicion INNOCUOUS
prominently display FEATURE
desert convoys CARAVANS
evergreen tree seed-bearer PINECONE
many-legged creatures CENTIPEDES
outdoors, as dining ALFRESCO
endearing LOVABLE
stylist's workplace BARBERSHOP
Ides date, sometimes FIFTEENTH
Spanish city SEVILLE
game of "kings" CHESS
Wendy's founder Dave THOMAS
farmland unit ACRE
strike fear into TERRIFY
with little enthusiasm RELUCTANTLY
hazardous to one's health DANGEROUS
museum displays EXHIBITS
linguist Noam CHOMSKY
ancient invaders of Spain MOORS
feeling embarrassment ASHAMED
leader of the Chipmunks ALVIN
cut of meat or fish FILET
cut dramatically SLASH
appearing to be a man HUMANOID
The Phantom's obsession CHRISTINE
sedimentary rock SANDSTONE
fictional reporter Kent CLARK
insulative material FIBERGLASS
ethanol fuel mixture GASOHOL
never before explored UNMAPPED
having no fixed address NOMADIC
stomach's location MIDRIFF
like spiral stairs WINDING
unwilling to reveal much SECRETIVE
house-damaging bugs TERMITES
yell SHOUT
delectable LUSCIOUS
good-natured friendliness BONHOMIE
without much energy WEARILY
people at a conference ATTENDEES
where logs are burned FIREPLACE
she married John Rolfe POCAHONTAS
tyrannical ruler AUTOCRAT
one who runs for exercise JOGGER
spelunkers explore them CAVES
inconsolable FORLORN
talk-show host Jimmy FALLON
universal concept ARCHETYPE
removed a blockage from UNSTOPPED
cook too long OVERBOIL
genetic copies CLONES
lack of a sufficient income POVERTY
mundaneness MEDIOCRITY
tall chef hats TOQUES
inevitable UNESCAPABLE
readied a dish to serve PLATED
court call OYEZ
treaty signers RATIFIERS
Jewish appetizer KNISH
short literary sketches VIGNETTES
apparel CLOTHING
worked with acid ETCHED
beneficial quality HELPFULNESS
fruit used in preserves BLACKBERRY
kidnap ABDUCT
not spontaneous PLANNED
big nose, slangily SCHNOZZ
meat in osso buco VEAL
crime jobs HEISTS
circle measurements DIAMETERS
spoke rhetorically DECLAIMED
using modern language SLANGY
urban environment CITYSCAPE
having a permit LICENSED
dandelion, for one WEED
has coming DESERVES
put into words STATED
indefatigable actress White BETTY
shareholder's income PAYOUT
fit for dwelling HABITABLE
suddenly burst in IRRUPTED
help for "viewers" SPECTACLES
replacement ruler REGENT
popular lake in Italy COMO
frankfurter-like sausage WIENERWURST
Congressperson Nancy PELOSI
turning white BLANCHING
Massachusetts college AMHERST
taken for granted GIVEN
gave life, perhaps SENTENCED
cracker brand RITZ
rotating engine part CAMSHAFT
occurs simultaneously COINCIDES
powerful desire YEARNING
sheetrock material DRYWALL
Mr. Met and others MASCOTS
in a curious manner INQUIRINGLY
largest city in Montana BILLINGS
made a copy of XEROXED
anticipation EXPECTANCY
vision study OPTICS
increased or enlarged UPBUILT
cooked like a Cajun dish BLACKENED
last century TWENTIETH
woman on the dollar SACAGAWEA
log in needs PASSWORDS
given to deep thought MEDITATIVE
popular dolls BARBIES
Carol or Mike Brady STEPPARENT
put a stopper in PLUGGED
easy basketball shots LAYUPS
slowed the car BRAKED
industrious HARDWORKING
speaks disparagingly of TRASHES
thick and sweet SYRUPY
talking incessantly CHATTERING
like many leased apartments UNFURNISHED
basketball player LeBron JAMES
got too big for OUTGREW
Sousa compositions MARCHES
realistic-sounding BELIEVABLE
Ukrainian Black Sea port SEVASTOPOL
logging channels FLUMES
re-rent, in a way SUBLET
covered in mist FOGBOUND
propped up SUPPORTED
line of work OCCUPATION
not move in a straight line ZIGZAG
line on a highway MEDIAN
business's bottom line PROFIT
fourteen-line poems SONNETS
fishing line attachment HOOK
part of a line, in geometry SEGMENT
suggestion IMPLICATION
like grades of D or higher PASSING
thwacks BEATS
most enormous HUGEST
along the diagonal SLANTED
large Chevy SUV SUBURBAN
black-and-white whale KILLER
club sandwich ingredient BACON
book club activity READING
dance club spinners DEEJAYS
another term for club soda SELTZER
fan club hangouts FACEBOOK
thick clubs CUDGELS
International manufacturer NAVISTAR
standard-bearer FLAGSTAFF
lack of desire to know INCURIOSITY
loosen restrictions on LIBERALIZE
carrying too much OVERLOADED
lower part of colon PERIOD
preparing for a ride SADDLING
schoolteacher PEDAGOGUE
instruction TUTELAGE
educational institution UNIVERSITY
piece of writing ESSAY
educational exercise DRILL
enroll in a school MATRICULATE
cost of college TUITION
chocolate candy BONBON
negative vote in Parliament NONCON
inner tower of a castle DONJON
jai alai venue FRONTON
2012 Summer Olympics city LONDON
bulb in a kitchen ONION
Chinese dumpling WONTON
deterrent PREEMPTIVE
large pointy object BODKIN
skin-care brand NIVEA
US biologist J. Craig VENTER
floristry chain GARLAND
in an unfriendly manner FROSTILY
Japanese samurai clan OGASAWARA
artificial FACTITIOUS
counterfeit POSTICHE
artificial manner AFFECTATION
artificial limb PROSTHESIS
artificial language ESPERANTO
artificial waterway CANAL
not real IMITATION
on land ASHORE
auto company founded in 1897 OLDSMOBILE
soft, pale cheese BRIE
small trash can WASTEBASKET
pays back REIMBURSES
rode a bike without pedaling COASTED
South Africa's busiest port DURBAN
great Brazilian dribbler GARRINCHA
insect meets sticky end here FLYPAPER
had a restless longing HANKERED
bothered HASSLED
utter rubbish BLATHER
attacking with ridicule SATIRIZING
uno de 50 de los EEUU ESTADO
Rubio, la cantante PAULINA
parte del triángulo famoso BERMUDAS
dirección de salida del sol ESTE
tipo de sopa CALDO
precaución, reserva CAUTELA
amigo de Bob Esponja PATRICIO
forma más formal de tú USTED
Madrid o Tokyo, por ejemplo CIUDAD
sobresaliente EXCELENTE
unidad básica de seres vivos CÉLULA
enfermedad de piel amarilla ICTERICIA
posesivo CELOSO
2, 4, 5 o 9 por ejemplo CIFRA
esto previene los caries FLÚOR
vecino de España PORTUGAL
no falso VERDADERO
programa continuo de la tele SERIE
persona que roba LADRÓN
oposición a una fuerza RESISTENCIA
albaricoque en México CHABACANO
run-of-the-mill ORDINARY
run, as a company MANAGE
a river runs through them BANKS
"Born to Run" singer SPRINGSTEEN
runs fast DASHES
run across ENCOUNTER
baker's dozen + card suits SEVENTEEN
"sweet" age x Olympic rings EIGHTY
solid gold / first prime TWELVE
decathlon events x trio THIRTY
violin strings + Rome hills ELEVEN
Jackson's bill / quintet FOUR
innings - pregnancy term ZERO
needlefish GARS
appointment calendar PLANNER
fire it up to go to the fire FIRETRUCK
particle pulverizer COLLIDER
they share a fence line NEIGHBORS
ornamental copper ore MALACHITE
supported one group SIDED
of the soul, mind, or spirit INNER
acted properly BEHAVED
Cincinnati footballer BENGAL
glacier-formed ridge ESKER
California ghost town SKIDOO
speaking on and on and on HARPING
Italian education reformer MONTESSORI
consider one's options DEBATE
Athenian tragedian EURIPIDES
alluring femme fatale SIREN
aural phone dialing system TOUCHTONE
celestial guide LODESTAR
bovine of the arctic MUSKOX
region within boundaries LIMITS
soccer star Mia HAMM
extremely bad TERRIBLE
drops out of sight DISAPPEARS
mound built by insects ANTHILL
hair gathered at one's crown TOPKNOT
vulgar or boorish UNREFINED
brand of candy-coated gum CHICLETS
most stalwart MIGHTIEST
a street that's hard to find EASY
one of baseball's giants MAYS
slumber party costume PAJAMAS
took a less direct route MEANDERED
seagulls' position, often ASTERN
the North Star POLARIS
star, on a phone ASTERISK
starring role LEAD
fuel for a star HYDROGEN
four-star, as a hotel LUXURIOUS
TV personality Star JONES
sport of the Dallas Stars HOCKEY
ride with painted horses CAROUSEL
violin piece FINGERBOARD
hurrying HASTENING
trainer of hawks FALCONER
tree surgeon ARBORIST
lots go under it HAMMER
rudimentary toe in some dogs DEWCLAW
most obnoxiously talkative MOUTHIEST
mountain range in west Iran ZAGROS
without anyone in control RUDDERLESS
site of the 1896 gold rush KLONDIKE
eats the evening meal SUPS
former Leaf captain Sundin MATS
northern Italian region LOMBARDY
film shooter CAMERAMAN
shoot the breeze CHITCHAT
shoot down VETO
shoot off one's mouth BLAB
shoot forth repeatedly DARTLE
source of edible shoots BAMBOO
shoot-'em-up WESTERN
celebrated cartoonist Art SPIEGELMAN
a mouth sore CANKER
large Belgian dog breed BOUVIER
transparency's opposite OPACITY
3.527 ounces HECTOGRAM
one who is wordless APHASIAC
page-bottom text block FOOTER
Edmonton football team ESKIMOS
"ill judgment" DIAGNOSIS
refined lover of the arts ESTHETE
in an obtrusively showy way GARISHLY
Congolese capital KINSHASA
"down to earth" person PARACHUTIST
drooping SAGGING
a bird of prey HAWK
a prominent headline BANNER
set one against the other PITTED
imitate a signature FORGE
poorly-planned city spread SPRAWL
individual songs on a CD TRACKS
sent with speed DISPATCHED
like a too-full flight OVERBOOKED
coops up CONFINES
putting on a pedestal IDOLIZING
on an incline SLOPED
late-night flight REDEYE
Swiss psychiatrist Carl JUNG
methodology PROCESS
a past tense PLUPERFECT
competes VIES
Oscar winner Spencer OCTAVIA
beginners TYROS
chasing after PURSUING
Sherlock's main nemesis MORIARTY
act cautiously PUSSYFOOT
liquid-filled furniture WATERBED
New Hampshire prep school EXETER
a straightforward statement DECLARATIVE
deeply felt VISCERAL
lackeys MENIALS
American writer Bret HARTE
things that are done ACTIONS
decay and crumble MOLDER
sole trader FISHMONGER
largest city in Syria ALEPPO
misted up FOGGED
was aware of in advance FOREKNEW
without compassion MERCILESSLY
perceiving clearly RECOGNIZING
in a tough spot TREED
long trips JOURNEYS
dad's dad GRANDPAPA
paint messes SPLATTERS
slightly colored TINGED
in a casual manner OFFHANDEDLY
camera feature AUTOFOCUS
"catty," in a big way TIGERISH
links up CHAINS
low-calorie LITE
comes closer to APPROACHES
hairstyles COIFS
lean quality TRIMNESS
"Gravity" star Bullock SANDRA
problem for many athletes TENDINITIS
buys time STALLS
person who sleeps nearby BUNKMATE
field dealing with motion DYNAMICS
easily supported with facts DEFENSIBLE
mountain range in Utah WASATCH
subtly suggested INSINUATED
it's outstanding of its kind DOOZIE
tossed into the fire BURNED
Jimmy known as "Schnozzola" DURANTE
without purpose IDLY
naughty sorts RASCALS
data speed unit BAUD
prized wool-providing sheep MERINO
river's open stretches REACHES
restarting your laptop REBOOTING
in the past FORMERLY
spectral mnemonic ROYGBIV
tidal island of NE England LINDISFARNE
Austrian composer Mahler GUSTAV
musician Costello ELVIS
Latin lover CLASSICIST
wandered about ROAMED
juices from cooked meat DRIPPINGS
flashlights, in England TORCHES
rundown property's owner SLUMLORD
throwing a fright into SCARING
females who lead committees CHAIRWOMEN
rude look LEER
gave a scolding HARANGUED
getting dressed ROBING
HQ of Caterpillar, Inc. PEORIA
cartoon genre of Japan ANIME
act of stifling REPRESSION
feel nostalgic about MISS
worked in a dairy MILKED
rest and relax DECOMPRESS
basketball star Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
farewells ADIEUS
one-time FORMER
two-lipped BILABIATE
three-horned TRICORN
four-square FIRMLY
five-sided PENTAGONAL
sixth sense INTUITION
seven days WEEK
defeated BESTED
Helsinki native FINN
how a rebel acts DEFIANTLY
seized using force HIJACKED
protein-forming acid AMINO
scarf's cousin NECKERCHIEF
land exposed at low tide MUDFLAT
Oklahoma City NBA team THUNDER
lamp with protective glass HURRICANE
cry noisily SQUALL
game played on the floor TWISTER
acclaim with enthusiasm HAIL
kind of trout RAINBOW
Eurofighter aircraft TYPHOON
incredulous UNCONVINCED
signal converter TRANSDUCER
like some kids' sandwiches CRUSTLESS
city in southern France MONTPELLIER
German automobile inventor DAIMLER
tantrums OUTBURSTS
S-shaped SIGMOID
velvety leather NUBUCK
French ski brand ROSSIGNOL
gentle warmth BALMINESS
looked through casually BROWSED
belittlement DEPRECATION
idle talker GOSSIPER
Forster's adjoining town TUNCURRY
internet messageboard NEWSGROUP
NRL's South Sydney RABBITOHS
like rotor and radar PALINDROMIC
store's public display SHOPWINDOW
small oceanic crustaceans KRILL
key pizza cheese quality MELTABILITY
old-fashioned charm QUAINTNESS
casual greeting in Paris SALUT
imperceptibly INVISIBLY
call to action MOBILIZE
dilation in a blood vessel ANEURISM
thin layer of microorganisms BIOFILM
US discount department store MARSHALLS
newsstand purchases PAPERS
global warming science CLIMATOLOGY
brightness LUMINOSITY
in a nonsensical manner ILLOGICALLY
"Sleeping Beauty" composer TCHAIKOVSKY
lose sleep FRET
author of "The Big Sleep" CHANDLER
rouse from sleep AWAKEN
sleep through the winter HIBERNATE
deep sleep SOPOR
where soldiers sleep BARRACKS
laid grass down SODDED
taking the form of a net RETICULATED
in short, a nasty bacteria STAPH
gossamer WEBLIKE
construction supply reseller FASTENAL
Bond actor Dalton TIMOTHY
carved on ivory SCRIMSHAWED
ivory constituent DENTIN
musical ivories KEYS
Ivory Coast's state language FRENCH
Ivory's film-making partner MERCHANT
ivory tower denizen ACADEMIC
Ivory laundry detergent SNOW
Justin of The Moody Blues HAYWARD
Pink Floyd's home city LONDON
Macy Gray's original surname MCINTYRE
2003 The White Stripes album ELEPHANT
Green Day's 5x award GRAMMY
Clint Black's music genre COUNTRY
Mick of Simply Red HUCKNALL
drab and dowdy FRUMPISH
lack of moisture DRYNESS
exaggerate OVERSTATE
language of Myanmar BURMESE
Cheddar and Brie CHEESES
like lumber SAWN
film and TV actress Louise FLETCHER
true-blue LOYAL
Deep Blue's expertise CHESS
Kerry blue, for one TERRIER
the "boys in blue" POLICE
a bolt from the blue BOMBSHELL
black and blue BRUISED
imitation wall column PILASTER
go through again RELIVE
"Arms and the Man" author SHAW
given by word of mouth PAROL
a way to find another word THESAURUS
Ophelia's brother LAERTES
broke up the soil ROTOTILLED
unhealthy pallor PASTINESS
walker brand ZIMMER
twisted KINKED
umbrella, in Britain BROLLY
actor MacLachlan KYLE
doing the accounts BALANCING
Batman nemesis JOKER
the Union Islands, formerly TOKELAU
in a firm manner SOLIDLY
former president of Poland WALESA
unit for measuring vitamins MICROGRAM
something that leaks out SEEPAGE
person from Kabul AFGHAN
"language" among doctors MEDICALESE
flying lemurs COLUGOS
bejeweled, in a way BEADED
golf legend Palmer ARNOLD
what "b)" could be on a list SUBTOPIC
bridge-jumper's lifeline BUNGEE
old-fashioned OUTMODED
old hand VETERAN
like an old shoe COMFORTABLE
the Old World EUROPE
Old Faithful and Beehive GEYSERS
Old Dominion VIRGINIA
Oldsmobile model CUTLASS
feminine WOMANLY
prefix meaning "half" HEMI
kind of tape MASKING
Capitol Hill-related, maybe SENATORIAL
actress Anna KENDRICK
coming across DISCOVERING
in a mean way UNKINDLY
The Bahamas' "Second City" FREEPORT
election activity VOTING
region of northern France PICARDY
not as far away CLOSER
brothers, briefly BROS
Star Trek "trouble"-maker TRIBBLE
a hen, in Australia CHOOK
in an energized manner EXCITEDLY
"earth pigs," literally AARDVARKS
working fewer hours SEMIRETIRED
actress Stone EMMA
they decide what's popular TASTEMAKERS
tail motions WAGS
egging on INCITING
jumping up and down POGOING
Scottish poet Burns ROBERT
they may be deceptive APPEARANCES
having feathers for flight FLEDGED
gripping very tightly VISELIKE
dirty and sloppy SLUDGY
dirty and unhealthy UNSANITARY
6-point score TOUCHDOWN
6 plus 6 DOZEN
6-time Super Bowl champions STEELERS
6-sided shape HEXAGON
6-shooter PISTOL
chemical element #6 CARBON
6-pack location ABDOMEN
made eyes at OGLED
baby swans CYGNETS
Colgate rival CREST
US-owned factory in Mexico MAQUILADORA
throws with force HURLS
"Thanks," in Munich DANKE
tennis elbow, e.g. TENDINITIS
intuitive guesses HUNCHES
put together beforehand PREMADE
uncovers REVEALS
assessing JUDGING
inherently INNATELY
Frito-Lay snack brand SUNCHIPS
like classical mechanics NEWTONIAN
vegetables with hearts ARTICHOKES
less specific VAGUER
guaranteeing ASSURING
cadged BUMMED
mathematical results THEOREMS
took an alternate route DETOURED
volcanic rock powder PUMICITE
with shelf-like projections LEDGY
valley dweller DALESMAN
in a faint ASWOON
world's largest peninsula ARABIAN
sweeten the pot INCENT
migrating birds' route FLYWAY
feel in one's bones SENSE
put a bug in one's ear SUGGEST
digging in one's heels DETERMINED
having ants in one's pants EXCITED
get in one's hair BOTHER
stick in one's craw RANKLE
hold in one's hands POSSESS
flew (by) WHIZZED
lacking any wind BREEZELESS
most jubilant MERRIEST
female donkey JENNET
covers up errors WHITEWASHES
author Mario PUZO
one musician SOLOIST
isolated individual ROGUE
wagon train guide SCOUT
card game played alone SOLITAIRE
by oneself UNAIDED
self-governing AUTONOMOUS
he talks to himself MONOLOGUIST
from Thimphu, say BHUTANESE
suspicion-arousing quality FISHINESS
loses a staring contest BLINKS
video game stage LEVEL
solidifying JELLING
people on the force OFFICERS
cause one to be hostile ANTAGONIZE
verboseness PROLIXITY
well-known PROVERBIAL
ball throwers, in cricket BOWLERS
quite broad THICKISH
tennis players SERVERS
cloak-and-dagger UNDERCOVER
serpentine TWISTING
one-piece car frame UNIBODY
discounts ROLLBACKS
in an old-fashioned way DATEDLY
cricket swinger BATSMAN
state of a full moon SPHERICITY
Silk Road hub city ALEPPO