7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
quality attracting crows SHININESS
ripped TORN
extremely, when mad HOPPING
respiratory problem CROUP
a bad one blames his tools WORKMAN
most spirited FEISTIEST
separated DISUNITED
unsuccessful endeavor FAILURE
group focused on one job TASKFORCE
Ol' Blue Eyes' first name FRANK
hand clapping APPLAUSE
joke's desired response LAUGHTER
more than one SEVERAL
fades away DWINDLES
extremely funny HILARIOUS
fretting WORRYING
adorned DECKED
the Beaver's real first name THEODORE
tree branch LIMB
Egyptian landmarks PYRAMIDS
cow meat BEEF
Canis lupus WOLF
part of a pie CRUST
baby doctor's field PEDIATRICS
footballs, slangily PIGSKINS
Galway's instrument FLUTE
curved ROUNDED
chef who says "Bam!" EMERIL
cessation of hostilities PEACE
processed cheese type AMERICAN
eggs, milk, bread, etc. GROCERIES
small amount WHIT
what hunters track SPOOR
showing determination PLUCKY
pearls of wisdom ADAGES
Pearl Harbor's island OAHU
mother-of-pearl NACRE
one way to wear pearls NECKLACE
edible pearl ONION
units of pearl weight CARATS
"The Pearl" author STEINBECK
parade vehicle FLOAT
waste away DWINDLE
made corrections to EDITED
Atlanta NFL team FALCONS
free weight DUMBBELL
unbendable STIFF
hard on the eyes UNSIGHTLY
Schubert's "The Trout", for one QUINTET
read through PERUSE
tommyrot NONSENSE
shortstop's place INFIELD
speaker's stand LECTERN
put off DEFER
deli meat PASTRAMI
bile producer LIVER
continuing competition RIVALRY
permit LICENSE
"tickled" keys IVORIES
knotty snack PRETZEL
turn on its head INVERT
Titanic's undoing ICEBERG
piece of turf DIVOT
deck out in showy clothes BEDIZEN
one dominant in his field OVERDOG
study with makeup exams COSMETOLOGY
soothing salve EMOLLIENT
part of a drill team DENTIST
sign of healthy hair BOUNCE
roadside stand drink LEMONADE
winter road clearer SNOWPLOW
recover from being sick RECUPERATE
exceptionally bad ATROCIOUS
shockingly repellent HORRID
one of a kind UNIQUE
covered with dirt FILTHY
friend of Snap and Pop CRACKLE
snappy comeback ZINGER
alternative to snaps VELCRO
hat with a snap-brim FEDORA
snapping turtle's home POND
snap the "bracelets" on HANDCUFF
snappish PETULANT
arena seats or laundry owners BLEACHERS
picked instrument BANJO
pick out CHOOSE
footwear with a toe pick SKATE
one making picks and pans CRITIC
pick user MINER
empty seat ABSENCE
suppose without proof ASSUME
facing extinction ENDANGERED
competition arrangement MATCHUP
twenty percent FIFTH
bear down on PRESS
grasp with the mind COMPREHEND
snobbish person SNOOT
packed like sardines CROWDED
killjoy WOWSER
griping WHINGING
wipe out DEVASTATE
associated with true love ROMANTIC
long-nosed mammal BILBY
white flowers DAISIES
shining GLOWING
pillar COLUMN
small argument SPAT
spread about SCATTERED
small spot SPECK
computer screen MONITOR
1/8 mile FURLONG
Monopoly action ROLL
enthusiastic FERVENT
steamed PEEVED
business enterprise COMPANY
give new life to RENOVATE
etagere pieces KNICKKNACKS
gives with the gossip DISHES
seeking of absolution CONFESSION
ornamental jewelry BROOCH
controlling political group MACHINE
having stomach trouble NAUSEOUS
cheap old car FLIVVER
singing group CHOIR
constant griper FAULTFINDER
not having plans FREE
calamitous TRAGIC
cargo area HOLD
misconception DELUSION
immature PUERILE
packing calories FATTENING
it may be called BLUFF
related to good health SANITARY
one always in college PROFESSOR
disparage BELITTLE
it may be buried HATCHET
thicket of trees COPSE
not standing still MOBILE
showing good manners COURTEOUS
chess turn MOVE
ill-humor STUFFINESS
moral decay DECADENCE
percussion instrument GONG
payment under the table KICKBACK
police district PRECINCT
complaining WHINY
glorification APOTHEOSIS
Vancouver hockey team CANUCKS
old name for Wales CAMBRIA
African plant aka catjang COWPEA
sheep herdsman DROVER
baseball game giveaway BOBBLEHEAD
sleeveless dress JUMPER
spanned BRIDGED
home for some ants FARM
predatory bird LAMMERGEIER
obstructed section of road BOTTLENECK
ill humor BILE
jet stream location TROPOSPHERE
carried TOTED
cemetery GRAVEYARD
confused state DELIRIUM
mint for a Manx CATNIP
press agent PUBLICIST
superfluous UNNECESSARY
double reed instrument OBOE
tusked mammal WALRUS
of lesser importance TRIVIAL
thumb protection THIMBLE
attacked by a hornet STUNG
sugar substitute ASPARTAME
beyond ordinary EXCEPTIONAL
dark volcanic rock BASALT
New Year's Eve events PARTIES
company cafeteria COMMISSARY
milquetoast DOORMAT
defiance of the police OUTLAWRY
floating debris FLOTSAM
science of sound ACOUSTICS
lamentable PITIFUL
foolhardiness DESPERATION
outdoor furniture material WICKER
repugnant ODIOUS
evening meal SUPPER
strain a muscle, perhaps OVERDO
pledge marriage to AFFIANCE
like a wedding vow SOLEMN
gave up, as citizenship RENOUNCED
fix firmly ENSCONCE
paper towel quality ABSORBENCY
lessen in importance MINIFY
ragged MOTHY
queen bitten by an asp CLEOPATRA
predatory bird FALCON
conscious SENTIENT
just and impartial EQUITABLE
troublemaker MALCONTENT
on the table NEGOTIABLE
winter vehicle SNOWMOBILE
type of airplane engine TURBOPROP
emphasized, in a way BOLD
like Pepe Le Pew STINKY
finger woe HANGNAIL
metal abbreviated Sb ANTIMONY
handing over a criminal EXTRADITION
four pecks BUSHEL
chilled ICED
Iowa, Illinois, et al. MIDWEST
talk about the old days REMINISCE
unspecified person SOMEBODY
sprint DASH
cry out for NECESSITATE
hanging loosely PENDULOUS
fez shape FRUSTUM
listen HEAR
made a comeback RALLIED
deer hide BUCKSKIN
keep balls up in the air JUGGLE
big trash receptacle DUMPSTER
hit man ASSASSIN
extemporaneously OFFHAND
bulging BUNCHY
meat-curing chemicals NITRITES
worked on removing graffiti SANDBLASTED
unmindful OBLIVIOUS
banged into JARRED
preceding in time ANTEDATING
continues to be EXISTS
long jump landing site SANDPIT
form of oxygen OZONE
crunchy CRISPY
given a vocal reprimand LECTURED
infuriate ENRAGE
got a sneak peek of PREVIEWED
animal preserve worker GAMEKEEPER
the team with the ball OFFENSE
supportive and encouraging NURTURING
went "poof" DISAPPEARED
Florida city TAMPA
on fire BLAZING
Prince Charles's sport POLO
highest point APEX
wedge on the floor DOORSTOP
Betsy Ross, for one SEAMSTRESS
stick-and-ball game LACROSSE
artwork with tiles MOSAIC
square or triangle, e.g. POLYGON
insisted on DEMANDED
blood red CRIMSON
honey farmer BEEKEEPER
get around skillfully OUTMANEUVER
old record player GRAMOPHONE
"Proud Mary" vessel RIVERBOAT
tall grass BAMBOO
persuade via flattery INVEIGLE
commoner PLEBEIAN
big name in talk shows WINFREY
lacy napkin DOILY
syrupy quality VISCOSITY
flute relative RECORDER
Pennsylvania baseballers PHILLIES
card game for one SOLITAIRE
cases for chapeaux HATBOXES
cleverly get the better of OUTWIT
old Czechoslovakian region BOHEMIA
study of lines and angles GEOMETRY
superstar IDOL
Russian composer Igor STRAVINSKY
contest for runners FOOTRACE
mountain range in Italy APENNINES
one-piece garment for a baby ROMPERS
Shakespeare, for one PLAYWRIGHT
Sidney of "The Defiant Ones" POITIER
spy activity ESPIONAGE
songs from way back when OLDIES
dehydrated DESICCATED
proof of authority CREDENTIALS
considered MUSED
going separate ways DIVERGING
snow pellets GRAUPEL
singer-actress Miley CYRUS
comfy, cozy HOMEY
Egyptian symbol HIEROGLYPH
solar system representation PLANETARIUM
like boars and bucks MALE
opening in a door KEYHOLE
delivery person of yore MILKMAN
complained GROUSED
physicist Stephen HAWKING
with all one's heart SINCERELY
India's most populous city MUMBAI
fenced in, as a yard ENCLOSED
unable to eat another bite SATED
what bees do to flowers POLLINATE
frivolous and irresponsible FLIGHTY
maltreat MANHANDLE
fried cheese-filled tortilla QUESADILLA
Oxford lace SHOESTRING
jailer TURNKEY
farm implement with disks HARROW
time for exhibition matches PRESEASON
modern TV show genre REALITY
"SNL" creator Lorne MICHAELS
country singer Lyle LOVETT
deepest river in the world CONGO
fierce stares GLARES
butter cookie SHORTBREAD
Alabama institute TUSKEGEE
insect's stomach CRAW
removal of dead skin cells EXFOLIATION
work with needles KNIT
German songs LIEDER
"Roseanne" actor John GOODMAN
type of truck FLATBED
switched the king and rook CASTLED
taking on ACCEPTING
took advantage of EXPLOITED
in a shy way BASHFULLY
exaggerated OVERSTATED
kitchen appliances RANGES
put into a separate group SEGREGATE
banking backstop FDIC
made a shadowy profile SILHOUETTED
mysterious SECRETIVE
they may be sweet NOTHINGS
"sir", for example HONORIFIC
worked with plants GARDENED
use a pitcher POUR
forming beads, in a way SWEATING
with words VERBALLY
about a culture SOCIETAL
the upper classes GENTRY
convoke SUMMON
making up one's mind DECIDING
river or brook WATERCOURSE
car accident, usually CRASH
creamy dressing RANCH
a very high flier ASTRONAUT
subject to punishment PENALIZE
parting words GOODBYES
boldly misleading BLUFFING
security software company SYMANTEC
present at birth CONGENITAL
"foxy" female VIXEN
small salamanders NEWTS
made spending cuts RETRENCHED
not very friendly UNLIKABLE
singer Aaron NEVILLE
looks forward to EXPECTS
bump from the TV schedule PREEMPT
sluggers HITTERS
dance requiring flexibility LIMBO
some hogs RAZORBACKS
in a tangy manner ZESTILY
more than frightened TERRIFIED
Duracell rival EVEREADY
extendable instruments TROMBONES
what the dormouse slept in TEAPOT
shoddiness FLIMSINESS
waved vigorously FLAILED
battle of words LOGOMACHY
killer whale GRAMPUS
country bordering Iran TURKEY
state of running for office CANDIDACY
wrote on a blog POSTED
react to a bad pun, maybe WINCE
dial-up's faster alternative BROADBAND
reorganize after a setback REGROUP
telling Mom and Dad TATTLING
gets through PENETRATES
tiny cut SNIP
forced off-course SIDETRACKED
Buffalo Bill's last name CODY
sending junk email to SPAMMING
stole cattle RUSTLED
argued over trivial matter QUIBBLED
small tear SNAG
gentlemen prefer them, maybe BLONDES
confectionary company CADBURY
island in Philippines SIBUYAN
Amsterdam soccer club AJAX
pilfering from stores SHOPLIFTING
armored car robbery HEIST
attacking robber MUGGER
illegally seize an airplane SKYJACK
crime against the king TREASON
one breaking and entering BURGLAR
illicit escapade CAPER
Diane Sawyer is one NEWSWOMAN
a lengthy short story NOVELLA
peppermill partner SALTSHAKER
striking out, maybe HITLESS
Japanese electronics giant RICOH
top screenwriter Aaron SORKIN
challenge the authority of DEFY
school grounds CAMPUS
private school ACADEMY
school of thought BELIEF
school oversight group BOARD
college for technicians POLYTECHNIC
teachers FACULTY
old school primer HORNBOOK
sign, as a book INSCRIBE
Nobel Prize category, partly PHYSIOLOGY
buddies CHUMS
they spread on the Internet MEMES
telling to be quiet SHUSHING
organizations GROUPS
wrote "teh," perhaps MISTYPED
stability CONSTANCE
onrush of activity SALLY
elegance of manner GRACE
month of showers APRIL
Proustian pastry MADELEINE
tuneful tones MELODY
form of quartz CRYSTAL
legendary stage actor Jason ROBARDS
Jason Giambi's sport BASEBALL
Jason's sister in "FoxTrot" PAIGE
Jason Garrett's team COWBOYS
comedian Jason ALEXANDER
singer-songwriter Jason MRAZ
Jason Elam's position PLACEKICKER
Canadian agri-business VITERRA
musician's "somewhat brisk" ALLEGRETTO
calcium supplement brand CALTRATE
with affection FONDLY
proportional representation RATIO
variety of Spanish olive MANZANILLO
flowing letters CURSIVE
uppercase letter MAJUSCULE
lines on a letter SERIF
symbol in place of a word LOGOGRAM
sign with an X DECUSSATE
squiggle in Spanish words TILDE
unstressed vowel SCHWA
Japanese vehicle maker SUZUKI
blue blood vessels VEINS
portable electric lamps FLASHLIGHTS
settled a debt with REPAID
crabs and lobsters CRUSTACEANS
it recedes as you go bald HAIRLINE
lost heat COOLED
ammunition ROUNDS
carpenter's mate WALRUS
asthma sufferer WHEEZER
historic city in Kerala ALAPPUZHA
obtained money by deception DEFRAUDED
hieroglyph PICTOGRAPH
stock holder CATTLEMAN
sitio histórico de Ecuador INGAPIRCA
críptico, misterioso ENIGMÁTICO
fruta rica en vitamina C MAMONCILLO
islas del Atlántico MALVINAS
isla italiana SICILIA
volcán cerca de Nápoles VESUBIO
ciudad turca de especias ESTAMBUL
el símbolo de Australia CANGURO
tipo de jamón español SERRANO
polígono con cinco lados PENTÁGONO
deporte de Michael Jordan BASQUÉTBOL
tomar BEBER
nutriente de la carne PROTEÍNA
Kim, Khloe, o Kourtney KARDASHIAN
gracioso del circo PAYASO
absolutamente precisa EXACTA
biplaza a pedales TÁNDEM
almacén rural GRANERO
ficha de ajedrez PEÓN
cantar el canario TRINAR
dar cobijo ALOJAR
report card letters GRADES
card game for four BRIDGE
like a key card's strip MAGNETIZED
greeting-card company HALLMARK
what a house of cards may do COLLAPSE
discard JETTISON
rotating card file ROLODEX
Josephine's beloved NAPOLEON
like the taste of lemons TART
exhale quickly PUFF
frequent result of a fumble TURNOVER
waste, as time FRITTER
trumpet relative CORNET
senior management tier MARZIPAN
ready for the junkyard IRREPARABLE
items on a rap sheet ARRESTS
Shakespeare heroine PORTIA
makes worse EXACERBATES
"Purple Rain" singer PRINCE
suppressed QUELLED
ball-and-strike callers UMPS
popular brand of soap PALMOLIVE
in a legally aggressive way LITIGIOUSLY
adding soil around the spuds HILLING
in a spirited manner PERKILY
cross an item off your list REDLINE
islands intermediary INLET
Zimbabwe president MUGABE
it may stick in the throat FISHBONE
forming a small remnant VESTIGIAL
chilliness FRIGIDITY
lockers KEYS
roused from sleep AWOKEN
river in southwestern Alaska KUSKOKWIM
sound of bagpipes SKIRL
hit on the noggin CONK
from Casablanca MOROCCAN
his heel was vulnerable ACHILLES
treated unfairly VICTIMIZED
African antelopes IMPALAS
like artisans SKILLED
young actor/musician Criss DARREN
smelly animals POLECATS
chimney sweep's problem SOOT
think back REFLECT
ledge that projects OUTCROPPING
Pittsburgh worker, maybe STEELMAKER
set of stairs FLIGHT
southern Ireland county CORK
boo-boo BLUNDER
hush-hush SECRET
pooh-pooh DISPARAGE
chop-chop QUICKLY
bye-bye FAREWELL
dum-dum IDIOT
wooden wind instrument ALPHORN
sports nutrition brand POWERBAR
make widely known PUBLICIZE
fair lady BLONDE
criticize harshly LAMBAST
fall for the English AUTUMN
roofed colonnade STOA
mentally acute CLEAREYED
one who puts on a crown DENTIST
contacting via text MESSAGING
offers to buy lots BIDS
give definite form to CRYSTALLIZE
clumsy, stupid person SHLUB
in the continental US STATESIDE
cave exploration SPELUNKING
man cave focus TELEVISION
cave formation STALACTITE
"The Cave" singer Marcus MUMFORD
world's deepest cave KRUBERA
small, decorated cave GROTTO
noted cave art location LASCAUX
exchange of words TRANSLATION
bringing to light UNCOVERING
letting sound die away DIMINUENDO
British training wheels STABILIZERS
protein deficiency disease KWASHIORKOR
a state in Mexico TAMAULIPAS
germinates SPROUTS
in a disorderly manner PELLMELL
jazz double bassist Charles MINGUS
"Hog Butcher for the World" CHICAGO
Russian doll MATRYOSHKA
cutting both ways SAWING
small, coastal fish MUMMICHOG
1980s video game GALAGA
stood up to FACED
serious quality SOLEMNITY
serving, as soup LADLING
doesn't pass FAILS
not easily gotten rid of UNSHAKABLE
sounded like a campfire CRACKLED
pockmarks on the moon CRATERS
old mill powerplant WATERWHEEL
economic downturns DEPRESSIONS
made angry MADDENED
preparer for doomsday SURVIVALIST
points a finger at ACCUSES
don't agree DISSENT
dreaming up IMAGINING
Italian seaport TRIESTE
pleasure trips OUTINGS
southeast European region BALKANS
first "Survivor" location BORNEO
target of a joke BUTT
coal-processing place GASWORKS
dinfully done NOISILY
city on Great Slave Lake YELLOWKNIFE
toasty sandwich chain QUIZNOS
inner surface of your hand PALM
Starbucks drink size GRANDE
one that feeds and protects NURTURER
English speaker, in Montreal ANGLO
short sight GLIMPSE
cave dwellings cliff in Mali BANDIAGARA
transported with delight ENRAPTURED
feign sickness to avoid work MALINGER
downwardly mobile FALLING
most annoying PESKIEST
first spreadsheet program VISICALC
got an abrasion SCRAPED
job seekers APPLICANTS
uses a spade DIGS
giving in RELENTING
forced acceptance of RAMRODDED
dealing with general weather CLIMATIC
hole-making bug BORER
failed in a major way TANKED
places SITES
make slippery SLICKEN
toast toppings JELLIES
spent the cold season WINTERED
shock, in a way ELECTROCUTE
young actor Grace TOPHER
munitions ARMAMENT
working slowly PUTTERING
A, AA, and AAA, in baseball MINORS
put into office INAUGURATED
wake up ROUSE
unwanted followers TAGALONGS
west Russian city, formerly STALINGRAD
shackled at the wrists HANDCUFFED
ornamental metallic lacework FILAGREE
stupid, boring person SCHMOE
without spirit SOULLESS
curative substance MEDICAMENT
"Peter Pan" family's surname DARLING
Electrolux appliances brand KELVINATOR
what bloomers are not FLOWERLESS
encoded version of a message CIPHERTEXT
Hyatt boutique hotel brand ANDAZ
do repeatedly to gain skill PRACTICE
juicy East Indian fruit MANGOSTEEN
Indian cricket great "Sunny" GAVASKAR
Canadian GM subsidiary CAMI
rough-textured SANDPAPERY
clothed GARBED
maneuvering JOCKEYING
"Carmen" attendees OPERAGOERS
goofed off LOAFED
bank record PASSBOOK
rushed forward CHARGED
astronaut Schirra WALLY
famous duelist against Burr HAMILTON
rushed the QB BLITZED
cuts off SEVERS
Yo-Yo Ma's instrument CELLO
helpers in a heist ACCOMPLICES
redhead actress Jessica CHASTAIN
works out EXERCISES
inhabited POPULATED
more deserving WORTHIER
airplane control feature STABILIZER
like lions and horses MANED
zoo enclosures CAGES
doctor's case PATIENT
in a daily manner DIURNALLY
state in northeastern India TRIPURA
canoeist of a sort KAYAKER
passed disease on to INFECTED
people of intelligence AGENTS
unoccupied jobs VACANCIES
beat severely FUSTIGATE
beat in the box office OUTDRAW
beat one's jaws JABBER
beat with the fists PUMMEL
beat a dead horse BELABOR
what a drum beats to RHYTHM
evidence of a heartbeat PULSE
lion-hearted COURAGEOUS
birdbrained STUPID
pigheaded OBSTINATE
dog-tired EXHAUSTED
beetle-browed FROWNING
eagle-eyed OBSERVANT
with scorching heat TORRIDLY
inclined to nap SNOOZY
acts maternally toward MOTHERS
like scurvy plunderers PIRATICAL
area above the high tide BACKSHORE
musical counterpoint POLYPHONY
capable of being calmed APPEASABLE
make numb or sluggish TORPIFY
like Nick Price ZIMBABWEAN
first baby carrier UTERUS
three vowels in one syllable TRIPHTHONG
replant with trees REFOREST
in a friendly, welcoming way HOSPITABLY
inflammation in part of eye IRITIS
Oz racing car driver, Jack BRABHAM
attempted UNDERTOOK
city in central Victoria BENDIGO
conversation starter ICEBREAKER
Oz magazine editor, Ita BUTTROSE
transport ENTHRAL
Oz film director, Bruce BERESFORD
teacher's short movie FILMSTRIP
person giving a yank PULLER
hard to stop using ADDICTING
"top" clothing manufacturer SHIRTMAKER
lass, Down Under SHEILA
saying without thinking BLURTING
horse-racing stadium HIPPODROME
very high in pitch ALTISSIMO
commanded DECREED
brought up REARED
power failures BLACKOUTS
exclude DEBAR
rotating rapidly AWHIRL
over the moon ECSTATIC
meteoric RAPID
comet expert Edmond HALLEY
Australian "Sunshine State" QUEENSLAND
earthling HUMAN
the Red Planet MARS
people from Suva, say FIJIANS
unable to be felt by touch IMPALPABLE
parking spot for a plane APRON
peevish state FRETFULNESS
first Welsh national park SNOWDONIA
member of an armed group MILITIAMAN
country singer Roy ACUFF
beachwear item SARONG
area enclosed by a fence COMPOUND
exotic hard-skinned fruit MANGOSTEEN
popular Heinz product KETCHUP
Dorothy Gale's dress fabric GINGHAM
toothless, scaly mammal PANGOLIN
palm stems used in furniture RATTAN
greater scaup BLUEBILL
gooselike duck SHELDRAKE
duck's egg, in cricket ZERO
large black duck SCOTER
duck hunter's hideout BLIND
duck call QUACK
manic duck in "Babe" FERDINAND
potato chips in the UK CRISPS
sound wave speed recorder VELOCIMETER
claim in argument MAINTAIN
Ricky from "I Love Lucy" RICARDO
electronic audio hub MIXER
a neck-and-neck contest HORSERACE
sent fugitive home for trial EXTRADITED
"rocks" DIAMONDS
illustrator Rockwell NORMAN
rock snake PYTHON
rock climbing necessity ROPE
Brits call it "the Rock" GIBRALTAR
rockabilly star Carl PERKINS
rock lobster LANGOUSTE
Lancelot's son GALAHAD
glossy chocolate COUVERTURE
Grammy-winning Art GARFUNKEL
glands above each kidney ADRENALS
exhaustion TIREDNESS
US defense organization STRATCOM
unhealthiness SICKLINESS
season-starting match-ups OPENERS
competitive Scrabble need TIMER
major language of Indonesia JAVANESE
most crazy LOONIEST
ordinary PLAIN
bricklayers MASONS
big US stockbroking company SCOTTRADE
bricks for kids LEGOS
most tall and skinny LANKIEST
frequent villain actor James SPADER
like some lapses or notes MENTAL
fried, stuffed side dish CROQUETTE
in an unambiguous manner DECIDEDLY
they're red in the back TAILLAMPS
mutual exchange RECIPROCITY
capriciously ARBITRARILY
swamp plants MANGROVES
sewers use them NEEDLES
smallest United Arab Emirate AJMAN
slantingly ASLOPE
jeweled crown or headband DIADEM
chop HACK
chop-chop QUICKLY
choppy ROUGH
"Chop Suey" painter Edward HOPPER
mutton chops, for example WHISKERS
chop logic QUIBBLE
fit for the newspaper PRINTABLE
covered with asphalt again REPAVED
name that means "happy" FELIX
outdoor faucets SPIGOTS
soaked up ABSORBED
send along, as an email FORWARD
like a "crumby" floor UNSWEPT
Texas home of the Bears BAYLOR
with severity AUSTERELY
Jim Cramer's TV home CNBC
gave away the ending SPOILED
displaying naivete CHILDLIKE
defunct Space Shuttle rival HERMES
in a burdensome way ONEROUSLY
Dennis Mitchell's activity MISCHIEF
interest is their interest SAVERS
synthetic paints ACRYLICS
capital of Belize BELMOPAN
Tiffany's expertise GLASSWORK
Britain's northernmost isles SHETLAND
Civil War general Jackson STONEWALL
holds back DETAINS
artistic medium WATERCOLORS
Italian volcano STROMBOLI
Sooner State residents OKLAHOMANS
crossword without a grid DIAGRAMLESS
really smart people BRAINIACS
bookish STUDIOUS
online bookseller AMAZON
closed book ENIGMA
creature with a book lung ARACHNID
comic book hero SUPERMAN
book of words DICTIONARY
employ a better strategy OUTMOVE
as if carved in marble, say ROCKLIKE
small floating plant DUCKWEED
you "will" not DISINHERIT
containing NaCl SALINE
marked with stripes BANDED
in a disorderly way ROWDILY
some numbers connect to them LANDLINES
state of constancy HOMEOSTASIS
experts WHIZZES
having the strongest odor SMELLIEST
person at a podium SPEAKER
former British PM Brown GORDON
sausage unit LINK
Illinois town SKOKIE
jet engine parts TURBINES
base-three system TERNARY
went on and off, as a light FLICKERED
R.E.M. singer Michael STIPE
football practice leaders COACHES
first US woman in space RIDE
phospholipid in egg yolk LECITHIN
athletic clothing maker LULULEMON
it can be polished BUFFABLE
involuntary joint cracking CREPITUS
indigenous Chileans, say MAPUCHE
where does gather in winter DEERYARD
Mary Janes, for example SHOES
singer Mary J. BLIGE
"Proud Mary" writer John FOGERTY
Mary's presidential husband ABRAHAM
silent film actress Mary PICKFORD
like Mary in a nursery rhyme CONTRARY
former Irish President Mary ROBINSON
Beverly Hills sight MANSION
screenwriters, at times ADAPTERS
rains, and then some POURS
most glum MOPIEST
made well-known POPULARIZED
2010 US Open champ McDowell GRAEME
golf scorecard designation HANDICAP
scarcely detectable amount SMIDGEN
small payment PITTANCE
token amount MODICUM
very tiny amount IOTA
slight amount MITE
extremely small amount SCINTILLA
small amount of liquid DRIBBLE
"Raiders" leader in the '70s NADER
"Flight Behavior" author KINGSOLVER
logotherapy founder FRANKL
Nabisco sandwich cookies OREOS
farthest aft STERNMOST
vulcanized rubber inventor GOODYEAR
common language of India URDU
residence hall DORM
manipulative office actions POLITICS
boxers or briefs UNDERWEAR
criticized harshly SLAMMED
it can freeze at work HIRING
large Indonesian island HALMAHERA
racer with stamina STAYER
muscle injuries STRAINS
comes to understand GRASPS
low, waterlogged ground SWAMP
small book size TWENTYMO
something left over ODDMENT