7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
section title SUBHEADING
more gigantic HUGER
fluffy clouds CUMULI
prickly plant THORNBUSH
some one-celled organisms AMEBAE
quality of a lizard's skin SCALINESS
most remote FARTHEST
guides STEERS
sentimental love ROMANCE
clandestine SECRET
adherent STICKY
complete selections PANOPLIES
distance across a circle DIAMETER
chews loudly MUNCHES
lift up BOOST
recreational activity GAME
extremely difficult BRUTAL
narrow market NICHE
Christopher not Keanu REEVE
launch path TRAJECTORY
money-saving ECONOMICAL
element named after a planet URANIUM
substance on teeth ENAMEL
like a ballerina GRACEFUL
leaves on a plant or tree FOLIAGE
low shoe OXFORD
sacred text of Islam KORAN
tasteful things FLAVORS
dried meat JERKY
sure-fire proposition ARSON
annoying person GADFLY
faster way SHORTCUT
forgive PARDON
chemical element #83 BISMUTH
statement of belief CREED
bird rising from the ashes PHOENIX
circumference GIRTH
economic slump DEPRESSION
in two colors DUOTONE
start on fire IGNITE
unimpressed BLASE
narcissism VANITY
bearing false witness LYING
investigating group COMMITTEE
cafeteria LUNCHROOM
dependable STEADY
like some car windows TINTED
item held by a painter PALETTE
serious GRAVE
sound system STEREO
put back in place RESTORE
Scandinavian country NORWAY
occupant TENANT
long-shot competitor UNDERDOG
text theft PLAGIARISM
place to launch an attack BEACHHEAD
relating to feel TEXTURAL
bit in Cracker Jack PEANUT
something you pack SUITCASE
special skill or knack TRICK
stack PILE
take down the quarterback SACK
long-necked river duck PINTAIL
everyday language VERNACULAR
broadly farcical SLAPSTICK
tee toter CADDIE
Astaire-Rogers musical ROBERTA
what chronotherapy helps INSOMNIA
emcee of a circus RINGMASTER
"chopper" MOTORCYCLE
Eskimo's house of ice IGLOO
ice cream drink MILKSHAKE
sandwich spread MAYONNAISE
field glasses BINOCULARS
metal attractor MAGNET
funny car's brake PARACHUTE
deceptive talk JIVE
special talent FORTE
at double time QUICKLY
"Cool Runnings" star John CANDY
swing dance JITTERBUG
hair queue PIGTAIL
poster headline WANTED
all of mankind HUMANITY
chairman's list AGENDA
chairman's quality LEADERSHIP
chairman's group, perhaps ASSEMBLY
without conscious effort AUTOMATIC
part of a tooth CROWN
hard to believe FANTASTIC
video game rating issue VIOLENCE
hair quality BODY
egg-laying animal BIRD
move about CIRCULATE
not worth taking seriously FRIVOLOUS
lout YOBBO
short facial hair STUBBLE
Internet program PODCAST
kind of turn on the road HOOK
fail miserably FIZZLE
English class activity WRITING
like residents of Shanghai CHINESE
round, rolling plant TUMBLEWEED
pink lawn bird FLAMINGO
YouTube upload VIDEO
piece of ice from the sky HAILSTONE
up-to-date CURRENT
flowering climbing plant WISTERIA
projecting furniture BREAKFRONT
state on the Gulf of Mexico FLORIDA
flowers or pants BLOOMERS
fiber on a boll COTTON
very loyal STAUNCH
flyswatter part HANDLE
take away weapons DISARM
access need PASSWORD
where kids swing and slide PLAYGROUND
comeback RETORT
they are found on Mohs scale MINERALS
motion detector SENSOR
set into motion ACTIVATE
fail to follow an order DISOBEY
wagon train or motorcade PROCESSION
civil and mannered POLITE
one who drops by VISITOR
bend out of shape DISTORT
vacuum bottle THERMOS
of superior quality PRIME
it goes pop in a kids' song WEASEL
literary notice BLURB
like better PREFER
way down a building STAIRWELL
desktop light LAMP
imaginative CREATIVE
lemon-lime soda SPRITE
book of records REGISTER
inhumane act CRUELTY
Texas Ranger of TV WALKER
rain apparel SLICKER
bomb with a pin GRENADE
violating moral standards LICENTIOUS
what a dipstick measures DEPTH
clunker of a car HEAP
fundraising benefit TELETHON
USA Today section LIFE
budget concern SPENDING
caribou REINDEER
at war with COMBATING
not fitting in INCONGRUOUS
sandwich shop brand SUBWAY
wig for men PERUKE
one with a healthy appetite GOURMAND
outstanding SENSATIONAL
trouble speaking LARYNGITIS
winner of a consolation prize LOSER
20 to 30 days, for a fly LIFESPAN
prepared READY
plumber's unstopper PLUNGER
precursor of the tango MAXIXE
sailors' dance HORNPIPE
lively Spanish dance BOLERO
storytelling dance HULA
Latin American dance MAMBO
Polish dance POLONAISE
slow Cuban dance HABANERA
many a newspaper ad INSERT
disclosing REVEALING
bathtub residue RING
treat with glue SIZE
representative SYMBOLIC
one in a million SCARCE
radio transmitter-receiver TRANSPONDER
public display EXHIBITION
it has many screens MULTIPLEX
bug out EVACUATE
superficial gloss GILT
networking device ROUTER
bee activity QUILTING
exaggerated reaction DOUBLETAKE
upper back muscle TRAPEZIUS
garden cultivator ROTOTILLER
ultimate authority SUPREMACY
tattered and worn-out RAGGEDY
rainbow shade INDIGO
doctor, at times CURER
not on purpose INVOLUNTARY
sew large, loose stitches BASTE
arguing against OPPOSING
petty argument QUIBBLE
frame of mind MOOD
automobile frame CHASSIS
antisocial STANDOFFISH
of a military unit REGIMENTAL
spot for a peck CHEEK
it may be plucked EYEBROW
solar explosion FLARE
groundhog WOODCHUCK
add a coat to PAINT
caulking material PUTTY
video recorder adjustment TRACKING
elastic STRETCHY
affectionate warmth TENDERNESS
reply REJOIN
representational group DELEGATION
bulk HEFT
promotional handout HANDBILL
advocate of war HAWK
beehive APIARY
passenger seat space HEADROOM
erase old data with new data OVERWRITE
trash site LANDFILL
infamous family name BORGIA
off one's rocker DAFT
damsel MAIDEN
Mississippi River vessel STEAMBOAT
Welsh seaport CARDIFF
pair of lines in verse COUPLET
terminate ABORT
small stream BROOKLET
grow accustomed to ACCLIMATE
most piercing SHRILLEST
deep chasms CREVASSES
slings mud at SLANDERS
spur into action GALVANIZE
more stylish SNAZZIER
manager in "Dreamgirls" GLOVER
nursery rhyme pie filler BLACKBIRD
foreign service worker CONSUL
like a black-eyed susan PETALED
earwax CERUMEN
in an unreasoning manner VISCERALLY
move unsteadily WOBBLE
Kate Spade product HANDBAG
praiseworthy LAUDABLE
small musical group TRIO
pest trapper MOUSETRAP
hack writer's output POTBOILER
one of the suits CLUBS
old-timey facial hair MUTTONCHOPS
Jackie Kennedy's hat style PILLBOX
something toxic POISON
bleach brand CLOROX
like old London streets GASLIT
tropical fruit PAWPAW
dwelling place HABITATION
gave shelter to HARBORED
on the road, maybe MOTORING
frequent attendees REGULARS
cereal grass for feed SORGHUM
strong and sturdy STALWART
hopeful ASPIRING
looks at disdainfully SNEERS
sharp to the taste TART
engage in reflection MEDITATE
ancient Roman officials TRIBUNES
extremely funny UPROARIOUS
cow, for one RUMINANT
enrolls in JOINS
lapse, as a coupon EXPIRE
deeply involved IMMERSED
splits into two branches BIFURCATES
sounding tired YAWNING
at that place THERE
rumor mill, in metaphor GRAPEVINE
eccentric types WACKOS
well-read LITERATE
weapon filled with darts BLOWGUN
overall sameness UNIFORMITY
small, powerful watercraft TUGBOAT
John James who studied birds AUDUBON
use a loom WEAVE
spicy Creole stew GUMBO
complicated INTRICATE
Central American nation GUATEMALA
unfortunate event MISCHANCE
put into office INSTATED
with deception GUILEFULLY
"Muppet Show" character GONZO
downhill ski racer SLALOMER
not as biased FAIRER
handbag fasteners CLASPS
sizable GOODLY
literary imitation PASTICHE
mountain climber ALPINIST
remove offensive material EXPURGATE
holidays VACATIONS
pointless assignments BUSYWORK
made a hash of, as a job BOTCHED
"Moby-Dick" author MELVILLE
environmental science ECOLOGY
toilet water COLOGNE
turkey accompaniment STUFFING
congenital skin blemish BIRTHMARK
gulch that's usually dry ARROYO
what water filters remove IMPURITIES
stuff packed into a musket GUNPOWDER
beaten on the field VANQUISHED
houses made of ice IGLOOS
detain in conversation BUTTONHOLE
move like a worm WIGGLE
Walter Mitty creator James THURBER
G20 concern ECONOMICS
inconsistent PATCHY
Oscar winner Kate WINSLET
dog ailment DISTEMPER
not funny UNAMUSING
not funny SOMBER
establish ENGRAFT
before anyone else FIRST
without interference UNABATED
blanket material SNOW
corporate branding LOGOTYPE
intellectual capacity BRAINPOWER
prehistoric Transformers DINOBOTS
moral corruption DEPRAVITY
store-to-home driver DELIVERYMAN
make an impression IMPINGE
making rough drawings SKETCHING
geriatric steeds JADES
tentative assumptions HYPOTHESES
origin of CA citrus industry RIVERSIDE
having regrets RUEFUL
ephemeral TRANSIENT
"fictional" location BOOKSHOP
has a sample of TASTES
rubbing the wrong way NETTLING
shows up APPEARS
carrying out EXECUTING
where the Red Sox play FENWAY
down-to-earth SENSIBLE
gives a hard time HASSLES
breaking a word, maybe HYPHENATING
brunch options OMELETS
faithless TRAITOROUS
sewing pattern maker SIMPLICITY
began to appear DAWNED
took possession of as heir INHERITED
it's a nuisance for a host PARASITE
poor fellow BEGGAR
assemblies CONVENTIONS
modernist writer Virginia WOOLF
take cover INSURE
some ballroom dances TANGOS
oversaw, at the museum CURATED
"Frasier" star GRAMMER
wined and dined REGALED
brand of tennis shirts LACOSTE
wrote text for photos CAPTIONED
puts forward POSITS
dwindle WANE
former Bears linebacker Mike SINGLETARY
like Quasimodo HUNCHBACKED
type of sweater CREWNECK
veteran TV journalist Diane SAWYER
most like melted snow SLUSHIEST
cleaning the deck, say SWABBING
went to the bottom SANK
exhausted WEARIFUL
still in progress ONGOING
foreign material CONTAMINANT
encircle with a belt GIRD
broadcast fundraiser TELETHON
presumptuous UPPITY
Miss Manners' focus POLITENESS
more rigid STIFFER
possible outcome EVENTUALITY
relocates MOVES
in a winsome way ENDEARINGLY
repaired wiring, maybe SOLDERED
1960s Yvonne Craig role BATGIRL
emerged SURFACED
certain crabs FIDDLERS
proves innocent CLEARS
glum feeling MOROSENESS
towel of infomercials SHAMWOW
musicians' timekeepers METRONOMES
hardest to climb STEEPEST
autumn pie ingredients PUMPKINS
like some grapes SEEDED
element #112 COPERNICIUM
inscribe on a surface EMBLAZON
brought back RETRIEVED
Terry of Monty Python GILLIAM
rouse again REAWAKEN
purchasing agent BROKER
agent for land deals REALTOR
"Secret Agent Man" singer RIVERS
diplomatic agent EMISSARY
financial agent FACTOR
agent that causes disease PATHOGEN
chemical agent CATALYST
"Adia" singer Sarah MCLACHLAN
disproving REBUTTING
little tests QUIZZES
turned aside DEFLECTED
whirling about SPINNING
Chevrolet model CAMARO
some ranchers CATTLEMEN
go the distance COMPLETE
on the go ACTIVE
go in for PRACTICE
go back on one's word RENEGE
go and get FETCH
go ahead ADVANCE
go through SUFFER
set with precious stones JEWELED
Bugs Bunny's voice BLANC
Travelocity competitor PRICELINE
slow, often romantic songs BALLADS
okay but not great PASSABLE
car salesman DEALER
rudely sarcastic SNARKY
agreement CONCORD
first space shuttle mission COLUMBIA
1920s dance CHARLESTON
English writer/explorer RALEIGH
jelly-filled pastry BISMARK
husband of Marie Curie PIERRE
White Cliffs location DOVER
ridiculous behavior BUFFOONERY
silly INANE
utter nonsense CODSWALLOP
empty talk BALDERDASH
rubbish BOSH
foolish talk CLAPTRAP
trivial nonsense FOLDEROL
in an imaginative way INVENTIVELY
nicety of etiquette PUNCTILIO
corpulence OBESENESS
the right of going before PRECEDENCE
irritated RILED
British cave man POTHOLER
advantages PLUSES
Robert E. Lee's home state VIRGINIA
Lee Major's bionic parts IMPLANTS
Lee Iacocca's company CHRYSLER
creator of Lorelei Lee LOOS
Harper Lee's first name NELLE
Stan Lee creation SUPERHERO
Spike Lee film CROOKLYN
male offspring SONS
noticed REMARKED
turns under and sews HEMS
heated argument DONNYBROOK
shooting break TRUCE
not exactly ROUGHLY
small and delicate ELFIN
set to starting value INITIALIZE
eye drops TEARS
Victorian city in Australia BENDIGO
pressing chore IRONING
long, deep tracks RUTS
loud, discordant quality STRIDENCY
bien que se hace o se recibe BENEFICIO
elemento de símbolo Cu COBRE
pan dulce italiano BISCOTTI
catarro RESFRÍO
vaso de barro para flores MACETA
esposa del rey REINA
un rey árabe SULTÁN
grupo de dos cosas PAREJA
opuesto de arriba ABAJO
lo que ya ha ocurrido PASADO
cosas que niños temen MONSTRUOS
miedo TEMOR
electrodomésticos APARATOS
la que conserva la comida NEVERA
no hacer caso de algo IGNORAR
Julio y Enrique IGLESIAS
miedo de espacios abiertos AGORAFOBIA
A-Rod y Jeter, por ejemplo BEISBOLISTA
opuesto de dulce AGRIO
mes después de julio AGOSTO
idéntico IGUAL
to the letter EXACTLY
they're filled with letters MAILBOXES
man of letters SCHOLAR
paper for letters STATIONERY
"The Scarlet Letter" writer HAWTHORNE
board game with letters SCRABBLE
last Greek letter OMEGA
game of gestures CHARADES
polite gesture CURTSY
gesture of apathy SHRUG
communicate with gestures PANTOMIME
military gesture SALUTE
make a summoning gesture BECKON
study of gestures KINESICS
some women's shoes PUMPS
coffee brand YUBAN
"zounds!" EGAD
upbeat quality PEPPINESS
like successful medicine CURATIVE
rodents with soft fur CHINCHILLAS
Russian author Nabokov VLADIMIR
doorsill THRESHOLD
hooded baby buggy BASSINET
"Catch-22" protagonist YOSSARIAN
pinkish yellow or vice versa APRICOT
unpolluted PRISTINE
like seawater BRINY
ejection-molded EXTRUDED
injurious HURTFUL
smartening up TITIVATION
extremely conscientious SCRUPULOUS
permitted SANCTIONED
spinner JENNY
cutting delivery CAESAREAN
English explorer Martin FROBISHER
jugada letal de ajedrez MATE
dar forma al barro MODELAR
herramienta del barbero NAVAJA
cama del bebé CUNA
principado europeo MÓNACO
patrocinador del arte MECENAS
medición del rádar VELOCIDAD
handled old jar AMPHORA
carambola STARFRUIT
lack of flexibility STIFFNESS
most fluid RUNNIEST
low-cost airline JETBLUE
high-level duel DOGFIGHT
shedding light on things ILLUMINANT
casual pants CHINOS
keeps an eye on WATCHES
more smartly dressed SPIFFIER
loom workers WEAVERS
wait BIDE
treadmill exercise, e.g. CARDIO
colleagues ASSOCIATES
hot off the press FRESH
hot sauce brand TABASCO
hot water TROUBLE
hot dog SHOWOFF
hot rod DRAGSTER
hot pot STEW
hot under the collar INDIGNANT
rankings, as of sports teams STANDINGS
depriving of strength ENERVATING
reading disorder DYSLEXIA
carried through the air WAFTED
the "I" in electronics' IC INTEGRATED
made an effort TRIED
a vessel's progress SEAWAY
it's set for lake landings FLOATPLANE
sang under a lover's window SERENADED
2013 Vezina trophy winner BOBROVSKY
plunged under water SUBMERSED
spun like an acrobat CARTWHEELED
a song of praise PAEAN
prepare a planet for life TERRAFORM
canvasback DUCK
grayback SOLDIER
brushback FASTBALL
humpback WHALE
setback DEFEAT
hogback RIDGE
took liberty ENSLAVED
fastidious CHOOSEY
rash treatment OINTMENT
university lecturers DONS
"minor" branch of medicine PEDIATRICS
French hotel group ACCOR
growing without soil HYDROPONIC
the universe MACROCOSM
Swiss oil trader MERCURIA
strategically placed locks COMBOVER
was very glad REJOICED
it's within range OVEN
developing a new skill LEARNING
judged favorably APPROVED
ambushing WAYLAYING
in a wildly excited manner DELIRIOUSLY
traditional English cake MADEIRA
they get together for a bite TEETH
turn into a play DRAMATIZE
least big SMALLEST
acted outrageously SHOWBOATED
eagles' claws TALONS
actress Washington KERRY
strikes with revulsion SCANDALIZES
re antibody response to self AUTOIMMUNE
Shakespearean king LEAR
wasn't renewed LAPSED
full of life PREGNANT
capital of The Gambia BANJUL
corn cutter CHIROPODIST
sticky and viscous GOOPY
it makes life easier CONVENIENCE
Georgia's neighbor ALABAMA
strike diagnostically PERCUSS
puppeteer Lewis SHARI
outside the realm of reason UNKNOWABLE
manicure focus NAILS
Freudian division SUPEREGO
fixes small imperfections SPACKLES
from that point THENCE
what sweeps clean CHIMNEYS
pushed under SUBSUMED
largest of Admiralty Islands MANUS
one getting things done WORKHORSE
Yeager and Aldrin AIRMEN
like the appendix REMOVABLE
put money in DEPOSITED
soared over an ocean PARASAILED
poets BARDS
kitchen implement SLICER
stain BLOTCH
"Grand" mountain range TETONS
five o'clock shadow STUBBLE
people from Dixie SOUTHERNERS
transferred CONVEYED
electrons' counterparts POSITRONS
Pakistan leader Benazir BHUTTO
translator's knowledge LANGUAGES
person in Canada's capital OTTAWAN
fights against COMBATS
bullied HECTORED
was awestruck MARVELED
fish from the Great Lakes CHUBS
popular '80s actress Burke DELTA
lingering happy feeling AFTERGLOW
high-pitched quality SHRILLNESS
fat-fighting ANTIOBESITY
DC superhero with wings HAWKMAN
portable balance STEELYARD
largest Moravian city BRNO
piquancy TARTNESS
not allocated UNASSIGNED
a fundraiser "on the line" PHONATHON
eagle in the night sky AQUILA
shilly-shallying VACILLATING
make uncomfortable DISCOMFIT
first baking mix in the US JIFFY
long Asian mountain chain KUNLUN
tremulous QUAKY
best-selling author Mitch ALBOM
oral irrigator brand WATERPIK
strange and frightening EERIE
with great energy DYNAMICALLY
from no place NOWHENCE
sounded "catty" MIAOWED
squarish BOXY
in a fair and just manner EQUITABLY
shrinking from nothing UNFLINCHING
actress Cicely TYSON
works with dough KNEADS
gave a ticket to CITED
identifying, informally PEGGING
go back over RETRACE
fishing nets TRAWLS
drawing blood PHLEBOTOMY
enjoying a Jacuzzi SOAKING
meatless "poultry" roast TOFURKY
basketball star Bird LARRY
process of getting back RETRIEVAL
kidding around JOKING
vetted in advance PRESCREENED
expert on China SINOLOGIST
put a new coat on RESURFACED
long noses PROBOSCISES
undersea mountain GUYOT
follicularly challenged BALDING
bursting into IRRUPTING
crotchety TETCHY
put into another box REPACKAGE
must-haves NECESSITIES
American journalist Seymour HERSH
casts a ballot VOTES
Mrs. Clinton's maiden name RODHAM
what a dead cell phone needs CHARGER
putting faith in ENTRUSTING
leatherneck MARINE
leatherback TURTLE
fine Spanish leather CORDOVAN
fake leather VINYL
leather sharpener STROP
untanned leather SHAGREEN
leather gun holder HOLSTER
Sharks' musical rivals JETS
shark skeleton material CARTILAGE
shark's habitat OCEAN
loan shark MONEYLENDER
San Jose Sharks' game HOCKEY
great white shark, for one PREDATOR
movie about a great white JAWS
U-shaped chain connector CLEVIS
inclined to gossip SCHMOOZY
someone to shear your locks HAIRCUTTER
bluebottle BLOWFLY
in an honest manner TRUTHFULLY
a lunar landing mission MOONSHOT
pilot's headrush REDOUT
she's a social upstart PARVENUE
like some snakes' tails RATTLY
aqua-flossing device WATERPIK
toss to prevent stealing PITCHOUT
shrewdly done SAVVILY
anticipating EXPECTING
quality of being very thin SCRAWNINESS
one who avoids work BLUDGER
holiday house WEEKENDER
Asian cooking ingredient LEMONGRASS
household linen MANCHESTER
accommodation sharers FLATMATES
unproductive mine DUFFER
supermarket chain WOOLIES
mixes up MUDDLES
Saint Petersburg's river NEVA
made mistake in cabinet MISFILED
in a cowardly manner CRAVENLY
whitest of white SNOWIEST
city not built in a day ROME
Tour de France sport BICYCLING
like some rabbits LOPEARED
Scottish smallholder CROFTER
sudden forward movements LUNGES
bad-tempered SHIRTY
Perdita's dalmatian husband PONGO
most grimy GRUBBIEST
laughter is the best one MEDICINE
beginning of some dives HANDSTAND
diving position PIKE
Navy diver FROGMAN
deep sea diving apparatus BATHYSPHERE
diving duck MERGANSER
diving position TUCK
Dick Diver's creator FITZGERALD
feeding on fish PISCIVOROUS
covered in small stones PEBBLY
Mexican salamander AXOLOTL
more terse PITHIER
forbidding by law PROSCRIBING
venomous African tree snake BOOMSLANG
feudal lord's domain FIEFDOM
in an unconvincing manner IMPLAUSIBLY
Black Sea republic GEORGIA
one who studies fungi MYCOLOGIST
petrels and albatrosses SEABIRDS
novelist Donna TARTT
far from fluent STAMMERING
level of a ship DECK
test preparation helpers TUTORS
motive for doing something REASON
is not in favor of OPPOSES
carried with effort LUGGED
conspicuously NOTICEABLY
surfing the web BROWSING
Declaration signer Bartlett JOSIAH
explained the meaning of DEFINED
they can be turned into tofu SOYBEANS
washboard road disadvantage BUMPINESS
began to develop BUDDED
American actor Phoenix JOAQUIN
sudden downpour RAINSQUALL
Nigeria's currency NAIRA
Canada's largest ISP, once SYMPATICO
chocolate, wood and corn CHIPS
southern end of key "Trace" NATCHEZ
city on Florida's panhandle TALLAHASSEE
doodlebug ANTLION
hall-of-famer Orr BOBBY
comic sketches SKITS
drifting organisms in water PLANKTON
TV using ionized gases PLASMA
the desperate clutch at them STRAWS
stiff formality STARCHINESS
leaf-removing chemical DEFOLIANT
networking hardware maker LINKSYS
a place for the wet boots MUDROOM
in a melancholy, longing way WISTFULLY
major Central European river ELBE
small spiny mammals HEDGEHOGS
unlicensed copy KNOCKOFF
Russian President Yeltsin BORIS
deliciously DELECTABLY
worth pronouncing SPEAKABLE
head to a doctor CAPUT
Bolivian archaeological site TIWANAKU
in agreement ALIGNED
Thames River tribe MOHEGAN
containing wiggle room RELAXABLE
Scottish former weaving town PAISLEY
lean and hollow-eyed HAGGARD
ready money CASH
narrow passage of water STRAIT
home of the Broncos DENVER
British luxury automobile BENTLEY
small streams BROOKS
short-tempered folks HOTHEADS
was a fan ROOTED
bellyaches COMPLAINS
actress Lainie KAZAN
resume listing JOBS
how well one does PERFORMANCE
sharp harvesting tools SICKLES
in a delightful manner ADORABLY
sports card manufacturer DONRUSS
Eastern European dumplings PIROGI
Bern is its capital SWITZERLAND
"Castles in the Air" artist MCLEAN
forced out of bed ROUSTED
able to be stretched out EXTENDIBLE
ice or dice CUBES
fearful TREPID
editing a rough draft, say REWRITING
sharper POINTIER
24 or 25 sheets of paper QUIRE
pancake flippers SPATULAS
Red Sox fans, often BOSTONIANS
in an interpersonal manner SOCIALLY
act of washing ABLUTION
longest pole on a ship MAINMAST
radiates light GLOWS
Dell computer line INSPIRON
garment in a 1970s musical DREAMCOAT
artist Frida KAHLO
obstacle course exercise PARKOUR
heels-over-head move BACKFLIP
where some acrobats practice TRAMPOLINE
trapeze artist AERIALIST
acrobatic moves TUMBLING
acrobat's asset FLEXIBILITY
home of the 500 INDIANAPOLIS
like a weak argument LEGLESS
geek's pocket accessory PENHOLDER
"Zwilling" knife company HENCKELS
undoing a previous step BACKOUT
British dance-pop group SCOOTCH
proclaims widely TRUMPETS
outward signs of fright GOOSEBUMPS
features of tall mountains TIMBERLINES
Michelle of Hollywood PFEIFFER
comparatively more confident SMUGGER
like an air-tight room VENTLESS
U-Haul competitor RYDER
not yet melted, like sugar UNDISSOLVED
stands for speakers PODIUMS
Gordon Shumway's home planet MELMAC
took to heart, as advice HEEDED
discoverer of the proton RUTHERFORD
drops some knowledge on ENLIGHTENS
in a dazed manner DREAMILY
observe WATCH
they're filled with Wonder BREADBOXES
misplaced LOST
tennis racquet attachment DAMPENER
early explorer Cartier JACQUES
merchants DEALERS
more slack FLAPPIER
certain Audi model QUATTRO
more covered in foliage LEAFIER
prominent store in a chain FLAGSHIP
city in Ventura County OXNARD
small, round, and green PEALIKE
former Olympic skier Tomba ALBERTO
includes SUBSUMES
follicly challenged BALD
paper component CELLULOSE
paper in the lab LITMUS
paper-pusher CLERK
paper size TABLOID
paper-thin FLIMSY
paperwork DOCUMENTS
paper money BANKNOTES
gets the oven ready PREHEATS
worker in a cake shop ICER
late actor Werner OSKAR
vaccinates IMMUNIZES
sports arenas STADIA
moving more units than OUTSELLING
calling up, as reservists ACTIVATING
take down DISMANTLE
take off DEPART
take root ESTABLISH
take after RESEMBLE
take out EXTRACT
take five REST
take up OCCUPY
a rope-soled shoe ESPADRILLE
leading competitor FRONTRUNNER
shining harshly GLARY
questions endlessly GRILLS
covered potatoes HILLED
they must be scratched ITCHES
penny-pinching TIGHTFISTED
inconsequential PIDDLY
Ann and Nancy Wilson's band HEART
junk mail flyer CIRCULAR
shopping for discounts COUPONING
swayed by emotion IMPULSIVE
buttons and ribbons NOTIONS
Scott Bakula space series ENTERPRISE
B.B. King's real first name RILEY
getting faster QUICKENING
frightened PAVID
based on twenty VIGESIMAL
potato chip, to a Brit CRISP
artisanal novices APPRENTICES
gave condescendingly VOUCHSAFED