7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Elvis flick CLAMBAKE
white long-legged bird STORK
Bizet opera CARMEN
top of the mountain SUMMIT
obvious BLATANT
foreigner ALIEN
fries quickly SAUTES
origin BIRTH
place for reading STUDY
monthly accounting STATEMENT
gossip RUMORS
revision VERSION
Humphrey of "Casablanca" BOGART
series of computing steps ALGORITHM
Mingus' type of music JAZZ
Johnny's seeds APPLE
sections SEGMENTS
man-made SYNTHETIC
take small bites NIBBLE
king's home PALACE
one who guards the plate CATCHER
milk farm DAIRY
twitch, as a reaction FLINCH
jumpy insect GRASSHOPPER
brief film appearance CAMEO
king of the Franks CHARLEMAGNE
figure of speech METAPHOR
lacking refinement VULGAR
Captain Kirk's starship ENTERPRISE
plane curve HYPERBOLA
livebearing fish GUPPY
throw out the window DEFENESTRATE
missiles on a whaler HARPOONS
called into the service DRAFTED
foot soldiers INFANTRY
hindmost part REAR
"The Mile High City" DENVER
beautiful girl at the ball BELLE
Brett Favre's jersey number FOUR
long-tongued insect eater AARDVARK
part of speech NOUN
extra paycheck BONUS
element in a nuclear weapon PLUTONIUM
rotisserie rod SPIT
ceiling painter's need, say LADDER
where Napoleon was defeated WATERLOO
dentist's advice FLOSS
quarantine ISOLATE
female horse MARE
Socrates, for one PHILOSOPHER
Native American hut WIGWAM
when day begins SUNRISE
green insect KATYDID
faux pas BLUNDER
tradesman MERCHANT
frogman DIVER
hollow portion of a ship HULL
pertaining to poetry PARNASSIAN
speedy dog GREYHOUND
board game from India PARCHEESI
thin, dry biscuit WAFER
dancing shoe SLIPPER
jet of flame TONGUE
class of idiots BOOBOISIE
poor chess player PATZER
strategical chess move SACRIFICE
movie theater advertisement POSTER
Kirk or Hook CAPTAIN
not telling the truth DISHONEST
hideous monster BEAST
game played in an alley BOWLING
source of nutrition FOOD
Nestle's candy bar CRUNCH
it loves company MISERY
impudence NERVE
emitting alpha particles RADIOACTIVE
page producer PRINTER
gnawing mammal RODENT
group of soldiers REGIMENT
group of hoodlums GANG
central core NUCLEUS
perceive DISCERN
he has his day in court LAWYER
its capital is Islamabad PAKISTAN
intensify ESCALATE
put in harm's way JEOPARDIZE
picture process PHOTOGRAPHY
zealot DEVOTEE
regimental flag STANDARD
political expert PUNDIT
what Superman surpasses BULLET
"the wonder girl from Mackay" FREEMAN
unemployment benefits DOLE
boor OCKER
widespread destruction HAVOC
user of grazing land SQUATTER
society novice DEBUTANTE
in the past FORMERLY
egg holder NEST
wise birds OWLS
bicycle trick WHEELIE
ran over TRAMPLED
track animal RACEHORSE
firefighting equipment HOSE
fourth-largest US state MONTANA
mess up BUNGLE
yellow fruit LEMON
freshwater game fish WALLEYE
frank and outspoken CANDID
togetherness HARMONY
Winnie the Pooh's favorite HONEY
bid taker AUCTIONEER
sign of carbonation FIZZ
direct away from the middle CENTRIFUGE
strength level INTENSITY
grandfather clock piece PENDULUM
gun report BANG
negotiation skill DIPLOMACY
cause to rise LEAVEN
poltroonery COWARDICE
without care or thought HEEDLESS
taking pictures PHOTOGRAPHY
male deer BUCK
drinking glass TUMBLER
onerous TIRESOME
allowance for damage BREAKAGE
angry look GLARE
plant with a large head SUNFLOWER
tropical bird QUETZAL
inner tissue of a tooth PULP
country north of Israel LEBANON
one who writes SCRIBE
illegal transporter SMUGGLER
parchment substitute PAPYRUS
fossilized resin AMBER
flow regulator FLOODGATE
easily broken FRAIL
cup or pitcher VESSEL
prehistoric herbivore BRONTOSAUR
old name for Taiwan FORMOSA
slanting line DIAGONAL
choosing actors CASTING
sneakers feature EYELET
happen OCCUR
sad state of mind MELANCHOLY
Germany highway AUTOBAHN
harangue RANT
skin trouble ECZEMA
West Indies island HISPANIOLA
made larger EXPANDED
supplying with necessities SUSTAINING
had supper DINED
data transmission concern BANDWIDTH
streetcar TROLLEY
clutch bag POCKETBOOK
very loud BLARING
jailbreak ESCAPE
certainty SURETY
it may be Olympic-sized POOL
spend wastefully SQUANDER
bad breath HALITOSIS
psych out UNNERVE
bring all the parts together INTEGRATE
muddle through COPE
doorbell alternative KNOCKER
Old West disorder LAWLESSNESS
push the envelope TRANSCEND
small group of close friends COTERIE
comedian's bane HECKLER
benevolence GOODWILL
larger part of a continent MAINLAND
period of youth BOYHOOD
bonehead DULLARD
old-fashioned FUSTY
tournament seed RANKING
living thing CREATURE
of a horse EQUINE
restore vigor to RESUSCITATE
Italian pastry CANNOLI
place of retreat SECLUSION
fish-eating seabird GANNET
using few words LACONIC
greatly humiliate MORTIFY
Texas cowboy VAQUERO
defender APOLOGIST
highly contagious VIRULENT
part of Zorro's attire MASK
take on willingly ACCEPT
bird that says its own name CHICKADEE
scuba diver FROGMAN
garden basin BIRDBATH
biting insect HORSEFLY
locomotive projection COWCATCHER
tube, in an old TV COMPONENT
soldier's refuge FOXHOLE
area of economic activity INDUSTRY
car display area SHOWROOM
linguistics subfield PHONETICS
suffering indigestion DYSPEPTIC
period of rule REIGN
type of pitching motion SIDEARM
act the part of PORTRAY
computer memory unit BYTE
jeered HECKLED
liable to collapse RICKETY
record player part TURNTABLE
cable TV box CONVERTER
past its use-by date EXPIRED
city just south of San Diego TIJUANA
preserve MARMALADE
silvery metallic element MOLYBDENUM
lustrous SILKINESS
muscle kneader MASSEUR
word on bounced checks VOID
wrinkled fabric CREPE
beautiful woman LOOKER
sparkly fake gem RHINESTONE
it was an affair of honor DUELING
holding tight CLINGING
squeezeboxes ACCORDIONS
give new life to REVITALIZE
exact opposite ANTIPODE
delicate touch SENSITIVITY
hair curlers CRIMPERS
possible to avoid AVERTABLE
looked after MOTHERED
gentle breezes ZEPHYRS
cheers of support HURRAHS
court decision JUDGMENT
tape in advance PRERECORD
website with videos YOUTUBE
new parents' purchases DIAPERS
like a good diet HEALTHFUL
like leis and bouquets FLORAL
raging fire INFERNO
some restaurant staff WAITERS
overhaul REVAMP
giving a lift BOOSTING
from Glasgow SCOTTISH
constancy REGULARITY
more avant-garde ARTIER
phylum of clams and octopi MOLLUSCA
relied (on) DEPENDED
uses FedEx SENDS
makes fun of RAZZES
hunting dog POINTER
sounding like a snake SIBILANT
giving courage EMBOLDENING
amateur singing KARAOKE
related to animal health VETERINARY
slow garden mollusk SNAIL
piano relative CLAVICHORD
mischievous sort RASCAL
calmed down SOOTHED
comedian Sid CAESAR
Honus of the Pirates WAGNER
Australian state QUEENSLAND
document-stamping official NOTARY
nation in the Pacific Ocean MALAYSIA
constricts TIGHTENS
policy of forming colonies IMPERIALISM
tufts of hair that stick up COWLICKS
lever used by drivers GEARSHIFT
chicken's sound CLUCK
mournful cry WAIL
previous PRIOR
one's native country FATHERLAND
trim in advance PRECUT
ally with one side ALIGN
fastened to a restraint TETHERED
beautiful girls KNOCKOUTS
friction reducer LUBRICANT
sending out rays RADIATING
region of Scotland LOWLANDS
troublemaker FIREBRAND
orator's talent ELOQUENCE
feel triumph EXULT
Inauguration Day recitation OATH
player who ruins the game SPOILSPORT
hiker who's carrying a lot BACKPACKER
French general Bonaparte NAPOLEON
language of the Pyrenees BASQUE
argues the price down HAGGLES
sporting a goatee BEARDED
showing no dismay UNFAZED
moon shape CRESCENT
Twain hero Finn HUCKLEBERRY
moves one's hand in greeting WAVES
popular lunchtime NOON
give a cue to PROMPT
earthquake-measuring device SEISMOGRAPH
agriculture FARMING
wild sheep of the Rockies BIGHORN
like some ruined photos OVEREXPOSED
possibly will COULD
"Only the Lonely" singer Roy ORBISON
like the Green Hornet MASKED
Colorado State Fair city PUEBLO
takes over for RELIEVES
teeth, in slang CHOPPERS
Winter Olympics event BOBSLEDDING
penetrates PIERCES
twirling of the thumbs TWIDDLING
ski hill conveyers CHAIRLIFTS
dead ducks GONERS
parching heat TORRIDNESS
storehouse REPERTORY
people of high rank DIGNITARIES
separates grain from chaff WINNOWS
in an insensitive way TACTLESSLY
faucet problems DRIPS
life-saving maneuver HEIMLICH
offshoots SCIONS
popular fish bait EARTHWORM
made a change SWITCHED
old-fashioned STODGY
Scrabble piece TILE
brand of glass cleaner WINDEX
certain knot SHEEPSHANK
pelletized pet food KIBBLE
remedies CURES
showed prominently DISPLAYED
put back into print REPUBLISHED
insipid LIFELESS
like Jim Qwilleran's cats SIAMESE
member of the nobility BLUEBLOOD
foolish GOONY
breathed hard and fast PANTED
small, slender fiber FIBRIL
wild movements of stock STAMPEDES
dwelling places ABODES
top gear OVERALL
gave security against INDEMNIFIED
gathering ASSEMBLAGE
more soiled DIRTIER
moving furtively SNEAKING
duck habitats, say PONDS
without zest WEAKLY
decontaminating CLEANSING
financial rescues BAILOUTS
not printed by hand TYPEWRITTEN
set on fire IGNITED
unctuous quality SMARMINESS
pregnancy GESTATION
getting hold of OBTAINING
like most driver's licenses LAMINATED
taken to the limit TAXED
lack of oxygen SUFFOCATION
gun-cleaning item RAMROD
evening entertainment NIGHTLIFE
affecting celiac disease GLUTENOUS
bog matter PEAT
most eccentric BATTIEST
Chinese checkers piece MARBLE
like some shampoos HERBAL
track event HURDLES
where Apple stock is listed NASDAQ
deeply-cherished PRECIOUS
songstress Streisand BARBRA
like prepared clams STEAMED
region without hills FLATLAND
home appliance brand HOTPOINT
log-processing plant SAWMILL
befouls POLLUTES
movie blooper OUTTAKE
represent with symbols NOTATE
"Orinoco Flow" singer ENYA
more tasteless and tacky GAUDIER
alternative to printing CURSIVE
not attractive UNAPPEALING
brunch orders OMELETS
temporary authority REGENCY
Stanley Cup sport HOCKEY
unit equal to sixteen cups GALLON
small decorative coffee cup DEMITASSE
one's cup of tea PREFERENCE
Cup-a-Soup company LIPTON
like Dixie Cups DISPOSABLE
what a teacup sits on SAUCER
discharge EMISSION
loco NUTS
shrub used in cosmetics JOJOBA
wheel connectors AXLES
flew south, for example MIGRATED
they have their pride LIONS
afraid of open places AGORAPHOBIC
boundary barrier FENCE
blood flow blockage CLOT
line of cliffs PALISADES
it blocks view of the stage CURTAIN
lumberjack's blockage LOGJAM
blocking of trade EMBARGO
not feasible UNWORKABLE
apparently OSTENSIBLY
give it another go RETRY
something forfeited GIVEBACK
opine about right and wrong MORALIZE
blood poisoning TOXEMIA
automotive measure WHEELBASE
unstoppable rush STAMPEDE
moving aimlessly VAGABOND
move about the crowd CIRCULATE
move without purpose MAUNDER
move out of the way SHUNT
move slowly on wheels TRUNDLE
constantly moving RESTLESS
one better than all others NONPAREIL
renowned EMINENT
much spoken of CELEBRATED
higher-up SUPERIOR
distinction CACHET
possessing much influence PRESTIGIOUS
model of perfection PARAGON
river in South Carolina CONGAREE
imagine CONCEIVE
taking a lot of interest USURIOUS
revolting man INSURGENT
received and understood ROGER
safety wire, in the UK EARTH
London football club ARSENAL
single-story dwelling BUNGALOW
first-class PUKKA
spicy rice dish KEDGEREE
two-piece night wear PAJAMAS
open portico VERANDA
small rowboat DINGHY
small Volkswagen model POLO
grazing area for chickens FARMYARD
in a peevish mood ANNOYED
removing wrinkles in photos AIRBRUSHING
buttery rolls from France CROISSANTS
perfectly calm UNEXCITED
Mantle's jersey number SEVEN
19th century author Mary SHELLEY
country once known as Persia IRAN
it's found in a bed OYSTER
coated with tiny fungi MILDEWY
change gear RECLOTHE
colorful sweets SMARTIES
British telecom company VODAPHONE
like an old chestnut CLICHED
sin embargo EMPERO
organización gubernamental AGENCIA
se compone de 12 meses CALENDARIO
una alternativa al azúcar AGAVE
lo que mariposas comen NÉCTAR
región al norte de España NAVARRA
ropa del hombre de negocios CORBATA
pelotero de los Piratas CLEMENTE
beisbolistas de Cleveland INDIOS
carrera beisbol de un tiro JONRON
superó el record de Ruth RODRIGUEZ
pitcher mexicano Fernando VALENZUELA
jardinero derecho Sammy SOSA
equipo de beisbol de Detroit TIGRES
moneda de México PESO
función del corazón CIRCULACIÓN
capital de Suecia ESTOCOLMO
persona sin residencia fija NÓMADA
vecino de las Filipinas INDONESIA
viajó en un melocotón grande JAMES
irritado, enfadado MALHUMORADO
animal mounter TAXIDERMIST
geocache treasure TRINKET
bunch of feathers TUFT
expansion of a script TREATMENT
rent payer TENANT
enrapture TRANSPORT
morsel of food TIDBIT
gun holder HOLSTER
toothpaste container TUBE
ornate candle holder GIRANDOLE
office holder POLITICIAN
treasure container CHEST
money holder BILLFOLD
photo holder LOCKET
short test QUIZ
wall protector BACKSPLASH
write off gradually AMORTIZE
muddles CONFUSES
game show host Hall MONTY
happy emoticons SMILEYS
"handy" show PUPPETRY
English cabinetmaker Thomas CHIPPENDALE
crested Old World bird HOOPOE
cause to be liked ENDEAR
fine muslin ORGANDIE
one who shirks duty SMUGGLER
complained self-pityingly SNIVELLED
removing deposits from veins MINING
"courtly" language LEGALESE
hitting hard SLOGGING
behavioral peculiarity QUIRK
"relief" worker EMBOSSER
point of the compass RHUMB
extremely unkindly CRUELLY
getting away ESCAPING
outdated telecom device PAGER
animal that eats bugs INSECTIVORE
military prison STOCKADE
items left out OMISSIONS
TV rooms DENS
dance-based fitness program JAZZERCISE
sorrowful interjection ALAS
done with difficulty LABORED
examined ASSAYED
like a well-tended garden WEEDLESS
in a discriminating manner SELECTIVELY
"Lost Horizon" film director CAPRA
shining with reflected light SHIMMERING
screen navigators MICE
offspring CHILDREN
significant events PHENOMENA
diameter halves RADII
lists of course offerings CURRICULA
symbolic representations FORMULAE
choppers TEETH
the femur, informally THIGHBONE
advancing an employee PROMOTING
is in accord with CONCURS
run aground, say FOUNDER
use violent language INVEIGH
sailor who rebels MUTINEER
early filming process KINESCOPE
well-stocked REPLETE
populist rhetoric DEMAGOGUERY
Highland skirts KILTS
poison ivy outcome RASH
Boeing products PLANES
tennis legend Navratilova MARTINA
football, to Americans SOCCER
footling TRIVIAL
footstep TREAD
footwear SHOES
Tegucigalpa resident HONDURAN
"The Amazing Race" host Phil KEOGHAN
flood barriers LEVEES
modern sci-fi subgenre STEAMPUNK
hair curl RINGLET
tightly packed WEDGED
bartering SWAPPING
crafty water sport BOATING
generally agreed upon UNDISPUTED
behaved showily POSTURED
related to bees APIAN
subject to controversy POLEMICAL
County Kerry's county town TRALEE
British WWII combat aircraft MOSQUITO
where the Lost Boys live NEVERLAND
window treatment VALANCE
a place of filth CESSPOOL
1919 peace treaty place VERSAILLES
growing rapidly BURGEONING
negotiated agreements BARGAINS
George Clinton's music genre FUNK
midafternoon hour THREE
person from Baghdad IRAQI
person in a tent CAMPER
powerful waves TSUNAMIS
prepared some tea BREWED
Statler's Muppet buddy WALDORF
clearly defined UNEQUIVOCAL
computer shortcut MACRO
expressing scorn DERISORY
capital of Samoa APIA
French actress Bardot BRIGITTE
McDonalds founder Ray KROC
farm wagon WAIN
cook's whiskers EGGBEATERS
withheld from disclosure SUPPRESSED
easily crumbled FRIABLE
winter "eavesdropper" ICICLE
mercilessly STONILY
pardons ABSOLVES
green citrus fruit LIME
"everlasting" Wonka candy GOBSTOPPER
baton WAND
cloisonné, for example ENAMELWARE
1970s tennis champion Ilie NASTASE
ordeals TRIALS
where to dip quill pens INKWELLS
reached the top of SUMMITED
Wall Street guys BUSINESSMEN
no-nos, in the NFL PENALTIES
King Lear's middle daughter REGAN
Winter Olympics speedsters BOBSLEDS
used the HOV lane CARPOOLED
using a rag on WIPING
removed restrictions from DEREGULATED
"four-by-four" SIXTEEN
"Wide World of Sports" host MCKAY
albatross, for example SEAFOWL
Winter Olympians on a track BOBSLEDDERS
arousing little interest UNINSPIRING
without sympathy UNFEELINGLY
F1 legend Juan Manuel FANGIO
what the Ugly Duckling was CYGNET
breaking open UNSEALING
old Dutch aircraft company FOKKER
mode of dress GARB
unkindly MEANLY
moral improvement EDIFICATION
fast buck in southern Africa SPRINGBOK
one one-hundredth part PERCENT
1960s rear engine car CORVAIR
Malaysian royal city KLANG
out of breath WINDED
highest mountain in Germany ZUGSPITZE
hams, salamis and pâtés CHARCUTERIE
in the wrong way INCORRECTLY
kids' version of hockey SHINNEY
made a determined effort ENDEAVORED
payment by number PIECEWORK
"number" in childbirth EPIDURAL
with the least delay SOONEST
some Agatha Christie books WHODUNITS
obtructed discussion STONEWALLED
steakhouse chain OUTBACK
like average sedan MIDSIZE
fitting into a group BELONGING
lack of respect IRREVERENCE
workout outfit SWEATSUIT
be in charge of a debate MODERATE
warm garments WOOLENS
Dr. Seuss character Cubbins BARTHOLOMEW
method MODE
kitchen storage places PANTRIES
in an avid way EAGERLY
did some online writing BLOGGED
Oscar nominee Owen CLIVE
catcher's fail-safe BACKSTOP
golden wedding anniversary FIFTIETH
ecological communities BIOMES
having multiple colors MULTIHUED
period of inactivity STAGNATION
new town in Shropshire, UK TELFORD
genus of aromatic plants CALAMINT
"minority" group CHILDREN
a fabrication or invention FIGMENT
combat fatigue REST
large Italian pork sausage MORTADELLA
sailors' songs SHANTIES
bird's second stomach GIZZARD
furry fungal coating MOLD
fictional detective Hercule POIROT
in pain HURTING
assembly of starlings MURMURATION
bad egg STINKER
egg container CARTON
one way to cook an egg POACH
egg-based cold treat CUSTARD
goose egg NAUGHT
sauce made with egg yolks MAYONNAISE
"Green Eggs and Ham" author SEUSS
relating to scurvy SCORBUTIC
underwater peak SEAMOUNT
parachuting firefighter SMOKEJUMPER
sisterly SORORAL
lacking energy or enthusiasm SPIRITLESS
capable of being climbed SCALABLE
mischievous SCAMPISH
wisely and prudently SENSIBLY
group of five bones in hand METACARPUS
very fast, musically PRESTISSIMO
like marble MARMOREAL
bought someone's release RANSOMED
make more manly MASCULINIZE
Status Quo member Francis ROSSI
redfish NANNYGAI
legal exemption INDEMNITY
mischief-makers LARRIKINS
diminutive LILLIPUTIAN
very full CHOCKERS
street advertiser SPRUIKER
peanut and caramel candy bar PAYDAY
easily rattled SHAKABLE
maritime laborer BOATBUILDER
showing signs of fear COWERING
feature of some cheeks ROSINESS
bubbles in the kitchen SOAPSUDS
take to the slopes SNOWBOARD
filthy MUCKY
tree tomato TAMARILLO
as it would appear SEEMINGLY
reviewed precisely CRITIQUED
paved with small stones PEBBLED
one who fiddles around TINKERER
floor covering MATTING
Carrie of "Star Wars" FISHER
of four-star quality EXCELLENT
its logo is star-shaped TEXACO
stargazer's implement TELESCOPE
brightest star in Scorpius ANTARES
"The Help" star Emma STONE
shone like a star TWINKLED
pungent paste HARISSA
"alle vongole" ingredients CLAMS
with wet eyes TEARILY
cocker and clumber, say SPANIELS
screamed violently SQUALLED
windflower ANEMONE
Charles is its Prince WALES
most cumbersome UNWIELDIEST
getting on FARING
quarrels ARGUMENTS
Ukraine's second city KHARKIV
contradicted GAINSAID
like an alarmed skunk PONGY
fearlessness INTREPIDITY
German tennis champ Becker BORIS
"turning a corner" BOOKMARKING
become more familiar REACQUAINT
physical therapy REHAB
involving hard work TOILSOME
wooden siding CLAPBOARD
"capital one" in Canada OTTAWAN
aircraft colleagues CREWMATES
tissue taken for testing BIOPSY
attempting to do TRYING
small marine crustaceans SHRIMPS
conceived ENVISAGED
Canadian bookstore chain COLES
inflating one's pride PUFFING
nephrologist's specialty KIDNEYS
cytologist's specialty CELLS
endocrinologist's specialty HORMONES
audiologist's specialty HEARING
hepatologist's specialty LIVER
pathologist's specialty DISEASE
neonatologist's specialty NEWBORNS
shrub once used as rope LEATHERWOOD
with no chance of giving up UNSTOPPABLY
like a common folder MANILA
one who bears witness ATTESTANT
backpack brand EASTPAK
quality of being awkward GAUCHENESS
one better than a birdie EAGLE
OK's, perhaps in two ways INITIALS
uncomfortably humid STEAMY
pattern of some fries WAFFLE
detective's files CASES
batting helmet part EARFLAP
one dollar, slangily BUCK
quantity of production TURNOUT
fire starter IGNITOR
transferred data steadily STREAMED
unstable SLIPPY
public spaces in town SQUARES
sound of rain on the roof PITAPAT
"X Factor" host Mario LOPEZ
grew together ACCRETED
deep-rooted IRRADICABLE
motto rationalizing rash act YOLO
one in need of food STARVELING
coyly modest statement HUMBLEBRAG
two-tiered, as some homes BILEVEL
blue-blooded HIGHBRED
stuff's rubbishy partner NONSENSE
open's indisputable partner SHUT
Bosnia's national partner HERZEGOVINA
black's bruised partner BLUE
Simon's musical partner GARFUNKEL
hide's playful partner SEEK
cats' precipitate partners DOGS
type of speedboat HYDROFOIL
strong desires YEARNINGS
twelve dozen GROSS
cliffs BLUFFS
mechanical, in a way ROBOTIC
bad temper CHOLER
like code that doesn't work BUGGY
shaped like a hunk of gouda WEDGELIKE
actress Jamie-Lynn SIGLER
how a spendthrift spends WASTEFULLY
it's to keep intruders out EXCLOSURE
in an attractive way BECOMINGLY
like clear, mountain air BREATHABLE
liable to customs DUTIABLE
extender of Pinocchio's nose LYING
shaped with cutting blows HEWN
credulous quality NAIVENESS
produced berries, say FRUITED
the number 100,000 in India LAKH
a group of six HEXAD
looks (into) DELVES
showing more endurance OUTLASTING
British friend MATE
Hollywood great Dietrich MARLENE
those preferring solitude LONERS
not real IMAGINARY
like funny money COUNTERFEIT
false front FACADE
false image MIRAGE
false hairpiece POSTICHE
false statement under oath PERJURY
pretending to be real BOGUS
name of "Boys" boy band BACKSTREET
one opening a chain store FRANCHISEE
person that follows a trail TRACKER
informants sing like one CANARY
be indecisive VACILLATE
juice and smoothie company JAMBA
amaranth family shrub GREASEWOOD
Gladwell of nonfiction MALCOLM
tree spelled with each vowel SEQUOIA
vehicles with lights on top CRUISERS
Hirsch on the big screen EMILE
printing press workers TYPESETTERS
like some evidence TRACEABLE
used, as an auto SECONDHAND
seismic focal points EPICENTERS
blowing hard, like the wind HOWLING
town in many Steinbeck books SALINAS
Columbus, by birth GENOAN
Satchel Paige's real name LEROY
wrote, in a way EMAILED
ominous BODING
wake-up alarm from a bugle REVEILLE
there are 100 in a googol ZEROES
be frugal SCRIMP
street crossing MacDougal BLEECKER
in a style that's fugal CANONIC
profit source for Google ADWORDS
ingredients in kugel NOODLES
two days before tomorrow YESTERDAY
"Grease 2" actress Pfeiffer MICHELLE
Lockheed SR-71 airplane BLACKBIRD
Pharrell Williams album GIRL
not nothing SOMETHING
for the reason that BECAUSE
unpopular civil servant TAXMAN
really, really exhausted OVERTIRED
metallic sounds CLANKS
most prepared READIEST
they show teams' progress SCOREBOARDS
one of the Brady Bunch GREG
spits out words excitedly SPUTTERS
bonked on the head SKULLED
deep sleep SLUMBER
true blue DEVOTED
fender bender ACCIDENT
fly high ASCEND
bird herd FLOCK
go slow LOLLYGAG
booed dude VILLAIN
one who stays in the country RUSTICATOR
lemony Middle Eastern spice SUMAC
Croatian currency namesake MARTEN
Brazilian's neighbor GUYANESE
not welcome UNACCEPTED
typewriter setting MARGIN
tacitly presume PRESUPPOSE
Football Hall of Fame city CANTON
changing for the better REFORMING
drinks like a cat LAPS
type of badge for a scout MERIT
important people NOTABLES
Houston Texans mascot TORO
study of whales CETOLOGY
intent way of staring FIXEDLY
colleague of Alito and Kagan BREYER
Mayan ruins in Belize CARACOL
of no use INUTILE
group of cats CLOWDER
leaf-stitching warbler TAILORBIRD
mountaineer's finish line RIDGETOP