7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
most resembling Einstein CLEVEREST
there's no smoke without it FIRE
lacking in expression TONELESS
cycling legend Greg LEMOND
what a penitent shows SORRINESS
in an ill-tempered manner CRANKILY
facilitator CATALYST
search into deeply PROBE
highly proficient EXPERT
bring to DELIVER
fight against COMBAT
numbers FIGURES
rich industrialist TYCOON
rotund PORTLY
gulps CHUGS
adventures EXPLOITS
sweet treats COOKIES
postulate PREMISE
playful talk BANTER
"The Windy City" CHICAGO
Woodstock's canine pal SNOOPY
yellow birds CANARIES
apple drink CIDER
face-framing hat BONNET
letter carrier POSTMAN
Abominable Snowman YETI
put on weight GAIN
put on a show ENTERTAIN
put on the spot PRESSURE
put on ice RESERVE
put on the air TELEVISE
put on the feedbag DINE
put on the block AUCTION
under the weather SICK
under the table ILLICITLY
under the gun THREATENED
under the feet TRODDEN
under the microscope SCRUTINIZED
under the hammer AUCTIONED
it's under the sea, perhaps ATLANTIS
tasty underground mushroom TRUFFLE
it stands by the road SIGN
like yes-men OBSEQUIOUS
cosmetic sold in a tube LIPSTICK
element in organic compounds CARBON
six times a year BIMONTHLY
silly and irrelevant POINTLESS
swindle DEFRAUD
medieval head covering WIMPLE
luxury car maker LEXUS
third Greek letter GAMMA
room near the kitchen SCULLERY
"wiener dog" DACHSHUND
decathlon event JAVELIN
salad veggie RADISH
African nation ETHIOPIA
fool's gold PYRITE
beginning GENESIS
court game SQUASH
conceal in your hand PALM
Australian weapon BOOMERANG
"cash cow" cash MOOLAH
item difficult to hold onto QUICKSILVER
remaining silent RETICENT
torch holder SCONCE
forest rising above a marsh HUMMOCK
pungent pellet MOTHBALL
final demand ULTIMATUM
formal attire TUXEDO
online auction site EBAY
science class CHEMISTRY
poor person PAUPER
noisy collision CRASH
ideal place to live PARADISE
feeling of reassurance RELIEF
part of a job hunt INTERVIEW
bone-retrieval board game OPERATION
Petula Clark hit song DOWNTOWN
wearing a hidden mike WIRED
in the usual manner CUSTOMARY
city official ALDERMAN
rough in manner BRUSQUE
golddigger's goal FORTUNE
cultured HIGHBROW
dough nut SKINFLINT
provide funding for BANKROLL
way over the top EXTRAVAGANT
marathoner's fuel CARBS
swollen ones get removed TONSILS
three-base hit TRIPLE
word knowledge VOCABULARY
high school student TEENAGER
confused movement TURMOIL
little lab PUPPY
perpetrate, as a crime COMMIT
supporting life VITAL
capital of Turkey ANKARA
island state TASMANIA
carry in a lorry HAUL
misguided belief DELUSION
prison dweller INMATE
large bird CASSOWARY
smelling of dampness MUSTY
let loose UNCAGE
semi TRUCK
thin and floppy FLIMSY
fighter WARRIOR
change to another language TRANSLATE
computer devices HARDWARE
make certain of CHECK
explosive device MINE
initative GUMPTION
where the furnace is BASEMENT
of supreme importance CRUCIAL
intensely hot TORRID
Isadora Duncan's art DANCING
loan security COLLATERAL
pandemonium CONFUSION
lung ailment PNEUMONIA
bewilder with splendor DAZZLE
attention grabber DIVERSION
useful little device GADGET
polenta CORNMEAL
word before room or wage LIVING
spearmint gum maker WRIGLEY
edible spears ASPARAGUS
spear handle SHAFT
spear, as an olive SKEWER
fish spear TRIDENT
spearhead PIONEER
Captain Ahab's spear HARPOON
unusual BIZARRE
stock owner SHAREHOLDER
not canned or frozen FRESH
impertinent SAUCY
reach at the end CONCLUDE
Kane's sled ROSEBUD
caustic PUNGENT
hard as a rock PETROUS
big rock BOULDER
molten rock MAGMA
sedimentary rock SHALE
Bedrock inhabitants FLINTSTONES
place to rock to sleep HAMMOCK
outer space rock METEORITE
Buckingham Palace borough WESTMINSTER
trusted teacher MENTOR
humbucker user GUITARIST
bucking horse BRONCO
home of the Bucks MILWAUKEE
bucks DEER
pepper sauce TABASCO
foreign EXOTIC
Trinidad neighbor TOBAGO
small cave GROTTO
large kangaroo WALLAROO
egg size JUMBO
culinary herb OREGANO
involving finance FISCAL
stock of weapons ARSENAL
utter defeat SHELLACKING
reduce in intensity ABATE
trailblazer INNOVATOR
sound like IMPERSONATE
helicopter, slangily CHOPPER
court decision ACQUITTAL
one in the championship game FINALIST
late for class TARDY
comic strip prince VALIANT
Old Faithful's location YELLOWSTONE
music genre CLASSICAL
poisonous element PHOSPHORUS
one used to the seamy side DRESSMAKER
looking for trouble MISCHIEVOUS
one who can't stop talking CHATTERBOX
marshal or sheriff LAWMAN
Hawaiian island MAUI
writer of bad checks PAPERHANGER
instrument mouthpiece EMBOUCHURE
large food fish GROUPER
sunken panel in architecture COFFER
made clean PURIFIED
race starter GUNSHOT
stellar radio wave source QUASAR
river-to-sea transition zone ESTUARY
goal of a vacation RELAXATION
worked undercover SPIED
flat-heeled sandal HUARACHE
dining room linen TABLECLOTH
game on a pole TETHERBALL
transported by boat FERRIED
ice chest COOLER
bring calmness to APPEASE
calmed down tempers MOLLIFIED
calm down arguers CONCILIATE
brought calmness to PLACATED
calm and serene COMPOSED
calm down QUIETEN
browser command REFRESH
small quick bread SCONE
crisp almond cookie BISCOTTI
elaborately embellished FLOWERY
secret identity ALIAS
not very enthusiastic LUKEWARM
mass confusion PANDEMONIUM
Russian instrument BALALAIKA
he served between two Bushes CLINTON
showing signs of disuse DUSTY
whole truth LOWDOWN
esoteric DEEP
speedy atomic particle TACHYON
mixed phrase SPOONERISM
most outrageous KOOKIEST
good with one's hands DEXTROUS
early evening DUSK
scrunch up CRINKLE
woman servant HANDMAID
avaricious MISERLY
recent arrival NEWCOMER
printing process ROTOGRAVURE
lady's counterpart GENTLEMAN
Portuguese East Africa, once MOZAMBIQUE
not acclaimed UNSUNG
dwelling place ABODE
glowing LUMINOUS
make ceremonious FORMALIZE
collar bone CLAVICLE
list of mistakes ERRATA
in a way without merit SPECIOUSLY
supported from above UNDERSLUNG
swallowed up ENGULFED
part of Miss Muffet's meal CURDS
extremely hungry STARVED
involving investigation EXPLORATORY
posterior HIND
alien counterparts EARTHLINGS
give the wrong task to MISASSIGN
openings for rule benders LOOPHOLES
military hold BRIG
write a cryptogram ENCODE
like "mother-in-law" HYPHENATED
seven babies SEPTUPLETS
cranium contents BRAIN
the third president JEFFERSON
"Not a chance!" NEVER
pasta with pockets RAVIOLI
like Mr. Magoo NEARSIGHTED
digital read EBOOK
too expensive OVERPRICED
come before PRECEDE
Nabisco's parent company KRAFT
compassionate SYMPATHETIC
Bronte heroine EYRE
fruity summertime treat GRANITA
general's stripes, e.g. INSIGNIA
poem with a hidden message ACROSTIC
rids of germs STERILIZES
employed staff PERSONNEL
fine dodger SCOFFLAW
length or height, e.g. DIMENSION
Middle Eastern language ARABIC
weakling WIMP
"Taxi" star DANZA
Spanish dish PAELLA
adorned with a mark BESMUDGED
dip made of chickpeas HUMMUS
"chocolate" dog LABRADOR
make uniform EQUALIZE
entertainment magazine VARIETY
just-married pair NEWLYWEDS
complimented FLATTERED
group of numbered buttons KEYPAD
capital of Ecuador QUITO
beginning OUTSET
like a ghost town DESERTED
long distance water conduit AQUEDUCT
air surrounding the Earth ATMOSPHERE
what's inside CONTENTS
"Maverick" star Mel GIBSON
honorable UPSTANDING
airport postings ARRIVALS
mongrels MUTTS
used a swizzle stick STIRRED
called again REDIALED
like many a cot FOLDING
1970 George C. Scott film PATTON
large-scale departure EXODUS
"Extra! Extra!" yeller PAPERBOY
nautical stability provider BALLAST
tummy trouble DYSPEPSIA
one who works for a pound DOGCATCHER
tasteless BLAND
US currency, slangily GREENBACKS
cross the road illegally JAYWALK
dishwashing aid SCRUBBER
like some chocolate chips SEMISWEET
unpaid workers VOLUNTEERS
ball dipped in tahini FALAFEL
worry FRET
criminal subordinate HENCHMAN
dotted line fillers SIGNATURES
tuxedos and evening gowns FORMALWEAR
jerky movement TWITCH
hard to believe DUBIOUS
business owner's earnings PROFITS
hockey Hall-of-Famer Phil ESPOSITO
defame VILIFY
tailored SARTORIAL
sport with shells ROWING
earnest attempt ENDEAVOR
cat burglar's activity THIEVERY
Oakland's neighbor BERKELEY
estimates GUESSES
musical speeds TEMPOS
bringing together UNITING
defeats the enemy CONQUERS
throws in INCLUDES
protruding stomach POTBELLY
French endive WITLOOF
Rogers' dance partner ASTAIRE
raging controversy FIRESTORM
nervous laugh TITTER
had for sale PURVEYED
removing stones from fruit PITTING
American author Ralph ELLISON
embracing HUGGING
take back RECLAIM
person who's trying to lose DIETER
linens and such BEDDING
Caribbean island GRENADA
author of "Emma" AUSTEN
tiny particles FLECKS
more morose GLOOMIER
without signing one's name ANONYMOUSLY
large delivery, of a sort TRIPLETS
very strict RIGOROUS
stepped TROD
talk show host O'Brien CONAN
horses leave them behind HOOFPRINTS
100-year-old person CENTENARIAN
baby transport manufacturer MACLAREN
coated with zinc GALVANIZED
in an ingratiating way SMARMILY
acting unsubtly HAMMING
small iceberg GROWLER
Western Australian bioregion PILBARA
electronic musician and DJ MOBY
toiled hard SLAVED
pedicure targets TOENAILS
Broadway star Peters BERNADETTE
comical quality WITTINESS
used to be WERE
branch organizations AFFILIATES
backed out RENEGED
miniature PETITE
in a coarse way RUGGEDLY
former Utah governor Jon HUNTSMAN
for fear that LEST
be one of the lead officers COCHAIR
as a comedian would HUMOROUSLY
reward GUERDON
small forceps SERREFINE
apathetic person POCOCURANTE
composer-conductor Leonard BERNSTEIN
not necessarily fatal SURVIVABLE
baseball cancellations RAINOUTS
fitting name EUONYM
having strong views OPINIONATED
pond youngsters DUCKLINGS
girder material STEEL
small spot of color SPECKLE
painter of soup cans WARHOL
keyboard symbol CHARACTER
pays no heed to DISCOUNTS
rodents that burrow GOPHERS
less complex SIMPLER
ran wild STAMPEDED
loses brightness FADES
flowing very slowly OOZING
summoning EVOCATION
sauce for eggs Benedict HOLLANDAISE
"key" text TYPESCRIPT
plants used as food VEGETABLES
deep blue pigment ULTRAMARINE
famous Italian soccer team JUVENTUS
sports equipment company REEBOK
"banner" CENSOR
noted English public school ETON
is dressed in SPORTS
the M in MTV MUSIC
classroom favorites PETS
it can be shocking ELECTRICITY
a railroad in Monopoly READING
make it through, as a storm WEATHER
strong mutual attraction CHEMISTRY
places to hock goods PAWNSHOPS
movie star Cooper BRADLEY
computer memory units KILOBYTES
studied secondarily MINORED
competitors RIVALS
breaks down naturally BIODEGRADES
traffic snarls JAMS
he led elephants into war HANNIBAL
elephant king of kiddie lit BABAR
mad elephant ROGUE
seat on an elephant's back HOWDAH
prehistoric elephant MASTODON
party of the elephant REPUBLICAN
elephant's call TRUMPET
like files on a network SHARED
transparent CRYSTALLINE
TV movie in installments MINISERIES
Oscar-winner Alan ARKIN
Michelin products TIRES
words of smoke SKYWRITING
nation in the Horn of Africa ETHIOPIA
edible yellow mushroom CHANTERELLE
edible Asian mushroom SHIITAKE
round mushroom PUFFBALL
foul-smelling brown fungi STINKHORN
wheat fungus ERGOT
fungus hunted by pigs TRUFFLE
fungus found in bathrooms MILDEW
typewriter roller PLATEN
athletic roller ACROBAT
they keep rolling along CAISSONS
roll slowly TRUNDLE
Rolling Stones hit song ANGIE
move in a rolling motion WAMBLE
logrolling CRONYISM
concentrated bombardment BARRAGE
deep study OCEANOLOGY
largest English lake WINDERMERE
bronze-yellow mineral MARCASITE
More work UTOPIA
give special importance to EMPHASIZE
feeble old age DOTAGE
pleasing to the ear DULCET
harsh noise CACOPHONY
sound of a contented cat PURR
snoring STERTOR
rapid drumbeat PARADIDDLE
sounds of a carillon RINGING
blabber of secrets BIGMOUTH
every 60 minutes HOURLY
commemorative tablets PLAQUES
small follow-up earthquake AFTERSHOCK
put forward, as a theory PROPOUND
Wild West rifle WINCHESTER
bringing up to speed UPDATING
province of southern China GUANGDONG
posted a message on Twitter TWEETED
the "talk" of Moscow RUSSIAN
leaves producer TREE
case for a German DATIVE
having lots of ups and downs HILLY
país cerca de Argentina URUGUAY
departamento en un hospital URGENCIA
lengua hablada en India URDU
de la ciudad URBANO
deporte popular de las olas SURF
es hecho de madera o polvo SUELO
estilo de arte de Dalí SURREALISTA
viento suave BRISA
exhalación por la boca SOPLO
lo que llena los pulmones AIRE
decoración para una fiesta GLOBOS
ciudad de la Torre Eiffel PARÍS
una fuerza irresistible INFLUENCIA
hacer una réplica COPIAR
dictador de España FRANCO
segunda parte de un traje PANTALONES
del Polo Norte ESQUIMAL
aficionado apasionado FANÁTICO
bastón real CETRO
él se siente en un trono MONARCA
stick figure's head CIRCLE
spice sold in sticks CINNAMON
stick shift setting REVERSE
walking stick CANE
stick-up ROBBERY
pogo stick features FOOTRESTS
stick around LINGER
causing loud laughter UPROARIOUS
funny business HIJINKS
amusingly clever WITTY
humorous JOCOSE
gut-busting guy COMEDIAN
facetious remark WISECRACK
capricious humor WHIMSY
space between two teeth DIASTEMA
hospital cuts SURGERY
classic shampoo brand PRELL
in a dull, boring way DREARILY
Canadian fertilizer company POTASHCORP
disorder at the kennels DISTEMPER
making stronger REINFORCING
one's in it for the long run MARATHON
begged earnestly IMPLORED
important Chilean seaport VALPARAISO
index of places GAZETTEER
Italian luxury fashion label PRADA
became semi-solid CONGEALED
eye sores STYES
Mayan archaeological site CALAKMUL
person of "conviction" PRISONER
lack of substance TENUITY
"well-earned" money PETRODOLLAR
flashy performer SHOWBOATER
free from error DISABUSE
captivating ENCHANTING
impetuous quality RASHNESS
stir, in a way SWIZZLE
Old Hollywood star Patricia NEAL
airport-to-hotel vehicles SHUTTLES
hen's perch ROOST
tending a furnace STOKING
ointment ingredient LANOLIN
cherishes ADORES
camera manufacturer CANON
presidential middle name DELANO
fast warship DESTROYER
having a hard covering CRUSTACEOUS
shoe covering the ankle GAITER
outer covering of a tree BARK
storefront covering AWNING
cover charge ADMISSION
deceptive covering DISGUISE
window covering JALOUSIE
blue drills and saws maker MAKITA
chirping short messages, say TWEETING
poor penmanship in action SCRAWLING
key diner-to-table metric ELBOWROOM
what the blunderbuss lacked PRECISENESS
dairy sensitive, perhaps INTOLERANT
making space VOIDING
looked fixedly STARED
immediately afterwards NEXT
serrations SAWTEETH
formally declines to vote ABSTAINS
they tell us how it's done ADVERBS
suffering from skin disease MANGY
Belgium's oldest town TONGEREN
delayed result AFTEREFFECT
natural result COROLLARY
come out in the end EVENTUATE
have unintended results BACKFIRE
result of a division problem QUOTIENT
result of a farmer's efforts HARVEST
final outcome UPSHOT
procedure in theater OPERATION
advocate of women's rights FEMINIST
hide from hog PIGSKIN
thick, liquid medicine LINCTUS
Malaysian state on Borneo SARAWAK
scratching the surface SCORING
powerful, rich businessman OLIGARCH
hydrated calcium sulphate GYPSUM
publishing in installments SERIALIZING
Egyptian temple ruins KARNAK
quarter deck SPADES
protecting GUARDING
foul-smelling plant RAFFLESIA
Picasso's movement CUBISM
toe, to a tot TOOTSIE
time gone by YORE
crew leaders COXSWAINS
news anchor Jim LEHRER
brightest star in Cygnus DENEB
art fakes FORGERIES
making a lot of noise SCREAMING
enlarged, fast-food-wise SUPERSIZED
party bowl contents DIPS
lying at right angles ORTHOGONAL
went through a change CONVERTED
actress Farrah FAWCETT
done in a testy manner IRASCIBLY
she directs the hoedown CALLER
Einstein's preoccupation RELATIVITY
ISS departure procedure UNDOCKING
denying free speech GAGGING
respectability, in slang CRED
stored arrows, perhaps QUIVERED
key worker LOCKSMITH
hatchet job WOODCUTTING
dental x-ray film BITEWING
untroubled by embarrassment UNASHAMED
prisoners CONS
passage of play in polo CHUKKA
Welsh seaside resort LLANDUDNO
security against a loss INDEMNITY
encircle SURROUND
one of the moons of Uranus TITANIA
fine, dry particles POWDER
conforming to propriety SEEMLY
typical NORMAL
volcano in the Philippines PINATUBO
expanded GREW
gave a nice shine to LACQUERED
strolls in a leisurely way AMBLES
add flavor to SEASON
just blah MEDIOCRE
"Life" and "Time" sellers NEWSSTANDS
scrapped, as an old car JUNKED
English county SHIRE
disgraced outfielder Jose CANSECO
"puppy" toilet paper brand COTTONELLE
early message sent via wire CABLEGRAM
David Sedaris, for one ESSAYIST
one of the brain's lobes FRONTAL
"nervous" medical specialty NEUROLOGY
paid back REQUITED
former Buick model LESABRE
not asked for UNSOLICITED
maker of candy wafers NECCO
put up with TOLERATED
ophthalmic treatment EYEDROPS
worded in a particular way PHRASED
female non-specialist LAYWOMAN
immature dragonfly NYMPH
polar explorer Sir Ernest SHACKLETON
bullhead or sea scorpion SCULPIN
having wave-like shape UNDULANT
small, juicy, purple fruit POKEBERRY
castle on Lake Geneva CHILLON
child raised by non-parent FOSTERLING
university students COLLEGIANS
spoiled in store SHOPWORN
silk or crepe fabric GEORGETTE
policy expert WONK
Annette or Cubby MOUSEKETEER
according to rumors REPUTEDLY
really interesting FASCINATING
athlete in Sochi or Rio OLYMPIAN
hit below the belt KNEED
examines a sentence PARSES
reversal TURNABOUT
showing on TV AIRING
shifted in one's seat SQUIRMED
one of three main rock types IGNEOUS
fired from a job in the UK SACKED
felt sick AILED
tyrants DESPOTS
plastic model kit brand REVELL
utters a crow-like cry CAWS
enticing TEMPTING
eccentric chocolatier Willy WONKA
person with a similar voice SOUNDALIKE
Olympic sailor Sir Ben AINSLIE
in an infuriating manner MADDENINGLY
dig JIBE
man of straw THATCHER
nitrogen-fixing bacterium RHIZOBIUM
made false statements about SLANDERED
split into three divisions TRIFID
Mexican city GUADALAJARA
predicting disaster DOOMSAYING
Russian space explorer COSMONAUT
Moon mission designation APOLLO
W-shaped constellation CASSIOPEIA
common orbit shape ELLIPSE
reusable space vehicle SHUTTLE
kind of star VARIABLE
densest of our Sun's planets EARTH
inkwell implements QUILLS
feeling well HEALTHY
most well-lit BRIGHTEST
item hanging over a well BUCKET
"very well" OKAY
more well-to-do RICHER
it may be ordered well done STEAK
guitar neck component FRETBOARD
Colombia's principal river MAGDALENA
Russian empress TZARINA
seaport in Cornwall PENZANCE
inflammation in the throat TONSILLITIS
shameless, as some lies BALDFACED
Wisconsin's largest city MILWAUKEE
Swiss tennis pro Stanislas WAWRINKA
worn, as a sweater PILLED
gave extravagantly LAVISHED
not unyielding STOPPABLE
groundwater specialist HYDROLOGIST
Spanish footballer Fernando TORRES
become overly rigid in habit OSSIFY
Australian racecourse FLEMINGTON
enlarged MAGNIFIED
Australian tennis great, Ken ROSEWALL
AFL minor scores BEHINDS
reparation ATONEMENT
western Sydney city PARRAMATTA
mourns LAMENTS
Will Smith's actress wife JADA
sort of pumpkin-colored ORANGISH
within grasp of victory WINNABLE
white elephants, for example ALBINOS
"77 Sunset Strip" role KOOKIE
Tarzan's transport system VINES
mild, as interest TEPID
patio material DECKING
more than a peck SMOOCH
eve or noon PALINDROME
pedestrian crossing FOOTBRIDGE
platitude BROMIDE
revved GUNNED
fire BLAZE
wire CABLE
outer wear for a navy PEACOAT
"Sunshine Sketches" humorist LEACOCK
Rhodesian dog breed RIDGEBACK
hinged plastic container CLAMSHELL
K-Cup maker KEURIG
in a condescending mannner SNOBBILY
ruthlessly tyrannical IRONFISTED
debate over minutiae QUIBBLE
Dalle's alt rock band SPINNERETTE
Maseru is its capital LESOTHO
no longer stuck UNJAMMED
dog, affectionately POOCH
clover, for example TREFOIL
trait of a dugout canoe HOLLOWNESS
quite modern NEWISH
alteration PERMUTATION
seven-event contest HEPTATHLON
carpentry WOODWORK
accurately CLOSELY
Australian soldiers DIGGERS
scattering DISPERSION
regularly STEADILY
spread thickly SLATHERED
somewhat circular ROUNDISH
crop picker GATHERER
roused to action BESTIRRED
purple gemstone AMETHYST
Deep Purple hit single HUSH
purple vegetable EGGPLANT
wearer of purple EMPEROR
Cherokee Purple, perhaps TOMATO
purple, of writing FLOWERY
Purple Heart, for one DECORATION
a period, as of illness BOUT
a place for your rubbish LITTERBAG
coming to light, as a secret SURFACING
sea north of Bering Strait CHUKCHI
put on another conveyance TRANSSHIP
Java marvel of architecture BOROBUDUR
lack of direction AIMLESSNESS
coexisting organism SYMBIOTE
like designer Max Azria TUNISIAN
to whom a yacht belongs SHIPOWNER
mingled at a party SOCIALIZED
laundry liquid BLUING
divide proportionally PRORATE
hybrid of brook & lake trout SPLAKE
public aviation display AIRSHOW
soft, dry, crumbly quality MEALINESS
capable of being arranged SORTABLE
silvery white, soft metal ALUMINUM
egg-based Italian dish FRITTATA
in a rigorous way STRINGENTLY
a feline, informally PUSS
Queen Elizabeth's second son ANDREW
Scottish musician PIPER
eastern flycatcher PHOEBE
lying snugly NESTLING
fast sailing ships CLIPPERS
removing unwanted branches PRUNING
unwelcome email SPAM
unnecessary extra stuff CLUTTER
landfill items GARBAGE
not useful WORTHLESS
fishing throwback BYCATCH
not wanted SUPERFLUOUS
certain Caribbean denizens HAITIANS
looks forward to AWAITS
South Carolina university CLEMSON
special times OCCASIONS
baseballer known as Big Papi ORTIZ
opening for coins SLOT
fish dish SUSHI
be indecisive HOVER
stood sentinel GUARDED
confection of melted sugar BRITTLE
exasperated exclamation ENOUGH
major lightbulb maker SYLVANIA
"1234" singer FEIST
appearing solemn and wise OWLISH
eggplants, in England AUBERGINES
kind of mandarin orange SATSUMA
three-sided shapes TRIANGLES
a postal passion PHILATELY
positioned elsewhere REASSIGNED
driving away BANISHING
reading carefully PERUSING
fixed in position UNMOVABLE
male turkeys GOBBLERS
support for a sleeper BEDBOARD
like a quiet town SLEEPY
language of India GUJARATI
villain's assistants HENCHMEN
P. G. Wodehouse's first name PELHAM
edible shoots ASPARAGUS
meal on a skewer KABOB
light shirt fabric CHAMBRAY
in exactly the same words VERBATIM
discouraged CRESTFALLEN
speed up QUICKEN
British tennis championship WIMBLEDON
really disappointed DEFLATED
smart phone protector CASE
traps on a course BUNKERS
naturally polished rock SLICKENSIDE
fell (over) KEELED
jeweler's output CRAFTWORK
like most metals under heat MELTABLE
how some nods are given APPROVINGLY
carpenter's tool HAMMER
assaults from above AIRSTRIKES
riverbed digger DREDGER
stirs up AGITATES
smug person's trait VAINNESS
Dutch explorer Tasman ABEL
skydivers pull them RIPCORDS
peppermint patty producer YORK
like theaters or airplanes AISLED
incapable of being lessened IRREDUCIBLE
in an excellent manner EXQUISITELY
French city on the Seine ROUEN
attaches AFFIXES
"Leviathan" penner HOBBES
denying services to regions REDLINING
waited BIDED
Volkswagen van MICROBUS
largest Arctic Circle city MURMANSK
avian unit of measure WINGSPREAD
propensity LEANING
like a good egg RESPECTED
egg style BENEDICT
L'eggs product HOSIERY
egg on INCITE
lay an egg FLOP
egg on one's face HUMILIATION
ideal partners SOULMATES
less stale, as potato chips CRISPIER
carried in the womb GESTATED
grandstander SHOWBOAT
"The Quiet Man" director FORD
giving a one-star review TRASHING
Everglades transports AIRBOATS
president following Hayes GARFIELD
"Eroica" composer BEETHOVEN
barber in a Mozart opera FIGARO
singer who led the Wailers MARLEY
"Wuthering Heights" man HEATHCLIFF
like some globes, if shaken SNOWY
Kate Middleton's title DUCHESS
woodwind player PICCOLOIST
munificently LIBERALLY
major port of northern Spain BILBAO
in a fashionable manner SARTORIALLY
torpidly DAZEDLY
Old World woodpecker WRYNECK
celebratory meal, in UK BEANFEAST
ewe meat MUTTON
something you must do COMMAND
struggled, with some success COPED
kitchen quick heat source MICROWAVE
commotion KERFUFFLE
nothing, in Nogales NADA
Florida island State Park CALADESI
masks VEILS
getting between the teeth FLOSSING
well-sculpted MUSCLY
Belize archaeological site LAMANAI
habitually petty carpers NITPICKERS