7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
pertinence RELEVANCE
sound heard when calling ewe BLEAT
ask a question QUERY
architectural base PEDESTAL
ham radio band SHORTWAVE
tetched BATTY
without a saddle BAREBACK
can be had AVAILABLE
work samples PORTFOLIO
established organization INSTITUTE
Mr. Buffett's claim to fame MONEY
charisma CHARM
be more clever than OUTSMART
young goats KIDS
what River City had TROUBLE
brass instrument CORNET
unable to move STUCK
belt fastener BUCKLE
sham FRAUD
striped squirrel CHIPMUNK
Polish sausage KIELBASA
Maine national park ACADIA
major road HIGHWAY
ice cream treat SUNDAE
temporary political alliance COALITION
affection for the past NOSTALGIA
it's dirt cheap SAND
writer's submission MANUSCRIPT
water down THIN
implausible COCKAMAMIE
Pierce Brosnan's Mr. Steele REMINGTON
biased referee HOMER
malevolent EVIL
very solemn SOBER
Maine's largest city PORTLAND
absolute IMPLICIT
in need of food HUNGRY
wrap up FINISH
one with a yellow streak COWARD
it's 20% of the atmosphere OXYGEN
disregard NEGLECT
light rain DRIZZLE
having an impressive physique BUILT
make known DIVULGE
denim work clothes DUNGAREES
one who visits new places EXPLORER
camera attachment FLASHCUBE
disconnect, as train cars UNCOUPLE
ship's kitchen GALLEY
little bloodsucker MOSQUITO
Middle Eastern country KUWAIT
programming language JAVA
still and calm TRANQUIL
extreme UTMOST
study of rocks GEOLOGY
ring bearer's burden PILLOW
early show MATINEE
tart SOUR
association of companies CONSORTIUM
gargling liquid MOUTHWASH
soften the impact CUSHION
part of the leg THIGH
like some motor oils SYNTHETIC
line of guards CORDON
wear down an enemy ATTRIT
tight workspace CUBICLE
set boundaries DELIMIT
ducks and drakes WATERFOWL
tamper with NOODLE
sound of wet impact SPLAT
Supreme Court member JUSTICE
the Hoosier State INDIANA
one of four on a car TIRE
Mayflower passenger PILGRIM
football field GRIDIRON
baby's arrival DELIVERY
glum DOUR
start a paragraph INDENT
make a difference MATTER
pick up the tab TREAT
neighbor of Portugal SPAIN
dot dot dot ELLIPSIS
medical treatment THERAPY
number puzzle SUDOKU
predicament SCRAPE
cowpoke's footwear BOOTS
Spanish dance FANDANGO
false step TRIP
easy chair RECLINER
foot coverings SOCKS
they come in "handy" GLOVES
spot to throw a Frisbee PARK
cook over coals GRILL
sew a fold TUCK
delicious TASTY
coral eater PARROTFISH
income source PAYCHECK
naval officer COMMODORE
family tree path LINEAGE
baby echidna PUGGLE
electrical work WIRING
grove of fruit trees ORCHARD
mouse catcher TRAP
in the pool SWIMMING
not willing to budge FIRM
march steadily TRAMP
of the army MILITARY
copper coins PENNIES
full of high spirits VIVACIOUS
mischievous act ESCAPADE
sound of impact SMACK
scuba divers FROGMEN
Iditarod dog HUSKY
entrée DISH
studious BOOKISH
captivating CHARMING
armed forces MILITARY
certain procedure METHOD
test tube handler CHEMIST
Christie, to Alexa MOTHER
crackerbox house HOVEL
set store by RESPECT
stage backdrop SCENERY
ring holder FINGER
what you type on KEYBOARD
bacteria colony CULTURE
urban bird PIGEON
surface resistance FRICTION
singer Franklin ARETHA
lay an egg FLOP
bad charge account activity PADDING
highfalutin PRETENTIOUS
a new one sweeps clean BROOM
yard adornment SHRUB
feature of some desk lamps GOOSENECK
falsified, as figures FUDGED
Mount Everest climber HILLARY
undersized RUNTY
force to leave UPROOT
count up TALLY
counterpart SIMILITUDE
expensive sailing ship YACHT
swerves off course YAWS
uncontrolled UNBRIDLED
established beyond a doubt PROVEN
country inn ROADHOUSE
stiff-necked TENACIOUS
Fred of "Car 54" GWYNNE
sword sheath SCABBARD
pulling repeatedly TUGGING
failed completely FLOPPED
Bikini Bottom villain PLANKTON
degree or magnitude EXTENT
monotonous HUMDRUM
cold and damp CLAMMY
optional course ELECTIVE
intractable OBDURATE
email button REPLY
using more words than needed VERBOSE
confirm, as an alibi CORROBORATE
bird's bill BEAK
passed around CIRCULATED
one sneaking about PROWLER
elephant PACHYDERM
lumber irregularity KNOTHOLE
it opens a winter waterway ICEBREAKER
Oscar winner for "Moonstruck" CHER
widespread through the Web VIRAL
lyrical poem of French origin RONDEAU
potential client PROSPECT
financial ruin BANKRUPTCY
suspicious of everyone PARANOID
sound of spurs JANGLE
Pacific island nation KIRIBATI
baseball pitch SPLITTER
straighten up NEATEN
internal medicine specialist INTERNIST
brightly colored chert JASPER
site of blood cell creation MARROW
industrial hardware MACHINERY
smooth and sweet MELLIFLUOUS
after-school punishment DETENTION
flood DELUGE
blackball PROSCRIBE
black ball, in pool EIGHT
encourage moral expansion EDIFY
out of sight HIDDEN
countless NUMEROUS
arrange data in a graph TABULATE
symbol on Utah's state flag BEEHIVE
clothing choice at bedtime NIGHTGOWN
big and strong BURLY
down in the dumps DEJECTED
tell stories REGALE
subject of some contests POPULARITY
zori part THONG
expression of disdain POOH
tetanus LOCKJAW
experimental mixture CONCOCTION
correctional facility PRISON
plant also called checkerberry WINTERGREEN
more elaborate FANCIER
backwards football pass LATERAL
tropical fruit PINEAPPLE
doctor's mistake MALPRACTICE
successor of Claudius NERO
expensive fur MINK
apartment feature KITCHENETTE
dishwasher additive DETERGENT
British fighter plane SPITFIRE
streaming movie provider NETFLIX
system of watercourses DRAINAGE
cream of the crop FINEST
purple dinosaur BARNEY
large river beasts HIPPOS
giving of consent ACCEDENCE
complete THOROUGH
sang without lyrics HUMMED
tarnished BESMIRCHED
containing iron FERROUS
variety of finch TOWHEE
tender of billies and kids GOATHERD
making permanent FIXATIVE
most energetic PEPPIEST
identifiable DISTINCT
olive variety KALAMATA
fedora feature BRIM
"Great" Macedonian king ALEXANDER
certain verb form PARTICIPLE
take a long bath SOAK
absolutely perfect FAULTLESS
South American country BOLIVIA
vulture or raccoon, e.g. SCAVENGER
chewy candy TOFFEE
cattle breed HOLSTEIN
hammer holder TOOLBOX
more optimistic ROSIER
rock climber's support FOOTHOLD
take one's leave DEPART
common solvent TURPENTINE
"The Brick City" NEWARK
obsession MONOMANIA
verbally abuse BERATE
negatively charged atom ANION
seacraft with engines MOTORBOATS
committed a sports violation FOULED
physical punishment THRASHING
like mixed precipitation SLEETY
gate closers LATCHES
refusal to change one's mind ADAMANCE
streaming video WEBCAST
small source of illumination PENLIGHT
those chosen for a position APPOINTEES
seller of clothing HABERDASHER
crew competitors ROWERS
doing poorly under pressure CHOKING
tall and thin RANGY
cargo loader STEVEDORE
oblivious UNAWARE
imagist poet POUND
boards PLANKS
rifle (through) RUMMAGE
indefensible, as a thesis UNTENABLE
truck tires' splash guards MUDFLAPS
scholarly guidance TUTELAGE
stringy pasta SPAGHETTI
seethe with anger FUME
broken-down SHABBY
Clinton appointee Madeleine ALBRIGHT
weirdos ODDBALLS
Somalia's capital MOGADISHU
paving slab FLAGSTONE
range of frequencies BROADBAND
tater SPUD
liberated FREED
violent gusts of wind SQUALLS
Mississippi author William FAULKNER
phonograph record DISC
part of a serialized story INSTALLMENT
it borders Russia and China KAZAKHSTAN
lengthy party decorations STREAMERS
at any time EVER
weightlifter's helper SPOTTER
mattress-inhabiting pest BEDBUG
scarecrow's place CORNFIELD
tickled pink DELIGHTED
Oscar-winning actress Tilda SWINTON
built-in fridge appliance ICEMAKER
not firm UNSTEADY
most populous African nation NIGERIA
small opening in a door PEEPHOLE
assemble again REBUILD
four-footed animals QUADRUPEDS
behave coquettishly FLIRT
legal right of possession OWNERSHIP
subunits of words SYLLABLES
constraint COMPULSION
WWI General of the Armies PERSHING
moving in a circle REVOLVING
brouhaha HUBBUB
heavy burden MILLSTONE
rooftop feature, perhaps TERRACE
feeling hot FEVERISH
short wading bird BITTERN
kitchen appliances COOKERS
creator of Jeeves & Wooster WODEHOUSE
variety of fly or flower BLUEBOTTLE
paid out DISBURSED
simian in nature APELIKE
domination over another HEGEMONY
some elderly family members GRANDMAS
interpreted CONSTRUED
whatchamacallit THINGAMAJIG
gets into shape MOLDS
nickname for Detroit MOTOWN
redirecting psychologically SUBLIMATING
comic routine SHTICK
counts and dukes, e.g. NOBLES
really prudish PRISSY
huge, in slang GINORMOUS
chubby PLUMP
exploring caves SPELUNKING
some stadium tops DOMES
in a frisky way PLAYFULLY
bending out of shape DEFORMING
female athlete SPORTSWOMAN
foot woes CORNS
joint protection KNEEPAD
in an eccentric style WACKILY
Mark Twain, for example PSEUDONYM
constituting a main route ARTERIAL
US industrial supply company GRAINGER
person from Moscow MUSCOVITE
they take people in TRICKSTERS
political moderate CENTRIST
"Funny Girl" subject BRICE
ladles, for example DIPPERS
protein used in digestion ENZYME
person from Reno NEVADAN
ho-hum BLAH
covered on both sides SANDWICHED
did an impression of MIMICKED
sheep keeper HERDSMAN
heavens SKIES
worthy of a pardon FORGIVABLE
most delectable TASTIEST
island country of Africa SEYCHELLES
indicating agreement CONCURRING
guitar player STRUMMER
ignorant UNKNOWING
extending magazine insert FOLDOUT
10-year anniversaries DECENNIALS
Ray Stevens novelty song GITARZAN
go along with ACCOMPANY
salad base LETTUCE
obey, as instructions FOLLOW
stop motion film technique PIXILATION
recess game KICKBALL
excess OVERAGE
tune in LISTEN
act of improving BETTERMENT
fuse together with metal SOLDER
kind of cloth-covered table BILLIARD
stealing from the company EMBEZZLING
reconnaissance experts SCOUTS
downfall DEMISE
Highlands musician BAGPIPER
talked over DISCUSSED
completely preoccupying OBSESSING
flourished financially PROSPERED
people who are invited GUESTS
shooting skier BIATHLETE
where you lie "patiently" SICKBED
a tune stuck in your head EARWORM
dog that hunts rodents RATTER
Cervantes protagonist QUIXOTE
talking bird PARROT
the ugly duckling, actually SWAN
fish-eating bird CORMORANT
pink wading bird FLAMINGO
worm-hunting bird ROBIN
gooney bird ALBATROSS
very large African bird OSTRICH
sets, like cement HARDENS
golfing great Gary PLAYER
rides the subway daily COMMUTES
up front football player LINEMAN
clothing lines SEAMS
give a shot to INOCULATE
watch's inner mechanism CLOCKWORK
watch out BEWARE
ones keeping watch SENTRIES
luxury watch brand CARTIER
subject of a weather "watch" TORNADO
place to watch a movie MULTIPLEX
bounder DASTARD
honors gained LAURELS
small, worthless object NICKNACK
"rock" music LULLABY
changing skin color TANNING
didn't eat FASTED
have flamboyant adventures SWASHBUCKLE
solidifed volcanic rock BASALT
volcano near Pompeii VESUVIUS
volcanic depression CRATER
sooty volcanic output ASHES
active Mexican volcano COLIMA
volcanic vent CHIMNEY
Mount St. Helens' state WASHINGTON
its motto: "From Sea to Sea" CANADA
hat made in Ecuador PANAMA
"Day-O" song focus BANANAS
hotel chain RAMADA
birthplace of Hank Aaron ALABAMA
Japanese piano maker YAMAHA
capital of Bahrain MANAMA
kind of panic SWITCHGRASS
was more significant than OUTWEIGHED
deviation ABERRANCY
end of term LABOR
getting rid of a canine, say EXTRACTION
UK model construction toy MECCANO
shoe polish substance HEELBALL
thick-soled shoes PLATFORMS
light sport shoe PLIMSOLL
shoe mark SCUFF
tongueless shoe GHILLIE
sturdy walking shoe BALMORAL
shoe covers GALOSHES
carrot-tops REDHEADS
gooey candy bar CARAMELLO
like film score music, often ORCHESTRAL
concludes FINALIZES
offer too little UNDERBID
flickered while shining TWINKLED
psychoanalysis pioneer FREUD
most rounded PLUMPEST
socializing at a party MINGLING
national park in Botswana CHOBE
Italian course ANTIPASTO
flowered BLOOMED
of the mustard family CRUCIFEROUS
coming across FINDING
fruta del dragón PITAHAYA
no alegre TRISTE
de color rojo oscuro TINTO
esencial, fundamental BÁSICO
gasto de un producto CONSUMO
insecto que vuela MOSCA
magnitud CANTIDAD
surcar los mares NAVEGAR
monumento egipcio PIRÁMIDE
símbolo de compromiso ANILLO
bípedo biónico ROBOT
producto de belleza MASCARILLA
orejas del jarrón ASAS
parabrisas de los ojos PÁRPADOS
gran felino salvaje y negro PANTERA
tipo de gato y carro JAGUAR
Mugabe o Stalin DICTADOR
felino más rápido GUEPARDO
un felino y marca de tenis PUMA
pájaro minúsculo COLIBRÍ
donde los niños ven animales ZOOLÓGICO
baby grands PIANOS
a grand slam is worth four RUNS
one grand THOUSAND
grandstand SHOWBOAT
Greta of "Grand Hotel" GARBO
river in the Grand Canyon COLORADO
brief look GLIMPSE
form a mental image VISUALIZE
regard with attention OBSERVE
look searchingly PEER
rubberneck GAWK
stare stupidly GOGGLE
shy look GLANCE
vegetarian entrees, often SALADS
Clintons' daughter CHELSEA
moving forward PROGRESSING
aromatic REDOLENT
Hawaiian port city HILO
moved up and down JOUNCED
recorded ahead of time PRETAPED
disposable heating pad brand THERMACARE
without gladness JOYLESSLY
"main" course SEAFOOD
system of phonetic shorthand PHONOGRAPHY
region in central Italy ABRUZZO
coverage of summit SNOWCAP
reversed a course of action BACKPEDALED
short race PYGMIES
kid's mother NANNY
capital of Andhra Pradesh HYDERABAD
went back over RETRACED
individual in school PORPOISE
most gentle MILDEST
forest bat with big ears BARBASTELLE
singing like Bing Crosby CROONING
give an early OK PREAPPROVE
loosened, in a way UNHITCHED
going out with SEEING
point of view OUTLOOK
walk with difficulty LIMP
made a "catty" remark MEOWED
relating to a caretaker JANITORIAL
US headphone maker SKULLCANDY
knitted a reverse stitch PURLED
"standing order" RISE
ski resort in Vermont KILLINGTON
get something off your chest EXPECTORATE
like an alligator or caiman CROCODILIAN
absolute power IMPERIUM
absolute ruler MONARCH
absolute and unreserved IMPLICIT
with absolute knowledge OMNISCIENT
absolute worst PITS
absolute SHEER
"fishy" pastime ANGLING
wildly uncontrolled HYSTERICAL
with delicacy and grace DAINTILY
climbing shrub WISTARIA
woman in plain clothes FRUMP
secured with a belt CINCHED
stayed temporarily SOJOURNED
device to stop bleeding TOURNIQUET
ship of the desert's master CAMELEER
supply with false hand MISDEAL
underwriter SIGNATORY
descending scales DANDRUFF
city in northern France LILLE
sudden attack SEIZURE
chainsaw company HOMELITE
chain gang members CONVICTS
chain of command figure SUPERIOR
chain reaction result FISSION
animal chain TETHER
chain of coffeehouses STARBUCKS
ball and chain, facetiously WIFE
city on the Rio Grande MATAMOROS
without bias NEUTRALLY
vegetables such as cabbage GREENSTUFF
make the best of OPTIMIZE
stocking fillers LEGS
river feeding Sydney Harbour PARRAMATTA
Russian country cottage DACHA
relating to the brain CEREBRAL
circles and crosses TICKTACKTOE
change CENTS
order of insects LEPIDOPTERA
copy cat MIAOW
groups of musical numbers MEDLEYS
Disney classic FANTASIA
falls behind LAGS
incisors' neighbors CANINES
silvery metallic element RUBIDIUM
computer program parts SUBROUTINES
comedian Diller PHYLLIS
raked over the coals LAMBASTED
animal on the Maine flag MOOSE
prepared coffee, perhaps PERCOLATED
livens (up) PEPS
protected from infringement TRADEMARKED
one performs this song SOLO
intended to be instructive DIDACTIC
bed coverings LINENS
"Into Thin Air" author Jon KRAKAUER
give a dog medicine, maybe DEWORM
headlights, typically HALOGENS
sleepiness SOMNOLENCE
tweet organizers HASHTAGS
crackling STATIC
comment out of turn KIBBITZ
bitter and sour ACERBIC
part of the story EPISODE
Australian parakeet BUDGERIGAR
animated deer BAMBI
radio audience LISTENERS
concealed shooter SNIPER
offered as a theory PROPOUNDED
when computers are available UPTIME
via sight VISUALLY
polo shirt features BUTTONHOLES
one of Godzilla's enemies MOTHRA
marshmallow chicks PEEPS
without formal schooling UNEDUCATED
actress Allison JANNEY
stage a past event REENACT
not as bright DUMBER
slim part of a book PAGE
toe problems BUNIONS
more swanky RITZIER
pessimistic types CYNICS
set down heavily PLOPPED
wavelike motion UNDULATION
putting in sequence ORDERING
warplanes BOMBERS
stand-up comic's arsenal JOKES
blue-green shade AQUA
black-and-white mindset ABSOLUTISM
working at PLYING
irrelevant element NONFACTOR
actor Norton EDWARD
boat steering mechanism TILLER
lieu STEAD
weapon in many operas SPEAR
looking at with interest EYING
world's tenth largest island ELLESMERE
thrust out EXSERT
people receiving services CLIENTS
moved turbulently ROILED
snow travel method SKIMOBILE
non-indulgent ABSTEMIOUS
home of Colman's mustard NORWICH
Macedonian kings of Egypt PTOLEMIES
chemical compound ESTER
Japanese savory taste UMAMI
first or highest UPMOST
with great stubbornness MULISHLY
variety of quartz CHALCEDONY
having lines or ripples CRINKLY
absolutely certain POSITIVE
arm muscle BICEP
early photos TINTYPES
guy who works with cows DAIRYMAN
small racing vehicles KARTS
invigorates ENERGIZES
rotary phone feature DIAL
those assigning blame ACCUSERS
financial TV channel CNBC
comparatively skinny SLENDERER
woodwind orchestra members BASSOONISTS
meteorology app WEATHERBUG
culinary thickening agent ARROWROOT
sunrooms SOLARIA
dependably RELIABLY
warmed up again REHEATED
Aztec emperor MONTEZUMA
turn into a fine spray NEBULIZE
newspaper commentary EDITORIAL
newspaper brain teaser CROSSWORD
written account REPORT
regular article COLUMN
title set in large type HEADLINE
"Cathy" and "Luann" COMICS
writer AUTHOR
fiction writer NOVELIST
theatrical writer PLAYWRIGHT
historian CHRONICLER
German lyric poet MINNESINGER
inferior writer POETASTER
writer SCRIBE
loose dressing gown PEIGNOIR
dress circle location THEATER
dress parade attire UNIFORM
dressed to the nines SPIFFY
dressmaker SEAMSTRESS
dressing down SCOLDING
medical dressing BANDAGE
crudely shaped ROUGHHEWN
rules of action PRECEPTS
connect components directly HARDWIRE
done in a silly manner INANELY
one who leads in group work FACILITATOR
a frosty expression BRRR
munching vigorously CHOMPING
obstinacy BALKINESS
hard, solid mass CONCRETION
relating to sense of touch HAPTIC
small openings in the skin PORES
Mongolia's official language KHALKHA
bay of world's highest tides FUNDY
Ricky Ponting's nickname PUNTER
hitched up HARNESSED
one who wavers VACILLATOR
Oz pop singer, John FARNHAM
night at a friend's place SLEEPOVER
NSW south coast town KIAMA
fix in one location LOCALIZE
speculated CONJECTURED
sport involving dirt bikes MOTORCROSS
least sane CRAZIEST
causing harm to again REINJURING
Egyptian Nobel winner Sadat ANWAR
they make sure a G is a G TUNERS
hi-fi equipment AMPLIFIERS
one who grants approval RATIFIER
like margarine SPREADABLE
Indian meat and yogurt dish KORMA
9 iron NIBLICK
like a plain, not a forest TREELESS
hold back STIFLE
kicked back RELAXED
think back REMINISCE
talk back SASS
bouncing back ECHOING
back-to-back SEQUENTIAL
serving no practical purpose OTIOSE
dust-laden Arabian wind SIMOOM
soldiers at the back REARGUARD
kind of sedimentary rock SILTSTONE
camera's one-legged support MONOPOD
Houdini's specialty ESCAPOLOGY
small writing desk ESCRITOIRE
"pointless" kind of shirt COLLARLESS
heavy rainstorm SOAKER
colorful gift bag filler TISSUE
Ontario nickel mining city SUDBURY
having no legal force NONBINDING
frankly, a desirable manner DIRECTNESS
aragonite buoyancy shell CUTTLEBONE
Korean War truce talks site PANMUNJOM
sci-fi author Asimov ISAAC
Copenhagen residents DANES
brings about MAKES
lacking proof UNPROVED
powerless IMPOTENT
plundered DESPOILED
with pressure, a food maker COOKER
Ohio State's location COLUMBUS
rainstorm reminder PUDDLE
Kathie Lee to Hoda COHOSTESS
with playful innocence COYLY
"ursine" on Wall Street BEARISH
open air camp for soldiers BIVOUAC
army attack SIEGE
specially trained soldier COMMANDO
military insignia indication RANK
soldiers in a fort GARRISON
military science WARCRAFT
soldiers' quarters BILLET
upward-opening car doors GULLWING
tactical response COUNTERMOVE
carnivorous plant BLADDERWORT
"Cosby Show" actor Le Beauf SABRINA
order or harmony KILTER
dentist's assistant HYGIENIST
neaten oneself SPRUCE
tendency to pry NOSINESS
examiners TESTERS
in a crazy manner INSANELY
law-making LEGISLATIVE
drench with water DOUSE
laying hands on GRABBING
become taut TIGHTEN
forward-looking types VISIONARIES
more insignificant MEASLIER
factually VERITABLY
hairdresser Vidal SASSOON
like some small particles MASSLESS
stimuli FILLIPS
"Swiss" vegetable CHARD
bell-shaped CAMPANULATE
raised, as an anchor HOVE
NFL or MLB head, for short COMMISH
steep-sided gully BARRANCA
car wash device WAXER
without getting one's fill INSATIABLY
TV actress Lilly EVANGELINE
land connection ISTHMUS
emotional connection BOND
connected series NEXUS
paper connectors STAPLES
way to connect to the Web INTERNET
mouth-to-lungs connection BRONCHUS
connection in an airport LAYOVER
inquisitive quality CURIOUSNESS
amount of tea served, often CUPFUL
coffeemaker filler GROUNDS
dished out some ice cream SCOOPED
a language of Johannesburg AFRIKAANS
Simon & Schuster's field PUBLISHING
harder to hear SOFTER
sluggishly TORPIDLY
not changed for the better UNREFORMED
lackey FLUNKY
cold-blooded animal ECTOTHERM
food supplies VITTLES
leave windless, as a boat BECALM
resembling the Olympic torch FLAMELIKE
teachers' workplaces SCHOOLS
more minute LITTLER
connected with on Facebook FRIENDED
so as to astonish SHOCKINGLY
small streams CREEKS
pulled TUGGED
sells VENDS
ices, as a cupcake DECORATES
term of address for a noble EXCELLENCY
letting borrow LOANING
element number 53 IODINE
orb-shaped SPHERIC
scattered over BESTREWED
midday meal LUNCHEON
assortment of dishes SMORGASBORD
shared meal POTLUCK
outdoor meal PICNIC
ceremonial dinner party BANQUET
related to a meal PRANDIAL
party around the grill COOKOUT
Aberdeenshire castle BALMORAL
restraining cable GUIDELINE
wide just below the waist HIPPY
depressed BLUE
variety of comma OXFORD
roughness around the edges JAGGEDNESS
slanderous MALEDICTORY
open-mike comedy STANDUP
loses one's hair BALDS
stream's source HEADWATER
morphs CHANGES
restricting, in a way HANDCUFFING
central parts MIDDLES
one who climbs to the summit HILLTOPPER
soccer action KICK
French for "melted" FONDUE
made a soft, murmuring sound SIMMERED
"treasury" of synonyms THESAURUS
party of the elephant REPUBLICANS
country east of Lebanon SYRIA
like a melting pot MULTIETHNIC
actress Melissa GILBERT
swindles CHEATS
low female voice CONTRALTO
2013 SyFy disaster movie SHARKNADO
upscale hotel chain OMNI
aquarium fish TETRAS
Jane Goodall subject CHIMPANZEE
cheap imitation KNOCKOFF
absence of light DARKNESS
50th state to join the US HAWAII
stop buying, as a protest BOYCOTT
showmanship RAZZMATAZZ
surreptitious replacement SWITCHEROO
satisfying, as thirst QUENCHING
"Born to Run" song BACKSTREETS
dress richly CAPARISON
witlessness DIPPINESS
Abercrombie & Fitch brand HOLLISTER
lavalier mic locations LAPELS
bends formally BOWS
bending with ease LIMBER
bending and winding SINUOUS
bend someone's ear CHATTER
U-shaped river bend OXBOW
cause of the bends NITROGEN
golf course bend DOGLEG
polar quality BLEAKNESS
like a sparkly top SPANGLED
American warbler OVENBIRD
atrociously HORRIDLY
utensil for removing kernels NUTPICK
Dutch architect Rem KOOLHAAS
yellowish cotton cloth NANKEEN
Fort Wayne's river MAUMEE
muscular weasel cousins WOLVERINES
threads ATTIRE
it needs a "balancing act" CHECKBOOK
copy corrector PROOFREADER
nutrition shake brand PEDIASURE
formally state ENOUNCE
commendation APPROBATION
large Brazilian city CURITIBA
smooch-worthy KISSABLE
horse mackerel, for one SCAD
it's coil-shaped WHORL
reddish brown color COPPER
animated VIVIFIED