7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
lumberjack's remnant STUMP
walks all over TRAMPLES
large English dog MASTIFF
regulation STATUTE
make balanced EQUALIZE
100-year anniversary CENTENNIAL
political analysis PUNDITRY
penetrating PERMEATING
in higher spirits CHEERIER
extreme DRASTIC
moody feeling GLUMNESS
he played Obi-Wan Kenobi GUINNESS
ancestors ASCENDENTS
shut loudly SLAMMED
dominate via strength OVERPOWER
superhero's garment CAPE
hitting the ground LANDING
"Dick Van Dyke Show" surname PETRIE
not transparent OPAQUE
villain of a story ANTAGONIST
shocked by impropriety SCANDALIZED
device for picking things up DETECTOR
the painting of mugs PORTRAITURE
large New World bulrush TULE
feller who became president WASHINGTON
eightfold OCTUPLE
portentously FATEFULLY
New York Ivy League school CORNELL
food supplies VICTUALS
cinematographer CAMERAWOMAN
common flavoring VANILLA
currency used in Denmark KRONE
cutting grass for feed HAYING
as a skilled artisan MASTERLY
set apart in one's mind CONSIGN
1940 version of Monopoly SUPREMACY
2003 Pulitzer winner Nilo CRUZ
making contact with a finger TOUCHING
with no real aptitude TALENTLESS
NY polytechnic institute RENSSELAER