7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
gelatin shaper MOLD
reckoning FIGURING
good-looking DISHY
kind of doughnut GLAZED
narrows one's eyes SQUINTS
misrepresenting DISTORTING
big name in bikes YAMAHA
capital of Connecticut HARTFORD
sustained CONTINUING
end of an organization DISBANDMENT
wagon builder WAINWRIGHT
strong blizzards WHITEOUTS
called PHONED
make a campaign issue out of POLITICIZE
saying yes ASSENTING
having skin spots FRECKLED
Tex-Mex staple FAJITA
letter MISSIVE
veal cutlet SCHNITZEL
lover of luxury SYBARITE
prejudice against big people FATTISM
exercise equipment company NAUTILUS
inner layer of skin DERMIS
edible nut parts KERNELS
scruffy, in Australia DAGGY
small drainage valve PETCOCK
having many applications MULTIUSE
by way of, for short THRU
back parts of necks SCRUFFS
hurriedly, on a score AGITATO
early tennis champion Bill TILDEN
simple beds BUNKS
Appalachian gap CUMBERLAND