7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
confirms VALIDATES
Hobbes' owner, in comics CALVIN
compass points DIRECTIONS
ounces and pounds WEIGHTS
without a leader UNGUIDED
public speaking skill ORATORY
French police officers GENDARMES
took apart DISMANTLED
crooner Michael BUBLE
duck-billed monotremes PLATYPUSES
yawls and yachts SEACRAFTS
barber turned singer Perry COMO
overrun with pests INFESTED
upstage OUTSHINE
Central American nation NICARAGUA
noted American poet Wallace STEVENS
some marine fish SNAPPERS
hiker's shoe BOOT
Switzerland's largest city ZURICH
getting a draw in chess STALEMATING
purse feature STRAP
nothing to write home about UNEVENTFUL
pulled one over on FOOLED
fast-food chicken bits MCNUGGETS
like oboe music, maybe REEDY
dreadful DISMAL
Gandhi's form of protest NONVIOLENCE
"locks" problem FRIZZ
civic investigator CASEWORKER
standby compilation WAITLIST
like a snake's path SLITHERY
Spanish film director Luis BUNUEL
middle eight section BRIDGE
in a trustworthy way CREDIBLY
canasta grouping MELD
memorial CENOTAPH
making known EXPOSING
hard places to find needles HAYSTACKS
improved software version UPGRADE
makes easier FACILITATES