7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
cutting short TRUNCATING
common college major PSYCHOLOGY
mop the deck SWAB
career fair EXPO
shrank back RECOILED
Highlands garment KILT
market trend watchers ECONOMISTS
bringing out ELICITING
used up CONSUMED
radioactive chemical element FRANCIUM
putting in the mail POSTING
Gilligan's companions CASTAWAYS
disproved BELIED
one of the Wright brothers ORVILLE
most bumbling CLUMSIEST
enter without knocking, say INTRUDE
SoCal crime-fighting force LAPD
wavelength unit ANGSTROM
on time PROMPT
ten-part athletic events DECATHLONS
gave shelter to HOUSED
one who gets much interest MONEYLENDER
close chums CRONIES
hockey game starter FACEOFF
forced into tight quarters SHOEHORNED
she sits at game time BENCHWARMER
an imaginary place DREAMWORLD
land under cultivation TILTH
ancient captain of a castle CASTELLAN
bombastically PUFFILY
Mont Blanc's range ALPS
having no border FRAMELESS
19th century writer Caroline KIRKLAND
Angola's national language PORTUGUESE
puts out again REISSUES
hinder LIMIT
people from the Gem State IDAHOANS
put into a diary ENTER
men slap them on their faces AFTERSHAVES
one of the Seven Dwarfs SNEEZY
fan of Jimmy Buffett PARROTHEAD