7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
monkey of genus Papio BABOON
boat captain SKIPPER
Wally's kid brother BEAVER
way out EXIT
appear threateningly LOOM
weave out of control FISHTAIL
disallow the use of FREEZE
what you're taught in school SUBJECTS
depiction PORTRAYAL
part of the arm WRIST
collective funds KITTY
Mr. Flintstone's wife WILMA
forefather ANCESTOR
boat races REGATTA
perfect example EPITOME
large game fish MARLIN
ten year span DECADE
very small, as fee NOMINAL
loudly opinionated VOCAL
book division CHAPTER
moving step by step PROGRESSIVE
powder for the cheeks BLUSH
young fowl CHICK
sticky strip FLYPAPER
underground prison cell DUNGEON
cooked cereal PORRIDGE
Indian pony CAYUSE
put out flyers for ADVERTISE
Houston arena ASTRODOME
music industry magazine BILLBOARD
Lewis Carroll poem JABBERWOCKY
rough blow HACK
movie snack POPCORN
make a sudden bite SNAP
sports shirt JERSEY
mall crime SHOPLIFTING
salad dressing selection FRENCH
gold bar INGOT
break down in the stomach DIGEST
straight-brimmed straw hat BOATER
in the audience ATTENDING
walk with difficulty STAGGER
coyote sound HOWL
held back HAMPERED
wishing harm upon others MALEVOLENT
asphalt concrete BLACKTOP
movie title's place MARQUEE
television honor EMMY
arrow holder QUIVER
letter holder MAILBOX
indifferent gesture SHRUG
ponytail holder SCRUNCHIE
Currier & Ives creation LITHOGRAPH
in the vicinity of WARM
solidly built THICKSET
colored eye part IRIS
rap sheet listing PRIORS
bolt twister WRENCH
she was pestered by a pea PRINCESS
arrive at or cause to become MAKE
light housecoat DUSTER
woman's loose cloak DOLMAN
ancient Greek shawl PEPLOS
two-piece bathing suit TANKINI
felt hat similar to a fez TARBOOSH
hasty and superficial CURSORY
where you surf the Net ONLINE
where settlers live COLONY
red salad ingredient TOMATO
sign up for, as a magazine SUBSCRIBE
shaker contents PEPPER
eyeglasses without lenses FRAMES
Tom's cartoon nemesis JERRY
cause to happen EFFECT
Indiana native HOOSIER
business of government POLITICS
rubbing the wrong way ABRASIVE
run the wrong way MISMANAGE
not so well SICKLY
not clear MUDDIED
guides or steers PILOTS
quick peek GLIMPSE
cobra fighter MONGOOSE
bird seen every hour CUCKOO
car covering ROOF
brief in time SHORT
wise with money FRUGAL
given as a sign of esteem HONORARY
not favoring one side IMPARTIAL
place for a fork ROAD
hard candy JAWBREAKER
something missing LACK
make less severe MOLLIFY
not to be wasted PRECIOUS
let the cat out of the bag BLABBED
pay the piper DEFRAY
one behind the bleep button CENSOR
windpipe TRACHEA
Portuguese man-of-war JELLYFISH
lasting forever PERMANENT
lambs' guide SHEPHERD
pickle vegetable CUCUMBER
show to be true PROVE
book page LEAF
stringed instrument HARP
tin or copper METAL
others in your classroom SCHOOLMATES
beef patty BURGER
take home pay WAGES
recliner or sedan CHAIR
restless seeker GADABOUT
back-slapping CONVIVIAL
cordiality AMITY
job pluses PERKS
revise, as text EDIT
applying to everybody UNIVERSAL
not caring who knows INDISCREET
lucidity CLARITY
without mercy RUTHLESS
on a small scale MINIATURE
mortal DEADLY
poked fun at TAUNTED
syncopated musical style RAGTIME
Fievel and Mickey MICE
head blow concern CONCUSSION
place to buy a car DEALERSHIP
assembly meeting SESSION
explain in detail EXPOUND
the soul of wit BREVITY
court statement PLEA
provide with light ILLUMINATE
golf ball indentation DIMPLE
mattress size TWIN
wharf QUAY
submission cutoff DEADLINE
short, thick sausage KNOCKWURST
standard of comparison YARDSTICK
authorative order MANDATE
go without food FAST
with all due haste SWIFTLY
fruit-filled pastry TURNOVER
calibrated glass tube PIPETTE
lack of concern INSOUCIANCE
natural talent DOWRY
information provider SIGNPOST
like some olive oil VIRGIN
music made without lyrics HUMMING
in a well-delineated manner SHARPLY
island of Japan OKINAWA
sharp pain STABBING
amp hauler ROADIE
more prudent WISER
opened, as a gate UNBOLTED
stick out PROTRUDE
one coming to court BEAU
construction equipment CRANES
it keeps you guessing CONJECTURE
edge of a steep slope BRINK
treasure map measure PACE
letting off esteem PRAISE
inanely silly FATUOUS
wildly wasteful PROFLIGATE
move with the breeze SWAY
source of income LIVELIHOOD
having no give TAUT
tactical maneuver STRATAGEM
substantiate VERIFY
pedestrian PASSERBY
grow together COALESCE
rapidly played series of notes GLISSANDO
British scientist BOFFIN
running down DEROGATORY
sudden digression TANGENT
angry reaction BACKLASH
taken away CONFISCATED
Jack Webb TV series DRAGNET
custard dish FLAN
they get carved in trunks INITIALS
preying insect MANTIS
like SpongeBob ANIMATED
bona fide AUTHENTIC
carved ivory SCRIMSHAW
rewarded the server TIPPED
cast-iron plant ASPIDISTRA
hostage holder CAPTOR
suit fabric SEERSUCKER
cap with a propeller BEANIE
waiters' income booster TIPS
confirm the accuracy of CERTIFY
embrace ENFOLD
bell sound TINKLE
thingamajig DOOHICKEY
mesmerize CAPTIVATE
practical method TECHNIQUE
one half of an "Odd Couple" KLUGMAN
out of control AMOK
grim or austere FORBIDDING
peanut butter option CHUNKY
kind of butter CLARIFIED
promotional support ENDORSEMENT
French verse form VIRELAY
Verdana, for one FONT
golfer's "juice" BACKSPIN
dish of beans and corn SUCCOTASH
graphic symbol, like $ IDEOGRAM
rescue from danger DELIVERANCE
elfin tomboy GAMINE
black bird RAVEN
business trip JUNKET
rocket fuel, for one PROPELLANT
ankle injury SPRAIN
ooze SEEP
very hot SIZZLING
deep-sea diving craft BATHYSCAPHE
word after honor or sound SYSTEM
attack with continuous fire BOMBARD
inhabitant DENIZEN
skirtlike undergarment HALFSLIP
one who makes it all clear EXPLICATOR
cultivate TILL
concoct INVENT
lady of rank PEERESS
soaking wet SOPPY
wired for sound, secretly BUGGED
egg warmers INCUBATORS
prickly mammal PORCUPINE
picnic spoiler RAIN
reached, as a goal ATTAINED
punchline punctuations RIMSHOTS
openly censured DENOUNCED
car light HEADLAMP
soccer position WINGER
school publication YEARBOOK
fertile ground TOPSOIL
revenge PAYBACK
bit of gossip ITEM
ambulance workers PARAMEDICS
soft, marshy land QUAGMIRE
work with yarn KNIT
like a little kitten FLUFFY
evening gown fabric ORGANZA
ultimate objectives AIMS
lack of movement INACTION
very large number QUADRILLION
kind of eclipse LUNAR
self-righteously pedantic PRIGGISH
without success INEFFECTUAL
iconoclasts CONTRARIANS
pertaining to knowledge COGNITIVE
Asian mountain range CAUCASUS
certain playing marbles AGATES
straighten, as hair, maybe UNBRAID
evenly-matched contest TOSSUP
series of steps PROCEDURE
local saying REGIONALISM
some noblemen EARLS
slaughterhouse ABATTOIR
shines (at) EXCELS
to a great degree EXTENSIVELY
place for a plug OUTLET
emphasizes STRESSES
region of Italy CALABRIA
weather vane sites ROOFTOPS
rolling in dough RICH
police-car barricade ROADBLOCK
hot liquid rock MAGMA
emotionally crushed DEVASTATED
fingerless gloves MITTENS
baseball legend Satchel PAIGE
modified to fit one's taste CUSTOMIZED
tree with catkins ALDER
Doc Martens cord BOOTLACE
control, like a puppet MANIPULATE
pet peeves BUGBEARS
toy truck company TONKA
wrenches, in Britain SPANNERS
skims over water HYDROPLANES
unoccupied VACANT
galore APLENTY
like much of Mozart's music OPERATIC
credit's opposite DEBIT
optimistic about the market BULLISH
spellbinding CAPTIVATING
Canadian folk singer Joni MITCHELL
against the law WRONGFUL
companions in recreation PLAYMATES
American aviator Amelia EARHART
too young UNDERAGE
achy from lots of walking FOOTSORE
simple and restrained UNSHOWY
idiosyncracies TICS
orange variety MANDARIN
pertaining to mail services POSTAL
houses divided in two DUPLEXES
unsympathetic CALLOUS
prestigious journalism award PULITZER
percolator COFFEEPOT
significant increase UPSWING
14-line poem SONNET
English poet John MILTON
living off the land WOODCRAFT
tennis great Martina NAVRATILOVA
rank below king ARCHDUKE
menial laborer DRUDGE
converted into cash REALIZED
repeat ITERATE
coal miner COLLIER
groups of fish SHOALS
slugfests FISTFIGHTS
spun around REVOLVED
subarctic forest TAIGA
showy flower DAHLIA
bestow GIVE
broken down, mathematically FACTORED
football snappers CENTERS
seasonal Nabisco treats MALLOMARS
in an awful way TERRIBLY
pinching pennies SCRIMPING
Kennedy alternative LAGUARDIA
harvests REAPS
stretched out ELONGATED
in one's brain MENTALLY
came up with a scheme PLOTTED
finishes a puzzle SOLVES
getting on board EMBARKING
element #52 TELLURIUM
supporting UPHOLDING
parceling (out) METING
golf great Ben HOGAN
capital of Suriname PARAMARIBO
underhand dealing SKULDUGGERY
is a source of vexation ANNOYS
threaten to go out GUTTER
large variety of pea MARROWFAT
lump of ice in the drink BERG
place name TOPONYM
process of uniting together INTEGRATION
felt excitement TINGLED
"The Metamorphosis" author KAFKA
coming up with something new INNOVATING
Radisson rival HYATT
moved in formation MARCHED
part of the weekend SUNDAY
Tina Fey wears them EYEGLASSES
most tasteless TACKIEST
in one's dotage SENILE
going by plane JETTING
shone faintly GLIMMERED
jaunts in stolen cars JOYRIDES
displaying grief WEEPING
vanquished THRASHED
landlocked African country MALAWI
holds spellbound FASCINATES
tidbit of food KICKSHAW
recovered from an illness CONVALESCED
walking path PASEO
respected elders VENERABLES
fear of open spaces AGORAPHOBIA
section of a song VERSE
chirping insect CRICKET
braids, in Britain PLAITS
games called due to rain WASHOUTS
nothing to write home about MEDIOCRE
criticize harshly SCATHE
kidnapped ABDUCTED
giving a little laugh SNICKERING
golf legend Walter HAGEN
works hard LABORS
brand of ibuprofen MOTRIN
old Russian rulers CZARS
gamboled about FROLICKED
unsolicited communications JUNKMAIL
ballyhoo FUSS
flag expert PAVER
like a nymph, perhaps LARVAL
poetic lines STANZA
Latin land TERRA
meal often featuring bacon BREAKFAST
variety of lettuce ROMAINE
tomato condiment KETCHUP
brings home the bacon EARNS
lettuce unit HEAD
sauce made with tomatoes MARINARA
BLT, for instance SANDWICH
understood FATHOMED
add nutrients to, as soil FERTILIZE
casualness INFORMALITY
lamps on the rear of a car TAILLIGHTS
cut the hair of BARBERED
"tower of strength" KEEP
servile follower LACKEY
more than enough AMPLE
"More Than Words" group EXTREME
more than one PLURAL
more than necessary EXCESS
seat for more than one BENCH
more than is needed SUPERFLUOUS
Kenneth More's profession ACTOR
quality of being wee LITTLENESS
stiffened, like collars STARCHED
'date of India' tree TAMARIND
Portuguese explorer CABRAL
skied like a beginner SNOWPLOWED
cartoon dustup word WHAM
harden rubber VULCANIZE
feeling of righteous anger INDIGNATION
make angry RANKLE
angry stare GLOWER
argue in an angry manner WRANGLE
quick to anger BELLICOSE
state of anger SNIT
paper sculptures ORIGAMI
use sandpaper ABRADE
thin paper TISSUE
it turns litmus paper blue ALKALI
like a paper tiger INEFFECTUAL
paper-pusher BUREAUCRAT
paperback book CAHIER
French mass media company VIVENDI
warbling TRILLING
in an uncertain manner TENTATIVELY
joint supplier BUTCHER
capital of Montenegro PODGORICA
it comes at end of sentence RELEASE
so as to create dissension DIVISIVELY
Dutch cheese EDAM
goat cheese CHEVRE
cheese with blue veins STILTON
hard, granular cheese PARMESAN
triple cream French cheese VIGNOTTE
Spanish sheep's milk cheese ZAMORANO
brand of Gournay cheese BOURSIN
known or identifiable RECOGNIZED
Sesame Street's Oscar is one GROUCH
trough for livestock feed MANGER
former gasoline option LEADED
pre-adults ADOLESCENTS
Macedonian monetary units DENARI
like sheep after trimming SHEARED
Juliet's house CAPULET
birthplace of James Herriot SUNDERLAND
not recommended INADVISABLE
without paying much CHEAPLY
one, for some LUNCHTIME
bogging down MIRING
done with great thoroughness PAINSTAKING
fundador de la empresa Goya UNANUE
que habla dos lenguas BILINGÜE
país de Moscú RUSIA
ex república soviética UZBEKISTÁN
estación antes del verano PRIMAVERA
aventurero acuático BUZO
diseñadora francesa CHANEL
que causa daño psicológico TRAUMÁTICO
la ropa de un nadador BAÑADOR
borde exterior de la boca LABIOS
arregla cabello o dientes CEPILLO
compañero de un cavernícola GARROTE
parte de una bicicleta PEDALES
él mide el km/h VELOCÍMETRO
circular, revista o folleto BOLETÍN
chaquetilla de mujer BOLERO
revolución rusa BOLCHEVIQUE
un idioma de Sudamérica QUECHUA
pintor de España GOYA
un plato puertorriqueño MOFONGO
fruta tropical MANGO
for a designated purpose SPECIAL
coffee additive SUGAR
political territory NATION
knit with a hook CROCHET
nest egg supplement PENSION
large body of water OCEAN
promontory CAPE
town in Mid Wales CARDIGAN
stocky German dog BOXER
old US Navy launch PINAFORE
someone in a sauna SWEATER
pass along the edges of SKIRT
having in store STOCKING
frosty peaks are this ICECAPPED
strategic reprisal COUNTERRAID
what dragons do to treasure HOARD
spectral in color PRISMATIC
emit X-ray-induced light FLUORESCE
a nasty, insinuating manner SNIDENESS
contracted out OUTSOURCED
repudiation DISAVOWAL
openings for spies PEEPHOLES
commercial passenger plane JETLINER
crescent or half-circle DEMILUNE
nut case SHELL
power wheelchair HOVEROUND
promote the sale of MERCHANDIZE
Bulgaria's second city PLOVDIV
membranous envelope INVOLUCRE
lock, stock and barrel RIFLE
portable stove brand PRIMUS
belonging to mouse family MURINE
intelligence operation THINKING
"The Second City" CHICAGO
with great love and loyalty DEVOTEDLY
South American "flower" AMAZON
form into grains GRANULATE
assisted at a birth MIDWIVED
toothpaste brand SENSODYNE
reaping reward HARVEST
small songbird NUTHATCH
in the middle CENTERED
neon tetra holders, maybe FISHBOWLS
promoter of a product MARKETER
turned sour CURDLED
longtime Bears coach Mike DITKA
said "shh!" to SILENCED
strangle THROTTLE
dangle HANG
wrangle BICKER
wangle FINAGLE
spangle SEQUIN
higher bid, in bridge OVERCALL
orange eater's leftovers PEELS
did some good HELPED
Michelin tire brand UNIROYAL
basketball player's stat REBOUNDS
ancient city on the Nile THEBES
people from one's homeland COUNTRYMEN
Assange's secret-sharing org WIKILEAKS
cut short TRUNCATED
giving up BAILING
jumped the track DERAILED
landscape turned 90 degrees PORTRAIT
2006 Google acquisition YOUTUBE
refuge ASYLUM
scarf for the head or neck BANDANNA
line-shooter BRAGGART
remote celestial object QUASAR
Indian potentate MAHARAJAH
double-hulled boat CATAMARAN
group of similar people PHALANX
jumble sale BAZAAR
turned up at the end RETROUSSE
NATO, for example ACRONYM
tail bone COCCYX
fair game in Britain HOOPLA
hysterical texting reaction ROFL
heavy metal CADMIUM
composer and musician Frank ZAPPA
spicy sausage PEPPERONI
"lightning" Bolt USAIN
sounding like a nag NEIGHING
soothing ointments BALMS
adjustable "spanner" DRAWBRIDGE
blue-painted Moroccan city CHEFCHAOUEN
disease of the intestine ENTEROPATHY
made worse COMPOUNDED
eagerly desiring THIRSTING
Russian "capital" ROUBLES
university in Waco, Texas BAYLOR
grant of permission LICENSE
he makes the early running PACESETTER
wise avian's offspring OWLET
notions THOUGHTS
people of a country CITIZENRY
observation REMARK
in small masses CLUMPY
nimble circus performers ACROBATS
trophy taker PRIZEWINNER
going back RETREATING
shout loudly VOCIFERATE
gathering in crops HARVESTING
English TV cook Nigella LAWSON
"undercover" racket SNORING
April occurrence SHOWER
having no ties to a place ROOTLESS
went after FOLLOWED
French perfume house GUERLAIN
overbearing confidence BRASHNESS
fancifully playful humor WHIMSY
"airy" Northern Irish city LONDONDERRY
professional fees HONORARIUMS
they are afoot WALKERS
without certainty DOUBTFULLY
NHL team from Buffalo SABRES
running a con game SCAMMING
automobile "converter" CATALYTIC
small bits of wood SLIVERS
impolite looks LEERS
city in Mali, or far away TIMBUKTU
like "green" materials REUSABLE
sitting astride STRADDLING
like solid walls WINDOWLESS
square on a calendar DATE
evening deadlines CURFEWS
Londoners, for example BRITONS
wonderful, in current slang AMAZEBALLS
walk heavily CLOMP
make shorter CONDENSE
gets by somehow MANAGES
women throwing parties HOSTESSES
Japanese movie monster RODAN
ready for market SALABLE
in contact with AGAINST
something taken away DEDUCTION
state-of-the-art NEWFANGLED
barely sufficient ADEQUATE
carefree and joyous ROLLICKING
vocal expression UTTERANCE
practical skill KNOWLEDGE
currently fashionable MODISH
cut of pork SPARERIB
containers ENCLOSURES
capable of catching fire IGNITIBLE
philosopher with a "razor" OCCAM
causing injury to WOUNDING
"take it someplace else!" NIMBY
possible pizza topping OLIVES
basketball star Kevin GARNETT
takes big steps STRIDES
moved smoothly FLOWED
New Hebrides, formerly VANUATU
Mediterranean island IBIZA
reporters' scoops EXCLUSIVES
statistical relationship CORRELATION
became hazy BLURRED
sifts through SCREENS
more viscous STICKIER
ways of conducting oneself BEHAVIORS
ambitious worker, perhaps YUPPIE
went around SKIRTED
went back the other way REVERSED
give a new license RECERTIFY
actress Plummer AMANDA
coat of arms HERALDRY
they control engine valves CAMS
making immobile PARALYZING
passed down, like stories RETOLD
small online photos THUMBNAILS
braced (onself) STEELED
in a dreary way DISMALLY
deposits of ore VEINS
military flyers, for short USAF
school terms SEMESTERS
like some oldies GOLDEN
beach's asset SUNSHINE
welcome in Waikiki ALOHA
classic Alan Alda role HAWKEYE
big business EMPIRE
arch support KEYSTONE
sameness EQUALITY
sleep, in slang SHUTEYE
asleep at the wheel INATTENTIVE
sleepover attire PAJAMAS
sleeping car bed BERTH
sleeping, perhaps QUIESCENT
sleep-inducing medicine SOPORIFIC
be asleep SLUMBER
Hawkeye's creator COOPER
bull's-eye location TARGET
black eye, in slang MOUSE
ribeye, for one STEAK
sockeye SALMON
redeye FLIGHT
deadeye MARKSMAN
unicellular organisms PROTOZOA
Spanish Spanish CASTILIAN
pointed end CUSP
speaking contemptuously SNEERING
transitory IMPERMANENT
choices said to have horns DILEMMAS
King Arthur's queen GUINEVERE
authoritative guide BLUEBOOK
driving too closely TAILGATING
neo-Neptune, perhaps PROTOPLANET
"Prairie Home" host KEILLOR
had a small setback HICCUPPED
emitting mouselike noises SQUEAKING
open wagon outing HAYRIDE
outback survival knowledge BUSHCRAFT
mower maker VICTA
tropic that divides Oz CAPRICORN
work shorts STUBBIES
lie on a beach SUNBAKE
state capital MELBOURNE
Verdi opera RIGOLETTO
volunteer organizations CHARITIES
harness racer TROTTER
methods MODES
mound HUMP
sent on a detour REROUTED
composer Engelbert HUMPERDINCK
cooking equipment & utensils KITCHENWARE
currency in Sucre BOLIVIANO
a good rodent-catching cat MOUSER
machine that sews the edges SERGER
audacity CHUTZPAH
hunted animals illegally POACHED
of or relating to a wife UXORIAL
ask for insistently DEMAND
lithely SUPPLY
London, Lima or Lusaka CAPITAL
blank edge of a page MARGIN
gentle and affectionate TENDER
popular board game MONOPOLY
adhesive wheat protein GLUTEN
curved double-bladed cutter MEZZALUNA
a type of rayon MODAL
sharp and lively GINGERY
trellised arbor with columns PERGOLA
physical nearness PROPINQUITY
Pink follower in music FLOYD
entertaining in style REGALING
Univ. of Minnesota mascot GOPHER
mansion fronters COLUMNS
violin bow, informally FIDDLESTICK
unable to be altered TAMPERPROOF
overthrew SUBVERTED
unreliable pal FRENEMY
surprised cry YIPE
tropic south of the equator CAPRICORN
real quality GENUINENESS
like very moist brownies FUDGY
frankfurter WIENIE
aft sailing ship poles MIZZENMASTS
it detects volcanic activity TILTMETER
US president after Truman EISENHOWER
writing with pictures PICTOGRAPHY
in an unbeatable manner MATCHLESSLY
home of ring-tailed lemur MADAGASCAR
East Africa antelope ELAND
US patient privacy law HIPAA
woody plant BUSH
watch company founded 1892 HAMILTON
overseer FOREMAN
Robert Guillaume sitcom BENSON
river in Suffolk, England ORWELL
injuries caused by heat BURNS
its capital is Olympia WASHINGTON
mapmaking government agency USGS
like a ninny OAFISHLY
fire extinguisher brand KIDDE
product of the yellow poplar TULIPWOOD
validated again RECERTIFIED
kindle EMBLAZE
Jordan archaeological site PETRA
money, in slang DINERO
unlawfulness ILLEGALITY
sought a job APPLIED
"America's drive-in" SONIC
night vs. day DARKER
edit a crossword, say RECLUE
closeness to the elliptical OVALNESS
unchallenged, as a will UNCONTESTED
zygomatic bones CHEEKBONES
optical density ABSORBANCE
behave disdainfully toward SNOOT
how cricketers catch BAREHAND
spews forth GEYSERS
"ants-y" FORMIC
pinion and propel forwards FROGMARCH
struggled vigorously TUSSLED
more like Rovio's birds ANGRIER
clock hand dangler Lloyd HAROLD
pro golfer Rickie FOWLER
liking oneself too much EGOTISM
inform NOTIFY
raised platform ROSTRUM
Maidenform product LINGERIE
cuneiform shape WEDGE
reform IMPROVE
give form to MOLD
undo brainwashing DEPROGRAM
writes one's name SIGNS
"2001" author Arthur CLARKE
shrinks in fear CRINGES
person who's laid up INVALID
aristocrats PATRICIANS
enemy opposites FRIENDS
Broadway star Rivera CHITA
beastly females OGRESSES
feature of some skirts PLEAT
hooks together LINKS
criminal snitch STOOLIE
padded envelopes MAILERS
conclusions ENDPOINTS
gridiron position CORNERBACK
putting in a box ENCASING
upscale hotel name RITZ
chief villain ARCHFIEND
they soak up ink BLOTTERS
piece sent to an editor SUBMISSION
Dick Cheney's wife LYNNE
granted rights to a store FRANCHISED
there are 6 in an inning OUTS
sovereign rulers POTENTATES
put up with BROOK
game birds PARTRIDGES
skateboard star Tony HAWK
passport stamps VISAS
cut-and-paste artwork COLLAGE
artwork with inlaid glass MOSAIC
Alexander Calder piece MOBILE
weaving frame LOOM
sculpture made of discards ASSEMBLAGE
source of craft sticks POPSICLE
arts and crafts store MICHAELS
free from adhesive UNSTICK
fossil fuel-derived alcohol BUTANOL
disentangled UNTHREADED
move towards the body's axis ADDUCT
separate from ore by fusion SCORIFY
a horse drawn sled SLEIGH
lightness AIRINESS
opposite of yon HITHER
magazine about marketing ADWEEK
most delicious YUMMIEST
regardless ANYWAYS
running faster than OUTRACING
subtracted-from number MINUEND
architect's creations DESIGNS
with an ability to endure HARDILY
ridiculous COCKAMAMIE
collarbone-tracing neckline BOATNECK
that which seeps out LEAKAGE
sent a bill INVOICED
can be gotten rid of FLUSHABLE
having nothing in the nest BROODLESS
"Coventry" author HUMPHREYS
David Tennant TV Series BROADCHURCH
cause a chemical reaction CATALYZE
2014 Peter Carey novel AMNESIA
toy blowpipe PEASHOOTER
Norwegian music duo ROYKSOPP
standard racing car model STOCKCAR
separate into sheets DECOLLATE
it gets gliders in the air TOWPLANE
it has spines, no scalpel SURGEONFISH
reflex, for example REACTION
long-spouted lube container OILCAN
camper's equipment DUFFLE
dark bluish green MYRTLE
filled with green plants VERDANT
greenish copper ore MALACHITE
green activity PUTTING
dark green leafy vegetable SPINACH
like a green banana IMMATURE
"Green Acres" star Eddie ALBERT
pig's feet TROTTERS
annoyed and irritable GROUCHY
team races RELAYS
old aromatic ointment NARD
tool for marking angles BEVEL
haggle PALTER
defeats using intelligence OUTWITS
full of trivial conversation CHATTY
allocated jobs ASSIGNMENTS
flat throwing ring QUOIT
very shocking DIABOLICAL
beachcombers, for example SEEKERS
crab claw NIPPER
pro hockey's "flower" Guy LAFLEUR
PDF management program ACROBAT
Italian luxury goods maker BULGARI
Detroit Tigers affiliate SEAWOLVES
Chinese e-commerce company ALIBABA
language of the Sioux people DAKOTA
CB radio antenna type COAXIAL