7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
nascent BUDDING
fellow CHAP
entwined TANGLED
malt source BARLEY
alter without permission TAMPER
hidden VEILED
unintelligible speech MUMBLE
movie preview TRAILER
canned sausages VIENNA
introduce something new INNOVATE
support BACKING
right to vote SUFFRAGE
Spanish conquistador CORTES
egg-laying mammal PLATYPUS
make stronger REINFORCE
rightful by heredity LEGITIMATE
pushed out of position DISPLACED
first Alka-Seltzer sound PLOP
what every bride needs GROOM
give back RETURN
blank page in a book FLYLEAF
stroke on the green PUTT
artillery rocket MISSILE
motionless image FREEZEFRAME
actor's double STUNTMAN
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
avian headbanger WOODPECKER
cautiousness PRUDENCE
hoop star Patrick EWING
one on the cutting edge VANGUARD
fluid injector SYRINGE
arrange SORT
sobriquet NICKNAME
fish behind a moving boat TROLL
African language SWAHILI
favorable PROPITIOUS
stringed instrument of old LYRE
on speaking terms CIVIL
go bad PERISH
feeling of joy EUPHORIA
Korean or Arabian PENINSULA
repairer of broken windows GLAZIER
mall's many STORES
comes to pass OCCURS
offered free of charge DONATED
word spoken by Poe's raven NEVERMORE
UPS uniform color BROWN
barbarous SAVAGE
fight between gangs RUMBLE
caviar fish STURGEON
squirrel snack ACORN
a little weird PECULIAR
Tarzan's transport VINE
thigh muscles HAMSTRINGS
small loose rocks GRAVEL
hockey score GOAL
moon-landing craft MODULE
irresistible KNOCKDOWN
evacuation practice DRILL
Abbott's partner COSTELLO
pay attention LISTEN
planetary path ORBIT
felt hat with indented crown TRILBY
gathering for discussion COLLOQUY
typical example PARADIGM
Muslim woman's veil YASHMAK
sweet root vegetable PARSNIP
spiny timber tree MESQUITE
spiny desert shrub OCOTILLO
spicy pizza topping PEPPERONI
inoculation SHOT
FedEx delivery PACKAGE
popular baby food APPLESAUCE
worker on the runway MODEL
playground equipment SEESAW
askance SIDEWAYS
tax paid on property ASSESSMENT
contentious argument CONTROVERSY
alternative to briefs BOXERS
not hollow SOLID
school dance PROM
tax savings DEDUCTIONS
sharp-witted SHREWD
tiny flier HUMMINGBIRD
shaded walk ARBOR
guest request INVITATION
club wielder GOLFER
break in the action PAUSE
rushed HURRIED
car with a rumble seat ROADSTER
Alice, for the Bradys HOUSEKEEPER
active kids' game LEAPFROG
kind of engine DIESEL
taking an ax to CHOPPING
cowboys get a few bucks here RODEOS
start up ACTIVATE
"reading" a bank issues CHEQUEBOOK
durability WEAR
popular garden plant GREVILLIA
singer-actress Minogue KYLIE
sandwich spread VEGEMITE
Australian PM Julia GILLARD
soup server SPOON
long sled TOBOGGAN
after-shower attire BATHROBE
bar in the shower SOAP
spice from tree bark CINNAMON
court materials EVIDENCE
island nation CUBA
suddenly surprise STARTLE
timid PAVID
idle chatter BLABBER
hay bundle BALE
very cold FREEZING
nautical hazard WHIRLPOOL
decoration ADORNMENT
not blatant SUBTLE
official ceremony FUNCTION
far from feasible IMPOSSIBLE
pragmatic PRACTICAL
intense disdain CONTEMPT
motorcycle daredevil Evel KNIEVEL
add value to AUGMENT
flatten LEVEL
be on the mend HEAL
croaking jumper BULLFROG
barbers' work CUTTING
lawyer, slangily MOUTHPIECE
pestilence PLAGUE
like Chicago WINDY
fraudulent doctor QUACKSALVER
limber SUPPLE
greedy or grasping RAPACIOUS
indulge PAMPER
telethon promise PLEDGE
flattens PANCAKES
conscription of troops LEVY
leather application POLISH
line of clothing SEAM
makes like a kangaroo HOPS
part of a business chain FRANCHISE
engage in aimless chitchat COFFEEHOUSE
constantly complain KVETCH
like some sunglasses ANTIGLARE
signed up for duty ENLISTED
nickname or additional name AGNOMEN
two-year stretch BIENNIUM
graphic description DELINEATION
hang ten SURF
try to discredit IMPEACH
shy away BLENCH
lock of hair TRESS
smartly CLEVERLY
deer's foot HOOF
keep from fluctuating STABILIZE
friendliness CORDIALITY
like some sugar GRANULATED
like taffy CHEWY
make brownies BAKE
highlight STRESS
lack of good sense FOLLY
hermit RECLUSE
oddly amusing DROLL
composed STAID
eliciting laughs RISIBLE
putting up a fight COMBATIVE
top banana KINGPIN
like a peasouper THICK
flash of light GLIMMER
live through hardships SURVIVE
no-calorie drink WATER
protect from heat or cold INSULATE
worthy of contempt DESPICABLE
industrial chimney SMOKESTACK
wreath for the head ANADEM
unspoken TACIT
Central American nation GUATEMALA
glittery decoration SPANGLE
beat around the bush PREVARICATE
wash clothes LAUNDER
really big HUGE
within reach ATTAINABLE
written test type ESSAY
Cuban leader CASTRO
in the correct manner RIGHTLY
mattress parts SPRINGS
cried softly WHIMPERED
create a system of laws CODIFY
consider analogous EQUATE
version of a book EDITION
appropriate EARMARK
enter without permission TRESPASS
insignificant MEANINGLESS
ice-cream drink MALT
beach wear SWIMSUIT
juiciness SUCCULENCE
Burroughs' hero TARZAN
record of memories SCRAPBOOK
decorative strip MOLDING
chow GRUB
rabbit home WARREN
duke or count ARISTOCRAT
tart vegetable cooked in pies RHUBARB
obeyed orders COMPLIED
by the book LEGALLY
textbook user INSTRUCTOR
more soda REFILL
study of seashells CONCHOLOGY
salad dressing variety RUSSIAN
marvelous, in slang DUCKY
cutting off SEVERING
anxious feeling DISQUIET
fried pork loaf SCRAPPLE
extra period OVERTIME
vacillate TEETER
matter-of-fact PROSAIC
rickety building SHACK
piece of tack BRIDLE
cilantro CORIANDER
kingdom subdivision PHYLUM
canteloupe MUSKMELON
original plus two copies TRIPLICATE
large, rich mushroom PORTABELLA
successful businessman MONEYMAKER
pizzeria feature OVEN
shuffle along SHAMBLE
impudent boldness EFFRONTERY
unknown person ANONYMITY
calling the game REFEREEING
fancy swirls in writing CURLICUES
low tract of land SWALE
Cooper cars MINIS
Canada's largest province QUEBEC
any person at all WHOEVER
saber with a curved blade SCIMITAR
voting age EIGHTEEN
windsurfer's item SAILBOARD
nincompoop BOZO
Rolling Stones lead singer JAGGER
Tommy Dorsey instrument TROMBONE
team from New York YANKEES
twosomes COUPLES
election-year activity CAMPAIGNING
feeling of joy ELATION
without equal MATCHLESS
small sugar-coated treat GUMDROP
took a trip JOURNEYED
prank using the knuckles NOOGIE
mammals with a pouch MARSUPIALS
condemns DENOUNCES
kind of whale HUMPBACK
very bright BLINDING
thoughtfully PENSIVELY
water-filled bowl BASIN
without stress UNPRESSURED
ask for a favor ENTREAT
moving ever so slightly BUDGING
full of energy PEPPY
unknown variable of a sort WILDCARD
hard-working INDUSTRIOUS
Pete of folk music SEEGER
"current" events TIDES
appeal ALLURE
ursine creature BRUIN
solved, as an anagram UNSCRAMBLED
fork tines PRONGS
full of feeling IMPASSIONED
soccer position near goal DEFENDER
the Curies discovered it RADIUM
beat writer Jack KEROUAC
wet precipitation RAINFALL
like ripe pears and oranges JUICY
peevish TESTY
Mexican moola PESOS
aldermen's districts WARDS
level to the ground RAZE
assurance POSITIVISM
"Star Trek" aliens ROMULANS
2007 Eddie Murphy movie NORBIT
soldiers' lodging BARRACKS
crude and insensitive BOORISH
not ready UNPREPARED
city on the Ohio River CINCINNATI
ship that transports oil TANKER
necessary items SUPPLIES
one with no regular employer FREELANCER
monument for an honoree MEMORIAL
Hollywood star Julia ROBERTS
injured party VICTIM
toddler's place in a car BACKSEAT
lollipop SUCKER
remnants left by spiders COBWEBS
disruptive change UPHEAVAL
like rich cocoa CREAMY
stuck playing the same role TYPECAST
forward roll on the cue ball TOPSPIN
pop singer Phil COLLINS
fuel-saving car HYBRID
clear a windshield in winter DEICE
Black Widow player Scarlett JOHANSSON
exhibited sadness SIGHED
everyday use of a word DENOTATION
earlier form ANTETYPE
kind of camp SLEEPAWAY
a baseball, slangily HORSEHIDE
helps with the dishes DRIES
youngster in the dugout BATBOY
moving backwards REGRESSING
move along clumsily GALUMPH
Scarlett's infatuation ASHLEY
leather trunk PORTMANTEAU
on the way FORTHCOMING
Lipton's parent company UNILEVER
felt sorry for PITIED
major stupidity IMBECILITY
most garish-looking GAUDIEST
brand of kitchen appliance MIXMASTER
cutting workers DOWNSIZING
1978 Woody Allen movie INTERIORS
droning speech MONOTONE
Colorado tribe ARAPAHO
occupied TAKEN
bringing happiness to DELIGHTING
squeezes water from WRINGS
district of London GREENWICH
lending a hand HELPING
like twine ROPY
in a savage manner FIERCELY
classroom attendees PUPILS
very enthusiastic, in slang AMPED
capital of Uganda KAMPALA
beginning to flourish BLOSSOMING
critically important DEFINING
Sherlock Holmes' "head case" DEERSTALKER
be close to NEIGHBOR
discharging contents of EMPTYING
awareness COGNIZANCE
they're supported by guys TENTS
Indian Ocean archipelago SOCOTRA
you get out what you put in GIGO
getting by SUBSISTING
be drawn (toward) GRAVITATE
scarlet flower PIMPERNEL
most fanciful DREAMIEST
octagonal sign STOP
muss up RUMPLE
certain desert plants TUMBLEWEEDS
tended the kids BABYSAT
contingency plan RECOURSE
throwing some punches JABBING
it's not stereo MONO
tomfoolery SHENANIGANS
doodads GADGETS
carefree or tranquil HALCYON
with wickedness VILELY
Tarzan player Johnny WEISSMULLER
another name for the bowfin MUDFISH
Minsk is its capital BELARUS
went downhill WORSENED
mailbox fillers LETTERS
nearsighted MYOPIC
linguist's field, maybe GRAMMAR
suppress SQUELCH
city view SKYLINE
irritated NETTLED
tape deck inserts CASSETTES
areas smaller than cities TOWNSHIPS
swimmers do them LAPS
fashion designer Dior CHRISTIAN
signaling "come here" BECKONING
piece of paper SHEET
ancient Persian king XERXES
gives a tug YANKS
"New Look" fashion designer DIOR
social divisions TRIBES
of protective care CUSTODIAL
adjusts to new conditions ADAPTS
before dinner, perhaps PREPRANDIAL
not entirely PARTIALLY
revolving quickly WHIRLING
storm rumbler THUNDERCLAP
baby monitor INTERCOM
knocker alternative DOORBELL
singing songs without words HUMMING
pager BEEPER
wireless receiver RADIO
solicited opinion ADVICE
was worthy of DESERVED
classic Roman orator CICERO
simple French restaurant BRASSERIE
overshadowed ECLIPSED
early resident of Peru INCAN
shoved PUSHED
vulnerable to attack DEFENSELESS
roasted blend, perhaps COFFEE
blend together COMMINGLE
blend of metals AMALGAM
blend together COALESCE
reptile that blends in CHAMELEON
mix in a high-speed blender LIQUEFY
makes really mad ENRAGES
not prepared UNREADY
went to Niagara Falls, maybe HONEYMOONED
comedian Martin SHORT
lymphoid mass TONSIL
sticking together, in a way GLUING
four-wheeled carriage PHAETON
four-flusher's action BLUFF
four-poster cover CANOPY
group of four QUARTET
on all fours CRAWLING
animal with four stomachs BOVINE
four-in-hand NECKTIE
buckboard WAGON
clapboards SIDING
aboveboard HONEST
cupboard ARMOIRE
blackboard SLATE
sideboard CREDENZA
signboard SHINGLE
place together COLLOCATE
as one may suppose PRESUMABLY
making ends meet BUTTING
Spanish autonomous community ANDALUSIA
circumlocution PERIPHRASIS
vocal part LARYNX
mischievous little people ELVES
pan for making soup STOCKPOT
souped up POWERFUL
base for miso soup DASHI
funnyman Soupy SALES
served soup LADLED
freebies served with soup SALTINES
showing signs of crying TEARSTAINED
fished in a slow-moving boat TROLLED
pandering to visitors TOURISTY
squirming WRIGGLING
barks shrilly YAPS
fixed errors in the test CORRECTED
word from inventor's name EPONYM
uncovered BARED
Germany's third oldest city AUGSBURG
criminal pursuit MANHUNT
combative PUGNACIOUS
star alpine skier Hermann MAIER
New York City "play school" JUILLIARD
Tuscan city LUCCA
idioma de Afganistán PASHTO
aprobar un examen PASAR
tipo de trineo TOBOGÁN
carne grasa TOCINO
lo que mide el médico TENSIÓN
comer o beber CONSUMIR
hiriente, quizás SARCÁSTICO
fémina feroz LEONA
deportista de la nieve ESQUIADOR
ni frío ni caliente TIBIO
reconocimiento al artista OVACIÓN
pájaro exótico LORO
conjunto de cartas BARAJA
primera comida del día DESAYUNO
estrella puertorriqueña YOLANDITA
hay 101 de Disney DÁLMATAS
tormenta de agua LLUVIA
compañero del martillo CLAVO
Víctor, cantante de salsa MANUELLE
ingrediente de pan TRIGO
break out ESCAPE
what great athletes break RECORDS
break off TERMINATE
tough break MISFORTUNE
breaking into a cold sweat ANXIOUS
break in TRESPASS
work break HIATUS
conical Afro-Cuban drum CONGA
wind or curve TWIST
NATO code word for letter F FOXTROT
move quickly HUSTLE
South Carolina's oldest city CHARLESTON
spicy, tomato-based sauce SALSA
put into a random order SHUFFLE
formal contract INDENTURE
Afghanistan's second city KANDAHAR
a transgression of the law OFFENSE
thoughtful REFLECTIVE
make a bundle from crops BALE
flap wings rapidly FLUTTER
spots infection MEASLES
in a charming manner FETCHINGLY
port in Apulia, Italy BARI
waiting in line QUEUING
direct confrontation FACEDOWN
female high-flyer AIRWOMAN
capital of Somaliland HARGEISA
it leads to conflict WARPATH
outer layer of an organ CORTEX
in a disgusting way REVOLTINGLY
short period of duty on ship DOGWATCH
Polish city on Warta river POZNAN
social workers ANTS
air-like fluid substances GASES
six-footer INSECT
firm fastener LOCKNUT
weighed heavily upon PREYED
arthritic foot disease GOUT
in a state of decay PUTRID
pre-talkie film type SILENT
Nova Scotia university DALHOUSIE
inland antonym COASTWARD
painfully difficult TORTUROUS
certain face cards QUEENS
Kodak competitor FUJI
part of a golfer's motion DOWNSWING
outward bearings DEMEANORS
some bank employees TELLERS
portable timepiece WRISTWATCH
time period between events INTERIM
plan for a later time POSTPONE
time to get home CURFEW
time saver SHORTCUT
"Time" rival NEWSWEEK
"Time After Time" singer LAUPER
giving weapons to ARMING
remained alive SURVIVED
took away from a total DEDUCTED
US construction company BECHTEL
early form of transport STROLLER
discuss in excessive detail BELABOR
small, round fruit LICHEE
dire doggy disease HEARTWORM
to lie at rest REPOSE
electrical pulse provider PACEMAKER
landing places WHARFS
inferior, to the British ROPEY
Japanese volleyball maker MIKASA
sterility IMPOTENCY
off one's feed POORLY
offhand CASUAL
offcut REMNANT
off-putting REPELLENT
offshore SEAWARD
off-the-wall BIZARRE
composer's collaborator LYRICIST
ancient Roman galley QUINQUEREME
Australian environmentalist GREENIE
sequel to Myst RIVEN
US car battery maker EXIDE
"night watchman" STARGAZER
not capable of being removed INALIENABLE
worldly EARTHLY
self-evident truths AXIOMS
you're mad when you lose it TEMPER
publicly ridiculed PILLORIED
ancient Near Eastern city LAGASH
not holding your breath RESPIRING
alloy of gold and silver ELECTRUM
give energy to VITALIZE
jazz singer Harry CONNICK
humiliates MORTIFIES
native of Nairobi KENYAN
airheads DITZES
okay to imbibe DRINKABLE
pouches carried by horses SADDLEBAGS
moving like a crab SIDLING
in a morose manner SULLENLY
turns red BLUSHES
running through PIERCING
shrivels WITHERS
working out EXERCISING
filming locations SETS
canoe-carrying detour PORTAGE
brought disgrace to SHAMED
impervious to daytime rays SUNPROOF
called attention to SPOTLIGHTED
three-purpose eyeglasses TRIFOCALS
becoming apparent or known UNFOLDING
second Microsoft CEO BALLMER
London-based actor Michael FASSBENDER
geometric curves PARABOLAS
"soap of beautiful women" CAMAY
having no distinctive parts FEATURELESS
conduit DUCT
show starring Bender and Fry FUTURAMA
thugs GOONS
loud, heavy blow WHOMP
diver's breathing apparatus AQUALUNG
historic Uzbek city KHIVA
corn cutter PEDICURIST
well chosen FELICITOUS
using numbers NUMERICALLY
causing argument CONTENTIOUS
pronounced innocent EXCULPATED
sweet cracker GRAHAM
certain shellfish catcher SHRIMPER
chunks of cheese WEDGES
former NY politician Abzug BELLA
victories TRIUMPHS
not earned UNDESERVED
done over, as a manuscript REWRITTEN
positive aspect UPSIDE
pouty person MOPER
put out again REISSUE
middle layer of the eye UVEA
gave a clue HINTED
colorful flyers BLUEBIRDS
transportation-related VEHICULAR
port in Yemen ADEN
showed off, in a way HOTDOGGED
US architecture style, once NEOCOLONIAL
tacked onto the front PREFACED
striking person PICKETER
country bordering Greece MACEDONIA
type of audio download PODCAST
shoves PUSHES
swiftly APACE
banishing EXILING
prickly plants THISTLES
should, with "to" OUGHT
Alexander Hamilton, for one FEDERALIST
suppurate FESTER
speaking like George VI, say STAMMERING
"my darling" girl in song CLEMENTINE
hotheads have short ones FUSES
roguishly witty WAGGISH
Marcus' business partner NEIMAN
solemnly declare ASSEVERATE
iconic adventurer Indiana JONES
lack of bearing IRRELEVANCE
decide in advance PREJUDGE
sequins SPANGLES
outclassed in a competition OVERMATCHED
remove the husks from SHUCK
luggage BAGS
went along with ACCOMPANIED
trash-crunching devices COMPACTORS
bright, hot lightbulbs HALOGENS
Popeye's nemesis BLUTO
Jamie of "M*A*S*H" FARR
frantic shouts SHRIEKS
part of music's CCR CLEARWATER
Oscar-winning actor Whitaker FOREST
resembling the moon surface CRATERLIKE
like most shower mats NONSLIP
football days, perhaps SUNDAYS
bird appearing hourly CUCKOO
text-embellishing symbols DINGBATS
accompaniments to cheese CRACKERS
"Muppet Show" character GONZO
tasting of almonds, perhaps NUTTY
Chiquita's pride BANANAS
short form of railway engine LOCO
crossword puzzle design GRID
cross-section SLICE
cross-grained STUBBORN
crossbreed HYBRID
"Crossroads" musical star SPEARS
crossruff game WHIST
in the rough UNPOLISHED
in the flesh PRESENT
in the lead WINNING
in the wings NEARBY
in the black PROFITABLE
in the pink HEALTHY
in the clouds DAYDREAMING
lack of style DOWDINESS
having low density RARIFIED
common person PLEB
member of laboring class WAGEWORKER
lady's maid ABIGAIL
sound of spring BOING
canine abduction DOGNAPPING
goes under SINKS
self-obsession EGOCENTRISM
wide assortment OLIO
early counters ABACI
features of Beach Boys songs HARMONIES
walked lamely LIMPED
guitar player's tool SLIDE
cold box ESKY
Australian poet, Banjo PATERSON
pleasure-seeking HEDONISTIC
confidence man ILLYWHACKER
first daily meal BREKKIE
public garden PARKLAND
minding service CHILDCARE
turned on a point PIVOTED
help author COWRITE
pro golfer McIlroy RORY
self-evident statements TRUISMS
they don't support war PEACENIKS
the Netherlands HOLLAND
conveyed, as water PIPED
guiding people LEADERS
field's natural blooms WILDFLOWERS
memorably FAMOUSLY
dull, tedious PROSY
small Eurasian duck SMEW
arrange in proper order COLLATE
not considered proper OUTRE
straying from proper form ABERRANT
acting improperly IMPERTINENT
one lacking proper respect INGRATE
proper for the occasion SUITABLE
proper or legitimate KOSHER
Stockholm airport ARLANDA
subterranean UNDERGROUND
deep sea submersible BATHYSCAPE
lachrymosity TEARFULNESS
large, cold, white expanse SNOWFIELD
getting rid of errors EMENDING
Cockney's trouble and strife WIFE
risky business enterprise VENTURE
illuminate to make known SPOTLIGHT
course of study units LESSONS
use gains to buy more shares REINVEST
they invest in your freedom BAILSMEN
Apple tech helper GENIUS
covering thickly COATING
channel on the "air" OXYGEN
hockey infraction TRIPPING
flip-flop SWITCH
to express in concrete form EMBODY
screened areas, maybe PORCHES
like the best mac & cheese CREAMIEST
badly missed basketball shot BRICK
cosmology concept MULTIVERSE
Damon Albarn's virtual band GORILLAZ
says no DECLINES
most pleasant NICEST
candy maker Russell STOVER
fasten a seat belt BUCKLE
theater section BALCONY
intermediate floor MEZZANINE
theater box LOGE
stage arch PROSCENIUM
raised area in a theater GALLERY
behind the curtain BACKSTAGE
play stager PRODUCER
muscles worked by squats GLUTES
made into tight curls FRIZZED
rescuer SAVER
sweet, tender cabbage type SAVOY
Venezuelan mesa KUKENAN
talked confusedly SPLUTTERED
annoying situations HEADACHES
unsentimental toughie HARDNOSE
telecommunications device MODULATOR
Canadian courier company PUROLATOR
bleached WHITENED
frosty scientific discipline GLACIOLOGY
stain-blocking paint line KILZ
"Fly Away Home" star PAQUIN
"Way" to Rome APPIAN
Washington and Stewart MARTHAS
Inez and Charlie Foxx Hit MOCKINGBIRD
less tidy MESSIER
connecting strips of land ISTHMI
mid-western veggie covering CORNHUSK
having control over REGULATING
Hobart is its capital TASMANIA
abruptness SUDDENNESS
San Antonio historical site ALAMO
it is west of French Guiana SURINAME
anticipatory belief EXPECTANCE
temporary arch support CENTERING
starchy African staple UGALI
largest North Carolina city CHARLOTTE
maker or repairer of shoes COBBLER
dollar volume TURNOVER
something not very important TRIFLE
hair styling preparation MOUSSE
sharp, biting TART
squander FRITTER
frog's sound RIBBIT
hobbies PASTIMES
questioned before hiring INTERVIEWED
Black Sea territory ABKHAZIA
tidies up NEATENS
taxi fare calculator METER
Cary Grant's original name ARCHIBALD
flashy jewelry BLING
"Top Cat" Officer DIBBLE
allowing dough to rise PROOFING
Ms. Rodham Clinton HILLARY
in an excellent manner BEAUTIFULLY
Olympic gymnast Olga KORBUT
part of a praying mantis FORELEG
Powerpoint parts SLIDES
cereal grain BARLEY
big celebrations JUBILEES
kings and queens, e.g. CHESSPIECES
making a mess of MANGLING
type of hotel breakfast CONTINENTAL
ruffians BRUTES
nation LAND
notions counter items FRAGRANCES
track star Devers GAIL
musical phrase RIFF
hurls a baseball PITCHES
iris' location EYEBALL
'90s TV star Heather LOCKLEAR
color akin to violet PURPLE
world's top tulip exporter NETHERLANDS
"The Blue Dahlia" author CHANDLER
rose from bed AWOKE
Lily from TV's "Laugh-In" TOMLIN
Kampala resident, perhaps UGANDAN
gets rid of FLUSHES
rooster's feature HACKLE
water boilers KETTLES
like a knuckleball SPINLESS
certain bird home DOVECOT
more swollen PUFFIER
one, in German EINS
comes back inside REENTERS
masking the odors of DEODORIZING
weaving tools LOOMS
"nice to meet you too" CHARMED
Jack of a nursery rhyme HORNER
eliminating RIDDING
one who provokes INSTIGATOR
capable of being noticed DETECTABLE
modified crew cuts FLATTOPS
Monster beverage rival ROCKSTAR
Lester Holt TV newsmagazine DATELINE
like an unsafe passenger BELTLESS
P on the periodic table PHOSPHORUS
blender company VITAMIX
information collections DATABASES
covered in sphagnum MOSSY
humiliating treatments INDIGNITIES
Oprah's production company HARPO
Balki of "Perfect Strangers" BARTOKOMOUS
piano's opposite, musically FORTE
what a boa constrictor does SQUEEZE
a look-alike DOUBLE
play area BROADWAY
Lamont Cranston's alter ego SHADOW
sports no-no FOUL
authority POWER
stadium seating GRANDSTAND
Chopin specialty NOCTURNE
making a blunder FLUBBING
takes a stroll PROMENADES
place of disgrace DOGHOUSE
separate DISSEVER
Zagreb native CROAT
some Fender electrics TELECASTERS
exclamation mark emotion EXCITEMENT
"Marky" Mark WAHLBERG
mark down REDUCTION
mark for life SCAR
mark, in the classroom GRADE
mark, in former German banks CURRENCY
off the mark AWRY
torn up RAGGED
toy brick larger than a Lego DUPLO
"off beat" ARRHYTHMIC
"Under Pressure" band QUEEN
Bob Dylan's real surname ZIMMERMAN
supersonic combustion engine SCRAMJET
a covering for the shoulders CAPELET
Beyonce, by birth HOUSTONIAN
bringing delight to PLEASURING
thinner, as smoke WISPIER
chess conclusions ENDGAMES
Scrabble manufacturer HASBRO
ideal horseshoe tosses RINGERS
famed maestro Arturo TOSCANINI
predatory Australian beetle VEDALIA
a finger or toe, or a foot DACTYL
pillaged RAVAGED
Roman gathering places BATHS
got started LAUNCHED
"Oliver Twist" miser FAGIN
provoked, as in disaster COURTED