7 little words

7 Little Words answers

Polka Dots

Clue Answer
fashion designer Marc JACOBS
bunches of bones SKELETONS
stunning person BEAUT
astonishing disclosures REVELATIONS
basic ability COMPETENCE
diagonal SLANT
prison on a ship BRIG
fish-eating bird KINGFISHER
state of obfuscation BAFFLEMENT
public performer EXECUTANT
yanking PULLING
musical star Bernadette PETERS
used a straw SIPPED
lassoing ROPING
sheer fabric CHIFFON
fellow students CLASSMATES
meaningful EXPRESSIVE
green sculpture material JADE
anti-war philosophy PACIFISM
make sympathetic, in a way HUMANIZE
captivated ENCHANTED
serviceberry SHADBUSH
1940s jazz musician BOPPER
copying machine DUPLICATOR
minced up HASHED
young hens PULLETS
provides an incentive MOTIVATES
famed South Dakota mountain RUSHMORE
fertilizer component PHOSPHORUS
Shakespeare's Caius Marcius CORIOLANUS
one who makes the sale CLOSER
sleeping furniture finial BEDKNOB
where the sea meets the hull WATERLINE
like "1984" DYSTOPIAN