7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
springtime color PASTEL
no brainiac LUNKHEAD
needle's place, proverbially HAYSTACK
behaving properly RESPECTABLE
scolding severely HARANGUING
consolidate CENTRALIZE
widely scattered DIFFUSE
oversensitivity TOUCHINESS
small suitcases VALISES
doctor MEDICO
exactly as stated LITERAL
wild feline CATAMOUNT
threw out OUSTED
discharge from service DEMOBILIZE
ship led by William Bligh BOUNTY
quality of seawater SALTINESS
bayou birds PELICANS
devise CONCOCT
one of NYC's five boroughs BRONX
unfairly maligned LIBELED
send to a new location REDIRECT
in the near vicinity LOCALLY
female peerage member BARONESS
they snap before film takes CLAPBOARDS
grievances BEEFS
British police officers BOBBIES
personal property EFFECTS
immaculately SPOTLESSLY
desolation BARRENNESS
chilly COOLISH
Italian bread PANETTONE
a scolding EARFUL
bed, sofa and appliances FURNISHINGS
code solvers CRACKERS
deserving a penalty PUNISHABLE
like some evacuations MANDATORY
US "Singing College" AMHERST
mocked in a jeering manner TAUNTED
noun form of a verb GERUND
American ski maker HART