7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
without fault BLAMELESS
extra SPARE
used up SPENT
triangular sail SPINNAKER
Italian dessert TIRAMISU
release anger VENT
lightbulb developer EDISON
man-made waterway CANAL
difficulty WRINKLE
go to bed RETIRE
best or perfect IDEAL
gathers together COLLECTS
part of PORTION
sufficient ENOUGH
think REASON
arctic biome TUNDRA
type of canine TERRIER
hold back RESTRAIN
means of transport VEHICLE
fall down COLLAPSE
way up HIGH
sauce for mashed potatoes GRAVY
one-person boats KAYAKS
lake crosser FERRY
buyer of goods and services CUSTOMER
joking COMICAL
newlyweds' vacation HONEYMOON
bowling game CANDLEPINS
lacking intelligence DUMB
split fruit BANANA
it makes a batter duck BEANBALL
consider questionable DOUBT
not excessive MODEST
electric cell BATTERY
ancient two-wheeled vehicle CHARIOT
softly glowing LAMBENT
German city BREMEN
stronghold REDOUBT
fly larva MAGGOT
Casey Jones was one ENGINEER
fitful or random DESULTORY
deranged BERSERK
gunfight command DRAW
contrite people offer them APOLOGIES
possible jury verdict GUILTY
meat in fajitas STEAK
trick-taking card game BRIDGE
full of compassion HUMANE
members of a litter PUPPIES
"Divine Comedy" author DANTE
rock band member BASSIST
sheriff's assistant DEPUTY
small red fruit POMEGRANATE
shrink back RECOIL
lacking WITHOUT
noisy activity BUSTLE
what comedians hope to get LAUGHS
soup with clams CHOWDER
pull apart SEPARATE
tempura binder YOLK
eyelash darkener MASCARA
apple, for William Tell TARGET
large, overpowering force JUGGERNAUT
ancient variety of handgun CULVERIN
person to be avoided PARIAH
bird in the gannet family BOOBY
bib overalls DUNGAREES
sailboat with twin hulls CATAMARAN
gizmo WIDGET
calm and soft GENTLE
what teachers do with tests CORRECT
inventor Franklin BENJAMIN
bottle material GLASS
group of birds FLOCK
having a full schedule BUSY
Wild West transportation STAGECOACH
turning point in history LANDMARK
like the man in the street AVERAGE
capital of Libya TRIPOLI
vibration in the voice TRILL
more succulent JUICIER
see eye to eye AGREE
membership AFFILIATION
winter sport SKIING
symbol of the throne SCEPTER
scale back CURB
stagnant water surface SCUM
shindig BASH
friendly CONGENIAL
lachrymal gland secretion TEAR
ancient Hindu language SANSKRIT
laundromat equipment WASHER
result of plate movement EARTHQUAKE
forest fauna WILDLIFE
calm and quiet PEACEFUL
get rid of DELETE
follow closely SHADOW
twill fabric PARRAMATTA
lay waste to RAVAGE
railroad company COUNTRYLINK
part of a spectrum COLOUR
full of fun PLAYFUL
face up to CONFRONT
truthful HONEST
twosome COUPLE
baby in a sty PIGLET
putting up a fight FIERCE
pile STACK
moon stage FULL
clapped one's hands APPLAUDED
Schwinn bicycle STINGRAY
where chickens sit PERCH
woofer output BASS
ship on "Gilligan's Island" MINNOW
pole weapon PIKE
abstract artist Jackson POLLOCK
one seeking swimmers FISHERMAN
travel by ship CRUISE
items in the ship's hold CARGO
fast sailing ship CLIPPER
merchant ship ARGOSY
ship in the Spanish Armada GALLEON
Capt. Janeway's starship VOYAGER
living quarters on a warship WARDROOM
obligated BOUND
starkness AUSTERITY
draconian HARSH
word before feeder or bath BIRD
ceremonial display POMP
lack of pretentiousness MODESTY
minuscule TINY
unguarded VULNERABLE
suddenly change direction SHEER
untrue statement FALSEHOOD
driven to succeed AMBITIOUS
daydream REVERIE
darkness or despondency GLOOM
striking scene TABLEAU
future generations POSTERITY
poetic foot IAMB
wastefully extravagant PRODIGAL
sans souci CAREFREE
like a smooth operator SUAVE
smooth-talking CAJOLERY
not very smooth ROCKY
wood smoother PLANER
tree with smooth red bark MADRONE
like a smooth lake GLASSY
slap in jail IMPRISON
gap between stones in masonry ABREUVOIR
forgiveness of wrongs ABSOLUTION
precision ACCURACY
impasse STANDOFF
like a snake's tongue FORKED
brought to a halt TERMINATED
scratched or stung WOUNDED
towel word HERS
important speech KEYNOTE
shedding leaves DECIDUOUS
jolly MERRY
poet Walt WHITMAN
cowardly CRAVEN
hold in deep respect VENERATE
natural inclination PROCLIVITY
pedestrian WAYFARER
ready for picking RIPE
collection of stories ANTHOLOGY
lasting many years PERENNIAL
sewing machine attachment BUTTONHOLER
make like a turkey GOBBLE
composition speed PACING
deep red CRIMSON
corned beef dish HASH
harbinger PREDICTOR
harbinger FORERUNNER
messenger HERALD
insect-eating bird PHOEBE
conjecture THEORIZE
bizarre FREAKY
going out with DATING
breathing out EXPIRATION
impractical visionary IDEALIST
very noisy CLANGOROUS
Dutch landowner PATROON
respiratory ailment ASTHMA
free-spirited UNINHIBITED
scaly anteater PANGOLIN
outfielder's accessory GLOVE
the big picture ENLARGEMENT
college catalog PROSPECTUS
ballast item SANDBAG
inexpensive CHEAP
mudslinger MUCKRAKER
water down WEAKEN
stamping ground HANGOUT
systematic explanation EXPOSITION
inorganic material MINERAL
like "sdrawkcab" BACKWARDS
girl in the family NIECE
where grapes are grown VINEYARD
straight from the shoulder OUTSPOKEN
very unpleasant LOUSY
on both radio and TV SIMULCAST
lack of sound QUIETNESS
seat filler OCCUPANT
barn area HAYLOFT
foot fault ERROR
frequent weight lifter BODYBUILDER
bend in the road CURVE
Shakespeare's loan shark SHYLOCK
one held for ransom HOSTAGE
monsoon danger MUDFLOW
picture in a school yearbook CLASSMATE
pristine SPOTLESS
blackjack wielder THUG
window sill LEDGE
headed south for the winter MIGRATORY
extremist RADICAL
eating plants HERBIVOROUS
feeling "pins and needles" TINGLING
rabbit colonies WARRENS
lack of severity LAXITY
asking for forgiveness PENITENT
traded SWAPPED
political coalitions BLOCS
duffers, in golf AMATEURS
red variety of ocher RUDDLE
ask for by name SPECIFY
trim and graceful SLEEK
pertaining to fireworks PYROTECHNIC
bivouac CAMPSITE
small identification DOORPLATE
insisted upon STIPULATED
MasterCard alternative VISA
overcharging for tickets SCALPING
really beautiful GORGEOUS
longtime TV western GUNSMOKE
the Sunflower State KANSAS
nonsense TOMMYROT
house guarder WATCHDOG
philanthropist DONOR
strong ceramics STONEWARE
hodgepodge artwork COLLAGE
decathlon event DISCUS
words can be taken out of it CONTEXT
make many campaign stops BARNSTORM
full of spice ZESTY
stimulating, as a current GALVANIC
rodeo equipment ROPES
baseball's Georgia Peach COBB
Sulu on Star Trek TAKEI
with portability MOVABLE
stuffed animal material PLUSH
investment returns YIELDS
make "attractive" MAGNETIZE
without guile INNOCENTLY
fast-tracks EXPEDITES
motorcycle adjunct SIDECAR
risk assessment experts ACTUARIES
Mozart's middle name AMADEUS
waterfalls CASCADES
latte flavor MOCHA
largest Canadian city TORONTO
teddy bear's filling FLUFF
when flowers start to bloom SPRINGTIME
silhouette PROFILE
as a matter of course ROUTINELY
storm drain cover GRATING
circle-the-stake game HORSESHOES
comfy to sit on, as a floor CARPETED
hand in SUBMIT
Florida Panhandle seaport PENSACOLA
couldn't stand HATED
toward FACING
grape-growing gardens VINEYARDS
little SMALL
without a doubt CERTAINLY
acorn collectors SQUIRRELS
across the country NATIONWIDE
revolutionary BOLSHEVIK
requiring reading glasses FARSIGHTED
fad-obsessed girl TEENYBOPPER
gathered into loops COILED
young ruffian PUNK
movies that continue a story SEQUELS
"The Aviator" star Leonardo DICAPRIO
like TV's Steve Austin BIONIC
woman who is leasing a house LANDLADY
who-cares feeling BOREDOM
playground game with innings KICKBALL
railroad intersections JUNCTIONS
white-flowered plants SNOWDROPS
deeply engrossed RAPT
1970s TV family surname BRADY
cabbage salad with mayo COLESLAW
in a sullen way DOURLY
broken stone used in roads MACADAM
goes looking for food FORAGES
platforms for builders SCAFFOLDS
tennis champ Pete SAMPRAS
thin soup BROTH
kind of play MORALITY
take goods into custody IMPOUND
swindled GOUGED
abundant protein in the body COLLAGEN
casted doubt on IMPUGNED
sham or mockery FARCE
like pinking shears SERRATED
worn out DECREPIT
possessing job skills HIREABLE
light foundation garment CORSELET
devours DOWNS
river hazard SANDBANK
process of spinning silk FILATURE
scalawags SCAMPS
Calgary hockey team FLAMES
took a little bite NIPPED
small town, in slang PODUNK
less sensible DOPIER
underlings INFERIORS
salad topper DRESSING
liftoff spot LAUNCHPAD
"Citizen Kane" director WELLES
Capitol Hill worker AIDE
parts of a book CHAPTERS
good-humored JOVIAL
Dallas-based airline SOUTHWEST
showing displeasure SCOWLING
appreciative GRATEFUL
used a hose on WATERED
place dangerous when burning FIRETRAP
putting into groups SORTING
more disdainfully proud HAUGHTIER
endorse BACK
identified FINGERED
disclosed secret information LEAKED
like loafers LACELESS
checked progress of STALLED
giving title to subject ENNOBLING
old US automobile company STUDEBAKER
sailor's pointed implement MARLINSPIKE
legislator LAWMAKER
turning about ROTATING
exhausted SPENT
gem-themed video game BEJEWELED
in an organized manner TIDILY
tenor Domingo PLACIDO
associating oneself AFFILIATING
manic fits HYSTERICS
holds tightly CLINCHES
make a whole new version of REIMAGINE
does a slow burn SMOLDERS
going across SPANNING
precarious quality SHAKINESS
browses (through) LEAFS
lumber-cutting tool HANDSAW
taking bids on AUCTIONING
keyboard instruments PIANOS
study of head bumps PHRENOLOGY
Paris or Prague CAPITAL
pig chow SLOP
delicate ceramic PORCELAIN
performing as the main act HEADLINING
lawyer's collective burden CASELOAD
one of a half-dozen babies SEXTUPLET
something that really annoys IRRITANT
the fourth president MADISON
walking proudly STRUTTING
phobia FEAR
applied a coating to wood VARNISHED
unconsumed LEFTOVER
group for people over 50 AARP
feeling satisfaction CONTENTED
captures, in checkers JUMPS
most stylish CLASSIEST
movie patrons CINEMAGOERS
shocking announcements BOMBSHELLS
making a sharp turn PIVOTING
based on one's belief set IDEOLOGICAL
set free, in a way UNBOUND
two continents, collectively AMERICAS
former Indians pitcher Bob FELLER
used a machete HACKED
attorney, in England BARRISTER
wrench, in England SPANNER
sidewalk, in England PAVEMENT
truck, in England LORRY
trash can, in England DUSTBIN
car hood, in England BONNET
elevator, in England LIFT
bodega setting BARRIO
nursery inhabitants INFANTS
ex-Attorney General Janet RENO
making a curve ARCHING
less important SECONDARY
prize money PURSE
Internet site manager WEBMASTER
home to Willis Tower CHICAGO
someone from abroad FOREIGNER
get a move on RUSH
breakable organ HEART
correction of a sort ERASURE
the very beginning GENESIS
second person on trial CODEFENDANT
songwriter Sondheim STEPHEN
Greek island MYKONOS
has a nosh NIBBLES
moldable quality PLASTICITY
zero AUGHT
comic about Jeremy Duncan ZITS
charm with delight DELECTATE
captivate ENTRANCE
enthrall FASCINATE
attract strongly SPELLBIND
please with disarming warmth CHARM
cause to be enamored BEGUILE
personal attraction ALLURE
commonly used PREVALENT
common cold cause RHINOVIRUS
commoner SERF
the common people PROLETARIAT
common herd RABBLE
commonplace EXOTERIC
had in common SHARED
not attracting attention UNOBTRUSIVE
long, tubular instrument DIDJERIDU
waterside plant LOOSESTRIFE
patient helper DOCTOR
expressed regret APOLOGIZED
return from work INCOME
was indecisive DITHERED
deep-fried burrito CHIMICHANGA
large, subtropical bird CHACHALACA
comedian Marin CHEECH
affectedly pretentious CHICHI
South American rodent CHINCHILLA
Iron Curtain speechmaker CHURCHILL
little trinket TCHOTCHKE
made as large as possible MAXIMIZED
in an impolite way RUDELY
interior wall lower trim BASEBOARDS
throw out CHUCK
short outings EXCURSIONS
from Reykjavik ICELANDIC
skeletal playground fixture JUNGLEGYM
Indian Ocean island group MASCARENE
swimming school WHALES
fulfillment COMPLETION
stirring ROUSING
odd-job man on sheep station ROUSEABOUT
fixing a flat, perhaps TUNING
in a secretive, shifty way FURTIVELY
El Bambino, músico TITO
primavera y otoño ESTACIONES
ingrediente de guacamole AGUACATE
la invención de Nobel DINAMITA
la Reina del Tex-Mex SELENA
después de mayo JUNIO
baya de color azul ARÁNDANO
líder cubano CASTRO
juego de mesa de China MAHJONG
combinación de alimentos DIETA
hermano de Luigi MARIO
juego de mesa clásico PARCHÍS
5 casillas consecutivas BINGO
juego de dibujos PICTIONARY
instrumento de cuerda VIOLONCHELO
lienzo grafitero PARED
penetra la humedad CALA
grupo de ovejas REBAÑO
salto de agua CATARATA
cuadro hecho de trocitos MOSAICO
con aspecto volador ALADO
underdog's opposite FAVORITE
go to the dogs LANGUISH
hangdog ASHAMED
racetrack dogs GREYHOUNDS
dog collars repel them TICKS
what dogs learn in school OBEDIENCE
its capital is Luanda ANGOLA
its capital is Vienna AUSTRIA
its capital is Washington AMERICA
its capital is Yerevan ARMENIA
its capital is Algiers ALGERIA
its capital is Canberra AUSTRALIA
its capital is Tirana ALBANIA
pass fluid through tissue PERFUSE
in slow motion CRAWLINGLY
launcher for poison darts BLOWPIPE
important find in climbing FINGERHOLD
birthplace of Irving Berlin MOGILEV
expose to sunlight INSOLATE
put in code CYPHERED
with courage PLUCKILY
a "letter" takes him in TENANT
unambiguously evident CLEARCUT
suffered spasms CONVULSED
condition battled by FDR POLIO
shock produced by a lion MANE
suggested INSPIRED
Spanish or Portuguese IBERIAN
the study of earthquakes SEISMOLOGY
kept under close observation SURVEILLED
Arabian hooded cloak DJELLABA
"cutting" delivery CAESARIAN
boring tools AWLS
home of busy Gatwick Airport CRAWLEY
make more volatile DESTABILIZE
jazz singer Horne LENA
bounding along LOPING
indecorous UNDIGNIFIED
run faster than OUTRACE
certain family member GRANDAUNT
in battle WARRING
crib sheet user CHEATER
Bronx cheers RASPBERRIES
supermarket chain SAFEWAY
shown to be corrupt DISCREDITED
cinnamon roll shape SWIRL
blunder FLUB
worked for the TSA SCREENED
stand for TOLERATE
kickstand function SUPPORT
standoffish ALOOF
witness stand location COURTROOM
stand up to CONFRONT
bandstand PLATFORM
at a standstill STATIONARY
German city on the Rhine COLOGNE
irregularly stained SPLOTCHY
a small amount SPRINKLING
dairy-free ice cream brand TOFUTTI
reminiscent of desert hills DUNELIKE
inherited from one's father PATRIMONIAL
cockpit meter measure AIRSPEED
in an unkempt way SCRUFFILY
concealed, as fugitives HARBORED
deprived one of courage UNNERVED
captured again RETAKEN
downtown Chicago area LOOP
hang out to be cool CHILL
central Saharan mountains TIBESTI
picture made of smaller pics MOSAIC
wall hanging TAPESTRY
picture holder FRAME
carved block for printmaking WOODCUT
motion picture MOVIE
picturesque grouping TABLEAU
Identi-Kit picture LIKENESS
whale's nostril BLOWHOLE
harsh criticism OPPROBRIUM
Australian monitor lizard GOANNA
a pain in the neck CRICK
French yogurt manufacturer DANONE
capital of Nunavut, Canada IQALUIT
fussy, to the British PERNICKETY
for every taker there is one GIVER
bias based on birthday count AGEISM
English resort city CHELTENHAM
link together again RECONNECT
Australian native KOORI
tandoori-baked flatbread NAAN
veteran character actor BUSCEMI
acted unjustly towards WRONGED
small catch TIDDLER
granted AWARDED
deprived residential area SHANTYTOWN
with a bang EXPLOSIVELY
a little chubby PLUMPISH
depression INDENTATION
brought down, as a tree FELLED
really impressing WOWING
cases in point EXAMPLES
calm quality SERENENESS
Ben Franklin's bills HUNDREDS
quarterback Flutie DOUG
acid in vinegar ACETIC
hunter's clothing, for short CAMO
vendor SELLER
took a breather PAUSED
YouTube rival VIMEO
window coverings DRAPERIES
TV journalist Bob WOODRUFF
reasons for doing something MOTIVES
he looks for scraps BRAWLER
liquid industrial waste EFFLUENT
suffering from rabies HYDROPHOBIC
ersatz PHONEY
shutter closed at bedtime EYELID
capital of Botswana GABORONE
proudly wearing SPORTING
"Phooey!" DRAT
Nobel-winning writer Alice MUNRO
number with 18 zeroes QUINTILLION
begins anew RESTARTS
pro golfer Rory MCILROY
land reclaimed from the sea POLDER
in a damaging way HARMFULLY
destroy pests with smoke FUMIGATE
kind of spaniel SPRINGER
bay north of Spain BISCAY
buttercup relatives LARKSPURS
looking at VIEWING
growing-up period PUBERTY
Oscar-winning actor Costner KEVIN
goldbricking SHIRKING
didn't speak clearly STUTTERED
nutso BATS
archers, for example SHOOTERS
range in Arkansas OZARKS
provoking with jeers TAUNTING
decayed MOLDERED
bird too young to leave home NESTLING
directed the course of HEADED
carefully thought out STUDIED
17-member monetary union EUROZONE
hiked, laden with goods BACKPACKED
absorbed through the skin TRANSDERMAL
be evasive to gain time TEMPORIZE
chief port for Seoul INCHEON
sharing the same place COLOCATED
dating system RADIOCARBON
go rotten PUTREFY
of the breastbone STERNAL
Gromit's master WALLACE
untidy MUSSY
technique of mapping regions CHOROGRAPHY
"top of the morning" MIDDAY
radiant AGLEAM
Australian carpet shark WOBBEGONG
pesticide and anti-coagulant WARFARIN
open a purse, maybe UNSNAP
more distant FARTHER
window treatment DRAPERY
person who will stay in jail LIFER
national park in Utah ZION
not up for debate INARGUABLE
woman's shade-giving hat SUNBONNET
not outside INTERNAL
yanks PULLS
female graduates ALUMNAE
capture TAKE
shatters BREAKS
Emmy winner Martindale MARGO
big wheel at a carnival FERRIS
does a carpenter's dusty job SANDS
many fiction writers NOVELISTS
insignias EMBLEMS
something to be sworn to SECRECY
making louder, as music AMPLIFYING
Leaning Tower site PISA
ungainly quality AWKWARDNESS
Mississippi city on the Gulf BILOXI
battery units VOLTS
cheerleaders wave them POMPOMS
put a stop to CEASE
candymaker's creations CONFECTIONS
flowers-to-be BUDS
hair follicle inflammation SYCOSIS
get ready for eating RIPEN
capable of being told RELATABLE
place for workplace gossip WATERCOOLER
frogs, toads and newts AMPHIBIA
its blooms last 24 hours DAYLILY
protozoa AMEBAE
dead in the water MOTIONLESS
dead on one's feet EXHAUSTED
in a dead heat TIED
creature that plays dead OPOSSUM
dead shot MARKSMAN
dead ringer DOUBLE
Dead Sea scrolls material PAPYRUS
Chateau Frontenac owner FAIRMONT
moving about aimlessly MILLING
pronounced imperfectly LISPED
nosh for animals FEEDSTUFFS
used, with a positive spin VINTAGE
major video game producer UBISOFT
tuberculosis, formerly CONSUMPTION
Welsh music festival EISTEDDFOD
a vain or idle fancy CHIMERA
house drainage system GUTTERING
giving up QUITTING
laughed quietly SNIGGERED
short mooring post BOLLARD
quickness RAPIDITY
sparsely inhabited land BACKBLOCKS
bar chart HISTOGRAM
type of apple JONATHAN
Melbourne festival MOOMBA
musician like Andrew Farriss KEYBOARDIST
breathing machine VENTILATOR
combined knife, fork & spoon SPLAYD
he prefers two wheel travel CYCLER
a hundred times as great CENTUPLE
smudges BLURS
ready to learn new skills RETRAINABLE
Walter Cronkite, for example NEWSREADER
tiny Australian island group TIWI
New England highlands BERKSHIRES
brand named for Miami beach SOBE
takes shape JELLS
kick back and do nothing CHILLAX
absolutely assures GUARANTEES
made an anagram SCRAMBLED
12 minute walk, on average KILOMETER
excavation EARTHWORK
after surgery POSTOP
health information resource WEBMD
place of USS Enterprise helm BRIDGE
Disney club member MOUSEKETEER
preoccupied FIXATED
manage STEWARD
mountain climber's staff ALPENSTOCK
in a friendly manner COLLEGIALLY
very small plants MICROFLORA
radioactive element, No NOBELIUM
equipment for horses SADDLERY
watches OBSERVES
held fast GRIPPED
a realistic person PRAGMATIST
in line for selection SHORTLISTED
butted in INTRUDED
tossed a baseball PITCHED
confusing greatly BAMBOOZLING
most droopy SAGGIEST
cause of oral agony GUMBOIL
cheeky LIPPY
like Andersen's emperor UNCLOTHED
someone looking for work JOBSEEKER
"Gattaca" star Law JUDE
panting companion, often PUFFING
simple percussion instrument TRIANGLE
mummy's monument PYRAMID
field of activity SPHERE
Nissan compact hatchback CUBE
cell in the retina CONE
"Sweet Caroline" singer Neil DIAMOND
piston's housing CYLINDER
he watches from cheap seats GROUNDLING
inactivity IDLENESS
exercising harsh control IRONHANDED
mid-November meteor shower LEONIDS
adorability LOVABLENESS
make watertight, with down BATTEN
growing in a small clump TUFTED
skimmed on a film of water HYDROPLANED
in a slow, sluggish manner LAZILY
star jazz drummer Buddy RICH
thin, wooden dental cleaners TOOTHPICKS
blood sugar-related disease DIABETES
blade that transmits power PROPELLER
shiny toppers TIARAS
like fall vis a vis summer BRISKER
early British settler SAXON
doing a certain film job PRODUCING
Reno not from Nevada JANET
flirter's tactic, perhaps FOOTSIE
turning the sound off MUTING
move like a kangaroo BOUND
actress Huston ANJELICA
exceptionally UNCOMMONLY
founder of Motown Records GORDY
hoodwinker HOAXER
Bridgetown resident, maybe BARBADIAN
people not apt to complain STOICS
preserved in ice FROZEN
infant BABE
composer who went deaf BEETHOVEN
bamboozled HOODWINKED
nut's partner BOLT
large Indian Ocean island MADAGASCAR
musical composition form FANTASIA
soda fountain freebies STRAWS
red or green vegetable PEPPER
electric toothbrush brand SONICARE
they have red/black shells LADYBUGS
obtaining GETTING
not hip UNCOOL
photographer Edward STEICHEN
carried by the air SKYBORNE
what "?!" is called INTERROBANG
thrust forward CATAPULTED
where hikers might rest TRAILSIDE
outdoor apparel brand FILSON
made a smoothie, say LIQUIFIED
second ex of The Donald MARLA
Texas city on the Rio Grande LAREDO
dance for four couples QUADRILLE
youngest Marx brother ZEPPO
Kobe's 7' 1" former teammate SHAQUILLE
ornamental cup holder ZARF
in an irritating way VEXINGLY
oxidizes RUSTS
societal traditions CUSTOMS
inaptly titled MISNAMED
republic within Russia TATARSTAN
gelled hair's quality, maybe SPIKINESS
like bases, pre-grand slam LOADED
more certain SURER
droop WILT
whoop YELL
troupe COMPANY
goop GUNK
stoop CROUCH
make sense COMPUTE
ten spot SAWBUCK
converse informally CONFABULATE
with cordiality SOCIABLY
oil-drilling component WELLHEAD
exhibiting poor manners UNLADYLIKE
paper giant HAMMERMILL
"nano-" fraction BILLIONTH
bungled situation SNAFU
stops by VISITS
obstinate quality MULISHNESS
removed from a register DELISTED
hockey legend Howe GORDIE
"stars" on the "screen" ASTERISKS
like Vineyard Vines wares PREPPY
Lou Grant's workplace NEWSROOM
weighing down BURDENING
competes in the X Games, say SKATEBOARDS
sewing machine brand SINGER
brief summary THUMBNAIL
"Beverly Hillbillies" cousin JETHRO
composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
comical errors in speech MALAPROPS
wrist bones CARPI
like an unused pen CAPPED
state of similarity HOMOGENEITY
"put your ducks in a row" ALIGN
Austrian spa town BADEN
organic fertilizer COMPOST
move to a new pot TRANSPLANT
corn holder STALK
plane spraying the farm CROPDUSTER
bulk storage facility SILO
heads of cattle LIVESTOCK
till the land CULTIVATE
nacho dips SALSAS
below the speed of sound SUBSONIC
runs the 100-meter dash, say SPRINTS
simpler EASIER
single seed-leaf plant MONOCOT
still sealed, say UNOPENED
viewpoints OUTLOOKS
showy red bloomer ROSE
like orange juice ACIDIC
yellow fever, for one INFECTION
1986 green jacket winner NICKLAUS
blue ox of folklore BABE
musician, for an Indigo Girl OCCUPATION
how a violet may grow WILDLY
actress Rosamund PIKE
2nd-tallest Venezuelan falls CUQUENAN
having other species' genes TRANSGENIC
not interlaced UNTWISTED
scrappily PATCHILY
TV enthusiast VIDEOPHILE
lofty nest EYRIE
offerer of consoling advice COUNSELOR
it beats a cure PREVENTION
a blot on the landscape EYESORE
actor Gordon-Levitt JOSEPH
hot-liquid cooking vessel POACHER
urges EGGS
Pennsylvania river SUSQUEHANNA
less healthy ILLER
like some sweet snaps GINGERY
"&" but not "and" IDEOGRAM
shows for the first time UNVEILS
passed along, as gossip RETOLD