7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
complain GRIPE
ship's steering wheel HELM
cosmetic powder TALCUM
spotted horse breed APPALOOSA
spice made from peppers PAPRIKA
win a victory CLINCH
great novel CLASSIC
stop thinking about FORGET
public honor HOMAGE
fire-preventing bear SMOKEY
bounded LIMITED
three-sided figure TRIANGLE
showing great skill MASTERFUL
in poverty PENURIOUS
Central American canal PANAMA
decayed organic matter COMPOST
beautiful PRETTY
act of devotion WORSHIP
poisonous NOXIOUS
filmmaker with total control AUTEUR
extinct arthropod TRILOBITE
jungle cat LEOPARD
"Our House" band MADNESS
two bits QUARTER
fruit with a pit DRUPE
frog sound CROAK
"South Pacific" composer RODGERS
part of a word SYLLABLE
buffet meal SMORGASBORD
foot joint ANKLE
Yukon Gold or Russet Burbank POTATO
product from the balata tree LATEX
piece of garlic CLOVE
hotel attendant BELLHOP
kind of oven MICROWAVE
verbal attack POLEMIC
John Wayne's nickname DUKE
period of the Mesozoic era JURASSIC
lawman's ID BADGE
part of the large intestine COLON
bent out of shape WARPED
theatergoer's booklet PROGRAM
two-faced INSINCERE
lab lackeys ASSISTANTS
archer's missile ARROW
transport CONVEY
like meat cooked medium rare REDDISH
refuge HARBOR
despite everything REGARDLESS
lemon peel ZEST
backless couch DIVAN
protective walls PARAPETS
traveler's route ITINERARY
loud and disorderly RAUCOUS
comb filler HONEYBEE
hype or ink PUBLICITY
one with ego issues SWELLHEAD
unable to sit still JUMPY
walking stick STAFF
golfer's free try MULLIGAN
candy lover CHOCOHOLIC
misheard song lyric MONDEGREEN
privateer CORSAIR
mass of steam or smoke BILLOW
filled with compressed air PNEUMATIC
goatlike antelope CHAMOIS
allergic, perhaps SENSITIVE
lobster portion TAIL
crunchy stick CELERY
north or south DIRECTION
common greeting HELLO
"hi" in Hawaiian ALOHA
tables and chairs FURNITURE
upstanding VIRTUOUS
uplifting INSPIRING
uprising REBELLION
upright piano SPINET
pictorial illustration ICONOGRAPHY
smear mud on DEFAME
place where one lives RESIDENCE
where vegetables grow GARDEN
eccentric WACKY
v-shaped stripe CHEVRON
school course CURRICULUM
of epic proportion MONUMENTAL
Indian sauce CURRY
uniform cloth KHAKI
coarse cotton material DENIM
a stranger to our ways FOREIGNER
red fruit CHERRIES
charity sale BAZAAR
hardly adquate SKIMPY
showing insight PERCEPTIVE
police patrol van WAGON
rock-breaking tool PICK
kittenish FRISKY
engine light location DASHBOARD
go down in defeat LOSE
kitchen cabinet CUPBOARD
fang TOOTH
a girl's best friend, they say DIAMONDS
hiding passenger STOWAWAY
cable box TELEVISION
large ocean ATLANTIC
German woman FRAULEIN
sit in a sauna SWEAT
long-eared animals DONKEYS
fraternity BROTHERHOOD
one with a gallery show ARTIST
reviewer of books AUDITOR
head fake FEINT
pertaining to a town MUNICIPAL
throb THUMP
dog signaler WHISTLE
kill germs with heat PASTEURIZE
crazy place for bats BELFRY
large ring HOOP
forerunner PRECURSOR
speak highly of COMMEND
rotations of the Earth DAYS
imperfect FAULTY
sugar source CANE
improve the contours of STREAMLINE
working answer HYPOTHESIS
rush HURRY
dexterity SKILL
OK Corral showdown GUNFIGHT
spiciness BITE
peer's territory EARLDOM
suggest ALLUDE
cataract WATERFALL
cattle drive danger STAMPEDE
taxing ARDUOUS
sheriff in "Toy Story" WOODY
go back further in time PREDATE
distinctly different DISPARATE
deep gorge CANYON
standard of measurement GAUGE
worn with either side out REVERSIBLE
neck warmer SCARF
sweater named after an earl CARDIGAN
comic strip box PANEL
shaft attachment ARROWHEAD
mishandle BOBBLE
business activity NETWORKING
larger than GREATER
slick performance ADROITNESS
crane on a dock DAVIT
whirlpool VORTEX
big mouthful SWIG
dental fixture PARTIAL
careful systematic search EXPLORATION
most likely to curl your hair SCARIEST
hamlet TOWN
rowdy merrymaking CAROUSING
not necessary EXTRANEOUS
royal authority SOVEREIGNTY
make beautiful EMBELLISH
starting point ORIGIN
heart and soul ESSENCE
fabric with parallel ribs TWILL
support used in first aid SPLINT
cinematic technique MONTAGE
remaining true FAITHFUL
widespread PERVASIVE
study of animal life ZOOLOGY
slender and graceful WILLOWY
Mr. Hooper on "Sesame Street" SHOPKEEPER
river past Windsor Castle THAMES
second phone EXTENSION
six-legged bug INSECT
logy loafer SLUGGARD
cause to limp HOBBLE
application of science to work TECHNOLOGY
outlawed BANNED
the powers that be REGIME
segregation policy APARTHEID
weather forecast CLOUDY
hybrid citrus fruit TANGELO
annulment RECISION
iron-storing protein FERRITIN
bakery sight LOAVES
relative of the cod CUSK
he sought an honest man DIOGENES
black lace veil MANTILLA
against standard teachings HERETICAL
old Egyptian tomb PYRAMID
mule-headed STUBBORN
pocket bread PITA
kind of lens TELEPHOTO
what a rainbow displays SPECTRUM
big rig SEMI
food service provider CATERER
collection of recipes COOKBOOK
quantum theory tester PHYSICIST
teeth straighteners BRACES
fern variety MAIDENHAIR
typewriter roll PLATEN
great happiness FELICITY
disturbance BROUHAHA
Batman foe RIDDLER
chlorophyll or melanin PIGMENT
complaining SNIVELING
male deer HART
Hundred Years' War weapon LONGBOW
act of forceful regulation CRACKDOWN
shrewdly ACUTELY
joint specialist ORTHOPEDIST
small glass vial AMPULE
bug GERM
steeplechase participants HORSES
they replaced marks and lire EUROS
raconteur's account ANECDOTE
rigid bracelet BANGLE
insulated against noise SOUNDPROOF
pear-shaped instrument LUTE
aloofness DETACHMENT
long-legged shorebird AVOCET
dentist's command SWISH
engage in hang-gliding SKYSURF
rent payer LESSEE
vanquish QUELL
Chinese Theater attraction HANDPRINT
type of grass FESCUE
asthmatic WHEEZY
Hawaiian goose NENE
wee babe BAIRN
twisted BENT
lobster claw, perhaps PINCHER
mid-morning meals BRUNCHES
stegosaur tail features SPIKES
batting order LINEUP
(what this clue has) PARENTHESES
get around OUTFLANK
cut back REDUCE
study at the last minute CRAM
female singer CHANTEUSE
when Reagan was president EIGHTIES
city with a famous sign HOLLYWOOD
Vivaldi work, perhaps CONCERTO
nimble SPRY
like doilies LACY
flimflam man CHARLATAN
write wrong MISSPELL
Dickens title character COPPERFIELD
"Be prepared," for one MOTTO
with oversight SUPERVISORY
put together COMPILED
make sovereign ENTHRONE
shoe measurements WIDTHS
like lost mail UNDELIVERED
without a reservation CANDIDLY
ways things feel TEXTURES
broken-down car JALOPY
morally upstanding ETHICAL
insulation material CORKBOARD
questionable DUBIOUS
"The Phantom Menace," e.g. PREQUEL
sky-blue AZURE
makes some muffins BAKES
African wildlife preserve SERENGETI
womanly FEMININE
Moe of the Three Stooges HOWARD
date indicator on a letter POSTMARK
stimulant in coffee and soda CAFFEINE
one who's easily persuaded PUSHOVER
skill at presenting plays STAGECRAFT
device used with a broom DUSTPAN
Jennifer of "Friends" ANISTON
glossy coat on wood VARNISH
in actuality REALLY
small ridge KNURL
made a sweater, perhaps KNITTED
small potato FINGERLING
refusing to agree to DENYING
part of a towel set, maybe WASHCLOTH
put in a crate ENCASE
large crowd MULTITUDE
feelings of distress PANGS
no good at waiting IMPATIENT
19th-century British queen VICTORIA
fountainhead WELLSPRING
group of seven SEPTET
ten hundreds THOUSAND
stupefy AMAZE
"Clair de Lune" composer DEBUSSY
shared the Earth COEXISTED
resounding blow WHACK
upbraids REBUKES
dried berry in a grinder PEPPERCORN
old, decrepit automobile JALOPY
strings of pearls, maybe NECKLACES
encouraged the comparison of JUXTAPOSED
place to dock small craft BOATYARD
computer user's woe VIRUS
advance experience FORETASTE
"The Truman Show" star Jim CARREY
downpours RAINS
sanctioned license IMPRIMATUR
covetous ENVIOUS
wading bird SPOONBILL
airtight HERMETIC
filled with obligation DUTIFUL
mildly reproved CHIDED
journal keeper DIARIST
Diana of the Supremes ROSS
made a guess at ESTIMATED
lasting on and on ENDURING
yellers SHOUTERS
hyena relative AARDWOLF
nutrition experts DIETICIANS
mingles HOBNOBS
second-hand USED
of an eastern mountain range APPALACHIAN
barking like a puppy YIPPING
Oscar winner Spacek SISSY
heat source BOILER
landscaping tools TRIMMERS
mouth, in slang PIEHOLE
tipped off NOTIFIED
enlarging UPSIZING
obeying without dissent SUBMISSIVE
verb for a bee POLLINATE
fleet leaders ADMIRALS
sister's daughters NIECES
gave a tug YANKED
illuminating realizations EPIPHANIES
bit the dust PERISHED
makes permissible LEGALIZES
toned down MODULATED
Nobel-winning playwright PINTER
player who bows and scrapes VIOLINIST
eastern ORIENTAL
in a mournful manner DOLEFULLY
moved two men on the board CASTLED
shining intermittently TWINKLING
hilariously SCREAMINGLY
it's a crowd, they say THREE
putting in the wrong spot MISPLACING
replaces in the schedule PREEMPTS
made a written copy of TRANSCRIBED
in an amusing manner COMEDICALLY
snitch TATTLER
some cockpit features DIALS
cherished TREASURED
pampering CODDLING
Natalie of "West Side Story" WOOD
misfortune WHAMMY
snappy comebacks RIPOSTES
beach parties, sometimes LUAUS
more MENSA-worthy SMARTER
unable to succeed SNAKEBITTEN
fashionable CHIC
search blindly GROPE
voice exercise SOLFEGE
to a lower place DOWNWARD
get new furnishings REDECORATE
former Seattle team SUPERSONICS
took part in the Olympics COMPETED
inclement, as weather STORMY
dashboard gauge SPEEDOMETER
cable company COMCAST
Olympian's boat KAYAK
deduced INFERRED
sci-fi vehicle SPACESHIP
thing on a gymnast's "horse" POMMEL
place in a Chaucer title CANTERBURY
chopping finely MINCING
Appalachian subrange SMOKIES
get too big for OUTGROW
.gif alternative JPEG
went past the target OVERSHOT
has a tilt LEANS
international song contest EUROVISION
contending VYING
be fond of LIKE
canceled out NEGATED
superficial OUTWARD
basketball legend Bill WALTON
encircle WREATHE
dip made with avocado GUACAMOLE
squash FLATTEN
"lettuce" GREENBACKS
spinach eater in cartoons POPEYE
soup containing beets BORSCHT
cabbage-and-mayo salad COLESLAW
article in "The Onion" SATIRE
minor faultfinder NITPICKER
Princess Kate's last name MIDDLETON
retirement point BEDTIME
gasoline holders TANKS
brand of insomnia remedy LUNESTA
Big East basketball school MARQUETTE
gave a shot ATTEMPTED
privacy-free mailing POSTCARD
dispatch with Morse code TELEGRAM
signal conductor CABLE
old two-way communication TELEX
signal carrier WIRE
flag messaging system SEMAPHORE
signaling code MORSE
it breeds contempt, perhaps FAMILIARITY
not as remote NEARER
makes as good as possible OPTIMIZES
getting better RECOVERING
Old El Paso rival ORTEGA
early rock singer Valens RITCHIE
multicolored PIED
style of country music BLUEGRASS
"King of the Wild Frontier" CROCKETT
lug with difficulty SCHLEPP
polyhedral carbon molecule BUCKYBALL
German Romantic composer SCHUMANN
start of soccer match KICKOFF
European freshwater fish RUDD
heap of stones CAIRN
heaps OODLES
barely driveable heap RATTLETRAP
top of the heap ELITE
heap praise on LIONIZE
heap of garbage MIDDEN
the Istanbul Strait BOSPORUS
"high terror" ACROPHOBIA
a stunning gun TASER
inflammation of the kidneys NEPHRITIS
capital of Greece, in Greek GAMMA
fortress city in Serbia SMEDEREVO
leap back in horror RECOIL
leap by a horse CURVET
leaping-off point SPRINGBOARD
in a leaping position SALTANT
leaping insect CRICKET
leaping rodent JERBOA
suddenly leap forward LUNGE
yellow flowers DAFFODILS
like Velveeta cheese PROCESSED
kid's anatomical term TUMMY
cuckoo BONKERS
related to child care PEDIATRIC
news updates BULLETINS
drops from hard work SWEAT
offended MIFFED
resembling a male pig BOARISH
southern Australian plain NULLARBOR
fish eater PISCIVORE
speaking parts MOUTHS
ciudad natal de J.Lo BRONX
piedra negra ÓNIX
componente del aire OXÍGENO
polígono de seis lados HEXÁGONO
que usa las dos manos AMBIDEXTRA
socorro, ayuda AUXILIO
rojo mezclado con blanco ROSADO
algo para divertir ESPECTÁCULO
atracción de la feria CARRUSEL
encanto, atracción SIMPATÍA
tipo de olla CAZUELA
uno de los 3 tenores CARRERAS
tiene ojos, nariz y boca ROSTRO
personaje de Jack Black NACHO
parte superior de un traje CHAQUETA
visera parasol para hombres GORRA
videojuego de figuras TETRIS
ropa formal de hombre CORBATÍN
líder de las Guerras Indias CUSTER
Sherlock Holmes, por ejemplo DETECTIVE
list of stock holdings PORTFOLIO
stock exchange since 1971 NASDAQ
old stock exchange machine TICKER
stock holders' rewards DIVIDENDS
stock owner INVESTOR
huge stock market success KILLING
piece of stock CERTIFICATE
penny-pinching MISERLY
not worth a plugged nickel VALUELESS
a dime a dozen COMMON
fourth-quarter follower OVERTIME
silver dollars for breakfast PANCAKES
dollar bills SINGLES
making money PROFITING
portable equine feeder NOSEBAG
actor and director Ben AFFLECK
having well-defined muscles RIPPED
decorative device cover SKIN
greenhorns NEWBIES
Google moneymaker ADSENSE
proximity NEARNESS
midwestern US retail chain MEIJER
formed mental images VISUALIZED
letter opener ADDRESSEE
divisions of a poem STANZAS
Iranian troglodyte village KANDOVAN
they're not often worn out NIGHTGOWNS
conciliatory person PEACEMAKER
Brazilian energy corporation PETROBRAS
litter producers SOWS
freshwater turtle MATAMATA
subregion of Oceania MELANESIA
it's bliss, they say IGNORANCE
related COGNATE
marionette masters PUPPETEERS
first Hebrew letter ALEPH
Beyonce's last name KNOWLES
construct BUILD
couch potato's options CHANNELS
used auto buyer's resource CARFAX
shipping and handling FEES
river of the Midwest WABASH
tennis legend Chris EVERT
gym employee TRAINER
treating with consideration RESPECTING
baby buggies, in the UK PRAMS
some choir members TENORS
extremely QUITE
v-shaped pattern CHEVRON
small, wooded hollow DELL
object of takeover bid TARGET
larva of butterfly or moth CATERPILLAR
US president Gerald FORD
exercising sound judgment PRUDENTIAL
fruit with crisp flesh APPLE
an oven-ready bird is this TRUSSED
trendsetter BELLWETHER
substitute for legal tender SCRIP
complained peevishly, in UK WHINGED
member of the Geek Elite TECHNOCRAT
a horse color, not a breed PALOMINO
feathered headdress feature PANACHE
it was known as hydrophobia RABIES
canned NIXED
cable TV competitor HULU
frequent workout target THIGHS
Portugal's highest peak PICO
it's for constructive play TINKERTOY
Audrey Hepburn quality SVELTENESS
generous gift giving LARGESSE
financial legacy BEQUEST
financial award GRANT
professional fee HONORARIUM
bellhop's bonus GRATUITY
token gift LAGNIAPPE
world chess champion 1972-75 FISCHER
young bounder LEVERET
earnestly begged SUPPLICATED
earache OTALGIA
unit of soup LADLEFUL
giant Spanish clothing chain ZARA
extreme greed for wealth AVARICE
line of six feet ALEXANDRINE
slender-bodied dragonfly HAWKER
display of corn BANALITY
Texas city, formerly Oneida AMARILLO
it has many stories SKYSCRAPER
expressions of sympathy CONDOLENCES
one-to-one INDIVIDUAL
author Mailer NORMAN
talking in a low tone MURMURING
smitten ENAMORED
shoppers' aids LISTS
did some undersea exploring SNORKELED
appraise RATE
unspoken meaning SUBTEXT
axilla, to a layperson ARMPIT
they will happen ACCIDENTS
trying hard STRIVING
thick cords CABLES
females on the force POLICEWOMEN
perks EXTRAS
comedian Chappelle DAVE
pushes a bill through RAILROADS
German encrypting machine ENIGMA
Caulfield, Thorp or Bowler HOLDEN
lathe aligner TAILSTOCK
like cold cases INSOLUBLE
it can be built again RESTORABLE
eye surgery technique LASIK
brand of hydration bottle CAMELBAK
a pitch too high (or low) OFFKEY
climbs up and over SCALES
eyeglasses' ear huggers TEMPLES
like insincere compliments HOLLOW
composition MAKEUP
change modes of operation MIGRATE
in a caustic manner BITINGLY
Roman soccer club LAZIO
predictive PROGNOSTIC
loudly proclaiming TRUMPETING
Elizabeth II's only sibling MARGARET
annulment REVOCATION
state secrets BLAB
muscles that bend FLEXORS
fireplace log holder ANDIRON
seating for diner patrons BOOTHS
nullifying officially REPEALING
serious playwrights DRAMATISTS
refrain from FORBEAR
government agencies BUREAUS
prejudice BIGOTRY
fashionable part of London MAYFAIR
Satchmo's first name LOUIS
informational symbol GLYPH
tried out for a part AUDITIONED
global cosmetics company COTY
law imposed by military MARTIAL
winter warmers WOODSTOVES
Avis rival ALAMO
condensed magazines DIGESTS
gym class stockpile EQUIPMENT
James Joyce's home IRELAND
big screen movie theater IMAX
split apart FORKED
engaged in small clashes SKIRMISHED
China's 3rd longest river ZHUJIANG
increasing in decibels LOUDENING
Gallup, for example POLLTAKER
Coke's bottled water brand DASANI
formal head decoration FASCINATOR
cycling star Sir Bradley WIGGINS
a Montgolfier, for example BALLOONIST
I, on the radio INDIA
submarine UNDERSEA
UK city also known as Brum BIRMINGHAM
like a caveman TROGLODYTIC
off the bone FILLETED
bit by bit GRADUALLY
got rid of CLEANSED
lion's "pride" MANE
island of British Columbia VANCOUVER
diner staple PANCAKE
shunned IGNORED
makes confused PERPLEXES
Nina's fleet mate PINTA
ultimate aims OBJECTIVES
one of the brothers Grimm WILHELM
annoyingly rude CLASSLESS
charges FEES
moaned and groaned WHINED
rabbit homes HUTCHES
19th century desk ROLLTOP
method of preserving an ID LAMINATION
person who rescues others LIFESAVER
having a rumble BRAWLING
bleaches WHITENS
fantastic, slangily MARVY
teens' facial problems ZITS
wangled FINAGLED
score twice FORTY
easily broken BRICKLE
endearing prettiness CUTENESS
Brazilian aerospace company EMBRAER
large stringed intrument VIOLONCELLO
"joint" tenant PRISONER
extends out JUTS
howling lamentation ULULATION
without compassion INHUMANELY
the study of Etna, et al VOLCANOLOGY
strongly unorthodox belief HERESY
provide with battlements CRENELLATE
largest company in Finland NOKIA
German soft, blue cheese CAMBOZOLA
alternative to tape GLUE
caught on tape RECORDED
ticker-tape events PARADES
portable tape deck WALKMAN
brand of tape SCOTCH
what a tape measure defines LENGTH
fuse together, as audiotape SPLICE
North African stew TAGINE
Queen of Spain until 2014 SOFIA
it's sapphire and ruby CORUNDUM
in a cunning way CRAFTILY
organized STRUCTURED
"motion-activated" deodorant DEGREE
chuckling gleefully CHORTLING
sheet metal cutter NIBBLER
erratic, flighty SQUIRRELY
like a craggy landscape RIDGED
queen of hip-hop soul BLIGE
dependent on chance ALEATORY
lacking confidence UNASSERTIVE
armed cavalrymen LANCERS
proprietors LANDOWNERS
egg-shaped ELLIPTICAL
freshwater crayfish YABBIES
monarchy KINGSHIP
special racecourse PACEWAY
soft, dry and crumbly MEALY
staring wide-eyed GOGGLING
tenacious seed vessels BURS
you hang your homburg here HATSTAND
peculiarities ODDITIES
like an intractable mystery UNSOLVED
sudden change of policy FLIPFLOP
washing with water RINSING
arrange differently RESTRUCTURE
failing to show progress UNIMPROVED
small French pickle CORNICHON
deposited BANKED
potato variety BURBANK
1969 rock festival WOODSTOCK
not unusual NORMAL
home of deep dish pizza CHICAGO
lead ore GALENA
"Sleeping Beauty" princess AURORA
Jack Klugman TV role QUINCY
South African mountain range DRAKENSBERG
shoulder muscles, in brief DELTS
"The Jungle Book" bear BALOO
bird's plumage FEATHERING
chronologically challenged AGED
a wart, perhaps EXCRESCENCE
talked gibberish JABBERED
making holes in PERFORATING
most like Spice Girl Mel C. SPORTIEST
the sound of a sneeze ATISHOO
Sybil Fawlty's husband BASIL
Maltese island GOZO
ski slope machine SNOWMAKER
crested Australian parrot COCKATEEL
slow opossum, maybe ROADKILL
stadium bench seat BLEACHER
canceling, as a liftoff ABORTING
cries loudly BAWLS
splotch BLOB
New York village TARRYTOWN
people in charge HONCHOS
interpreted wrongly MISTOOK
strongly opinionated speaker POLEMICIST
tying a boat to a pier DOCKING
Canadian author Munro ALICE
makes believe PRETENDS
problem child's quality BRATTINESS
took a break RECESSED
yellow skin disease JAUNDICE
Yellowstone supervolcano CALDERA
the "Yellowhammer State" ALABAMA
yellow-weed GOLDENROD
yellow card WARNING
"Yellow" band COLDPLAY
corporate icons LOGOS
sloping area in a shipyard SLIPWAY
solemnly renounced ABJURED
Mr. Magoo, for example MYOPE
capable of being conceived THINKABLE
way to keep out trespassers BARBWIRE
Japanese tractor company KUBOTA
hides securely ENSCONCES
most feminine GIRLIEST
bills with Grant on them FIFTIES
not separable into parts INDIVISIBLE
French father PERE
where the Titanic departed SOUTHAMPTON
like some teenage faces ACNED
oddly, opposite of "raise" RAZE
Oregon-based IFC comedy PORTLANDIA
like the most visible star SHINIEST
shortens, as a book ABRIDGES
endangered Semitic language ARAMAIC
originals PROTOTYPES
sevenfold SEPTUPLE
crying loudly BAWLING
hollow and cylindrical TUBATE
responsible ANSWERABLE
Regan's husband in King Lear CORNWALL
drive dangerously fast HOTROD
nearness ADJACENCE
articulated JOINTED
dysplasia region HIPS
dystopian OPPRESSIVE
dysphagia difficulty SWALLOWING
dyslexic's trouble READING
dysentery cause AMOEBA
dysfunctional IMPAIRED
chorus line participants DANCERS
imaginary FANCIFUL
Irene Ryan character GRANNY
jittery quality JUMPINESS
not ideal for winter skiing SNOWLESS
participating in an ambush SANDBAGGING
silvery metallic element PALLADIUM
by a factor of 10 TENFOLD
actress Kyra SEDGWICK
cylindrical canvas bag DUFFLE
some Shakespeare plays COMEDIES
depend (on) HINGE
Nigeria's capital ABUJA
spirited quality SPUNKINESS
Tito and Latoya's family JACKSONS
tanning tool SUNLAMP
photos that aren't posed CANDIDS
some Washington politicians SENATORS
some hoods COWLS
a need for food HUNGRINESS
magnificent, gorgeous SPLENDROUS
jazz pianist "Chick" COREA
in a trembling manner QUIVERINGLY
having a coat JACKETED
filled with wonder AWESTRICKEN
something that resists REPELLANT
US rental car agency ENTERPRISE
Scottie Pippen's sport BASKETBALL
"Thimble Theatre" star POPEYE
"Top Hat" dancer ASTAIRE
boot out DISCHARGE
wheelbarrow user, perhaps BRICKLAYER
battleship weapons TORPEDOES
car in "Back to the Future" DELOREAN
totally lost it SNAPPED
order at a coffee shop AMERICANO
Buddy Ebsen's character Jed CLAMPETT
one dismantling a live bomb DEFUSER
chests in the bedroom BUREAUS
having a purplish hue AMETHYSTINE
certain sleepwear NIGHTIES
highlights the differences CONTRASTS
pencil ends ERASERS
chewy candies GUMDROPS
looked carefully PEERED
accurately imitates MIRRORS
hotelier Helmsley LEONA
genteel LADYLIKE
Iowa State athlete CYCLONE
with deep feelings ACHINGLY
close-fitting necklaces CHOKERS
far from enticing UNDESIRABLE
in a melancholy way BROODILY
in a transfixing manner RIVETINGLY
female sports clothing brand ROXY
site of Peruvian pyramids CARAL
quality of the potbellied PAUNCHINESS
wood finish brand MINWAX
dragon's mouth orchid ARETHUSA
jump up and down BOUNCE
small freight elevator DUMBWAITER
moving up and down quickly VOLATILE
up-and-down CHANGEABLE
up-and-down shooter GOLFER
up-and-down exercises SQUATS
ride up and down SEESAW
sensed FELT
modifies, as a motorcycle RETROFITS
novelist Pearl BUCK
brought down a half step FLATTED
like some early legends ARTHURIAN
those living simply MINIMALISTS
city of western England BRISTOL
playhouse THEATER
playthings TOYS
play by George Bernard Shaw PYGMALION
play-acting PRETENSE
played-out EXHAUSTED
Play-Doh manufacturer HASBRO
play it by ear IMPROVISE
former Red Sox star Manny RAMIREZ
pueblo ruins in Arizona TUZIGOOT
Green Bay football field LAMBEAU
not recognizable UNFAMILIAR
poisonous mushrooms TOADSTOOLS
spotted and streaky BRINDLED
first human spaceflight VOSTOK
slow-growing evergreen BOXWOOD
Jason Bourne's creator LUDLUM
channel of reliable intel PIPELINE
mountainous African region AFROMONTANE
not costly INEXPENSIVE
disrupted via email SPAMMED
water heaters KETTLES
clotted cream DEVONSHIRE
"Music! Music! Music!" unit NICKELODEON
Captain Nemo creator VERNE
Mediterranean island SICILY
Ben Franklin innovation WOODSTOVE
distinguishing marks INDICIA
flimsy, wood fiber sheet PRESSBOARD