7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
debased caricature TRAVESTY
badly distorted GROTESQUE
look like RESEMBLE
be too sweet CLOY
without a care THOUGHTLESS
sci-fi invader MARTIAN
fall apart CRUMBLE
place of higher education COLLEGE
previous FORMER
they intimidate others BULLIES
sequential collection SERIES
the king's son PRINCE
chase after PURSUE
whimsical doctor SEUSS
it holds a diamond SETTING
unmarried man BACHELOR
projected appearance PERSONA
Alanis Morissette 1995 hit IRONIC
school or pass BOARDING
pay for a bill FOOT
misappropriate money EMBEZZLE
unsure answer GUESS
temporary camp BIVOUAC
Odie's tormentor GARFIELD
use a stopwatch TIME
milk sugar LACTOSE
complicated TRICKY
film award OSCAR
end car CABOOSE
breakfast item TOAST
rice dish JAMBALAYA
brat topper SAUERKRAUT
spin around SWIVEL
unsophisticated person PEASANT
poster or sign PLACARD
Jean of "Les Miserables" VALJEAN
marriage ceremony WEDDING
grant IMPART
money hoarder MISER
unrehearsed IMPROMPTU
mountaineering obstacle CREVASSE
like mountain roads TWISTY
robots that resemble humans ANDROIDS
neither good nor bad TOLERABLE
like a fountain BUBBLY
low-spirited feeling DEJECTION
pirate's bird PARROT
bull's-eye location DARTBOARD
Semitic language HEBREW
chant INTONE
prima donna DIVA
seeing red LIVID
pre-vacation activity PACKING
frank topping MUSTARD
Chris Martin's band COLDPLAY
drug delivery method INJECTION
one of the Great Lakes HURON
chess piece or black bird ROOK
pungent poisonous gas AMMONIA
long belted tunic KAFTAN
plaited straw used in hats SENNIT
negligee PEIGNOIR
three-stanza poem ROUNDEL
sucker fish GOBY
declare invalid COUNTERMAND
Smokey or Yogi BEAR
make available PROVIDE
bread you eat with pasta GARLIC
musical composition SONATA
one of the four seasons AUTUMN
tattletail SNITCH
matador's spectacle BULLFIGHT
Spain's most populous island TENERIFE
magnificent SPLENDID
raise up ELEVATE
take notice of RECOGNIZE
protective garments OVERALLS
as good as it gets PERFECTION
leap over VAULT
express disapproval of CONDEMN
odor SMELL
lavish insincere praise on FLATTER
tendency to expect the worst PESSIMISM
magnificent appearance SPLENDOR
nursery bed CRIB
sports broadcast feature REPLAY
driver's license figure WEIGHT
split into different camps POLARIZE
warning NOTICE
times two DOUBLED
viscid secretion MUCUS
not according to Hoyle IRREGULAR
red desert SIMPSON
massive tree SEQUOIA
not as important SECONDARY
where streets meet CORNER
hard work YAKKA
have on a leash CONTROL
travel by ship CRUISE
computer user PROGRAMMER
unpredictable RANDOM
shiny GLOSSY
wave rider SURFER
house pests MICE
fruit CHERRY
fruit PEAR
fruit PLUM
accepting of bribes CORRUPTION
puppy love CRUSH
irreversible PERMANENT
favorable AUSPICIOUS
destroy completely ERADICATE
giving birth LABOR
hit the road TRAVEL
weirdo ODDBALL
like most basketball players TALL
wide pasta strips FETTUCCINI
parting statement FAREWELL
start of a venture SENDOFF
merry JOCOSE
serious TV show DRAMA
broken, like a tooth CHIPPED
close call SQUEAKER
peer group JURY
practice game SCRIMMAGE
like overcooked squid RUBBERY
official rebuke CENSURE
speak at length EXPATIATE
glacial FROZEN
crush with superior forces OVERWHELM
insult OFFEND
sharp point PRICKLE
feel remorse for REGRET
villain in "The Incredibles" SYNDROME
food fish similar to cod HADDOCK
lawless chaos MISRULE
noodle NOGGIN
large ship LINER
fast sled LUGE
clap your hands APPLAUD
cupcake topper ICING
majolica covering GLAZE
one on the stock market floor TRADER
large public meeting area AUDITORIUM
executor's concern ESTATE
in the middle of BETWEEN
kind of test LITMUS
whole number INTEGER
inept handler BUNGLER
foolish passion INFATUATION
muscular tissue of the heart MYOCARDIUM
show attendees AUDIENCE
thymus or thyroid GLAND
pay honor to FETE
be good for mom and dad BEHAVE
fit for sailing SEAWORTHY
take away DEPRIVE
power grid distribution ELECTRICITY
requiring little work EFFORTLESS
trinket GEEGAW
shovel's partner PAIL
bay on the Atlantic Ocean CHESAPEAKE
Yo-Yo Ma, for one CELLIST
cold weather wear OVERCOAT
Ohio River Valley city PITTSBURGH
mother-of-pearl source ABALONE
chartered business CORPORATION
like a sloven SLOPPY
one of a meek nature MILQUETOAST
pregnancy period TRIMESTER
college student's declaration MAJOR
simple house COTTAGE
multi-masted ship BARQUE
used for feeling TACTILE
be relevant to PERTAIN
throw in jail INCARCERATE
unable to look away STARING
photocopier attachment SORTER
painting tool AIRBRUSH
what pink roses signify GRATITUDE
police baton TRUNCHEON
2 or 4, e.g. NUMERAL
low cabinet COMMODE
sturdy shoes OXFORDS
praised boastfully VAUNTED
Lucy van Pelt's epithet BLOCKHEAD
reject as invalid DISALLOW
code word game CRYPTOGRAM
weight training exercise CURL
pen name PSEUDONYM
change for the better IMPROVEMENT
Russian currency RUBLE
review briefly SUMMARIZE
water chestnut plant SEDGE
like unseeded farmland FALLOW
branch of flowers SPRAY
foolish person BIRDBRAIN
domestic servant HOUSEMAID
fictitious FABRICATED
fixing of a mistake CORRECTION
OK Corral lawman EARP
coiled WOUND
old fountain drink PHOSPHATE
pattern of lines on a TV RASTER
jet spectacle FLYOVER
alameda WALKWAY
Agatha Christie novel MYSTERY
walk like an infant TODDLE
mad as a hornet SORE
fitness routine AEROBICS
unstoppable team POWERHOUSE
grandiloquent SONOROUS
outdid TOPPED
"Beat it!" BEGONE
pour hot water on SCALD
pipe organ apparatus BELLOWS
men with a "ruff" job DOGCATCHERS
lunar valley RILLE
Fender guitar model TELECASTER
wedding wear TUXES
enterprising ADVENTUROUS
predicted EXPECTED
ill at ease UNSETTLED
comical mistake BLOOPER
unctuous SMARMY
they're hush-hush SECRETS
illegally bringing in SMUGGLING
South Beach art style DECO
refining center SMELTERY
like Marco Polo VENETIAN
river feeding another river TRIBUTARY
loyalty DEVOTION
cover with graffiti VANDALIZE
pioneer SETTLER
flaky mineral MICA
clickable text HYPERLINK
intensely cold FRIGID
famous TV dolphin FLIPPER
physician, for example HEALER
doesn't dillydally HASTENS
soldiered on PERSISTED
very weak FEEBLE
unimportant detail TRIVIALITY
Tennessee tourist site GATLINBURG
numerical labels INDICES
five-sport event PENTATHLON
this 24-hour period TODAY
trailblazers PIONEERS
claims of wrongdoing ACCUSATIONS
Broadway veteran Angela LANSBURY
Ukraine's capital KIEV
fit together snugly INTERMESH
like some postseason games INTRAMURAL
wrongly labeled, in a way MISNUMBERED
radiator, e.g. HEATER
list of candidates BALLOT
Finnish capital HELSINKI
thick quilts DUVETS
egg-shaped OVOID
sudden excitement THRILL
rapidly increase in number PROLIFERATE
done at the wrong moment MISTIMED
teacher EDUCATOR
like galvanized metal RUSTPROOF
prying tool CROWBAR
power units for light bulbs WATTS
tears, in slang WATERWORKS
for argument's sake SPECIOUS
part of a computer PROCESSOR
appropriateness SUITABILITY
gold-panning finds NUGGETS
neck flap DEWLAP
furnace function HEATING
escape at a prison JAILBREAK
looked upon BEHELD
conjectures and estimates GUESSWORK
tilt skyward UPTURN
take away SUBTRACT
no longer a child GROWN
short story writer Raymond CARVER
popular pie fruits APPLES
indoor court game RACQUETBALL
silent film star Mary PICKFORD
rendered safe, as a bomb DISARMED
song that mixes genres CROSSOVER
shrewd SAVVY
absolute DOWNRIGHT
Italian turnover CALZONE
member of a crew team ROWER
fall over TOPPLE
performers without lines EXTRAS
beach resort area SEAFRONT
editors make them CORRECTIONS
wearing too-formal clothing OVERDRESSED
Henry Clay's party WHIG
saying again REPEATING
compelled by threats RAILROADED
transformed into BECAME
cease production of DISCONTINUE
edible kernel NUTMEAT
muss up, as hair TOUSLE
multipled by eight OCTUPLED
speech aid NOTECARD
rock resembling limestone DOLOMITE
facial hair WHISKERS
animated figures TOONS
like a camel HUMPED
rival of Tums ROLAIDS
originated BEGUN
operating an airplane, say NAVIGATING
members of the cast PERFORMERS
symptom of a rash ITCHING
cheap people SKINFLINTS
puzzle fiend, e.g. ADDICT
has it out FIGHTS
give it the old college try ENDEAVOR
less ruddy PALER
collections of film clips MONTAGES
carnival offerings RIDES
constricting bandages TOURNIQUETS
every winter, e.g. SEASONALLY
element #65 TERBIUM
moved like a worm WIGGLED
places PUTS
like deli-counter meats SLICED
contracting SHRINKING
one who sells lots AUCTIONEER
self-importantly POMPOUSLY
discourtesy INCIVILITY
"cross" animals MULES
truck drivers TEAMSTERS
food flavorings HERBS
putting in the post MAILING
really big groupie SUPERFAN
actor Grodin CHARLES
showing no mercy UNSPARING
belittles DEPRECATES
marks in the snow, maybe FOOTPRINTS
offering up PRESENTING
Prego competitor RAGU
in an astounding way AMAZINGLY
city on the English coast SOUTHAMPTON
agrarian workers FARMERS
made laws LEGISLATED
on the mound PITCHING
sperm whale CACHALOT
given an incentive MOTIVATED
river near Lisbon TAGUS
Russian composer Sergei PROKOFIEV
phantom SPECTER
lariat RIATA
lizard kept as a pet IGUANA
shipped items PACKAGES
key point in an argument LINCHPIN
it may be quenched THIRST
when the curtain goes up SHOWTIME
young pup WHELP
neighboring galaxy ANDROMEDA
shrinks back RECOILS
flight attendant, formerly STEWARDESS
made ill SICKENED
sword handle HAFT
in a serene manner CALMLY
powdered drink mix brand NESQUIK
looked upon REGARDED
elbow bender BICEPS
like some old hood ornaments WINGED
allowing parents to go out BABYSITTING
divisions of geological time AEONS
passed off as one's own PLAGIARIZED
India's richest state MAHARASHTRA
typesetter's options FONTS
back of the neck SCRUFF
part of a guitar neck FRET
long-necked animal GIRAFFE
neck of the woods VICINITY
pertaining to the neck CERVICAL
snake that expands its neck COBRA
neck pain KINK
kind of case ATTACHE
range of vision EYESHOT
moving in large numbers SWARMING
water carrier AQUEDUCT
officially banned EMBARGOED
photocopying brand XEROX
red sweet pepper PIMENTO
Earl Anthony's sport BOWLING
Karch Kiraly's sport VOLLEYBALL
Dan O'Brien's sport DECATHLON
Boo Weekley's sport GOLF
Floyd Landis' sport CYCLING
Lindsey Vonn's sport SKIING
Tomas Berdych's sport TENNIS
parachuting soldier, often COMMANDO
figure skater Sonja HENIE
affectionate FOND
they might be pies or bars CHARTS
Lusaka is its capital ZAMBIA
humiliated DEMEANED
North African cereal staple COUSCOUS
doozie LULU
dress worn at a luau, maybe MUUMUU
vitamin B1 deficiency BERIBERI
bloodsucking fly TSETSE
showy ornamentation FROUFROU
mixed pickle relish CHOWCHOW
unfamiliar STRANGE
golf clubs WOODS
style of architecture NORMAN
contestant PLAYER
city in New Zealand HAMILTON
fashion designer Vivienne WESTWOOD
drugstore founder Charles WALGREEN
give credit LEND
parent GENITOR
having low blood pressure HYPOTENSIVE
putting down in writing LIBELING
The Hague's minor attraction MADURODAM
based on mutual agreement CONSENSUAL
where a cowboy lies down BUNKHOUSE
lying down DECUMBENT
lying face up SUPINE
lying above SUPERJACENT
bedding for animals LITTER
she may ask you to lie down ANALYST
lying down with head erect COUCHANT
strong desires CRAVINGS
river in Virginia APPOMATTOX
money managers BANKERS
makes unnecessary OBVIATES
Crazy Horse's tribe SIOUX
wide loss of power BLACKOUT
say the wrong thing MISSPEAK
offspring of beagle and pug PUGGLE
stitched a wound SUTURED
waiting for delivery PREGNANT
Donetsk soccer club SHAKHTAR
high water TARN
one of the Solomon Islands MALAITA
compare LIKEN
conquistador de los Incas PIZARRO
país africano ZIMBABUE
opuesto de derecha IZQUIERDA
camino de un serpiente ZIGZAG
tipo de tortilla MAÍZ
hermosura BELLEZA
ciudad de Aragón ZARAGOZA
papá de Pinocho GEPETTO
firma de famoso AUTÓGRAFO
refugio de animales ESTABLO
árbol de playa PALMERA
uno de los continentes ASIA
prenda invernal BUFANDA
pez voraz PIRAÑA
fruta tropical verde GUANÁBANA
reacción infantil RABIETA
deseo de prisioneros ESCAPAR
vice versa RECÍPROCO
país al norte de Guatemala MÉXICO
idioma de Azerbaiyán AZERÍ
elegir OPTAR
Benny Goodman's instrument CLARINET
Alex Lifeson's instrument GUITAR
Tiny Tim's instrument UKULELE
John Popper's instrument HARMONICA
Ray Charles' instrument PIANO
Wynton Marsalis' instrument TRUMPET
Jean-Luc Ponty's instrument VIOLIN
set apart from others SEQUESTER
strict isolation QUARANTINE
reticent ALOOF
cold and unfriendly STANDOFFISH
one living in seclusion RECLUSE
solitary person LONER
keeping silent TACITURN
miserliness FRUGALITY
energetic pool play SPLASHING
like rooms with room SPACIOUS
in an esoteric manner ABSTRUSELY
a slim-waisted figure HOURGLASS
embarrassing predicaments SCRAPES
salesperson's spiel PATTER
in the can IMPRISONED
global logistics company FEDEX
plagiarized CRIBBED
cheerful JOCUND
reflective MIRRORLIKE
like glue in texture GLUTINOUS
a basis for confidence CREDENTIAL
"tricky" card game WHIST
bad spelling CACOGRAPHY
ancient city on Tigris River SAMARRA
soiled by splashing BESPATTERED
drop litter WHELP
no longer on Stock Exchange UNQUOTED
swindle BILK
architect's job DESIGNING
immune to fire FLAMEPROOF
some trig functions COSINES
Post-It or Jelly Belly BRAND
filling up SATING
unruly stacks HEAPS
divvy up equally APPORTION
made up of separate parts COMPOSITE
sharp, tickly sensations PRICKLES
little stars do this TWINKLE
put in a form for the stage DRAMATIZE
rushed DASHED
a "notable" place in books MARGINS
out of the blue SUDDENLY
blueprint creator ARCHITECT
boy in "Baby Blues" comic HAMMIE
true blue SUPPORTIVE
talk a blue streak BLAB
feeling blue MELANCHOLY
"The Blue Danube" composer STRAUSS
excited REVVED
timely messages REMINDERS
place to stack night reading BEDSTAND
hydroponics AQUACULTURE
desired pet quality, perhaps DOCILITY
guided the direction of STEERED
remove from the NYSE DELIST
a jape ANTIC
cavity's activity ROTTING
lawyer Atticus FINCH
what a car salesman does HYPES
complaint AILMENT
in an understanding way REASONABLY
common yellow element SULFUR
real estate PROPERTY
unreasonable impatience PETULANCE
commonplace remark PLATITUDE
learned person POLYHISTOR
currency of Macao PATACA
flourishing PALMY
one who's survived the heat QUALIFIER
indigenous Australian people NOONGAR
"mixed" fruit UGLI
province & city of Argentina CORRIENTES
encroachment IMPINGEMENT
rock group METAMORPHIC
enormity HUGENESS
Australian English STRINE
expressing criticism OPPROBRIOUS
taking offense THEFT
Tasmanian cricketer Ricky PONTING
became more open DILATED
going to court WOOING
US mega retailer WALMART
Ireland's longest river SHANNON
one who helps get the lease COSIGNER
the government's legal team PROSECUTION
gas, liquid and solid STATES
more lumps makes it so SWEETER
radioactive precipitation RAINOUT
make fair for everybody DEMOCRATIZE
sitting in the sun BASKING
massages RUBS
long-legged bird FLAMINGO
eye doctors OPTICIANS
not constrained UNHAMPERED
younger relatives, usually NEPHEWS
neighbor of Libya EGYPT
shields from danger PROTECTS
crow BOAST
in a compliant manner OBEDIENTLY
supplementary sections ADDENDA
Southern supermarket chain PUBLIX
biting pests HORSEFLIES
think carefully DELIBERATE
restricted waterway section NARROWS
brought up MENTIONED
one-sided UNBALANCED
sweetbrier EGLANTINE
took the spot of REPLACED
blocked off OCCLUDED
spurs on INCITES
starchy vegetable POTATO
patio cookers GRILLS
Aristotle, for one GREEK
part of a logarithm MANTISSA
in a frolicsome manner FRISKILY
of oversees territories COLONIAL
tractor-trailer SEMITRUCK
it takes a toll TURNPIKE
very skillful MASTERLY
"Hoop Dreams" subject Arthur AGEE
raised writing BRAILLE
natural depressions VALLEYS
Pennsylvania steel city BETHLEHEM
actress Maria BELLO
ascended awkwardly CLAMBERED
Gump's first name FORREST
city in Italy's Piedmont ASTI
animals of the Andes LLAMAS
most considerate KINDEST
printer's typeface style SANSERIF
bridge hand with no trumps CHICANE
Annie Oakley, for example MARKSWOMAN
forty are refreshing WINKS
sturgeon's roe CAVIAR
terseness LACONICISM
finger-licking SCRUMPTIOUS
in a less than adult fashion IMMATURELY
proverbially dull liquid DITCHWATER
metallic waste product DROSS
where Gulliver was a pygmy BROBDINGNAG
Australian wild horse BRUMBY
cassava MANIOC
without thought BLITHELY
so as to cause annoyance VEXATIOUSLY
shaky and feeble DODDERING
small bone OSSICLE
obstinate determination DOGGEDNESS
botfly larva WABBLE
vessel found down under SUBMARINE
period of JFK and LBJ SIXTIES
in a sane way RATIONALLY
pushing forward THRUSTING
exist LIVE
they predict the weather FORECASTERS
settling new lands COLONIZING
tart fruit SLOE
where boutonnieres belong LAPELS
railroad bridge VIADUCT
fruity desserts COMPOTES
1950s music genre DOOWOP
actress Laura DERN
male blended family parents STEPFATHERS
cost of an apartment RENT
stretching out EXTENDING
earth tone OCHRE
is a customer at PATRONIZES
American tea company BIGELOW
camels and llamas TYLOPODS
devalued CHEAPENED
warm-blooded animals MAMMALS
animal preservation TAXIDERMY
small animal VARMINT
animals of a given region FAUNA
care of farm animals HUSBANDRY
plant-eating animal HERBIVORE
dangerous animal BEAST
the A in FAQ ASKED
French loaf BAGUETTE
German measles RUBELLA
Spanish-speaking HISPANIC
Italian noodles SPAGHETTI
Danish capital COPENHAGEN
Swiss chocolate brand TOBLERONE
Greek letter A ALPHA
judge beforehand PRECONCEIVE
heavy truck maker KENWORTH
light or fanciful humor WHIMSY
a doleful demeanor RUEFULNESS
no longer government-owned PRIVATIZED
central Chinese province SICHUAN
Florida native tribe APALACHEE
"dotty" painter POINTILLIST
German electropop pioneers KRAFTWERK
capable of being finished TERMINABLE
chicken just out of the egg HATCHLING
pot marigold CALENDULA
sumo wrestling tournament BASHO
plentifully ABUNDANTLY
school for small children KINDY
dung-beetle, for example LAMELLICORN
registration ENROLMENT
loose pull-on trousers TRACKIES
dockside worker WHARFIE
versatile van COMBI
someone from WA SANDGROPER
competed for a second time REMATCHED
"Crocodile" of 1980s films DUNDEE
remedies MEDICINES
nearest at hand CLOSEST
beachgoers get them SUNTANS
tendency BIAS
trailblazing people PATHFINDERS
cup for kiddies SIPPY
Minnesota cager TIMBERWOLF
cultivator of produce GROWER
beat-specific SYLLABIC
ice rink barrier PLEXIGLAS
power-ful car part ALTERNATOR
he gave the Checkers speech NIXON
wax figure-maker Madame TUSSAUD
one way to wax NOSTALGIC
cheese wrapped in red wax EDAM
waxen in complexion PALLID
polish with car wax SIMONIZE
waxed thread FLOSS
he was undone by wax wings ICARUS
like Oahu vis-à-vis Oslo WARMER
1950s Chevrolet model DELRAY
way to wash the metatarsals FOOTBATH
Ukrainian beetroot soup BORSHT
imposing height LOFTINESS
delicate ornamental work FILAGREE
a place for hogs PIGGERY
Prince Charles' wife CAMILLA
maker of Charlie perfume REVLON
infamous schemer Charles PONZI
Charles Bridge city PRAGUE
Charles Dickens' Martin CHUZZLEWIT
1952 Charlie Chaplin movie LIMELIGHT
American composer Charles IVES
slipped condition, of organ PROLAPSE
made watertight CAULKED
cause of food poisoning SALMONELLA
not suitable as clothing UNWEARABLE
the primrose genus PRIMULA
garrulity CHATTINESS
where to dip a quill INKHORN
formed on a lathe TURNED
oval shapes ELLIPSES
producing YIELDING
like purple prose OVERWRITTEN
let others have some SHARE
beds for babies CRADLES
Sitting Bull's people SIOUX
bull's-eye CENTER
Bull Run general STUART
"Night Court" bailiff Bull SHANNON
bull in a china shop KLUTZ
bullhorn MEGAPHONE
bull pen CORRAL
Nissan model ROGUE
car battery cable BOOSTER
effusive talk or behavior GUSHINESS
dish washing detergent brand PALMOLIVE
shuttlecock BIRDIE
webbed and highly porous NETLIKE
double-reed instrument BASSOON
Michigan senator Stabenow DEBBIE
went easy on SPARED
from Teheran, perhaps IRANIAN
sets aside HOLDS
rich animated bird Scrooge MCDUCK
against VERSUS
slanted lines DIAGONALS
supermodel Crawford CINDY
looking angrily GLARING
blunders GAFFES
not openly SECRETIVELY
like some pigeons HOMING
capital in central Africa BANGUI
hard Italian cheese PECORINO
Inuit relatives YUPIK
apply worldwide GLOBALIZE
left-handed SINISTRAL
Affleck and Lopez, once BENNIFER
resembling a 4-sided shape RHOMBIC
swimmer named for its shape BOXFISH
pop singer Humperdinck ENGELBERT
outlandish COCKAMAMIE
silly and irresponsible SLAPHAPPY
not serious FRIVOLOUS
worthy of being laughed at LUDICROUS
given to silliness GIDDY
marked by foolishness GAGA
jazz pianist Jelly Roll MORTON
breaks during journeys STOPOVERS
"The Muppet Show" assistant SCOOTER
fragrant household mixture POTPOURRI
purple Monopoly avenue STATES
desirous WISHFUL
held back INHIBITED
one with slicked-back hair GREASEBALL
one hostile to culture PHILISTINE
most active at dawn or dusk CREPUSCULAR
baked in a furnace KILNED
leaf-based sweetener STEVIA
with a dour demeanor HUMORLESSLY
unite to form one structure AMALGAMATE
long-distance runners MARATHONERS
conservative Brits TORIES
county with Santa Rosa SONOMA
removals from paper ERASURES
prince of a children's tale CHARMING
people on a court panel JURISTS
it may have many genuses FAMILY
hotel room feature MINIBAR
currencies MONIES
armed force based in Hawaii PACOM
snooped NOSED
eroded by a downpour RAINWASHED
pipe installer STEAMFITTER
combed upwards UPSWEPT
hanging place to relax HAMMOCK
tree hanger SLOTH
hang it up RETIRE
hang out to dry ABANDON
hang back HESITATE
extreme cruelty SAVAGENESS
world court site, with "The" HAGUE
attended by all members PLENARY
short story writer O'Connor FLANNERY
did one's laces again RETIED
painter Picasso PABLO
in a wacky manner ZANILY
runs away FLEES
cubic centimeter of liquid MILLILITER
emulating Sherlock SLEUTHING
taut quality TENSENESS
put in a pen CORRALLED
train lines RAILWAYS
money pits BOONDOGGLES
fall guy SCAPEGOAT
actor Estevez EMILIO
eight US presidents by birth OHIOANS
frau's counterpart HERR
struggling economic times RECESSIONS
more dull PROSIER
2-time Cy Young winner Tim LINCECUM
periphery obscurer BLINDER
gets out, in a way TAGS
Putin or Lenin VLADIMIR
meteorologists' predictions HIGHS
unrefined person GOTH
lawyers' fees RETAINERS
game bird GROUSE
gamy meat VENISON
game plan STRATEGY
gamesome PLAYFUL
gamekeeper's enemy POACHER
Game Boy manufacturer NINTENDO
southpaws LEFTIES
courses of action POLICIES
fooling DUPING
Icelandic energy, often GEOTHERMAL
"Dancing Queen" quartet ABBA
2000 Summer Olympics host SYDNEY
certain female hairstyle UPSWEEP
profuse ABUNDANT
confuse BEWILDER
proscribe OUTLAW
conscribe RECRUIT
profess or confess DISCLOSE
South Pacific island nation VANUATU
Tom of "Downton Abbey" BRANSON
like romantic lights DIMMABLE
seasoned, dried sausage SAVELOY
Antarctic volcano EREBUS
desirably ENVIABLY
former Israeli PM Ariel SHARON
Dodge economy car ARIES
she listens with her eyes LIPREADER
like evidence to get you off EXCULPATORY
its capital is Bujumbura BURUNDI
climb, in Scotland SPEEL
indulge in conjecture SPECULATE
in a masculine manner MANFULLY
job of a musical fork TUNING
Leaning Tower of Pisa is one CAMPANILE
in a pure way INCORRUPTLY
adorned like Boy Scouts SASHED
drowsy Broadway character CHAPERONE
docked BERTHED