7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
extend PROLONG
down in the dumps MOROSE
subtle gossip INNUENDO
provoking fear SCARY
close-knit group PHALANX
in good spirits CHEERFUL
ringmaster, for one SHOWMAN
advice COUNSEL
double-check CONFIRM
warning bell ALARM
flail about FLOUNDER
cream-filled treat TWINKIE
duck with issues DAFFY
hang from SUSPEND
response REACTION
story TALE
verse POETRY
without regard for authority LAWLESS
fired CANNED
small PALTRY
hoofer DANCER
Kate Middleton, in 2011 BRIDE
theater entryway LOBBY
Indiana's NBA team PACERS
way across the moat DRAWBRIDGE
miserly STINGY
erasure key BACKSPACE
sensation FEELING
odd assortment MELANGE
railroad station DEPOT
make sacred CONSECRATE
Hollywood studio PARAMOUNT
metal mixture ALLOY
defensive football position LINEBACKER
outlaw BANDIT
Grand Am maker PONTIAC
text under a photo CAPTION
have in mind INTEND
where taxiing occurs AIRPORT
small parakeet BUDGIE
lawyer's aide PARALEGAL
well-regarded ESTEEMED
hanging about aimlessly LOITERING
carpet fasteners TACKS
word on a real estate sign SOLD
married man HUSBAND
transparent wrapper CELLOPHANE
provide drawings for ILLUSTRATE
the largest planet JUPITER
depressing GLOOMY
at the present NOWADAYS
out of a clear blue sky SUDDENLY
relatives KINFOLK
spin quickly WHIRL
shade of red SCARLET
make mandatory STIPULATE
cold-smoked herring KIPPER
Coke rival PEPSI
hard-shelled insect BEETLE
peanut GOOBER
add water to HYDRATE
it has room for change POCKET
desirable abdomen WASHBOARD
departure from the normal ABERRATION
when trouble boils over FLASHPOINT
film-developing chemicals SOUP
rich cream sauce SUPREME
brittle and delicate FRANGIBLE
protuberent, as eyes GIBBOUS
thing OBJECT
pig grunt OINK
gesture of indifference SHRUG
allow to leave, as a class DISMISS
store employee CASHIER
missile-throwing game DARTS
flash of lightning THUNDERBOLT
spread from person to person PROPAGATE
spread owners RANCHERS
widespread RIFE
bread spread OLEO
spread on thickly SLATHER
spreadsheet numbers DATA
food in a fancy spread CAVIAR
Mason's partner DIXON
brave DARING
bee activity SPELLING
dark-brown marten FISHER
a little something extra BONUS
knight wear ARMOR
positive outlook OPTIMISM
declare evil intentions THREATEN
table protector COASTER
elder family member GRANDPA
defeat soundly WALLOP
Logan Airport city BOSTON
red variety of chicory RADICCHIO
Capitol business LEGISLATION
add sugar to SWEETEN
show off FLAUNT
bullets and bombs AMMUNITION
very angry ROPEABLE
celery stick STALK
hard candy LOLLY
like an overgrown garden WEEDY
variety of salad dressing ITALIAN
inch by inch SLOWLY
collect crops HARVEST
lunch money taker BULLY
pipe instrument ORGAN
afraid SCARED
the same every time CONSISTENT
complete unit INTEGRAL
like a rhinestone SPARKLING
motorcyle maker KAWASAKI
satisfaction CONTENTMENT
dental repair CROWN
hutch set CHINA
utmost MAXIMUM
Rudyard Kipling's birthplace INDIA
Salt Lake City's state UTAH
how one sees it VIEWPOINT
abide by OBEY
young cow HEIFER
door security device LATCH
not easily caught SLIPPERY
facile with language GLIB
extraction tool in the mouth TOOTHPICK
evergreen tree SPRUCE
Spanish parting ADIOS
one usually on the bus DRIVER
make a touchdown LAND
commitment ALLEGIANCE
land boundary finder SURVEYOR
come to pass HAPPEN
throne usurper PRETENDER
state of contrition REMORSE
breakthrough DISCOVERY
first appearance DEBUT
dog breed BOXER
bring to a head CULMINATE
cooperate secretly CONNIVE
ran quickly SCURRIED
puzzle activity SOLVING
of immense value INESTIMABLE
abusive language INVECTIVE
small bell sound JINGLE
filtering organs KIDNEYS
involving words LEXICAL
rugged and powerful HEFTY
unwilling INDISPOSED
aromatic plant LAVENDER
egg holder CARTON
steak order RARE
with a lot of impact FORCEFULLY
dark fertile soil MUCK
jewelry part CLASP
bathe LAVE
lack of hair BALDNESS
screen idol Power TYRONE
low woman CONTRALTO
immensively heavy PONDEROUS
set right REDRESS
Bridge of Sighs city VENICE
Popeye nemesis BRUTUS
security assignment DETAIL
breach of trust PERFIDY
mentor's charge PROTEGE
of secondary importance ANCILLARY
wowing performance SHOWSTOPPER
poke or jab PROD
smuggled goods CONTRABAND
hush money BRIBE
art of shaping dwarf trees BONSAI
his work is a play DRAMATIST
variety of cabbage KOHLRABI
contaminated POLLUTED
manipulate voting districts GERRYMANDER
light greenish blue AQUAMARINE
popular Hawaiian beach WAIKIKI
veil material TULLE
lacking muscle SCRAWNY
started a volleyball game SERVED
pen in CONFINE
worker in stones LAPIDARY
without any tricks ABOVEBOARD
first name of 5 presidents JOHN
kind of course REFRESHER
make flame retardant FIREPROOF
goalie's area CREASE
ecologically friendly activity RECYCLING
British tennis tournament WIMBLEDON
based on facts REALISTIC
duplicate COPY
passing criticism SIDESWIPE
deaden a sound MUFFLE
member of a ship's crew DECKHAND
rich and abundant LUXURIANT
change the tone or pitch of MODULATE
dagger's partner CLOAK
fungicide target MILDEW
eating humble pie APOLOGETIC
on the way out LEAVING
part of a space "belt" ASTEROID
inaccurate IMPRECISE
spice from a seed pod CARDAMOM
oldest inaugurated president REAGAN
indistinctness OBSCURITY
ornamental collar GORGET
unappetizing TASTELESS
rotate, as the thumbs TWIDDLE
next-door ADJACENT
not a fashion plate DOWDY
book page size OCTAVO
old name for France GAUL
steaming mad IRATE
full of interest MEATY
those running a business MANAGEMENT
popular vote REFERENDUM
unspecific amount SOME
field of psychology CLINICAL
ripple of water WAVELET
turned down REFUSED
smacking a golf ball DRIVING
the North Star POLARIS
yokel HICK
enticed LURED
kind of binder LOOSELEAF
current strength AMPERAGE
in hot pursuit CHASING
sold illegally FENCED
increase in magnitude ESCALATION
electrical plans SCHEMATICS
reacted instinctively FLINCHED
calling names SLANDERING
NASA worker, perhaps ROCKETEER
defeat CONQUER
jaw bone MAXILLA
squelching of speech CENSORSHIP
wide-eyed AGOG
judge's item GAVEL
small kitchen appliance BLENDER
earring wearer's need PIERCING
pound sounds BARKING
by hand MANUALLY
put in no particular order RANDOMIZE
fritter away WASTE
kind of dictionary COLLEGIATE
president after FDR TRUMAN
hiker's gadget COMPASS
hats, in France CHAPEAUS
it's turned into leather RAWHIDE
bench-pressed item BARBELL
prism phenomenon REFRACTION
music club DISCOTHEQUE
Kobe of the Lakers BRYANT
country in the Alps SWITZERLAND
on a vacation at sea CRUISING
not capital LOWERCASE
gets better RECOVERS
stop from "littering" SPAY
playful, like a kitten FRISKY
prepare for the cold season WINTERIZE
like a soft fabric COTTONY
James, farmer in "Babe" CROMWELL
adding up SUMMING
haughty PRIDEFUL
manufacture PRODUCTION
Civil War general William T. SHERMAN
sugar or Splenda, perhaps SWEETENER
like some cellphone charges ROAMING
obedience-school command FETCH
loud sound during a storm THUNDERCLAP
capital of Vietnam HANOI
gregarious birds STARLINGS
those who run away DESERTERS
moving this way and that ZAGGING
turned away from SHUNNED
branch of applied math GEODESY
family reunions, e.g. GATHERINGS
digestive woe HEARTBURN
hand truck PUSHCART
bribe PAYOFF
vagrant on the seashore BEACHCOMBER
capital of Portugal LISBON
small space vehicle CAPSULE
refers to MENTIONS
in most cases GENERALLY
gave in RELENTED
walks despite a leg injury LIMPS
record of transactions BANKBOOK
old Packers coach Vince LOMBARDI
football game intermission HALFTIME
messy ecological disaster MUDSLIDE
precarious CHANCY
candle part WICK
big swamp-dwelling reptiles CROCODILES
old collectibles ANTIQUITIES
football coin toss choice RECEIVE
shrub with purple flowers LILAC
like a cheap mattress LUMPY
singer-songwriter Tracy CHAPMAN
chewing the fat CHINWAGGING
former New York City mayor GIULIANI
trying to solicit votes LOBBYING
not based on fact UNFOUNDED
unit of volume DRAM
old term for flu GRIPPE
not married SINGLE
sun hats BONNETS
prickly plant BRIER
used chiropractic techniques ADJUSTED
lab spinners CENTRIFUGES
country singer Tammy WYNETTE
plods SLOGS
dissolute RAKISH
they steer the way NAVIGATORS
deeply touching quality POIGNANCY
small unit of length CENTIMETER
what's going on PROCEEDINGS
singer Della REESE
flap in the throat EPIGLOTTIS
interrogating QUESTIONING
big game expeditions SAFARIS
see impersonally OBJECTIFY
deli meat SALAMI
long-ago flyer PTERODACTYL
keyhole place, often DOORKNOB
this canal opened in 1869 SUEZ
some stockings FISHNETS
having no escape TRAPPED
pleasant to be around LIKEABLE
early carmaker Ransom OLDS
throwing a party HOSTING
pandemonium HAVOC
quick looks GLIMPSES
ancient Greek city in Turkey PERGAMUM
kind of game PHEASANT
style of performance EXECUTION
they are proverbially thick THIEVES
Seville soccer club BETIS
mass of lymphoid tissue ADENOIDS
amount that can be carried ARMLOAD
dishwasher brand ELECTROLUX
bedeviling HARASSING
scoop out water BAIL
Southeast Asian rulers RAJAS
strong dislike REPUGNANCE
removed from power DEPOSED
crying out loudly VOCIFEROUS
hot parts of a stove BURNERS
breezy quality WINDINESS
spiral-shaped HELICAL
certain duck or pheasant RINGNECK
doing the job SUFFICING
kept back WITHHELD
cartoon mountie Do-Right DUDLEY
lubricating GREASING
sea near Italy ADRIATIC
cotton twill fabric MOLESKIN
base of a mountain range FOOTHILL
of the forest WOODSY
reduction in price MARKDOWN
thrilled to bits OVERJOYED
situated along the shore COASTAL
sliding elevator features DOORS
form of government DEMOCRACY
remark COMMENT
the Bard of Avon SHAKESPEARE
goes for the prize COMPETES
intelligence, in slang SMARTS
muscle quality TONE
shook QUAKED
many blue-state voters DEMOCRATS
arranging for battle DEPLOYING
Simmons mattress brand BEAUTYREST
words before marriage BANNS
calcareous CHALKY
became suddenly clear CLICKED
dirigible ZEPPELIN
it's read with feeling BRAILLE
soothingly sent to sleep LULLED
UK retirement destination EASTBOURNE
comic actor Chaplin CHARLIE
ballroom dance FOXTROT
autumn month NOVEMBER
unvarying UNIFORM
largest province of Canada QUEBEC
winner in a contest VICTOR
ladies' man ROMEO
gets tighter NARROWS
muscle contractions SPASMS
released, in a way UNHOOKED
where two streams meet CONFLUENCE
"Moneyball" star Brad PITT
more upbeat PERKIER
"Fly Me To The Moon" singer SINATRA
shoo-fly pie ingredient MOLASSES
pop fly, often SACRIFICE
like a fly's eyes COMPOUND
"frequent flyers" PILOTS
fly-by-night TRANSITORY
fly high SOAR
forgives EXCUSES
veteran TV actor Jon HAMM
rubbernecks GAWKS
certain Washington resident SEATTLEITE
power back on REACTIVATE
appraiser's determination WORTH
bank robbery STICKUP
game with bank shots SNOOKER
bank on EXPECT
of concern to banks FINANCIAL
situated on a riverbank RIPARIAN
bank employee CASHIER
banking business concern RISK
wind up IRRITATE
wind down RELAX
windbag PRATTLER
windpipe TRACHEA
Palestinian city NABLUS
in a threatening way MENACINGLY
"handy" items of clothing MITTENS
Nepali massif in Himalayas ANNAPURNA
in a shameless manner BRAZENLY
caused to feel isolated ALIENATED
author of "Little Women" ALCOTT
tiny, squirrel-like monkey MARMOSET
leaf-eating Old World monkey COLOBUS
lemur cousin SIFAKA
chimp researcher Jane GOODALL
world's largest monkey MANDRILL
chimpanzee cousin BONOBO
like a primate's thumb OPPOSABLE
heckles JEERS
loses air DEFLATES
dumbfound NONPLUS
sounding like a kitten MEWING
constant shelling BOMBARDMENT
colonel in the game Clue MUSTARD
"X-Men" villain MAGNETO
grape hyacinth MUSCARI
early bird's breakfast WORM
Midwest convenience chain QUIKTRIP
mixed together COMINGLED
jazz pianist Art TATUM
German sandal brand BIRKENSTOCK
showed excessive love DOTED
donde se encuentran 2 calles ESQUINA
variedad de melocotón FRESQUILLA
jugo, leche o agua LÍQUIDO
tacos enrollados o flautas TAQUITOS
como el océano pacífico TRANQUILO
diez por cinco CINCUENTA
por lo menos SIQUIERA
cantante colombiano de rock JUANES
estado al lado de Guatemala CHIAPAS
hablar entre amigas CHARLAR
apropiado ADECUADO
parte física de una persona CUERPO
un ogro verde SHREK
los llevan dentro de zapatos CALCETINES
trabajo estudiantil PROYECTO
entrenador chileno de fútbol PELLEGRINI
agua mineral de Italia PELLEGRINO
aplausos PALMADAS
combinación de letras PALABRA
grupo de aves PARVADA
camiseta de manga corta PLAYERA
sundae topper CHERRY
ferric oxide RUST
brightly colored bird CARDINAL
brand of evaporated milk CARNATION
leave stranded MAROON
actress Dee RUBY
region in France BURGUNDY
small coin PENNY
type of roast CHUCK
Old West lawman MARSHALL
knight's weapon LANCE
African grassland SAVANNAH
sweet bay tree LAUREL
bully HECTOR
sear with a hot iron CAUTERIZE
rose up, as a ship's crew MUTINIED
popular camera brand NIKON
supermodel Tiegs CHERYL
getting out of the way of DODGING
quarrelsome DISCORDANT
daily organization tool DATEBOOK
prepared for use PRIMED
expressing in words VOCALIZING
exaggeratedly complimentary OLEAGINOUS
putting off till later DELAYING
difficult act FEAT
dormant Maui volcano HALEAKALA
not controlled by law UNREGULATED
capital of Eritrea ASMARA
fails to hit MISSES
French hotel chain MERCURE
gradually disintegrated CRUMBLED
South American weevil ZYZZYVA
horizontal platforms STAGING
roof support, sometimes COLONNADE
direct opposite INVERSE
crazy things ABSURDITIES
porches VERANDAS
unpleasant or harmful INVIDIOUS
getting a mental image of PICTURING
person from Salem or Eugene OREGONIAN
"Transformers" star Shia LABEOUF
like a cool, summer drink REFRESHING
mountain danger ROCKSLIDE
cogged wheel SPROCKET
avian extensions WINGS
made into cutlets, e.g. BUTCHERED
up in the air UNDECIDED
uplift EDIFY
up to date MODERN
up and running FUNCTIONING
up front HONEST
up in arms REBELLIOUS
upward slope ACCLIVITY
ancient OLDEN
politically centrist people MODERATES
frothy LIGHT
mall traffic movers ESCALATORS
creator of Oz BAUM
paper units REAMS
like some parents ADOPTIVE
having a rough coat WIREHAIRED
boys or young men LADS
vehicle on cushion of air HOVERCRAFT
"air traffic controller" JOYSTICK
British gravy brand BISTO
number and length of feet METER
shrub with olive-like fruit OLEASTER
pale purple LAVENDER
Clooney, aunt of George ROSEMARY
piquant SAVORY
staff of office MACE
make lively GINGER
wise person SAGE
in pristine condition MINT
queen's mate TOMCAT
intriguing objects CURIOS
severe and sudden in onset FULMINANT
being nosy SNOOPING
economics Nobelist Joseph STIGLITZ
musical line CONGA
unwanted entrance INTRUSION
bases' counterpoint ACIDS
trunk of possessions FOOTLOCKER
not worth the effort UNREWARDING
rail supporter BALUSTER
split Scandinavian land KARELIA
where entropy takes you DOWNHILL
unhurried LEISURELY
repaired, in a way PATCHED
start of a chess game OPENING
gives energy to VITALIZES
hearty greeting BACKSLAP
more than impressed AWED
Oscar winner Jack PALANCE
playing on the computer GAMING
used an atomizer SPRAYED
Abe of "Barney Miller" VIGODA
gives certain powers to DEPUTIZES
swell NIFTY
Mexican hats SOMBREROS
gives the axe CANS
challenged the party line DISSENTED
having more loft HIGHER
reachable, as a pass or hit CATCHABLE
France's "second city" MARSEILLE
off-center ECCENTRIC
quality of smooth talkers GLIBNESS
a scold NAGGER
putting on a fresh coat REPAINTING
four-footed QUADRUPED
novelist & screenwriter John IRVING
Canadian supermarket chain LOBLAWS
signed an agreement INKED
shoot first in billiards BREAK
once again, like a new start AFRESH
sorry expression APOLOGY
learners STUDENTS
fuzzy fruits KIWIS
sharpener WHETSTONE
obsolete OUTDATED
Boadicea's people ICENI
"New York, New York" singer SINATRA
put faith in TRUST
Denver NBA team NUGGETS
winter storms BLIZZARDS
voice above an alto SOPRANO
TV shows already aired RERUNS
gives permission to LETS
small cut NICK
early Western star Roy ROGERS
home of the Ducks ANAHEIM
current channels TIDEWAY
diaphanous FILMLIKE
take out of public ownership PRIVATIZE
publishing giant Condé NAST
more in need of cleaning DUSTIER
impressively large IMPOSING
dove quickly SWOOPED
mortise insert TENON
some Iberians SPANIARDS
Indian stock market index SENSEX
someone who hangs around TARRIER
partner in crime ACCOMPLICE
nine-tenths of law, they say POSSESSION
each word here has just one SYLLABLE
place of suspended animation TRAPEZE
tiny protein particle PRION
exercises logic REASONS
involving willful untruth PERJURED
not awake ASLEEP
grant graciously VOUCHSAFE
felt concern CARED
island in Micronesia KOSRAE
squash racket SILENCE
how a dandy dresses SMARTLY
word before effect or radar DOPPLER
indoor sports venues GYMNASIA
Descartes or Magritte RENE
branch of US government EXECUTIVE
more stout BURLIER
lad from Limerick IRISHMAN
German Peace Nobelist Albert SCHWEITZER
relating to living organisms BIOTIC
force causing forward motion PROPULSION
put into fictional form NOVELIZE
wife of an earl or count COUNTESS
swimmer, and future jumper TADPOLE
postponement DEFERRAL
not based on solid facts CONJECTURAL
actor Johnny GALECKI
little morsels TIDBITS
made faces for the camera MUGGED
whining loudly YAMMERING
native Alaskan ALEUT
happening twice a year BIANNUAL
Phil Hartman sitcom NEWSRADIO
Detroit DJ sitcom MARTIN
Valerie Harper sitcom RHODA
Craig T. Nelson sitcom COACH
Ted Danson sitcom BECKER
rural Vermont sitcom NEWHART
Kelsey Grammer sitcom FRASIER
skill CRAFT
manual skill ADROITNESS
great skill PROWESS
above-average ability PROFICIENCY
skill on a delicate task FINESSE
degree of competence CALIBER
skill in a specific field MASTERY
"The Gipper" REAGAN
"The Great Emancipator" LINCOLN
"The Peanut Farmer" CARTER
"Father of the Constitution" MADISON
"Dubya" BUSH
"Old Hickory" JACKSON
fish farming AQUACULTURE
ball made for indoor play WIFFLE
mix of salt and pepper hair GRIZZLE
a furled frond FIDDLEHEAD
gasps for air PANTS
1960s cartoon aviator Roger RAMJET
stentorian behavior YAMMERING
featherless, as a young bird CALLOW
scattering BESTREWING
birds named after sounds TRILLERS
concerning punishment PUNITORY
small American duck BUFFLEHEAD
surreptitious FURTIVE
unbending INEXORABLE
early Australian cyclist OPPERMAN
mealtime necessities TABLEWARE
meat patty RISSOLE
refused to stop PERSEVERED
most likely to survive FITTEST
shells, for example PROJECTILES
most like a supermodel SLENDEREST
UK's largest airline EASYJET
rodent snares MOUSETRAPS
secret informer WHISPERER
sentimental types SOFTIES
hit hard and heavily THUMPED
in a testy, sullen way SOURLY
Arabian nomad BEDOUIN
Charlotte's porcine pal WILBUR
chap from Chisinau, perhaps MOLDOVAN
scannable parallel lines BARCODE
single-celled organism AMEBA
hunt partner PECK
Oscar-winning actress Hunt LINDA
follow on the hunt STALK
hunting with a bird FALCONRY
hunting illegally POACHING
gonzo journalist Hunter THOMPSON
hunter's requirement LICENSE
making a disapproving noise TSKING
J.S. Bach's middle name SEBASTIAN
going at an easy gallop CANTERING
coastal cliff road CORNICHE
lacking a partner MATELESS
cute nocturnal primates BUSHBABIES
busiest port in Poland SZCZECIN
medicine for eyes or ears DROPS
gumdrops by Tootsie DOTS
where Putin "urns" a drink SAMOVAR
welcome quality on sunny day SHADINESS
refuse burner INCINERATOR
three-sided TRILATERAL
edible oriental mushroom SHIITAKE
tusked sea mammal NARWHALE
bounce booster TRAMPOLINE
NFL's New England team PATRIOTS
break between 2 sets of play HALFTIME
skillet FRYPAN
capable of being charted MAPPABLE
activity of the mind MENTATION
assess again REVALUE
in a friendly manner WARMLY
fine dispenser SPRAYER
daily registers JOURNALS
keen-sighted HAWKEYED
barely spotting GLIMPSING
flying in the face of DEFIANCE
fly the coop ESCAPE
on the fly IMPROVISED
incapable of harming a fly NONVIOLENT
make the fur fly QUARREL
fly off the handle EXPLODE
fly gallery PLATFORM
it's "Blue" in a waltz DANUBE
one who likes a bargain HAGGLER
audience of TV watchers VIEWERSHIP
move very slowly INCH
rare quality SCARCENESS
away from home AFIELD
measures of weight in the UK STONES
Brewster of 80's TV PUNKY
trait of keyless music ATONALITY
mop alternative FLOORCLOTH
optimist's outlook HOPEFULNESS
calligrapher's motion UPSTROKE
singer Wainwright RUFUS
unsettled DISTURBED
top part of some garments NECKBAND
walking wearily TRAIPSING
16th century Queen of Scots MARY
vitamin-rich berry GOJI
like some knees KNOBBY
telephone information source HELPLINE
how daredevils act RECKLESSLY
Kristi with Olympic gold YAMAGUCHI
sandpiper variety OXBIRD
Hardy's comedy companion LAUREL
supportive plant tissue XYLEM
library "supporter" BOOKRACK
like cotton candy SUGARY
hits the silk PARACHUTES
with a satiny finish SMOOTH
denim user Levi STRAUSS
"Satin Doll" jazzman ELLINGTON
cotton to LIKE
Silk Road traveler POLO
more cacophonous NOISIER
speak too highly of OVERSELL
red "Sesame Street" muppet ELMO
young honkers GOSLINGS
false fronts FACADES
emerge from an egg HATCH
handle again, as paperwork REPROCESS
irregular APERIODIC
"A Doll's House" husband TORVALD
Aleutian Range mountain ANIAKCHAK
Ren's cartoon pal STIMPY
singer-songwriter Vega SUZANNE
not impressed UNAWED
poetic foot with 3 syllables DACTYL
rides out, as a storm WEATHERS
lasting mark IMPRESSION
hair and skin care brand JERGENS
Zamboni sites RINKS
octopi and the like MOLLUSKS
verse-chorus connector BRIDGE
raised in one's garden HOMEGROWN
giving the once-over LOOKING
warm winter drink EGGNOG
NPR host Peter SAGAL
captain's superior MAJOR
arrogantly PRIDEFULLY
with particularity MARKEDLY
Mr. Bean's car MINI
Beantown BOSTON
spill the beans BLAB
without a bean PENNILESS
beanstalk climber JACK
cool beans EXCELLENT
full of beans ENERGETIC
dangerous activities PERILS
mix in the snack aisle CHEX
mezzanine ENTRESOL
bunch of pancakes STACK
former office machines MIMEOGRAPHS
Harvard University's home CAMBRIDGE
Gaelic language MANX
not allowed FORBIDDEN
Texas Rangers' town ARLINGTON
elected administrators OFFICIALS
conspicuously unusual REMARKABLE
Pele's nationality BRAZILIAN
producing an effect CAUSATIVE
affront INSULT
lost hair color GRAYED
difficult to understand MYSTERIOUS
neither acute nor right OBTUSE
with a tremble QUAKINGLY
least populated state WYOMING
without vowels CONSONANTAL
dry skin, to a doctor XEROSIS
unwanted ink deposit WORKUP
New Zealand's longest spit FAREWELL
information about novels BOOKLORE
plank bordering inside wall MOPBOARD
"Paper Bag Princess" author MUNSCH
in an accountable way PROVABLY
alt-rock, for example GENRE
control tower location AIRFIELD
Tab ingredient SACCHARIN
shift one's attention REFOCUS
space explorer ASTRONAUT
return a favor RECIPROCATE
"Escape" band JOURNEY
expelled OUSTED
wedding NUPTIALS
causing pain AFFLICTING
puts to bed, with "in" TUCKS
superlatively sore ACHIEST
film director Leone SERGIO
overabundance SUPERFLUITY
excessive eating SURFEIT
immoderate INORDINATE
excessively UNDULY
redundancy of expression PLEONASM
excessively high EXORBITANT
1957 hit "Too Much" singer PRESLEY
cookery skewer BROCHETTE
"hard" rains SLEETS
Village People song YMCA
assumes an attitude POSTURES
"mail carriers" KNIGHTS
senior OLDER
person from Luanda ANGOLAN
solicited votes CANVASSED
it runs on air HOVERCRAFT
pamphlet TRACT
popular short-nosed dogs BOXERS
UK Prime Minister of old GLADSTONE
Britain's WW2 enemy GERMANY
South African river TUGELA
Rogue manufacturer NISSAN
set right REDRESSED
Anopheles mosquito, for one BLOODSUCKER
Berlin soccer club HERTHA
written guide HANDBOOK
Android competitor IPHONE
Seikan and Simplon TUNNELS