7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
explore caves SPELUNK
Carole King opus TAPESTRY
gather CORRAL
reef building block CORAL
Maine crustacean LOBSTER
transitory TEMPORARY
one who flees FUGITIVE
most tenured SENIOR
not too deep SHALLOW
hold up SUPPORT
provide protection SHELTER
authoritative position OFFICE
first workday MONDAY
move to new location MIGRATE
direction of travel HEADING
delivery of parcels SHIPMENT
game participants PLAYERS
increase GROWTH
meal portion SERVING
highlighted FEATURED
refrigerator feature SHELF
check for fingerprints DUST
defeated BEATEN
notable adventure GEST
carnival area MIDWAY
marionette manipulator PUPPETEER
first performance PREMIERE
British policeman BOBBY
high waterfall CATARACT
professional stuffer TAXIDERMIST
business firm COMPANY
scrutinize EYEBALL
stay longer than intended TARRY
velvety yarn CHENILLE
movie lover CINEASTE
partially submerged log DEADHEAD
speak off the cuff EXTEMPORIZE
fireplace implement POKER
concert organizer IMPRESARIO
South Pacific kingdom TONGA
comprehensive MACROSCOPIC
boat's crew SAILORS
standards to measure by CRITERIA
like nursing home residents ELDERLY
extremely small car SUBCOMPACT
in good spirits CHEERY
didn't allow through BLOCKED
phone answerer's word HELLO
sentry's cry HARK
outdoor blaze BONFIRE
the 44th US President OBAMA
repeated part of a song CHORUS
skiing + rifle shooting BIATHLON
used mouthwash GARGLED
perfect place PARADISE
hang around HOVER
not very active IDLE
slapstick comedian KNOCKABOUT
stick around LINGER
not fully cooked UNDERDONE
beginning of the day DAWN
have children PROCREATE
iron used to crimp lace GOFFER
hairstyle covering one eye PEEKABOO
lacking in subtlety BLATANT
wall support BUTTRESS
aphid secretion HONEYDEW
compensate for a loss INDEMNIFY
courageous UNDAUNTED
personal protection BODYGUARD
orange-and-black butterfly MONARCH
country NATION
speakers over the ears HEADPHONES
puppet on strings MARIONETTE
record of events HISTORY
room for cooking KITCHEN
"Blow the Man Down," for one SHANTY
blow up ENLARGE
blown away STUNNED
ex-Beatles "Blow Away" singer HARRISON
blowing up EXPLODING
hit with an open-handed blow SLAPPED
variety of blowfish PUFFER
professor's goal TENURE
tree hugger, for one ACTIVIST
kicking and screaming VIOLENT
proposed law BILL
empty space VACANCY
trunks and such BAGGAGE
taken out of the game BENCHED
amp noise FEEDBACK
its days are numbered CALENDAR
boiler conduit STEAMPIPE
looking good on TV TELEGENIC
something that conceals SHROUD
varied collection ASSORTMENT
ginned crop COTTON
provide SUPPLY
prison guard WARDER
loan sharking USURY
rugby union gear company KOOGA
directed GUIDED
pizza order LARGE
grease the skids, say FACILITATE
animation figure CARTOON
skunk's defense SPRAYING
collect together GATHER
Parliament member LORD
cavalry headquarters FORT
food connoisseur GASTRONOME
pulled with force DRAGGED
supply the eats for CATER
do some taxidermy STUFF
silky-coated dog breed COLLIE
kvetch YAMMER
Trivial Pursuit choice CATEGORY
determined or driven DEDICATED
lamp covering SHADE
impugn SLIGHT
romantic go-between MATCHMAKER
appropriate FITTING
financial resources ASSETS
computer variety LAPTOP
willing AMENABLE
temperament DISPOSITION
garbage can contents TRASH
garbage can eschewer LITTERBUG
up to snuff CAPABLE
one who takes a shine to you BOOTBLACK
doggie POOCH
one who came earlier PREDECESSOR
edible root TURNIP
soybean paste MISO
Hanoi residents VIETNAMESE
footstool OTTOMAN
vendetta FEUD
like the original haiku JAPANESE
court action LITIGATION
water pipe CONDUIT
it could be solitary CONFINEMENT
fire starting material TINDER
bedsheet material SILK
immoral capitalist PROFITEER
thunderstruck FLOORED
a dozen dozen GROSS
antonym OPPOSITE
semiarid grass-covered plain STEPPE
ancestor FOREBEAR
bluish-green freshwater fish DACE
they work for peanuts ELEPHANTS
bold and daring FEARLESS
cotton fabric GINGHAM
meddler BUSYBODY
falseness HYPOCRISY
glance LOOK
good taste in design ELEGANCE
trained to be compliant HOUSEBROKEN
"Blue Velvet" singer Bobby VINTON
chess ending CHECKMATE
social class CASTE
new academy student PLEBE
get all worked up SEETHE
camera opening APERTURE
smell ODOR
cavalry horse CHARGER
side of a military formation FLANK
bird with a dangling nest ORIOLE
Scottish offal dish HAGGIS
four-wheeled open carriage BUCKBOARD
two sizes too small, say TIGHT
mishandle, as a football FUMBLE
stay into another's home HOUSESIT
hard to figure out ENIGMATIC
killing of livestock SLAUGHTER
nickname for Hollywood TINSELTOWN
where engines are kept FIREHOUSE
bring in from overseas IMPORT
argot LINGO
respiratory organ in fish GILL
one who wires for money ELECTRICIAN
took place HAPPENED
too much EXCESS
nursery rhyme bush MULBERRY
flat out BLUNTLY
kill the power to UNPLUG
undecided IRRESOLUTE
high quality parchment VELLUM
oaty mixture GRANOLA
bird in "Peanuts" WOODSTOCK
one with a cool job ICEMAN
stun gun name TASER
alert watchfulness VIGILANCE
brown homespun fabric RUSSET
act of compromise MEDIATION
theatrical venue PLAYHOUSE
legislative act ORDINANCE
lesser ape GIBBON
illegal hunter POACHER
rockhound GEOLOGIST
bicycle course PATH
Kampala's country UGANDA
type of urge or scream PRIMAL
create an anagram SCRAMBLE
political label LIBERAL
stately splendor MAJESTY
under arrest BUSTED
nighttime breathing issue APNEA
creator MAKER
conversation starter ICEBREAKER
overly advertised HYPED
blurriness VAGUENESS
empty out VACATE
very brief time MILLISECOND
repletion SATIETY
mindnumbing boredom TEDIUM
Socrates's undoing HEMLOCK
part of the brain AMYGDALA
German sweet bread STOLLEN
buoy up BOLSTER
abyss CHASM
solar phenomenon SUNSPOT
join together, as film SPLICE
getting an F FLUNKING
broke into pieces SMASHED
oblivion NIHILITY
cold storage ICEHOUSE
rank or status STANDING
explanatory comment RUBRIC
pass over ELIDE
without rhyme or reason RANDOMLY
talk foolishly BLITHER
formed of layers STRATIFIED
swollen and tender INFLAMED
made money MINTED
Weird Al, for one PARODIST
paneling material PLYWOOD
Greek letter UPSILON
mail carrier's path ROUTE
rose's defenses THORNS
step-by-step diagram FLOWCHART
walk in a leisurely way SAUNTER
rodeo rope LARIAT
Acela Express operator AMTRAK
red-faced BLUSHING
item in an aquarium FILTER
in any place WHEREVER
very docile MEEK
Moroccan seaport TANGIER
enjoyment GUSTO
pressure gauge BAROMETER
medical student INTERN
sat still IDLED
Dickensian knitter DEFARGE
less bulky desk alternative WORKTABLE
fancy DELUXE
small axe TOMAHAWK
of the past HISTORICAL
take up, as space OCCUPY
"Jeopardy!" columns CATEGORIES
hotel magnate HILTON
jacket attachment LAPEL
advocate for change REFORMIST
talent ABILITY
construct again RECREATE
getting a touchdown, say SCORING
crudeness VULGARITY
malodorous FETID
ocular affliction EYESTRAIN
sternum, familiarly BREASTBONE
cab for Sherlock Holmes HANSOM
without warning ABRUPTLY
nutritional label listing VITAMINS
division into opposing units DICHOTOMY
selected replacement DESIGNEE
confusing BEFUDDLING
extremists RADICALS
proclaiming VOICING
"The Time Machine" author WELLS
Microsoft Excel page SPREADSHEET
successive versions DRAFTS
Mexican delicacies BURRITOS
sardonic writer Dorothy PARKER
knock flat BULLDOZE
neighbor of Tunisia LIBYA
fourth batter in line CLEANUP
successfully oppose WITHSTAND
dislikable HATEFUL
blameworthiness CULPABILITY
public square PLAZA
1.34 horsepower, roughly KILOWATT
chest of drawers BUREAU
cast wearer's needs CRUTCHES
Romantic poet Samuel Taylor COLERIDGE
removed germs DISINFECTED
capital of the Netherlands AMSTERDAM
machine for making butter CHURN
lead-in to "Who goes there?" HALT
liquid to soak meat in MARINADE
like bombs used by arsonists INCENDIARY
make an observation COMMENT
give a new surface to REFINISH
tropical fruit GUAVA
blood, sweat, and tears FLUIDS
get rid of grime CLEANSE
deceived DELUDED
"Hardball" host Chris MATTHEWS
Aniston on "Friends" JENNIFER
arrested, in slang PINCHED
stored for future use ARCHIVED
runway model Gisele BUNDCHEN
jumbling up MUDDLING
felt hat HOMBURG
lead ore GALENA
dirty clothes holders HAMPERS
separates DETACHES
boxers and pugs, casually DOGGIES
uses a Kindle, maybe READS
author of kids' "Bear" books BERENSTAIN
struck out, in slang WHIFFED
Toledo resident OHIOAN
whirl about GYRATE
sales pitch SPIEL
race car driver Mario ANDRETTI
stacked breakfast items HOTCAKES
dreamer's belief IDEALISM
team from Seattle SEAHAWKS
cluster of atoms MOLECULE
have more members than OUTNUMBER
without good cause UNPROVOKED
President Fillmore MILLARD
made more current UPDATED
bounders CADS
having the wrong tag MISLABELED
relics of the distant past FOSSILS
carpenter JOINER
linguistics PHILOLOGY
sea between Japan and Russia OKHOTSK
exhausting DRAINING
ships' towers TUGBOATS
lost hair pigment GRAYED
screen behind home plate BACKSTOP
the ones not mentioned OTHERS
set aside specifically EARMARKED
blues and rock singer Bonnie RAITT
not in the same family UNRELATED
groups of maps ATLASES
fiddling (with) TAMPERING
insurance worker UNDERWRITER
not well-thought-out HASTY
Indiana university PURDUE
applause CLAPPING
stymies THWARTS
noted Olympic swimmer Mark SPITZ
hitting softly, in baseball BUNTING
policeman, in Britain ROZZER
small edible fish SMELT
reparation RESTITUTION
worn out and rundown DECREPIT
wretched WOEBEGONE
crying like a goat BLEATING
leaf pores STOMATA
watching over PROTECTING
sweltered in the sun BROILED
experts in an area COGNOSCENTI
in a passionate way ARDENTLY
truant's problem DELINQUENCY
former first baseman Willie MCCOVEY
getups OUTFITS
employers BOSSES
signed up ENROLLED
eating quickly SCARFING
guy from Amsterdam, say DUTCHMAN
host of "Survivor" PROBST
cancellation of a marriage ANNULMENT
modern living room set HDTV
undone stacks of work BACKLOGS
like some baseball runs UNEARNED
comedian Chase CHEVY
buildings and land REALTY
put chemicals in a pool CHLORINATE
hot cereal OATMEAL
extremely hot BLAZING
hot time of year SUMMER
hot pepper variety CAYENNE
hotheaded IRASCIBLE
hot rod driver RACER
hotcake FLAPJACK
banana-like fruits PLANTAINS
not as good as everyone says OVERRATED
digital artist's software PHOTOSHOP
from a nation near China MONGOLIAN
managed health care company CIGNA
burned by steam SCALDED
buildings STRUCTURES
D-shaped ring with a latch CARABINER
mountain climber's spike PITON
mountaintop SUMMIT
scenic cliff OVERLOOK
lofty peak PINNACLE
mountain peak features SNOWCAPS
mountain in the Alps MATTERHORN
really lazy SLOTHFUL
lace together INTERTWINE
took a gander LOOKED
snobby person ELITIST
gave fresh life to RECREATED
element #32 GERMANIUM
C on a thermometer CELSIUS
vitamin C, chemically ASCORBATE
element with the symbol C CARBON
C in Roman numerals HUNDRED
its stock ticker symbol is C CITIGROUP
C in the phonetic alphabet CHARLIE
Greek letter C GAMMA
bright as a button INTELLIGENT
bright idea BRAINSTORM
extremely bright DAZZLING
bright spot on the sun FACULA
brighten up ENLIVEN
suddenly bright star SUPERNOVA
brightly colored bird MACAW
over-effusive GUSHING
hard to describe INDEFINABLE
home of Catherine Zeta-Jones SWANSEA
fraternal BROTHERLY
puritanical Australian WOWSER
uncouth behavior LOUTISHNESS
bap ROLL
bay HOWL
not allowed, as expenses UNAPPROVED
breaks down SOBS
dogs like Snoopy BEAGLES
2013 US economic issue SEQUESTER
more upbeat LIVELIER
Equal and NutraSweet SWEETENERS
Nobel Prize winner Elie WIESEL
saw-like tooth SERRATION
give right to vote to ENFRANCHISE
light waves RIPPLES
skill at entertaining SHOWMANSHIP
largest island in Norway SPITSBERGEN
without affection LOVELESSLY
pedal pushers CYCLISTS
fruta morada CIRUELA
artículo de ducha ESPONJA
mueblería sueca IKEA
imaginación FANTASÍA
gente influyente ÉLITE
pasajero del Mayflower PEREGRINO
tribu de Cochise APACHE
película de un elefantito DUMBO
isla que pertenece a España MALLORCA
no le gusta la gente ANTISOCIAL
idioma hablado en Reykjavik ISLANDÉS
cambiar de dirección DOBLAR
lava debajo de la tierra MAGMA
cantante Lionel RICHIE
aumentan cuando no se quiere KILOS
cuidado de los pies PEDICURA
príncipe nuevo de Inglaterra GEORGE
no es femenino ni masculino NEUTRO
conductora de "La Voz" BRACAMONTES
es necesario para ser actriz AUDICIÓN
keep one's nose clean BEHAVE
keeping one's distance ALOOF
keep one's hand in PRACTICE
keep at PERSIST
keep an eye on OBSERVE
keeping one's eyes open ALERT
kept on hand AVAILABLE
vigorous barrage BLITZ
glacier offshoot ICEBERG
artificial ERSATZ
desire for travel WANDERLUST
short-legged canine DACHSHUND
barbecue topping SAUERKRAUT
large dirigible balloon ZEPPELIN
suture STITCH
chewing gum brand BUBBLICIOUS
George Michael's band WHAM
feeling pessimistic DISCOURAGED
ceremonial county of England CHESHIRE
beguile AMUSE
crowdsourced reference work WIKIPEDIA
most luscious JUICIEST
land in the water ISLAND
marble gorge in Taiwan TAROKO
walked at a leisurely pace AMBLED
not tamed UNBROKEN
all-consuming OMNIVOROUS
decomposition caused by heat PYROLYSIS
stole from ROBBED
1994 Winter Olympics host LILLEHAMMER
Grand Canyon tribe HAVASUPAI
dam's replacement STEPMOTHER
run down DENIGRATE
they're usually tired WHEELS
Fernandinho's hometown LONDRINA
rol de baloncesto PIVOT
llenar los pulmones RESPIRAR
color del zafiro AZUL
compañía de baile BALLET
participante en el torneo CABALLERO
accesorio de pimpón RAQUETA
protección de la tortuga CAPARAZÓN
wielded, as a sword BRANDISHED
modest skirt length MIDI
language that incites EXHORTATION
Cat Chow competitor FRISKIES
pinball machine features FLIPPERS
early Yucatan native MAYA
bee's activity POLLINATING
praise LAUD
showing no damage UNMARKED
kids' meals from Kraft LUNCHABLES
elegant and sophisticated CULTURED
nursing home employee CAREGIVER
UK automotive center COVENTRY
bulletin board fasteners THUMBTACKS
Honda motorcycle model NIGHTHAWK
classic Ford car FALCON
put one's head down DUCK
crazy CUCKOO
Ankara's nation TURKEY
bellyache GROUSE
"Lost Horizon" star Peter FINCH
stuck on the bench SIDELINED
Jonas Salk and others BIOLOGISTS
most thickset BEEFIEST
Copenhagen resident DANE
Japanese cartoon MANGA
actress Deschanel ZOOEY
very generous BOUNTEOUS
surfer's exclamation COWABUNGA
her charges are small NURSEMAID
form of Japanese drama KABUKI
do better than expected OVERACHIEVE
in a sullen manner MOROSELY
correction of foot faults PODIATRY
Icelandic waterfall GULLFOSS
cherry picker part BUCKET
cherry or plum TOMATO
cherrystone, for one CLAM
it's topped by a cherry SUNDAE
cherry variety MARASCHINO
cherry seed STONE
singer Cherry NENEH
historic Moroccan city MEKNES
smoothed roughly SANDPAPERED
permeate IMBUE
tributary of the Orinoco GUAVIARE
blood group FAMILY
permitting ALLOWING
kind of flycatcher SCISSORTAIL
Australian term of address DIGGER
writers of literary works AUTHORS
they help you look better CARROTS
a mournful air DIRGE
in a pathetic way PITEOUSLY
US paint brand VALSPAR
fending off charges PARRYING
Camry company founder TOYODA
happened yet again RECURRED
cut as with a chisel SCULPTED
with a fashionista's style CHICLY
large organic food company SUNOPTA
minimize DOWNPLAY
insect's antenna FEELER
made more sympathetic HUMANIZED
person who transcribes COPYIST
comedian Dana CARVEY
reduce the citizenry of DEPOPULATE
part of a script LINE
most like sea water SALTIEST
lack of sameness VARIABILITY
conserving, in a way REUSING
laud EXTOL
where rivers meet the sea MOUTHS
tennis legend Evert CHRIS
mileage recorders ODOMETERS
prepaid wireless brand METROPCS
famous Hopper painting NIGHTHAWKS
one of Columbus' ships NINA
circles of hair RINGLETS
jealous folks HATERS
in the near future ANON
adding a common seasoning to SALTING
comes down to earth ALIGHTS
Skin So Soft maker AVON
places for formal dancing BALLROOMS
nine-sided NONAGONAL
turns over a new leaf REFORMS
Miranda Cosgrove sitcom ICARLY
sounded like a bovine MOOED
lumber cutters SAWS
putting stress on ACCENTING
people from Oslo NORWEGIANS
more buddy-buddy CHUMMIER
athletes, quadrennially OLYMPIANS
rock guitarist Fender FREDDY
in a flashy way SHOWILY
improved on BETTERED
drying apparatus DEHYDRATOR
outback disaster BUSHFIRE
cranky WHINY
fill with delight ENRAPTURE
"go to sleep, little one" ROCKABYE
substance used for drying DESICCANT
very talkative BIGMOUTHED
English Princess Royal ANNE
subject of Holst suite PLANETS
salad plant and herb PURSLANE
Swedish coffee roastery GEVALIA
complaining sulkily GROUCHING
soccer legend Zinedine ZIDANE
observant PERCIPIENT
a dovecote COLUMBARIUM
with animation SPIRITEDLY
one of the three 'R's READING
three score and ten SEVENTY
slightly irritating NIGGLY
building site worker HARDHAT
deepest known cave on earth VORONYA
Sherlock Holmes' brother MYCROFT
Cottonelle, in the UK ANDREX
send to Coventry, in Britain OSTRACIZE
like an aristocrat's home STATELY
"fight or flight" hormone ADRENALINE
ribbed pants CORDUROYS
made the fall guy SCAPEGOATED
fund-raising event BENEFIT
covered up ENWRAPPED
damsels MAIDENS
bird's activity NESTING
uses a keyboard TYPES
world's most populous island JAVA
trappers off the Maine coast LOBSTERMEN
rafter's challenge WHITEWATER
big name in pencils DIXON
ice cream-making paddle DASHER
turned sharply ZIGGED
writer Erica JONG
some woodwinds, briefly SAXES
hair care brand TRESEMME
Cathy's husband, in comics IRVING
sweet-talks CAJOLES
Louis' swan species TRUMPETER
sheep prized for their wool MERINOS
Ian Falconer's fictional pig OLIVIA
cheerful quality PERKINESS
football's receivers WIDEOUT
Tom's brand of nonsense FOOLERY
Puerto Rican seaport PONCE
a ruler-less interval INTERREGNUM
aquiline HOOKLIKE
a sheep, in Australia JUMBUCK
made posh GENTRIFIED
legendary co-founder of Rome ROMULUS
Z on the radio ZULU
quake measurer RICHTER
heavy, one-edged sword SABER
twisted to remove water from WRUNG
confrontations SHOWDOWNS
2014 Olympics host SOCHI
plan ahead of time PREMEDITATE
study of birds ORNITHOLOGY
lie detectors POLYGRAPHS
Great Lake feeding Niagara ERIE
overall business goal MISSION
plan to achieve goals STRATEGY
goal to be attained OBJECTIVE
game with goals SOCCER
ultimate goal TERMINUS
make a goal SCORE
area in front of a goalie CREASE
crystallize JELL
West Virginia PGA tournament GREENBRIER
Saint Kitts & Nevis capital BASSETERRE
cure for snake poison ANTIVENOM
stacked logs CORDWOOD
ballpoint pen brand BIRO
actor John TRAVOLTA
thumbs' neighbors POINTERS
royal headgear CORONET
funnyman DeVito DANNY
more robust HUSKIER
Bucharest resident ROMANIAN
like some doors or scales SLIDING
at lake's edge, as a cabin WATERSIDE
talk incessantly YABBER
major Australian river DARLING
clingfilm GLADWRAP
Australian stork JABIRU
agate, for example CHALCEDONY
brightly-coloured parrots LORIKEETS
waxflower ERIOSTEMON
winter addition to radiator ANTIFREEZE
gym equipment WEIGHTS
"Galveston" singer Glen CAMPBELL
decision pronounced by court JUDGMENT
London railway station PADDINGTON
minus opposite PLUS
when two hands meet MIDNIGHT
heavy hydrogen DEUTERIUM
esteem too low UNDERVALUE
packed away STOWED
setting aside, in a way SUSPENDING
put on record CHRONICLED
hampered HINDERED
what an entomologist studies INSECTS
what a gerontologist studies AGING
what a hematologist studies BLOOD
who a neonatologist studies NEWBORNS
what a meteorologist studies WEATHER
what a philologist studies LANGUAGE
what a psephologist studies ELECTIONS
Fidel Castro's home province HOLGUIN
Faroe Islands capital TORSHAVN
curved-blade sword SCIMITAR
liquid part of blood PLASMA
boorishness OAFISHNESS
small sheepdog SHELTIE
state of wellbeing SALUBRITY
silence enforcers LIBRARIANS
in an excited state ABOIL
without thinking MINDLESSLY
large prawn LANGOUSTINE
becoming taut TIGHTENING
getting bigger EXPANDING
honeysuckle LONICERA
honey producers BEES
"Honey, Honey" band ABBA
honeydew MELON
honey bear KINKAJOU
serving to explain DECLARATORY
comic strip "menace" DENNIS
slows the growth of STUNTS
took in ACCEPTED
publicizes aggressively FLOGS
ancient Middle Easterner ISRAELITE
tornado shapes FUNNELS
fair of face BEAUTIFUL
Fair Isle island group SHETLAND
fairway neighbor ROUGH
Fairbanks, Sr. or Jr. DOUGLAS
"Vanity Fair" author THACKERAY
fair in a traditional song SCARBOROUGH
capricious nature FICKLENESS
African petroleum producer ALGERIA
smallness of importance SLIGHTNESS
to harvest INGATHER
hanging loose SLACK
doppelganger DOUBLE
porthole shutter DEADLIGHT
in an insipid way VAPIDLY
like Olive Oyl's feet ENORMOUS
one of the Channel Islands GUERNSEY
imperial Austrian princess ARCHDUCHESS
kind of china IRONSTONE
pepperpot companion SALTCELLAR
capable of being substituted REPLACEABLE
deeply SOUNDLY
Laurel's comic partner HARDY
amateur rock music type GARAGE
nauseous QUEASY
home to "Two Gentlemen" VERONA
sociable CLUBBABLE
European bowling game NINEPINS
difference engine inventor BABBAGE
mountain sunset phenomenon ALPENGLOW
like many logos COPYRIGHTED
busiest D.C. airport DULLES
rhyme of vowel sounds ASSONANCE
Mario's video game brother LUIGI
Doc Holliday's expertise DENTISTRY
dopey in the extreme IDIOTIC
bashful characteristic SHYNESS
"Grumpy Old Men" actor MATTHAU
sneezy ailment COLD
The Monkees' "Sleepy" girl JEAN
happy-go-lucky CAREFREE
rose up against authority REBELLED
country singer Brooks GARTH
makes statues, say SCULPTS
broke, as a law VIOLATED
like cloudless skies CLEAR
replying to ANSWERING
old name for Scotland CALEDONIA
Brussels residents BELGIANS
"Mandy" singer Manilow BARRY
entirely surrounding ENVELOPING
taking for granted ASSUMING
windshield clearer DEICER
annoying insects HOUSEFLIES
the color of Alabama's tide CRIMSON
sweetness on a stick LOLLIPOP
Astana is its capital KAZAKHSTAN
weightlifting movement SNATCH
give heed to what is said HARKEN
major port city of Japan CHIBA
Aussie activewear brand BILLABONG
actress Morgan FAIRCHILD
like Dickens' "House" BLEAK
in a loathsome manner REPUGNANTLY
say sarcastic things SNARK
most waggish DROLLEST
overeating result, maybe TUMMYACHE
rotini, for example SPIRALS
word before "dickory, dock" HICKORY
"soft shoe" MOCCASIN
vole and lemming relative MUSKRAT
conference POWWOW
Sylvester's "sufferin'" stew SUCCOTASH
balsam poplar HACKMATACK
Alvin, Simon or Theodore CHIPMUNK
misleading ILLUSIONARY
foot groomers PEDICURISTS
outdoor drink holders KOOZIES
plastic shoelace tip AGLET
German philosopher Immanuel KANT
foolishly optimistic PANGLOSSIAN
traffic light alternatives ROUNDABOUTS
relating to bears URSINE
of a certain eye part CORNEAL
driving a bus, perhaps SHUTTLING
Lyme Disease transporter TICK
moved goods TRAFFICKED
direct routes BEELINES
bog's trait SWAMPINESS
1960s pop singer Springfield DUSTY
apt to be corroborated CONFIRMABLE
heavy stage makeup PANCAKE
one of the Dionne sisters QUINTUPLET
with indignation RESENTFULLY
noticeable DISCERNIBLE
computer tracking data COOKIES
old-style educators SCHOOLMARMS
rival of Mad Magazine CRACKED
Katy Perry hit song ROAR
cotillion figures DEBS
working on shoes COBBLING
it's measured in farads CAPACITANCE
African Grey, for example PARROT
one showing great praise LIONIZER
it may be past, in language PARTICIPLE
proving false REFUTING
appraisals VALUATIONS
famous Beethoven sonata PATHETIQUE
some Spanish accents TILDES
tangled CHAOTIC
hitting STRIKING
E Street Band namesake spot BELMAR
come into legal effect INURE
a quality of Whistler's art TONALITY
Ruth of "Laugh-In" BUZZI
"luxurious" CD case JEWEL
covered with more Bryophyta MOSSIER
not paying attention UNMINDFUL
woefully uninformed IGNORANT
unable to comprehend CLUELESS
lack of awareness NESCIENCE
like a babe in the woods NAIVE
unaware of the situation OBLIVIOUS
not conscious INSENSIBLE
US software multinational CITRIX
identity theft company LIFELOCK
counterpart to nieces NEPHEWS
new media publisher PODCASTER
Nintendo Wii's chip name BROADWAY
more self-assured COCKIER
tarnished OXIDATED
Asian home of throat singing TUVA
nevertheless ANYWAY
longtime lawn mower brand BOLENS
without compensation UNREPAID
like a large sum, say TIDY
on a boat SHIPBOARD
Mo, for short MOLYBDENUM
smash hit, in tennis OVERHEAD
McSweeney's founder Dave EGGERS
thoroughfare, in Quebec AUTOROUTE
passed slowly DRAGGED
legendary Celtics coach AUERBACH
trophy for top hockey goalie VEZINA