7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
dropped item's sound PLUNK
Lewis and Clark EXPLORERS
shoulder-held music maker BOOMBOX
fort in New York TICONDEROGA
heavy interest rate USURY
movie trailer PROMO
sledding starting points HILLTOPS
put on a scale RATED
multiplied a hundredfold CENTUPLED
unit equal to 24 grains PENNYWEIGHT
like Vulcans UNEMOTIONAL
capital of Namibia WINDHOEK
United Nations necessity TRANSLATING
dirt GRIME
Toronto hoops team RAPTORS
taking a snooze NAPPING
figure out CALCULATE
incline DISPOSE
opening for mail SLOT
linen closet items SHEETS
to excite IMPASSION
like Fine or Doubtfire NANNYISH
section of undeveloped land GREENBELT
New York mountain range CATSKILLS
a jack or spatula LIFTER
the eager come with them on BELLS
rival of Borg and Connors MCENROE
aftermarket car parts firm AUTOZONE
trivial talk FROTH
sporting a docked wagger BOBTAILED
eighth month of the year AUGUST
mend shoes COBBLE
confining CAGELIKE
cloth used for blue jeans DENIM
covered in rush-like plants SEDGY
south Australia desert TIRARI
making sleek SLICKING
casual gathering of people KLATCH
kindling FATWOOD
quality of a low cloud MISTINESS