7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
Cleveland team BROWNS
really indulging oneself LUXURIATING
abbreviate SHORTEN
watercraft with an engine POWERBOAT
certain reference marks DAGGERS
kind of average MEDIAN
Romans and Pisans ITALIANS
wind speed instrument ANEMOMETER
slow movers SNAILS
editorial guide STYLEBOOK
directness IMMEDIACY
practical jokes HOAXES
put-on DUPERY
shred, as cheese GRATE
big star CELEB
dramatic change in course TURNAROUND
very short time interval MICROSECOND
Mickey Mouse's feathered pal DONALD
prior to BEFORE
put faith in ENTRUST
varying CHANGING
decorative end-piece FINIAL
stout pole, like a mast SPAR
subjects TOPICS
deduction REASONING
merchant ship officer SUPERCARGO
Miss Marple's creator CHRISTIE
Earth's driest continent ANTARCTICA
quadrillion's zeros FIFTEEN
nervous system disorder EPILEPSY
saffron source CROCUS
Shelley poem OZYMANDIAS
Indiana Jones' headwear FEDORA