7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
microscope dye STAIN
shale-breaking technique FRACKING
one cheering you on SUPPORTER
shortage DEARTH
pulleylike structure TROCHLEA
old Grecian currency DRACHMA
rescue illumination SEARCHLIGHT
newspaper piece ARTICLE
come after SUCCEED
containers CASES
on account of BECAUSE
not sharp BLUNT
way of acting BEHAVIOR
beet soup BORSCHT
Beatles drummer RINGO
one who studies physics, say SCIENTIST
underhandedness SUBTERFUGE
jar or television attorney MASON
type of crab HORSESHOE
where Gilligan was stranded ISLAND
Kilauea, in Hawaii VOLCANO
extreme tiredness FATIGUE
dog sound BARK
"Clocks" group COLDPLAY
tibia or fibula BONE
"Help!" band BEATLES
mixture MEDLEY
particles of sand GRIT
coolness under pressure SANGFROID
king killed by Macbeth DUNCAN
handwritten characters SCRIPT
Grahame's reluctant beast DRAGON
early rocket scientist GODDARD
island girl in Polynesia WAHINE
obstruction HINDRANCE
a danger to swimmers UNDERTOW
wave threateningly BRANDISH
it keeps papers together CLIPBOARD
carbonated citrus drink ORANGINA
librarian's rejoinder SHUSH
students take them CLASSES
waste time frivolously DAWDLE
lightheartedness LEVITY
freezing "point" ICICLE
Sherlock Holmes's hat DEERSTALKER
take care of, as children NURTURE
snake grass HORSETAIL
fifty percent HALF
loaf of French bread BAGUETTE
more recent LATTER
"Oliver!" or "Cats" MUSICAL
not genuine PHONY
high-combed haircut POMPADOUR
dwelling made of skins TEPEE
newspaper banner HEADLINE
spirited horse STEED
written schoolwork PAPER
currency made from shells WAMPUM
Tibetan beasts YAKS
small, spiny-finned fish BLENNY
water behind a moving boat WASH
occurring by chance ADVENTITIOUS
catch sight of DESCRY
sudden change in mood CAPRICE
mark with a formal ceremony SOLEMNIZE
post-touchdown score CONVERSION
buzzing biter MOSQUITO
signal for attack CHARGE
capital of Poland WARSAW
major traffic jam GRIDLOCK
voice box LARYNX
rest stop for travelers HOTEL
bee flat HIVE
flat-bottom boat PONTOON
flattened hat BERET
flat tire BLOWOUT
what a flat drink lacks CARBONATION
ran flat out SPRINTED
flat bone across the chest STERNUM
football position HALFBACK
Mars visitor in 1997 PATHFINDER
working group COMMITTEE
exhaust quieter MUFFLER
perfume SCENT
invested in "stork" market MATERNAL
Formula One event RACE
bandage BINDING
societal practices MANNERS
enthusiasm VITALITY
sound of a bell KNELL
making little noise QUIET
for all to use PUBLIC
first Australian auto HOLDEN
moving from place to place ITINERANT
large lizard GOANNA
end of a marriage DIVORCE
building designer ARCHITECT
story of suspect truth RUMOUR
attractive to the eye PICTURESQUE
twist or foxtrot DANCE
doctor's business PRACTICE
long-handled tool SCREWDRIVER
life may give this fruit LEMON
capital of Japan TOKYO
Michelle, to Sasha and Malia MOTHER
construction plan DESIGN
engine variety DIESEL
size or style of printing TYPEFACE
explosive liquid, briefly NITRO
means of livelihood SUSTENANCE
cream soda flavoring VANILLA
chicken purchase FRYER
pleasing to the ear MELODIOUS
pulled out WITHDREW
deface, as a postage stamp CANCEL
checkered cloth pattern PLAID
symbol of home HEARTH
paternity FATHERHOOD
police rank SERGEANT
use your imagination FANTASIZE
cheering sound HURRAY
modified waltz BOSTON
comic opera BOUFFE
showy extra FRILL
newly established colony PLANTATION
excessive enthusiasm MANIA
sightseeing business TOURISM
reason to signal TURN
orchestra conductor MAESTRO
hold back SUPPRESS
vaccine deliverer HYPODERMIC
degree of development STATURE
cause of a wince PAIN
reconcile CONCILIATE
amusement show CARNIVAL
Old World EUROPE
pass up OVERTAKE
full amount COMPLEMENT
winter precipitation SNOWFALL
robust or uninhibited EARTHY
savings activity COUPONING
bounce a basketball DRIBBLE
rain collector GUTTER
seasoning POTHERB
small percussion instrument TAMBOURINE
baby in pink GIRL
get rid of chaff WINNOW
like a struck tuning fork VIBRATING
in question REFUTABLE
flamboyant charlatan MOUNTEBANK
tightly knit group of zealots CADRE
shabby and broken-down DILAPIDATED
request formally INVITE
border decoration FRINGE
astronaut's outfit SPACESUIT
making a quarterback sack TACKLING
romanticized GLAMORIZED
more than usual INORDINATE
ambergris source WHALE
assault verbally VITRIOL
smorgasbord GALLIMAUFRY
wide-ranging ECLECTIC
prolific FECUND
relevant GERMANE
pre-meal bite APPETIZER
floor covering CARPET
walk unsteadily TOTTER
sensational headline SCREAMER
mathematics of projectiles BALLISTICS
carve in relief EMBOSS
war winner CONQUEROR
honey pot CRUSE
behind the scenes SECRETLY
large wardrobe ARMOIRE
sonorousness RESONANCE
sumptuous LUSH
awry WONKY
public squares PLAZAS
getting off the hook ACQUITTING
pack rat HOARDER
eruption of gas BELCH
British parting CHEERIO
subjected to a fine PENALIZED
throw overboard JETTISON
leg-pulling JOCULARITY
restaurant check CHIT
jagged wound LACERATION
lackadaisical LANGUID
pimento-stuffed fruit OLIVE
active at night NOCTURNAL
technological system AUTOMATION
feeling compassion CARING
what a whale breathes through BLOWHOLE
Ponzi had one SCHEME
generous BOUNTIFUL
arm muscle BICEPS
mend, as a sock DARN
curly hairpiece FRISETTE
have a leg on either side of STRADDLE
Mowgli's creator KIPLING
small parrot LORIKEET
fabric pattern HERRINGBONE
public protest OUTCRY
stick closely to CLING
one of the Marx Brothers CHICO
dawdling POKY
not competent INCAPABLE
medical school graduate PHYSICIAN
provide knowledge INFORM
swindle FINAGLE
proprietary BRANDED
having influence over AFFECTING
one with little to say GRUNTER
produces BEGETS
engaged in conflict EMBROILED
crowding around BESIEGING
head over heels GAGA
exposes bugs to smoke FUMIGATES
blocked, as a road IMPASSABLE
exposure to the sun INSOLATION
invalidates ANNULS
old coot CODGER
online purchase system PAYPAL
gadget DEVICE
where Hanoi is VIETNAM
laughable LUDICROUS
bedtime tune LULLABY
alternatives to the subway CABS
singing like a bird WARBLING
something stunning DAZZLER
"Ben-Hur" racer CHARIOTEER
wear away ERODE
like a yes-man SYCOPHANTIC
stop between flights LAYOVER
author Norman MAILER
plot consistency CONTINUITY
one-half of a fluid ounce TABLESPOON
avoid using ESCHEW
close-mindedness of a sort INTOLERANCE
"No Such Thing" singer John MAYER
reason to dial 911 EMERGENCY
abundance's opposite SCARCITY
sent out a brief signal PULSED
like jambalaya CAJUN
expert MAVEN
full of bells and whistles GIMMICKY
completely ALTOGETHER
first-day-of-class handout SYLLABUS
harvested REAPED
fictional butler JEEVES
temporary rides LOANERS
overlarge, as pants BAGGY
apartment sharer ROOMIE
hairs on a brush BRISTLES
prominently display SHOWCASE
exhausted ZONKED
what Ann Landers offered ADVICE
support or defend UPHOLD
Malaysian currency RINGGITS
big, hairy spiders TARANTULAS
elementary atomic particle PHOTON
promoting digestion PEPTIC
vaccinating IMMUNIZING
habit WONT
performer's platform BANDSTAND
seaport in Georgia SAVANNAH
auto accident WRECK
folks having lunch in a park PICNICKERS
another name for the ilium HIPBONE
prediction of things to come PROPHECY
annoying IRKSOME
bone beside the tibia FIBULA
device used to time a runner STOPWATCH
interoffice message MEMO
more mischievous NAUGHTIER
come into view APPEAR
most important PREDOMINANT
pertaining to ships NAVAL
fragrant yellow flower MARIGOLD
astonished STUPEFIED
having a wide range EXPANSIVE
disproportionately UNDULY
ad agency scribbler COPYWRITER
Gwyneth of "Iron Man" PALTROW
knife or fork UTENSIL
blows hot air BOMBASTS
Paris subway METRO
says wrongly MISSTATES
sand hill DUNE
withdrawn SECLUDED
portrayed DEPICTED
hockey great Stan MIKITA
pertaining to Spielburg, say DIRECTORIAL
punishing severely CASTIGATING
combativeness MILITANCE
Fred's pal Barney RUBBLE
author of "The Fountainhead" RAND
devoutly PIOUSLY
checking over, as tax forms AUDITING
removals, as of troops PULLOUTS
position of dominance ASCENDENCY
pointing the way DIRECTING
runs badly MISMANAGES
held in one's arms CRADLED
popular typeface HELVETICA
out-of-court testimony DEPOSITION
thread holders BOBBINS
"taste the rainbow" candy SKITTLES
make fun of SATIRIZE
less firm WOBBLIER
climbing up SCALING
water channel SLUICE
hanging around LINGERING
like some spacecraft UNMANNED
hawking one's wares PEDDLING
like many gym-goers SWEATY
Sam and Buck UNCLES
regard with contempt DESPISE
multinational energy company CHEVRON
where firing takes place KILN
warm coverlet BEDQUILT
"relative" advantage NEPOTISM
without exception UNIVERSALLY
German supermarket chain ALDI
anthology GARLAND
singing jauntily LILTING
identified the problem DIAGNOSED
alloy components METALS
Currier or Ives, e.g. ENGRAVER
Washington and Lincoln CITIES
party after a wedding RECEPTION
Ferdinand's wife ISABELLA
grill brand WEBER
resettle EMIGRATE
give too low a value to UNDERRATE
hectored BADGERED
walking slowly TRUDGING
cookie inclusions, sometimes FORTUNES
imposes, as a tax LEVIES
carved GRAVEN
artery to the head CAROTID
doilies, perhaps LACEWORKS
promoted or hyped TOUTED
branch of political science CIVICS
imposition OBTRUSION
seemingly self-contradictory PARADOXICAL
beehive output HONEY
actress Naomi WATTS
unwilling to give up PERSISTENT
made a pained sound MOANED
express opposition DISSENT
hole count on a golf course EIGHTEEN
moved stealthily PROWLED
mellow Oscar winner Tim ROBBINS
washroom tubs BASINS
where to see Shamu SEAWORLD
bends in the road CURVES
letting fall DROPPING
emptied one's baggage UNPACKED
least complicated SIMPLEST
take the place of SUPERCEDE
relief work CAMEO
out of shape CONTORTED
valve in brass instrument PISTON
abide REMAIN
Ivan, CEO of Glencore GLASENBERG
dog-eat-dog RUTHLESS
the Dog Star SIRIUS
dogsbody SKIVVY
dog tired EXHAUSTED
dog's dinner MESS
"Dear Sir," for example SALUTATION
soft, unripened cheese NEUFCHATEL
is insistent upon DEMANDS
choreographer Alvin AILEY
steered clear of AVOIDED
sold to a pawn shop HOCKED
prepare to be knighted, say KNEEL
Joey Bishop cohort Dean MARTIN
castle walls PARAPETS
future queen, maybe PRINCESS
eat like a king FEAST
chess master Garry KASPAROV
like "accomodate" MISSPELLED
most ready to crash SLEEPIEST
unearths DISCOVERS
heat illness SUNSTROKE
combined, in a way ALLOYED
taking all for oneself HOGGING
sound-based PHONETIC
homesteader PIONEER
homesick LONESOME
homework LESSON
homecoming RETURN
homebody RECLUSE
homeboy FRIEND
homespun RUSTIC
greenness VERDURE
sky blue CERULEAN
brilliant scarlet VERMILLION
light golden brown HAZEL
reddish RUBICUND
bright green-yellow CHARTREUSE
bright blue ULTRAMARINE
more luxuriant LUSHER
Dutch national color ORANGE
last word GOODBYE
an island of Vanuatu EFATE
slippery youngster ELVER
Irish "capitalist" DUBLINER
downward slope DECLIVITY
orangeroot GOLDENSEAL
yellow-belly COWARD
green-eyed JEALOUS
blue asbestos CROCIDOLITE
indigo snake genus DRYMARCHON
shrinking violet MOUSE
ramming down into TAMPING
object made by a human being ARTIFACT
divided into three parts TRISECTED
became less intense ABATED
continuing, despite setbacks PERSEVERING
fiddle sticks BOWS
demanded loudly CLAMORED
postponed DEFERRED
someone who scores COMPOSER
Russian tea maker SAMOVAR
Union leader SHERMAN
ignored UNHEEDED
English footballer Wayne ROONEY
prized Japanese cattle breed WAGYU
mar debajo del nivel de mar MUERTO
plan de viaje ITINERARIO
recomendación, consejo SUGERENCIA
algo que se mide en metros DISTANCIA
opuesto de positivo NEGATIVO
de buena salud SANO
lengua clásica de la India SÁNSCRITO
volante del barco TIMÓN
producto principal de Quaker AVENA
planta trepadora ENREDADERA
benefactor del arte MECENAS
estudio de un asunto ANÁLISIS
camas superpuestas LITERAS
accesorio femenino POLVERA
un baile caribeño SALSA
un golpe en la cara GALLETA
instrumento de jazz SAXO
sin arrugas TERSO
está al final del arco iris TESORO
nacionalidad de Bob Marley JAMAICANO
cualidad de un consejero JUICIOSO
basketball superstar Michael JORDAN
cowardly YELLOW
sweetheart DARLING
onwards FORTH
Scottish tennis player Andy MURRAY
shallow dish for food PLATE
British statesman CHURCHILL
new hire TRAINEE
hired supporters CLAQUE
hired ride LIMOUSINE
hired help DOMESTIC
hire another firm SUBCONTRACT
hirer BOSS
quick flow of speech BURBLE
popular lens brand VIVITAR
spine-mind interface BRAINSTEM
eccentric person FRUITCAKE
sun dog, formally PARHELION
hitter needed in the 9th CLUTCH
never defeated UNBEATEN
secretly followed TAILED
it prevents damage to sewer THIMBLE
on horseback MOUNTED
get cracking DECODE
legendary Australian batsman BRADMAN
despicability BASENESS
high-scoring game SHOOTOUT
large hybrid sail GENNAKER
"The English Patient" writer ONDAATJE
one who makes brass objects BRAZIER
"The Father of History" HERODOTUS
a sign of impending change BAROMETER
mockingbird relative THRASHER
like some cookware ENAMELED
lessening the shock of BUFFERING
sheriffs' stars BADGES
ditties TUNES
brand of infant formula ENFAMIL
cry of anguish AARGH
barked body part SHINS
actor McConaughey MATTHEW
queues LINES
inclusive discussion ROUNDTABLE
hanging artwork MOBILES
got more heated INTENSIFIED
cut-and-dried ROUTINE
cutting edge VANGUARD
cut short CURTAIL
cutting board user BUTCHER
cutting horse rider COWBOY
cut loose FREED
cut corners ECONOMIZE
psychology test component INKBLOT
selling VENDING
coil or ceremony INDUCTION
lines, in England QUEUES
iPhone assistant SIRI
dental dilemmas TOOTHACHES
follower of Sigmund FREUDIAN
worked up a froth LATHERED
steps up LADDER
Myanmar capital city NAYPYIDAW
royal issue PRINCESS
mouthwash brand LISTERINE
intuitively understanding GROKKING
supreme commander of a fleet ADMIRAL
flower of the lily family FRITILLARY
bird with showy plumage PEACOCK
punctuation mark COMMA
British low-cost airline MONARCH
person who controls access GATEKEEPER
UK prime minister Edward HEATH
standards of behavior MORALS
deprived of someone close BEREAVED
"courtly" pleading DEFENSE
solitary actress Greta GARBO
pale clay mineral ILLITE
speaking the truth VERACIOUS
absolved from blame EXONERATED
achieved by chance FLUKEY
capable of articulation UTTERABLE
ugly old woman CRONE
appealing person APPELLANT
they're sold at stock market CATTLE
offensive soccer player STRIKER
decreed, in Scots law DECERNED
where one may find relief LATRINE
flammable hydrocarbon gas BUTANE
strengthened BOLSTERED
having no equal UNRIVALED
stares at closely EYEBALLS
supporters on golf course TEES
isolation of incomers, say QUARANTINE
not at all complicated SIMPLISTIC
"for sure" INDEED
shifted direction VEERED
small men's swimsuits SPEEDOS
puts stress on EMPHASIZES
finalize a contract SIGN
went back into business REOPENED
make a high sign SKYWRITE
get one's bearings again REORIENT
start of an address HTTP
like wet and snowy roads SLUSHY
jeans man Strauss LEVI
granite kitchen slabs COUNTERTOPS
Pledge rival ENDUST
circled like a satellite ORBITED
small sailing vessels CARAVELS
gloomily BLACKLY
semi-nomadic people of Kenya MAASAI
boisterous play HORSING
made sense of DECIPHERED
swift of foot FLEET
seeker of animal hides TRAPPER
over much of a week MULTIDAY
allowing upward drifting ANTIGRAVITY
nannies and billies GOATS
2013 Super Bowl MVP Joe FLACCO
Oscar-awarding group AMPAS
years of production VINTAGES
zipping about DARTING
Skylarks and Rivieras BUICKS
worldwide PLANETARY
wife of Iago EMILIA
put back into office REINSTATE
not worthy UNDESERVING
compound found in tea TANNIN
legendary investor Warren BUFFETT
five year periods QUINQUENNIA
on the inside INTERNALLY
away from the north SOUTHWARD
rendered null and void INVALIDATED
Dublin's river LIFFEY
oil-based spread OLIVIO
Portuguese soccer great EUSEBIO
Indian state in Himalayas UTTARAKHAND
disgraceful INGLORIOUS
one and all EVERYBODY
having excellent taste DELICIOUS
Swiss town famous for cheese GRUYERES
expressing disapproval HISSING
showing off PARADING
trice JIFF
Tabasco maker MCILHENNY
Norwegian Coastal Express HURTIGRUTEN
appealed earnestly ADJURED
giving a clue HINTING
put right REMEDIED
county of Carroll's cat CHESHIRE
made corrections by editing EMENDED
friend of Athos and Porthos ARAMIS
Twist chef Pierre GAGNAIRE
with steady, earnest effort DILIGENTLY
spicy Asian rice dish PILAFF
associate cordially FRATERNIZE
man who may wear tights DANSEUR
jostling "humerus-ly" ELBOWING
desktop image choices BACKGROUNDS
imposing limits RESTRICTIVE
submissiveness PASSIVENESS
one's own man INDEPENDENT
drawing near APPROACHING
Ontario neighbor MANITOBA
time for a crisis MIDLIFE
movie lovers CINEPHILES
utterly uncomplicated ELEMENTAL
cash registers TILLS
landlord's business RENTING
indirect quality OBLIQUENESS
washing machine phases CYCLES
former "The View" cohost Joy BEHAR
fancy playing marbles TAWS
conking out, as a car STALLING
in a high-pressure way STRESSFULLY
squirt of club soda SPRITZ
metal used in golf clubs TITANIUM
Ricky Ricardo's nightclub TROPICANA
glee club activity SINGING
American Kennel Club member PUREBRED
club mailing NEWSLETTER
policeman's club TRUNCHEON
links between banks BRIDGES
Mississippi state capital JACKSON
skeins of yarn HANKS
area of Scottish Highlands SUTHERLAND
he's at liberty FREEMAN
register LEDGER
online university PHOENIX
down in the dumps FORLORN
let down easy CUSHION
down to the wire CLOSE
die down DIMINISH
talking down to PATRONIZING
throw down the gauntlet CHALLENGE
from the Land Down Under AUSTRALIAN
in need of an iron RUMPLY
chilled out VEGGED
Saskatchewan CFL player ROUGHRIDER
off to the side (in talking) PARENTHETIC
the chances of success ODDS
in a cunning manner SLILY
aquiline beak HAWKNOSE
famed island of immigration ELLIS
causing harm INJURING
feature of many Poe works DREARINESS
traveled without concerns FREEWHEELED
hobbies PURSUITS
explosive measurement MEGATON
capital of New Brunswick FREDERICTON
outback loafer SUNDOWNER
Australian actor, Hugo WEAVING
chess piece QUEEN
low ball in cricket GAZUNDER
bankrupt INSOLVENT
cattle or sheep farmer PASTORALIST
evidence giver TESTIFIER
attacks with artillery BOMBARDS
impetuosity HASTINESS
country of origin MOTHERLAND
big tooth MOLAR
worried a lot FRETTED
blocking out MASKING
electricity producers GENERATORS
leechlike PARASITIC
free samples HANDOUTS
detachment SEVERANCE
rowed a boat SCULLED
one up for public office CANDIDATE
group of advisors CABINET
supreme ruler SOVEREIGN
leader of a town MAYOR
politically neutral person MUGWUMP
corrupt politician HIGHBINDER
her face launched 1000 ships HELEN
Irish Atlantic peninsula DINGLE
city of northern Poland BYDGOSZCZ
yowled like a feline CATERWAULED
Willie Sutton's targets BANKS
Abercrombie's other half FITCH
deadly kind of plague BUBONIC
Antarctic research station MCMURDO
more curious STRANGER
to give prominence to DISTINGUISH
classic Italian motorcycle BIANCHI
parasitic New World bird COWBIRD
sharing emcee duties COHOSTING
remove obstacles from a path SMOOTH
good things to give COMPLIMENTS
started a business jointly COFOUNDED
like a beach SANDY
early search engine ALTAVISTA
common athletic malady TENDINITIS
alerted in advance FOREWARNED
2 and -2, for two INTEGERS
more amusing FUNNIER
like Paul Gauguin's settings TAHITIAN
exciting books and movies THRILLERS
Walt Disney's middle name ELIAS
number of people in a group HEADCOUNT
not successful as an author UNPUBLISHED
breakout, as a performance SUCCESSFUL
break down EXPLAIN
break into smithereens SMASH
what teens may break CURFEW
take a break RELAX
it may be break-action SHOTGUN
apt to break down RICKETY
Dutch hall of famer Blyleven BERT
put into motion ACTUATED
equals PEERS
original form of waltz VIENNESE
affinity KINSHIP
in a sleepy manner DROWSILY
largest city in Alaska ANCHORAGE
a fast low tennis serve CANNONBALL
a tasty aroma may cause it SALIVATION
people who fear foreigners XENOPHOBES
put too much into OVERFILLED
more cumbersome BULKIER
GMC sport utility vehicle YUKON
twilight, old-style GLOAM
parties in a suit LITIGANTS
person who cows others INTIMIDATOR
small fish FINGERLING
Tony Danza costar Light JUDITH
not fast or slow, musically MODERATO
central NODAL
unit of pressure KILOBAR
it might follow an "ad" NAUSEAM
TV actress Mindy KALING
author and composer Paul BOWLES
hybrid wintry wear GLITTENS
ambitious type HIGHFLIER
crab, for one CRUSTACEAN
crabwise SIDEWAYS
Crab Nebula constellation TAURUS
kind of crab SPIDER
"The Little Mermaid" crab SEBASTIAN
crabapple genus MALUS
chemical in hot peppers CAPSAICIN
quality of old floorboards CREAKINESS
outdoes BESTS
organ manufacturer HAMMOND
created again REMADE
spending plans BUDGETS
rehearses PRACTICES
Starr, Moon, and others DRUMMERS
blushing person's quality REDNESS
most majestic GRANDEST
investigating EXPLORING
cotton fabric MADRAS
shapeless masses BLOBS
drank quickly GUZZLED
elegant existence HIGHLIFE
Italian singer Bocelli ANDREA
Puck on the Food Network WOLFGANG
Costa Rican volcano ARENAL
without sophistication RUSTICALLY
tiny American hummingbird CALLIOPE
instruments for walkers PEDOMETERS
actress Lane DIANE
"rah" and "hip hip hooray" CHEERS
throw stones at PELT
like a lass MAIDENLY
clothing fabrics COTTONS
give a hard time HARASS
give the cold shoulder SHUN
give away EXPOSE
give the boot EVICT
give up CONCEDE
Canadian actress Elisha CUTHBERT
in a kid-like way YOUTHFULLY
Reagan-era scandal IRANGATE
"money-making" operation MINTAGE
some Madison Avenue workers ADWOMEN
War of 1812 Museum locale PLATTSBURGH
does an end zone dance, e.g. SHOWBOATS
most prying NOSIEST
poetic beats IAMBI
many Woodstock attendees HIPPIES
Revolutionary hero Nathan HALE
like some earrings HOOPED
befuddles FLUMMOXES
outdoor dining areas TERRACES
how a ballad may be sung SOULFULLY
New Jersey city HOBOKEN
Juli Inkster's tour LPGA
filled holes in a wall SPACKLED
female ruler EMPRESS
blucher or loafer SHOE
winter windshield clearer SNOWBRUSH
vaporize ABLATE
be in charge of HEAD
dirtily FILTHILY
able to be shown REVEALABLE
Indian UNESCO cave monuments AJANTA
stealthily deceitful INSIDIOUS
regarded with disdain DESPICABLE
disagreeable BEASTLY
repulsive REVOLTING
contemptible WRETCHED
miserable and lousy CRUMMY
vindictive MALICIOUS
"Pilgrim's Progress" author BUNYAN
stealing from, as pockets PICKING
lift up RAISE
unyielding RELENTLESS
relating to heavenly bodies PLANETARY
plunge in water to cool QUENCH
Estée Lauder beauty brand AVEDA
grumpy one CURMUDGEON
hungry for success AMBITIOUS
happy coincidence SERENDIPITY
"angry" pasta dish ARRABIATA
"Captains Courageous" author KIPLING
sleepy little town BACKWATER
Modest Mouse singer Isaac BROCK
sphere of operation AMBIT
full of zest ZINGY
lab containers BEAKERS
puts forward POSTULATES
bird noise CHIRPING
putting off DEFERRING
came about EVENTUATED
grad school summary PRECIS
coastal Carolina Cape HATTARAS
having a winter blanket SNOWCAPPED
with much abundance BOUNTIFULLY
some Buffalo "wings" SABRES
shipyard overseer DOCKMASTER
big name in the spice aisle MCCORMICK
illegal inheritance seizer ABATOR
severely critical CAUSTIC
Microsoft's Flash equivalent SILVERLIGHT
deep-fried Italian pastry ZEPPOLE
long, hooded cloak CAPOTE
resembling a snake ANGUINE
young salmon SAMLET