7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
with identity hidden INCOGNITO
spherical toys MARBLES
strongly attractive MAGNETIC
timepiece WATCH
Bob of "The Price Is Right" BARKER
Garfield's food of choice LASAGNA
West African nation GHANA
bird of prey RAPTOR
runs into COLLIDES
galactic hitchhiking necessity TOWEL
it squirts out milk UDDER
fool with TAMPER
wrap up a wound BANDAGE
headdress TURBAN
ringed planet SATURN
piece of numerical data STATISTIC
variant of a language DIALECT
honor and admiration PRESTIGE
intellectual THINKER
creative ARTISTIC
Miss Piggy or Kermit MUPPET
make publicly known DISCLOSE
a career in ruins ARCHAEOLOGY
a vein pursuit MINING
intrepid one DAREDEVIL
utter failure DEBACLE
forward progress GAIN
London transportation UNDERGROUND
1941 Disney film DUMBO
comfort SOLACE
Charlie Parker's instrument SAXOPHONE
Spirit of St. Louis pilot LINDBERGH
jazz style BEBOP
iridescent gemstone OPAL
reserve BOOK
not abstract CONCRETE
old style of lamp GASLIGHT
words with similar meanings SYNONYMS
cheap and gaudy TAWDRY
overly optimistic person POLLYANNA
manner of speaker DICTION
surgical knives SCALPELS
trophy alternative PLAQUE
planner's problem HITCH
"special" stuff on a Big Mac SAUCE
combination of musical notes CHORD
happen to BEFALL
stare at an accident RUBBERNECK
one of a kind UNIQUE
lazybones SLUGABED
exuberant cry YAHOO
kind of energy KINETIC
Brazilian dance SAMBA
gloss over WHITEWASH
dish the dirt GOSSIP
absence of political authority ANARCHY
Clark Kent's hometown SMALLVILLE
it has a gnomon SUNDIAL
flock member LAMB
not give in RESIST
voyage or exploration TREK
verbally fight BICKER
twill fabric CHINO
coarse floor covering DRUGGET
simple and unsophisticated HOMESPUN
light banter PERSIFLAGE
menacing BALEFUL
wordy PROLIX
part representing the whole SYNECDOCHE
glass home for plants GREENHOUSE
chorus activity SINGING
hair above the lip MUSTACHE
what an MD practices MEDICINE
plot a ship's course NAVIGATE
Abe Lincoln's birthplace KENTUCKY
where a pitcher warms up BULLPEN
readily available CONVENIENT
high-speed traffic site FREEWAY
film equipment PROJECTOR
use a vacuum CLEAN
protection SECURITY
"Curious" monkey GEORGE
consisting of words VERBAL
cajole WHEEDLE
hoarder's collection CLUTTER
enticement TEMPTATION
fixed fee STIPEND
easily moved to tears MAUDLIN
shaving foam LATHER
multi-talented VERSATILE
mental activity THOUGHT
act of treachery BETRAYAL
ground squirrel GOPHER
fleshy fruit PEAR
rendering in a new language TRANSLATION
self-respect DIGNITY
declaration of policies MANIFESTO
give a reason to JUSTIFY
baby's pacifier DUMMY
one who may need an alibi SUSPECT
quiz show participant CONTESTANT
seen everyday COMMONPLACE
small cut SCRATCH
checkered cloth pattern PLAID
soda choice COLA
red fruit CHERRY
pottery jar CROCK
diner employee WAITRESS
claptrap BUNKUM
not mine YOURS
cordial reception WELCOME
not on the schedule UNPLANNED
earthenware vessel CROCK
not neatly dressed FROWZY
Wyoming's capital CHEYENNE
deserving WORTHY
mixed up GARBLED
one-twelfth of a gross DOZEN
weak point SHORTCOMING
high school student TEENAGER
horse pace GAIT
birthright PRIVILEGE
town dweller CITIZEN
counterfeit SPURIOUS
grave distress ADVERSITY
funny-sounding bone HUMERUS
slight depression DENT
imperfection BLEMISH
cracker SALTINE
distaste AVERSION
soccer mom's vehicle MINIVAN
unrestricted LIMITLESS
he resigned on 8/9/74 NIXON
spicy Asian cabbage KIMCHI
convict, slangily JAILBIRD
stereo fan AUDIOPHILE
concert receipts GATE
script location SCENE
subatomic particle MESON
contacting via a beeper PAGING
magazine copy ISSUE
reserved INHIBITED
as of late RECENTLY
censor BLEEP
submarine portal HATCH
made easy SIMPLIFIED
expressing indirectly IMPLYING
eagerness ALACRITY
first-rate NIFTY
hit just beyond the infield BLOOP
follower of current events ELECTRICIAN
catching Zs ASLEEP
working together in secret COLLUSIVE
try to bag a bear HUNT
guest welcomer HOSTESS
James Stewart's profession ACTING
foot examiner CHIROPODIST
not far away NEAR
exceptionally large MONSTROUS
connected ASSOCIATED
basic draining work PLUMBING
one on the radio BROADCASTER
continue on PROCEED
fourth down player PUNTER
metal urn SAMOVAR
effective hen LAYER
invisible rabbit of film HARVEY
toilet component BALLCOCK
mix together SHUFFLE
tractor trail FURROW
law enforcement study CRIMINOLOGY
do math like rabbits MULTIPLY
candy bar center NOUGAT
a great buy STEAL
beekeeping APICULTURE
female object of affection GIRLFRIEND
list of signatures PETITION
under the briny SUNKEN
leave the group SECEDE
delay to gain time TEMPORIZE
morsels for frogs FLIES
ingredient in making glass SILICA
toward a higher spot UPWARDS
mulled over RUMINATED
exclamation of impatience PISH
faltered STUMBLED
part of a scooter FOOTBOARD
knocked out UNCONSCIOUS
good at tumbling ACROBATIC
add beauty to ORNAMENT
gentle push NUDGE
deep feeling of sadness BLUES
place to dip a quill INKWELL
Smokey Bear, for one MASCOT
rotating rod in a car DRIVESHAFT
Hawaiian capital HONOLULU
pass through a sieve SIFT
disgusting, dude GNARLY
length of the arm REACH
Titanic escape LIFEBOAT
taxiing vehicle AIRLINER
software reversal UNDO
star in Orion BETELGEUSE
run together CONVERGE
acreage set aside for wildlife REFUGE
Morse or Alito SAMUEL
Waldorf salad ingredients WALNUTS
state of extreme poverty DEPRIVATION
main blood line ARTERY
political scandal maker MUDSLINGER
distress AFFLICT
extremely wicked FIENDISH
for the time being TEMPORARILY
mouse action CLICK
elbowed NUDGED
destroy through oxidation CORRODE
3.26 light years PARSEC
"Eight Elvises" painter WARHOL
be understanding of EMPATHIZE
leader in title only FIGUREHEAD
like some sci-fi FUTURISTIC
rising again RESURGENT
assigned to a base STATIONED
strenuous TIRING
cafeteria EATERY
greeted with a salute HAILED
disturb AGITATE
frozen custard flavor CHOCOLATE
carried out EXECUTED
bird aka the nightjar GOATSUCKER
theater company members THESPIANS
yanking JERKING
fortified with vitamins ENRICHED
home of Ramadi & Fallujah IRAQ
expensive violin, briefly STRAD
gloomy Gus PESSIMIST
lizard or turtle REPTILE
number at a gas pump OCTANE
southeast Asian country LAOS
long-nosed swimmer SWORDFISH
clumsy and awkward GRACELESS
tuxedo accessory CUMMERBUND
extremely successful GANGBUSTERS
detach, in a way UNPIN
computer expert TECHIE
handcuff MANACLE
host of a TV "Report" COLBERT
long look GAZE
excessive compliments FLATTERY
suspicious look FISHEYE
plain quality DRABNESS
distinctive uniform LIVERY
way to cook on an open fire POTHOOK
paternal FATHERLY
silent Marx brother HARPO
reddish gem CARNELIAN
more threadbare RATTIER
city on the Tyne NEWCASTLE
entreat earnestly BESEECH
sudden raid BLITZKRIEG
neighborhoods BAILIWICKS
behaved like sugar in water DISSOLVED
music event CONCERT
philosophies WORLDVIEWS
pointillist painter SEURAT
take long steps STRIDE
worked out EXERCISED
conscientious MINDFUL
getting one's bearings again REORIENTING
infant stomach ailment COLIC
fruit in Ocean Spray juices CRANBERRY
race car on a 1/4-mile track DRAGSTER
inn manager HOTELIER
U2 frontman BONO
bouncy SPRINGY
acts out without speaking PANTOMIMES
fraction of a pound sterling PENCE
Prius maker TOYOTA
vociferous LOUDMOUTHED
Utah Jazz legend John STOCKTON
obscure speculation MYSTICISM
one administering a test EXAMINER
some trial endings ACQUITTALS
electric guitar attachment AMPLIFIER
sanctuary HAVEN
minis and maxis SKIRTS
marshmallow roasting site CAMPFIRE
New Zealand's capital WELLINGTON
place for a rocking chair PORCH
Don Quixote tilted at them WINDMILLS
peel, as an apple PARE
occupants who pay rent TENANTS
countermand OVERRIDE
balanced, as a committee BIPARTISAN
slow cooker concoctions STEWS
skilled writer WORDSMITH
invader who crossed the Alps HANNIBAL
inescapable situation IMPASSE
candy that isn't swallowed BUBBLEGUM
large-scale gardener LANDSCAPER
show the ropes to ORIENT
expensive COSTLY
prison measure after a riot LOCKDOWN
most squalid MANGIEST
Batman's police contact GORDON
gray matter INTELLECT
eating away at you STRESSFUL
eerie SPOOKY
ammo used to hunt quails BIRDSHOT
least possible MINIMAL
Anne Sullivan's student KELLER
Redbox unit KIOSK
openly condemn DECRY
lack of empathy CALLOUSNESS
instrument for poking PRODDER
muscle sense KINESTHESIA
comedian Sarah SILVERMAN
didn't keep up LAGGED
friendless person's emotion LONELINESS
unspoken, as an agreement NONVERBAL
jewelry store workers, say ENGRAVERS
occupying INHABITING
desensitizes NUMBS
Broadway star Elaine STRITCH
what dues are often paid for MEMBERSHIP
Ringo's given surname STARKEY
cheerleading move HANDSTAND
putting pressure on, maybe SQUEEZING
lobster eaters' protection BIBS
wallop SOCK
hung around LINGERED
local tournament REGIONAL
despotic rulers TYRANTS
cut from the payroll FIRED
comedian Rivers JOAN
absolved PARDONED
bread rolls BUNS
in a complex way INTRICATELY
redivider, for example PALINDROME
zone south of the Sahara SAHEL
places to put arms SLEEVES
pertaining to plants BOTANICAL
capital of Pakistani Punjab LAHORE
Welsh actor Richard BURTON
underemphasized DOWNPLAYED
judges wear them ROBES
took a shine to LIKED
changes form TRANSMUTES
multiply by six SEXTUPLE
trash compactor, for example CRUSHER
sunny travel destination TROPICS
make dirty BEFOUL
integrity PROBITY
snug COMFY
without restrictions UNHINDERED
NBA coaching great Red AUERBACH
look and keep looking STARE
beyond tolerance UNBEARABLY
full description of a place TOPOGRAPHY
rummy-like card game CANASTA
cleaned shrimp DEVEINED
home attention getters DOORBELLS
showing canine enthusiasm WAGGING
Spanish explorer BALBOA
opinion polls SURVEYS
Damascus residents SYRIANS
give less than one should SHORTCHANGE
alternate route DETOUR
odometer's number MILEAGE
strengthened FORTIFIED
momentous PORTENTOUS
like duck's feet WEBBED
adding up wrongly MISCOUNTING
kitchen storage, as a whole CABINETRY
"Get Smart" name MAXWELL
record holders SPINDLES
worked together INTERACTED
oats' namesake brand AVEENO
does an impression of IMITATES
enjoys a soak BATHES
German opera composer STRAUSS
treats unfairly WRONGS
musical instrument with keys ACCORDION
of key importance CRITICAL
Keystone State city PITTSBURGH
singer-songwriter Keys ALICIA
uppercase key SHIFT
under lock and key SECURE
the Florida Keys ISLANDS
driven back REPULSED
region of Oceania AUSTRALASIA
they may be found in a jam CARS
noise heard in hen house CLUCKING
sparkling AGLITTER
back to front, for example ANTONYM
extended STRETCHED
crackerjack PHENOMENAL
cracker brand name ZESTA
have a crack at ATTEMPT
wisecracking FACETIOUS
crackpot LUNATIC
deep crack FISSURE
excess of votes PLURALITY
produced an emotional effect RESONATED
start of a woodland path TRAILHEAD
planet-visiting space probe LANDER
novelist Upton SINCLAIR
part-time paid athlete SEMIPRO
first hole of the back nine TENTH
tired of being on the road WAYWORN
exhausted SPENT
losing energy DROOPING
wiped out WEARY
completely fatigued BUSHED
capable of being tired out DEFATIGABLE
physically tired PROSTRATE
American Samoa's group OCEANIA
"American Bandstand" host CLARK
American Red Cross founder BARTON
American, for one CHEESE
American asset AIRPLANE
American Express rival MASTERCARD
original American Girl doll SAMANTHA
tights, socks and stockings HOSIERY
long-windedness PROLIXITY
derivative UNORIGINAL
with it one makes waves HAND
member of a city council ALDERWOMAN
encircling GIRDING
rid of vermin DISINFEST
singing to recorded backup KARAOKE
sing with a quavering voice TRILL
sing with quavers WARBLE
vocal jazz improv SCAT
place to practice singing SHOWER
sometimes they are sung TELEGRAMS
lyric soprano COLORATURA
suffered in the heat SWELTERED
more reasonable SANER
adding nutrients to ENRICHING
minor insults SLIGHTS
tent in Mongolia YURT
least adorned PLAINEST
hanging loosely DRAPING
shingles, for example ROOFING
induce one to spend more UPSELL
bastions of book borrowing LIBRARIES
mobile book-reading device EREADER
uproarious email response ROFLOL
Wisconsin River tributary KICKAPOO
website about urban legends SNOPES
película Disney de China MULÁN
no transitorio PERMANENTE
insecto que vuela y pica MOSQUITO
mordedura de insecto PICADURA
él conecta la mano al cuerpo BRAZO
país del Monte Everest NEPAL
especie de pez PERCA
chico, adolescente MUCHACHO
prima del violín VIOLA
mandar, exportar ENVIAR
lo que se contamina la salud VIRUS
anuncio o noticia AVISO
la que el criminal no quiere EVIDENCIA
la ropa de una novia VESTIDO
un país africano NIGERIA
hermana de Penélope Cruz MÓNICA
relacionado con la vejez GERIÁTRICO
anteojos a la mitad MONÓCULO
serpiente CULEBRA
expresión para bien hecho BRAVO
excitado, agitado FRENÉTICO
post office purchases STAMPS
remove from office UNSEAT
office seeker CANDIDATE
office help GOFER
front office MANAGEMENT
OfficeMax competitor STAPLES
law office FIRM
light-fingered THIEVING
lighten up CHILL
light upon ENCOUNTER
light quantum PHOTON
lightning bug FIREFLY
light-headed DIZZY
in light of CONSIDERING
fluent in three languages TRILINGUAL
moral philosopher ETHICIST
population growth factor BIRTHRATE
was better behind the bench OUTCOACHED
made susceptible to PREDISPOSED
duplicity DECEIT
New Brunswick hub city MONCTON
open compartment in a desk PIGEONHOLE
established settlements in COLONIZED
emitted froth FOAMED
historical tall tales LEGENDS
sewed up, as a deal CLINCHED
impose, as punishment INFLICT
"Nighthawks" painter Edward HOPPER
is victorious WINS
second person, historically THOU
nasal haemorrhage NOSEBLEED
Tasmania's second city LAUNCESTON
metric unit of capacity DECALITER
direction of magnetic field POLARITY
went off PUTREFIED
el idioma de Yemen ÁRABE
sueño irrealizable UTOPÍA
mole del Ártico ICEBERG
alojamiento turístico HOTEL
fuente de zumo natural NARANJA
objetivo del comerciante VENDER
país de Oceanía AUSTRALIA
zealot's fervor FANATICISM
had bad posture SLOUCHED
when alarms ring, usually MORNINGS
movie genre ACTION
Bordelaise and Hollandaise SAUCES
a spring of water FOUNT
jazz piano legend Monk THELONIOUS
post-op treatment AFTERCARE
comedic actor Jon LOVITZ
undeniable, as proof CONCLUSIVE
instruction manuals HANDBOOKS
garments disliked by PETA FURS
imitation leather NAUGAHYDE
rendered inactive, as a bomb DEFUSED
really hot day SCORCHER
hot tub brand JACUZZI
hot under the collar INFURIATED
buoy in hot chocolate MARSHMALLOW
served in a hot sauce PICANTE
in hot water IMPERILED
hot dog topping SAUERKRAUT
declared not guilty ACQUITTED
it can be used to make tofu SOYMILK
safe from outside influence HERMETIC
done in a sad manner SORROWFULLY
handsfree communication aids HEADSETS
solderless circuit-tester BREADBOARD
mitigate possible loss HEDGE
has top spot on the marquee HEADLINES
ranch worker COWHERD
washes out a wound IRRIGATES
got started BEGAN
jointed, like some vehicles ARTICULATED
sensationalist TABLOID
measuring device GAUGE
pig-headed STUBBORN
donkey's years AGES
dogsbody DRUDGE
catwalk RUNWAY
monkey puzzle tree ARAUCARIA
the Beaver State OREGON
dense blizzard WHITEOUT
without purpose AIMLESS
military equipment MATERIEL
wicked thing CANDLE
having shoes with nails ROUGHSHOD
small shell WHIZBANG
Brazilian footballer RIVALDO
52-story Chicago skyscraper FORDHAM
radioactivity detector maker GEIGER
penalized hockey stick work HOOKING
Russian battleship POTEMKIN
congestion reliever BYPASS
doing sedentary work DESKBOUND
force by oppressive measures DRAGOON
turning into curls WAVING
a bad habit that grips you VICE
tree's core HEARTWOOD
measure of a chick flick MUSHINESS
in a very wretched way DEPLORABLY
hornswoggled TRICKED
Kate Hudson's makeup ALMAY
put in the wrong folder MISFILE
commanding the sled dogs MUSHING
had a tantrum RAGED
cheapens DEVALUES
tuneful get-together SONGFEST
clasp GRIP
like coffee and tea CAFFEINATED
sloshy mattresses WATERBEDS
disease eradicated in 1979 SMALLPOX
Japanese watch brand SEIKO
London "columnist" NELSON
barbecue locations PATIOS
hole in the head NOSTRIL
thought about the past REMINISCED
clearly show EVINCE
wrapped-up pharaohs MUMMIES
did some tree surgery PRUNED
form of vitamin E TOCOPHEROL
shade providers CANOPIES
having several layers MULTITIERED
really big sandwiches DAGWOODS
carrying fewer pounds SLIMMER
desert in northwest China TAKLAMAKAN
male with pride LION
fragrance REDOLENCE
strayed from the point DIGRESSED
presided over CHAIRED
very young plant SEEDLING
playwright Tennessee WILLIAMS
endangered RISKED
songwriter Bacharach BURT
pepper grinder MILL
making a respectful gesture CURTSYING
small-mouthed sharks HAMMERHEADS
Olympic event SPORT
leaked slowly DRIPPED
phobias FEARS
doing an imitation of COPYING
sandwich holders, perhaps BAGGIES
gave up the football PUNTED
increases the strength of AMPLIFIES
pre-euro currency FRANC
H&M owner Stefan PERSSON
x or y AXIS
extending across TRAVERSING
thanks to a Frenchman MERCI
"tricky" game BRIDGE
palindromic canoe KAYAK
public records ARCHIVES
covered in trees WOODED
put in fresh film RELOAD
hits hard SMITES
relating to the Earth GEOLOGICAL
bluegrass musician Lester FLATT
show flexibility BEND
39-line poem SESTINA
false teeth expert DENTURIST
Australian oil producer EUCALYPTUS
animated SPARKY
Saint Pierre island partner MIQUELON
rough, tight squeeze BEARHUG
morning snack in England ELEVENSES
least well ILLEST
sinewy and lean WIRY
Barbie's younger sister SKIPPER
with a leg on each side of ASTRADDLE
taking one's leave DEPARTING
figure skating star Dorothy HAMILL
disentangled UNCOILED
small chest of drawers LOWBOY
"blue light specials" store KMART
spoke haltingly STAMMERED
early record players VICTROLAS
party appetizer CANAPE
bewilders DAZES
island in the Seychelles PRASLIN
avian watcher BIRDER
comfortably SNUGLY
without saying a word NONVERBALLY
runs amok RAMPAGES
early child star Temple SHIRLEY
enormous enthusiasm ZEALOUSNESS
lover of archery TOXOPHILITE
one tenth of a Roman legion COHORT
in need of dentures TOOTHLESS
thinly sliced raw beef dish CARPACCIO
harshly criticizing LAMBASTING
Taiwanese PC manufacturer ASUS
very minor misdemeanor PECCADILLO
turning red in the open air SUNBURNING
rock and roll on a plane TITUBATE
had a liking for FANCIED
running off hastily SKEDADDLING
split hairs NITPICKED
not set apart for someone UNRESERVED
British boot TRUNK
like a bootleg video ILLEGAL
one wearing combat boots SOLDIER
rubber boots GALOSHES
quake in one's boots COWER
like a slyboots CUNNING
fisherman's boots WADERS
temporary removal from job SUSPENSION
tire out EXHAUST
hold tight CLUTCH
elephant's proboscis TRUNK
multifarious MANIFOLD
outlaw Robin HOOD
marketer of a commodity DISTRIBUTOR
most domineering BOSSIEST
tubular garden flower LOBELIA
flatulent GASSY
coming from without EXTRINSIC
Mongolian coin MONGO
the digit 0 NOUGHT
Liechtenstein's highest peak GRAUSPITZ
northeastern tip of Scotland CAITHNESS
so as to avoid the issue EVASIVELY
nervous system disease NEUROPATHY
compound of Yb and O YTTERBIA
funambulist's line TIGHTWIRE
less luminous stars DWARVES
Australian warbler THORNBILL
long-term bonds DEBENTURES
Australian sheepdog KELPIE
crushing blow FINISHER
undermined SABOTAGED
eastern Australian bream TARWHINE
NT capital city DARWIN
pried open JIMMIED
coerces through intimidation STRONGARMS
aiming to fix REFORMATIVE
holes-in-one ACES
highway sign marker MILEPOST
a Bob Dylan tune FOLKSONG
pertaining to earthquakes SEISMIC
tricked CONNED
more than one PLURALITY
attacking with bent leg KNEEING
Olympic triathlon champion BROWNLEE
slight, of a resemblance PASSING
pessimistic about the market BEARISH
most like seawater BRINIEST
free of charge GRATIS
Freedonia's Rufus T. FIREFLY
free and easy INFORMAL
free-for-all BRAWL
the Free State MARYLAND
freebooter PIRATE
artist's studio ATELIER
not clear INEXPLICIT
not perceptive UNOBSERVANT
purifying agent REFINER
having no lid CAPLESS
productively USEFULLY
nosy computer program SPYWARE
in a manner without shame UNABASHEDLY
Valley in California SILICON
star Yankees closer Mariano RIVERA
makes uneasy DISQUIETS
like compact washer-dryers STACKABLE
having less strength WEAKER
dressing for broken limb CAST
drooling SLAVERING
Bradley Wiggins' birthplace GHENT
cat-stroking Bond villain BLOFELD
overlapping sewing technique BACKSTITCH
breakfast favorite CORNFLAKES
actress Shelley WINTERS
in an alluring way ENTICINGLY
elastic band noise TWANG
slender and graceful SYLPHLIKE
present differently RECAST
gray and powdery ASHY
simple-minded AIRHEADED
issue a contrary order COUNTERMAND
erase completely EXPUNGE
put an end to ABROGATE
formally end ABOLISH
repeal or revoke RESCIND
render legally void NULLIFY
roster of preferred choices SHORTLIST
censurable BLAMEABLE
lunar dance move MOONWALK
mountain in central Nepal HIMALCHULI
affixable ATTACHABLE
going down DESCENSION
sea north of Turkey BLACK
Tom Jones and Roald Dahl WELSHMEN
most untidy SCRUFFIEST
popular Fender, for short STRAT
predicted FORETOLD
Carol, on "The Brady Bunch" STEPMOTHER
showy bloomers PEONIES
children's writer Judy BLUME
translated orally INTERPRETED
Moscow, to a Muscovite MOSKVA
not propitious UNFAVORABLE
a crocodile's are insincere TEARS
occupied ENGAGED
"spooky" activity SPYING
Scottish Highlander's cap GLENGARRY
Bermuda's capital HAMILTON
juggler's equipment BALLS
tropical tree JACARANDA
renaissance REBIRTH
young hares LEVERETS
actress Flockhart CALISTA
make lasting PRESERVE
take one's time enjoying SAVOR
lengthen in time PROLONG
keep going SUSTAIN
draw out the duration of PROTRACT
make longer in time EXTEND
continue to exist ENDURE
becomes obsessed FIXATES
horizontal beam CROSSPIECE
ancient units of length CUBITS
Q's position in the alphabet SEVENTEENTH
ranch activity ROUNDUP
tropical parasitic fleas JIGGERS
lacking zest and appeal PUNCHLESS
common Portuguese surname DIAS
popular Rio soccer club FLAMENGO
foolish language GIBBERISH
European Parliament location LUXEMBOURG
quality of having no flaws INERRANCY
northern constellation DRACO
hits like a goat BUTTS
more kooky NUTTIER
big units of memory TERABYTES
Sherlock's love Irene ADLER
making fit for other people CIVILIZING
little kids SHAVERS
Phineas and Ferb's sister CANDACE
apprehensive feeling FEARFULNESS
hangs back DALLIES
excessive OVERDUE
romantic song singers BALLADEERS
what bonds a group COMMONALITY
fabric edge SELVAGE
edge of a cliff BRINK
having jagged edges SERRATED
outer edge PERIPHERY
taking the edge off SOOTHING
man on the "cutting edge" BARBER
edge of the road WAYSIDE
non-medical healing approach NAPRAPATHY
"weeping" tree WILLOW
5 same suit cards in a row QUINT
British composer, David SAWER
lost control of the back end FISHTAILED
it's west of Moldova ROMANIA
orange, olive-sized fruit KUMQUAT
car destroyer CRUSHER
left at the altar, perhaps UNGROOMED
not a mutt PUREBLOOD
pork chop companion APPLESAUCE
like BMX tires KNOBBLY
quick drawing result SKETCHINESS
Thurston Howell III, for one MILLIONAIRE
capital of Cameroon YAOUNDE
in an ironic manner SATIRICALLY
dwindling, with "out" PETERING
slightly sticky TACKY
apartment manager SUPER
most insolent and bold BRASSIEST
chewing the fat GOSSIPING
swindled GRIFTED
"Grapes of Wrath" surname JOAD
desktop item OUTBOX
terns and ernes SHOREBIRDS
compelling FORCING
insignificant types NOBODIES
baking mix brand KRUSTEAZ
Hall in "Jane Eyre" THORNFIELD
European customs union BENELUX
comedian and actress Schaal KRISTEN
relating to old books ANTIQUARIAN
verse in metrical form POESY
fishing for eels SNIGGLING
doctor in training RESIDENT
chiropractor's expertise JOINTS
surgeon, slangily SAWBONES
doctor's recommendation BEDREST
eyeglasses prescriber OCULIST
doctor MEDICO
young TV doctor WELBY
loses it FREAKS
composer Mancini HENRY
signs of spring ROBINS
it measures rpm TACHOMETER
some movie set workers GAFFERS
more like a fuddy-duddy STODGIER
they have audio shows PODCASTERS
first commercial snowboard SNURFER
light, dry snow POWDER
snow, in slang BAMBOOZLE
race on snow IDITAROD
snowed under OVERWHELMED
snow on a TV STATIC
snow house IGLOO
show starring Adam Savage MYTHBUSTERS
famously NOTEDLY
making allusion to something REFERENTIAL
refuse NILL
Franklin of "Group of Seven" CARMICHAEL
arch across interior angle SQUINCH
quality of bison meat LEANNESS
had more runs OUTHIT
dim light GLEAM
clearly shows EVINCES
four unit building QUADPLEX
one who asks questions INQUIRER
eats between meals SNACKS
moan, like a fish CARP
a feeling of anger DANDER
Scottish cake namesake city DUNDEE
bird disliked by batsmen DUCK
colorful aviator PEACOCK
Dorothy of "Carmen Jones" DANDRIDGE
British city or airplane LANCASTER