7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
go-between LIAISON
miscellany CATCHALL
desirous WISHING
using a word like "wow!" EXCLAMATORY
Fiji's region OCEANIA
on a slant DIAGONALLY
hit the spot SATISFY
negligence DERELICTION
without an agenda OBJECTIVELY
what trucks travel on ROADWAY
reward for success INCENTIVE
wave a baton CONDUCT
spacious and convenient COMMODIOUS
get the kinks out of STRAIGHTEN
went down the drain, say SWIRLED
convincing PERSUASIVE
glove relative MITTEN
HOF-bound tight end Tony GONZALEZ
pressing, as a button PUSHING
very small TEENY
went back and forth WAFFLED
former pitcher Gooden DWIGHT
December's position TWELFTH
citizen of Germany's capital BERLINER
moving a kayak PADDLING
jazz pianist Waller FATS
big health insurance company HUMANA
having bristles SETACEOUS
containing blood vessels VEINED
setting aside as obsolete SUPERCEDING
dried river bed WADI
early American "protein bar" PEMMICAN
youthful state JUVENILITY
University of Kansas athlete JAYHAWK
Lewis and Clark, e.g. SURNAMES
covered with more dirt GRIMIER
like Clinton, but not Carter REELECTED
sodas at restaurants, often REFILLABLE
nerd's attribute GEEKINESS
apt to be conquered SEIZABLE