7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
sparkling and wavering SHIMMERY
1971 Sondheim musical FOLLIES
sidewalk edges CURBS
Sooner State resident OKLAHOMAN
pop singer Martin RICKY
one of the Three Musketeers PORTHOS
largest city in Africa CAIRO
shelter on a ship DECKHOUSE
movie discs DVDS
detachable shirt front DICKEY
druthers, more formally PREFERENCES
local resident TOWNIE
furtive SNEAKY
lawyer's fee RETAINER
dude on a ranch COWPOKE
falls to pieces CRUMBLES
Connecticut "Little Ivy" WESLEYAN
two score FORTY
orderly patterns for streets GRIDS
holly with red fruit WINTERBERRY
sett dwellers BADGERS
it's spoiled by cook surfeit BROTH
online discussion places CHATROOMS
Henry VIII's wife Anne BOLEYN
murmuration member STARLING
duelist's supporter SECOND
voter without a party FLOATER
Amazon TV and movie platform PRIME
3-time major winner Singh VIJAY
17-syllable poems HAIKUS
like a lively party HAPPENING
groups of eight OCTETS
University of Georgia city ATHENS
pertaining to crosswords CRUCIVERBAL