7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
kind of highway interchange CLOVERLEAF
very short hairdo CREWCUT
groups of four QUARTETS
factory supervisor MANAGER
heavy loads BURDENS
actor Connery SEAN
like gauze FILMY
asteroids PLANETOIDS
troubadour MINSTREL
longest bone in the body FEMUR
working with data COMPUTING
most spacious AMPLEST
knew by heart MEMORIZED
indefinite share MOIETY
worked part-time TEMPED
Ralph of fashion LAUREN
incidental output BYPRODUCT
comprehend FATHOM
baked chocolate treat BROWNIE
stadium level TIER
steak in patty's clothing SALISBURY
Canadian novelist Margaret ATWOOD
don't depend on this type UNRELIABLE
front end of a dog or horse MUZZLE
space to move freely ELBOWROOM
52nd Governor of New York CUOMO
acted very cautiously PUSSYFOOTED
work among stars, maybe PRODUCE
Barack beat him in 2012 MITT
"fine by me" ALRIGHT
hopefully, or bloodily SANGUINELY
bone-enriched liquids STOCKS
grows, like the moon WAXES
moving forward PROPELLING
begat SIRED
dangerous "triangle" locale BERMUDA
like a tepee CONICAL
Butler of fiction RHETT
large Seattle suburb BELLEVUE
bread discards ENDS