7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
ostensible REPUTED
heart parts VALVES
person who buys things PURCHASER
sticking on AFFIXING
speech from Hamlet SOLILOQUY
elevators travel in them SHAFTS
electrical measure VOLTAGE
callings VOCATIONS
cracker brand TRISCUIT
driving daffy TORMENTING
removal from text DELETION
Superman nemesis Lex LUTHOR
bubbled noisily GURGLED
bleeping CENSORING
pasta or potatoes, say STARCH
stuff tossed overboard JETSAM
hard mineral CORUNDUM
touch-and-go DICEY
recklessly fast BREAKNECK
tradition HERITAGE
band together UNITE
nasal exam RHINOSCOPY
best-selling novelist Elmore LEONARD
refusal of an invitation REGRETS
post-sale car parts are this AFTERMARKET
plagued DOGGED
continent or island LANDMASS
what three squares are MEALS
danced JIVED
trading by exchange BARTERING
quite flat SMOOTHISH
old partners EXES
going in ENTERING
portrayal RENDITION
recreational area PARKLAND
pleasantly ENJOYABLY
defunct luxury carmaker PACKARD
pesky fiber balls on cloth PILLING
Michael Crichton's strain ANDROMEDA
upper class POSH
host of "The Nightly Show" WILMORE