7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
tossed veggies SALAD
nurture FOSTER
tortilla chips DORITOS
stylishly sophisticated CLASSY
flying machine HELICOPTER
pass over SKIP
one who sheds tears easily CRYBABY
indulge PANDER
it holds up a roof TRUSS
be like IMITATE
Calvin's tiger HOBBES
not serious SILLY
formal offer of services PROPOSAL
windmill engine TURBINE
fast German auto PORSCHE
where the trains run RAILROAD
electromagnetism pioneer TESLA
highly visible PROMINENT
area of authority DOMAIN
painting on plaster FRESCO
traffic circle ROUNDABOUT
player in the crease GOALIE
state of bliss RAPTURE
fertilized egg ZYGOTE
in need of a sweater CHILLED
technological malfunction GLITCH
spicy Indian condiment CHUTNEY
succulent garden plant ECHEVERIA
spin on one foot PIROUETTE
marathon participant RUNNER
dancing area BALLROOM
pack STOW
Annette's movie partner FRANKIE
excessive loss of water DEHYDRATION
carefully consider PONDER
Cousteau's vessel CALYPSO
harmful TOXIC
one on horseback EQUESTRIAN
make wider DILATE
Okefenokee, for one SWAMP
they play songs for money JUKEBOXES
astronomical event ECLIPSE
Windows XP's successor VISTA
tutu wearer BALLERINA
blowtorch user's work WELDING
not bumpy SMOOTH
1980s arcade game ASTEROIDS
buzzing instrument KAZOO
illogical fear PHOBIA
germane RELEVANT
salon job PERM
wipe off the map OBLITERATE
catch ENTRAP
infant's outfit LAYETTE
more microscopic SMALLER
move slowly DALLY
vitality ENERGY
stadium display SCOREBOARD
"Batman" star Adam WEST
stomach content ACID
study of life BIOLOGY
one bucking tradition ICONOCLAST
like a jumper SLEEVELESS
man seen biting his nails CARPENTER
worthless medicine NOSTRUM
rolling in the dough OPULENT
elaborate eulogy PANEGYRIC
easily understood PELLUCID
first meal of the day BREAKFAST
part-fish, part-woman MERMAID
type of crab HORSESHOE
formula for a dish RECIPE
freedom from control INDEPENDENCE
condiment with French fries KETCHUP
gaining knowledge LEARNING
substance rubbed on bows ROSIN
Pacific Northwest state OREGON
Han Solo's first mate CHEWBACCA
woman's purse CLUTCH
offer a caveat WARN
sharing of secrets CONFIDENCE
turnpike TOLLWAY
means of defense SAFEGUARD
keen enjoyment ZEST
molten rock LAVA
floating support LIFEBUOY
billiard ball material IVORY
travel by gravity alone COAST
condition after using soap SANITARY
subject of a modern theft IDENTITY
saying again and again REPETITION
Dilbert's creator ADAMS
hummus ingredient CHICKPEA
not as cold WARMER
small pulpy fruit BERRY
hydrant FIREPLUG
give aid to MINISTER
"Gold Country" BATHURST
fast-running bird OSTRICH
lasting mental image IMPRESSION
dishonest act DUPLICITY
variety of apple BONZA
wintertime construction SNOWMAN
amateur sports event OLYMPICS
French fry vegetables POTATOES
payments to the government TAXES
making books PRINTING
wax pencil CRAYON
dangerous activity RISK
teacher's domain CLASSROOM
confused FLUMMOXED
pretentious jabbering CLAPTRAP
frog eggs SPAWN
far from humble VAIN
gets behind the wheel DRIVES
stubborn FIRM
officially cancel REVOKE
cause of Geiger counter clicks RADIATION
non-discrimination FAIRNESS
underway GOING
altitude measure FEET
form a hypothesis SURMISE
expect ASSUME
basic principle POSTULATE
force divided by acceleration MASS
eager anticipation EXPECTATION
Australian currency DOLLAR
pizza order LARGE
turn away ALIENATE
agile NIMBLE
sign of disapproval CATCALL
Apple visionary Steve JOBS
olive salad sandwich MUFFALETTA
aristocrat PATRICIAN
what bowlers pick up PINS
posting site BLOG
cattle call performance AUDITION
unable to sit still HYPERACTIVE
luxury auto maker CADILLAC
favoring equality for all EGALITARIAN
spider roll ingredient CRAB
slow down BRAKE
financial breakdown expert ANALYST
personal history PAST
refined woman LADY
plays on words PUNS
comparison of similarity ANALOGY
go through EXPERIENCE
Jacksonville team JAGUARS
defeat soundly PLASTER
attractive ALLURING
locate SITUATE
rude person CHURL
reversed the direction of COMMUTATED
certain ticket redeemer PAWNBROKER
Cartagena's country COLOMBIA
eel-like fish GUNNEL
incongruity DISPARITY
anxious feeling ANGST
items with a short life EPHEMERA
drop leaves DEFOLIATE
nose, in slang HONKER
Dover's state DELAWARE
transmission network GRID
salary hike RAISE
goalie's mask, for one PROTECTOR
happen at the same time COINCIDE
relating to the matter at hand PERTINENT
like Mr. Spock LOGICAL
river barrier LEVEE
roll up and secure FURL
flaccid LIMP
South American rodent AGOUTI
taken to court PROSECUTED
wicked SINFUL
reduce the workforce DOWNSIZE
whack a golf ball DRIVE
plaintive MOURNFUL
with due deliberation CAREFULLY
apply lotion to MOISTURIZE
residential area SUBURB
vegetable roughage FIBER
took off WENT
ornamentation in wood SCROLLWORK
astringent STYPTIC
disproportionate EXCESSIVE
dismay greatly HORRIFY
fiber source BRAN
where the buffalo roamed PLAINS
redemption SALVATION
bird chirp CHITTER
spruce up TITIVATE
Mexican peninsula YUCATAN
royal ceremony CORONATION
variety of sweater CARDIGAN
surgical device CLAMP
joint disorder ARTHRITIS
argue noisily WRANGLE
coolness APLOMB
failure to navigate walking MISSTEP
engine failure BREAKDOWN
financially failed BANKRUPT
failure to act NONFEASANCE
capable of failure FALLIBLE
complete failure FIASCO
fail to pass a class FLUNK
it may contain an extra day FEBRUARY
undergo a change in DNA MUTATE
body of an airplane FUSELAGE
gum flavor SPEARMINT
it carries oxygen in blood HEMOGLOBIN
period without war PEACETIME
exhausting hike SLOG
star of "Cannon" CONRAD
megalomaniac MADMAN
terror-stricken INTIMIDATED
vocal music form MADRIGAL
group gathered for lessons CLASS
sharp-tongued SNIPPY
astronomer STARGAZER
one with a lot of hot air WINDBAG
dark edible mushroom SHIITAKE
having trouble talking HOARSE
maceration device PESTLE
Homeland Security concern TERRORISM
done in SLAIN
slope of a hill STEEPNESS
gets a little too hot SCORCHES
of the hip PELVIC
silver-gray dog breed WEIMARANER
Shelley's movement ROMANTICISM
rogue or rascal SCAPEGRACE
takes place TRANSPIRES
revolving gun structure TURRET
sharp taste ASTRINGENCY
Howlin' Wolf and B.B. King BLUESMEN
fighting for a cause CRUSADING
toward the sunrise EASTERN
most amplified, perhaps LOUDEST
hot spot for musicals BROADWAY
Mayflower passengers, e.g. COLONISTS
some change DIMES
cheerleader's item MEGAPHONE
instructed TAUGHT
Yankee uniform pattern PINSTRIPES
fisherman ANGLER
McCain's running mate PALIN
kings and queens ROYALTY
children without parents ORPHANS
helicopter EGGBEATER
like medieval society FEUDAL
payment to a club DUES
island nation near Greece CYPRUS
extravagant ROMANESQUE
naval experience SEAMANSHIP
spice of the onion family CHIVE
prolixity VERBIAGE
advertise on eBay, maybe RESELL
manual transfers HANDOFFS
with shrewdness CUNNINGLY
black hole phenomenon SINGULARITY
at any time WHENEVER
fern, often HOUSEPLANT
sudden realization EPIPHANY
bank account offering CHECKING
sells too many tickets for OVERBOOKS
mountain statistic ALTITUDE
item on a rink PUCK
fellow employees COWORKERS
snail, so to speak SLOWPOKE
criminal-catching ploys DRAGNETS
refrigerators, formerly ICEBOXES
F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife ZELDA
one who gives up QUITTER
Arctic Ocean floaters ICEBERGS
essayist Ralph Waldo EMERSON
efficiently contoured STREAMLINED
get cozy SNUGGLE
traveling bag VALISE
feeling of ill will GRUDGE
bug with an elongated body DRAGONFLY
chocolate treat BONBON
sponsorship AEGIS
like some new blue jeans PREWASHED
Haitian currency GOURDE
having staying power LASTING
horse pace TROT
navigational device COMPASS
Pixar employee ANIMATOR
hat with a rounded crown BOWLER
New Hampshire city PORTSMOUTH
highly influential nation SUPERPOWER
mollified CALMED
science fiction author Kurt VONNEGUT
illustration in an old book WOODCUT
celeb's posse ENTOURAGE
put on an appearance of FEIGN
incomprehensible PUZZLING
large Pacific island group POLYNESIA
frontiersman Daniel BOONE
all the time CONSTANTLY
like soda water CARBONATED
"Death of a Salesman" author MILLER
friendly toward guests HOSPITABLE
paste made from sesame seeds TAHINI
Lincoln speech site GETTYSBURG
mountain climbing spike CRAMPON
edible seed BEAN
like a loud necktie GARISH
part of a violin FINGERBOARD
leapt SPRANG
as of right now CURRENTLY
calming SOOTHING
very scary CHILLING
recording session TAPING
pertaining to fishing PISCATORY
kind of meatballs or massage SWEDISH
Beany's TV pal CECIL
share a news desk with COANCHOR
economic downturn RECESSION
nighttime activity STARGAZING
tranquility SERENITY
young women at a ball DEBUTANTES
cover up ENWRAP
like most crossword patterns SYMMETRICAL
movie reviewer Roger EBERT
talking tub margarine brand PARKAY
fat compound LIPID
good spirits CHEERINESS
he might give you a "B" SAJAK
trattoria appetizer ANTIPASTO
brand of sunscreen COPPERTONE
North or South state CAROLINA
severely controlling DOMINEERING
it stands in the way BLOCKAGE
settles a new area COLONIZES
putting in the microwave ZAPPING
army training exercises MANEUVERS
kind of terrier SKYE
rival of Glad HEFTY
"Clue" star Tim CURRY
firming up TONING
response to hypothermia SHIVERING
small North American finch JUNCO
causing to go under water SUBMERSING
in a sickeningly sweet way CLOYINGLY
boss on board CAPTAIN
over the top IMMODERATE
simple dwellings COTTAGES
driving too fast SPEEDING
kicks off INITIATES
very particular quality SPECIFICITY
pointing the finger at BLAMING
Oscar and Emmy winner Hunt HELEN
study of earthquakes SEISMOMETRY
noisy, like a storm THUNDERY
"The Elements" singer Tom LEHRER
more schlocky CHEESIER
doing very well SUCCEEDING
have a loud cry BOOHOO
the M in GM MOTORS
stool softener LAXATIVE
lack of light DARKNESS
city near Los Angeles COVINA
noticeable MARKED
Alex Haley novel ROOTS
take away DETRACT
Rome has seven of them HILLS
Jets Hall-of-Fame QB Joe NAMATH
large urban area METROPLEX
strips (of) DEPRIVES
practiced, as a trade PLIED
sits on a windowsill, maybe COOLS
mystery author Chandler RAYMOND
on fire BURNING
restrains INHIBITS
without a doubt SURELY
airborne attacker HORNET
pastry makers BAKERIES
touched down LANDED
electricity measurer VOLTMETER
squeaky clean CHASTE
looked at closely EXAMINED
divide into two parts BIFURCATE
buttercup relative GOLDENSEAL
fool (around) FUTZ
movie narration VOICEOVER
Lionel Hampton's instrument VIBRAPHONE
post office device SCALE
blog post section COMMENTS
Emily Post's forte ETIQUETTE
"The Post," perhaps NEWSPAPER
what the prefix "post" means AFTER
original Post-It Note color YELLOW
buoyant jacket, perhaps PRESERVER
squirmed WRIGGLED
extort money RACKETEER
egret or heron WADER
have too much on the agenda OVERCOMMIT
election hopefuls CANDIDATES
baseball Hall-of-Famer Al KALINE
on a low boil SIMMERING
low point NADIR
low woodwind BASSOON
animals that low CATTLE
low in fat LEAN
in low spirits MELANCHOLY
"low life" AMOEBA
pushes hard SHOVES
football players' shirts JERSEYS
curved swords SCIMITARS
3-time Oscar winner Streep MERYL
pulled one over on DUPED
lists of tasks AGENDAS
kitchen device SIFTER
known for misdeeds NOTORIOUS
compact Mercury car TOPAZ
aquatic rescue vehicle LIFEBOAT
mesmerized SPELLBOUND
period of excitement FRENZY
"Pot Luck With Elvis" hit SUSPICION
dizziness VERTIGO
flyleaf ENDPAPER
flying boat SEAPLANE
flyblown TAINTED
fly-by-night TRANSITORY
flying colors DISTINCTION
a concern when levees break FLOODWATERS
farm laborer PLOWMAN
broadband phone company VONAGE
in its original book jacket SLIPCOVERED
interactive social news site DIGG
tree knot GNARL
advantage AVAIL
kind of pansy VIOLA
small, green bean FLAGEOLET
three-sided figure TRIANGLE
outgrowth on animal's head HORN
wife of Babar the Elephant CELESTE
collapse into folds CONCERTINA
the heart, for example ORGAN
female parent, to a toddler MOMMY
restaurant serving rib eyes STEAKHOUSE
wriggle with embarrassment SQUIRM
full of fun PLAYFUL
too-obvious clue GIVEAWAY
safety razor brand SCHICK
housing for engine parts CRANKCASE
she has X-ray vision RADIOLOGIST
in an undeveloped state EMBRYONIC
one whose fears keep him in AGORAPHOBE
shrewdness CAGINESS
Job's Apple co-founder WOZNIAK
unknown or on no known map CHARTLESS
Prospero's daughter MIRANDA
pueblo nómada de Asia HUNOS
lengua indígena de Colombia TUKANO
lengua oficial de Egipto ÁRABE
provincia uruguaya PAYSANDÚ
vecino de la Argentina CHILE
unidad monetaria de España EURO
caja para los pendientes GUARDAJOYAS
persona del mismo pueblo PAISANO
área de debate FORO
hijo de Will Smith JADEN
correspondencia CORREO
cubierta del libro FORRO
un gran mamífero de África HIPOPÓTAMO
tipo de frijoles NEGROS
error técnico en baloncesto FALTA
posición de Michael Jordan ESCOLTA
protegen la bola DEFENSA
equipo de Boston CELTAS
encestar con brinco MATE
posición de Carlos Arroyo ARMADOR
estrella argentina Manu GINOBILI
Frito-Lay tortilla chips DORITOS
morning bugle call REVEILLE
The Wolverine State MICHIGAN
exact reproduction FACSIMILE
Polish trade union SOLIDARITY
New York airport LAGUARDIA
Mexico border city TIJUANA
jewelry pin BROOCH
pin holding hair in place BARETTE
where pins hold laundry CLOTHESLINE
hard to pin down ELUSIVE
where pins fall ALLEY
on pins and needles UNEASY
Pinterest activity DREAMING
speeches ORATIONS
Clark Kent, early on SUPERBOY
purple vegetables EGGPLANTS
Addis Ababa resident ETHIOPIAN
they bounce off flippers PINBALLS
Quaker-founded college HAVERFORD
most covered with frills LACIEST
supporting oneself minimally SUBSISTENT
saving from danger RESCUING
people of Alaska and Canada TLINGIT
grabbed hold of SEIZED
she helps at end of term MIDWIFE
repeated musical phrases RIFFS
blockhead CLODPATE
sharply irritable WASPISH
UK online fashion store ASOS
lacking restraint UNTETHERED
French advertising company PUBLICIS
it's found on board CHESSMAN
in a mischievous way ROGUISHLY
"Hart of Dixie" star Rachel BILSON
patria de los patricios ROMA
profesión de Simbad MARINO
vía circulatoria principal ARTERIA
día de descanso, quizás DOMINGO
intérprete de teatro ACTOR
fan de la música MELÓMANO
veterano de la familia ABUELO
writers once dipped into it INKWELL
squat on one's heels HUNKER
Hawaii's "Garden Isle" KAUAI
gave protection to SHELTERED
a word of warning BEWARE
easily controlled TRACTABLE
with sodium, an ingredient BICARBONATE
hung loosely DANGLED
coordinate SYNCH
burn a little CHAR
parts of fractions NUMERATORS
in the beginning FIRSTLY
dryer sheet brand BOUNCE
charity funders DONORS
Harvard newspaper CRIMSON
female Clue character SCARLET
bright, crested bird CARDINAL
actress Jones CHERRY
enisle, as Robinson Crusoe MAROON
Dr. Who's companion Tyler ROSE
region of central France BURGUNDY
in a state of shock, perhaps WIDEMOUTHED
a line of descent SUCCESSION
gave the wrong facts to MISINFORMED
prevailing TRIUMPHING
feline hunting MOUSING
to whom the check's made out PAYEE
a blanket characteristic WOOLINESS
someone making a slip SKIDDER
being a member of a union MARRIED
plotter MAPPER
not as old YOUNGER
rocket, to an American ARUGULA
they're at arm's length HANDS
characteristics TRAITS
difficulty ASPERITY
full of difficulties SCABROUS
deal with difficulties COPE
difficulty HARDSHIP
difficult to accomplish HERCULEAN
difficult position QUAGMIRE
difficult problem STICKLER
building base FOOTING
"Robinson Crusoe" crafter DEFOE
state of Guadalajara JALISCO
drank from a bottle SWIGGED
New York Trilogy writer AUSTER
ineffectiveness LAMENESS
research outside of the lab FIELDWORK
small gull KITTIWAKE
does give birth to these FAWNS
conspicuously displayed BLAZONED
chief of Cook Islands RAROTONGA
narrow spaces between parts INTERSTICES
minute division SECOND
affording proof PROBATIVE
staying for a time SOJOURNING
legendary, or imaginary FABLED
nemesis ARCHFOE
three-tone chord TRIAD
a short, purposeful mission ERRAND
seven bones in the foot TARSALS
done in a hurried manner HASTILY
grilling need CHARCOAL
went downhill, in a way SLEDDED
brilliant people EGGHEADS
too harsh to be accepted INTOLERABLE
"The Talk" co-host Julie CHEN
parts of a big store DEPARTMENTS
winter hat accessory EARFLAP
did apprentice work INTERNED
moochers PARASITES
bringing to the ground RAZING
choice word EITHER
beyond help SUNK
bunches of bees SWARMS
one-upping TRUMPING
he drives in the desert CAMELEER
New Zealand dairy co-op FONTERRA
exceptionally "nosy" animals ELEPHANTS
way out EGRESS
ability to work with numbers NUMERACY
officially authorized ACCREDITED
naming case NOMINATIVE
on a waterfront PORTSIDE
gave an account of DESCRIBED
fluid-secreting membrane MUCOSA
Sicilian seaport MARSALA
using suggestion ALLUSIVE
divisions of geological time ERAS
coiled TWIRLY
capital of Morocco RABAT
started to produce blossoms BUDDED
capering about CLOWNING
large icy masses GLACIERS
Hall of Fame catcher Fisk CARLTON
make a computer run faster DEFRAG
stuck, in a way GLUED
squirming about WRIGGLY
despair MISERY
horse's father SIRE
tall banner holders FLAGPOLES
full of oneself PROUD
short discourses HOMILIES
feeling unhappiness DISTRESSED
set up tents ENCAMPED
more intrepid BOLDER
Monty Hall's offerings DEALS
union promoter ORGANIZER
new swimmer's support KICKBOARD
moved like a pendulum SWUNG
drove into chapter 11 BANKRUPTED
mixed together BLENDED
lack of resources or skill INABILITY
final sale CLOSEOUT
overly sentimental GUSHY
more than just wet SOAKED
Oscar winner Dench JUDI
where Priscilla met Elvis WIESBADEN
knitted together, as bones MENDED
corpulence FATNESS
return to former state RESTITUTE
Uruguay's 2nd largest city SALTO
spiderweb's snaring filament TRAPLINE
pertaining to yesterday PRIDIAN
like Tupperware RECLOSABLE
adding too much to OVERLOADING
sounds of a running horse HOOFBEATS
the largest eel MORAY
twosomes PAIRS
"Frasier" star Grammer KELSEY
being under obligation INDEBTED
more inconsistent PATCHIER
publicizing widely HYPING
Georgetown athletes HOYAS
promptness PUNCTUALITY
feeling sorry for PITYING
giddy quality DIZZINESS
something new and unusual NOVELTY
how recalled items are made DEFECTIVELY
fact-finding probes INQUIRIES
like many jackets ZIPPERED
Klein of fashion CALVIN
improvised, musically NOODLED
like some maps TOPOGRAPHIC
counterparts of manuals AUTOMATICS
President Truman, for one MISSOURIAN
they keep helmets in place CHINSTRAPS
someone who prophesies doom CASSANDRA
Irish county CLARE
Greek meat and eggplant dish MOUSAKA
extinct flightless birds MOAS
fungal skin disease RINGWORM
conducted USHERED
resembling gore BLOODLIKE
Kojak's favorite candy LOLLIPOP
carving artistically SCULPTURING
relating to buttock muscle GLUTEAL
Webster's publishing partner MERRIAM
in a way that's late TARDILY
compile a list of ideas BRAINSTORM
get the wrong idea PRESUME
exchange of ideas DISCOURSE
fanciful idea WHIM
idea for something new CONCEPT
pitch an idea PROPOSE
main idea PURPORT
ski hill access CHAIRLIFT
wintertime construction SNOWMAN
long, narrow sled TOBOGGAN
skiing race marked by gates SLALOM
ski lodge CHALET
warm underwear THERMALS
spot to warm up FIREPLACE
Oscar-winning actor Kevin KLINE
arranges by hierarchy STRATIFIES
Sotheby's employees AUCTIONEERS
Hawaiian "thanks" MAHALO
lake in upstate New York PLACID
places (down) LAYS
hardened, as a bone CALCIFIED
get more votes than OUTPOLL
any disease of the skin DERMATOSIS
free of charge BUCKSHEE
a BMW, slangily BEEMER
Calcutta, nowadays KOLKATA
the study of tissues HISTOLOGY
Japanese writing system HIRAGANA
brag SKITE
making stronger TOUGHENING
Australian actor, Hugh JACKMAN
teething DENTITION
outback dweller BUSHIE
wasteland WILDERNESS
bait spread to attract fish BERLEY
taking place in secrecy BACKSTREET
historic cave in France CHAUVET
extreme bitterness VIRULENCE
brothers and sisters SIBLINGS
Nebraska native CORNHUSKER
compressed or mashed SMOOSHED
percolated, as water LEACHED
racing shell helmsman COXSWAIN
Avro Lancaster crew member BOMBARDIER
heat-retardant material INSULANT
lake on the Colorado River HAVASU
largest US supermarket chain KROGER
antiquated OLDFANGLED
doglike African carnivore HYAENA
koala's food source EUCALYPTUS
giraffe's food source ACACIA
giant panda's food source BAMBOO
reindeer's food source LICHENS
vulture's food source CARRION
pangolin's food source ANTS
blue whale's food source KRILL
foot fault fixer PODIATRIST
head-burying bird, they say OSTRICH
unsuccessful ABORTIVE
Sir Edmund Hillary et al. CLIMBERS
"sweet" age SIXTEEN
best for you HEALTHIEST
gentlemen's opposite numbers LADIES
made a fishtail, perhaps BRAIDED
hardly rare UBIQUITOUS
form of mental trickery GASLIGHTING
blanket that kids hold tight SECURITY
put in a good word VOUCHED
barely defeated EDGED
"Star Trek" weapon PHASER
communication device ANSIBLE
modified a world TERRAFORMED
merging of man and machine CYBORG
"War of the Worlds" invader MARTIAN
metallic man ROBOT
as bad as can be DYSTOPIAN
geodesic buildings DOMES
married woman in Mexico SENORA
Ward Cleaver's wife JUNE
city near Sherwood Forest NOTTINGHAM
"I believe..." METHINKS
small rocky orbiter METEOROID
make worth doing INCENTIVIZE
eardrum TYMPANUM
ear shell ABALONE
ear-piercing SHRILL
all ears ATTENTIVE
wet behind the ears IMMATURE
German wife FRAU
dynamite, in part GLYCERINE
resembling a toast topper JAMLIKE
they have one lump, not two DROMEDARIES
lower body exercise SQUAT
prying NOSEY
unlike a wasp STINGLESS
Yerevan residents ARMENIANS
film fan's activity MOVIEGOING
unjustified GROUNDLESS
give permission CONSENT
yours, in days of yore THINE
author and poet Angelou MAYA
Chevy musclecar CHEVELLE
Caribbean natives ARAWAK
"You go, sister!" BRAVA
with great determination AMBITIOUSLY
prop for Liberace CANDELABRA
absolutely disgusting REPUGNANT
son's son, say GRANDKID
Kinshasa's neighbor capital BRAZZAVILLE
keel in a sailboat's hull CENTERBOARD
in a manner that injures HURTFULLY
a tributary INFLUENT
"tip of a turn" in racing APEX
large refuse barrel ASHCAN
humidity-clearing ANTIFOGGING
daughter of Chief Powhatan POCAHONTAS
Provençal vegetable stew RATATOUILLE
long shot UNDERDOG
sharpshooter Oakley ANNIE
flat surfaces PLANES
stout-hearted VALIANT
wheeled vehicles CARS
Oscar-winning actor Ben KINGSLEY
removes from a DVR DELETES
where a visitor might stay GUESTHOUSE
fit to print PUBLISHABLE
ran fast HUSTLED
they "break their word" HYPHENS
metal coil in a mattress SPRING
teeming ASWARM
fabrics used to make tents SAILCLOTHS
somber quality GRIMNESS
respecting DIGNIFYING
expressed one's feelings EMOTED
glum feeling DESPONDENCE
Muppet who speaks in squeaks BEAKER
unusually SINGULARLY
tennis star "Little Mo" CONNOLLY
tightly braided, of hair CORNROWED
traditionally produced ARTISANAL
how some people shake hands LIMPLY
exam of blood vessels ANGIOGRAPHY
trout and bass food STONEFLY
curtails SHORTENS
account amount BALANCE
silliest GOOFIEST
unshakeable truths ABSOLUTES
news anchor Williams BRIAN
trapped by bad weather STORMBOUND
in a watchful manner VIGILANTLY
screen image activation BITMAP
darkroom image NEGATIVE
crude image EFFIGY
mental image THOUGHT
mirror image REFLECTION
image on a radar screen BLIP
cardiovascular image ANGIOGRAM
overt sentimentality HOKINESS
Oreo filling CREME
used a blowtorch WELDED
smack-dab SQUARELY
stationary sculpture STABILE
son of Lake Wobegon Garrison KEILLOR
element #105 DUBNIUM
some traffic jam causes BOTTLENECKS
germanely RELEVANTLY
establishes FOUNDS
make slightly wet DAMPEN
bill holders WALLETS
declaring STATING
amusement show worker CARNY
fancy entryways PORTALS
one lighting the fuse IGNITER
took a winter walk, perhaps SNOWSHOED
does some museum work CURATES
certain factory worker MILLWRIGHT
payments made to exes ALIMONIES
Girl Scout Cookie variety SAMOAS
Hawaiian fruit PINEAPPLES
be more skilled than OUTRIVAL
Simon's publishing partner SCHUSTER
two-dimensional PLANAR
the away team, in baseball VISITORS
chose OPTED
tolerate STAND
patient's quarters SICKROOM
sideways on a ship ABEAM
sound chords in succession ARPEGGIATE
Chinese region by Vietnam GUANGXI
found in a river FLUVIAL
freed from misconception DISABUSED
one who draws quickly GUNSLINGER
dark drawing pencil CHARCOAL
draw, in a game STANDOFF
draw aimlessly DOODLE
draw back RETRACT
draw a conclusion DEDUCE
drawstring CORD
equestrian obstacle type ROLLTOP
pouring a tall column SLIPFORMING
suppleness PLIABILITY
Francis and Kevin BACONS
that which may be assumed SUPPOSABLE
Trans-Siberian member Mike CAMPESE
one who has passed DECEDENT
desert in southern Africa KALAHARI
Greek dish served on skewers SOUVLAKI
game "Sorry!" is based on PARCHEESI
"writing on the wall" GRAFFITI
well-read group LITERATI
sachet contents POTPOURRI
technique for making cranes ORIGAMI
article type DEFINITE
polish to a high luster BUFF
lemony color SULFUR
gather together BUNCH
main airplane supports LONGERONS
one declining to play HOLDOUT
fusing glass to metal ENAMELING
like the darkest nights MOONLESS
widening, as pants FLARING
hen-of-the-woods mushroom MAITAKE
in an affectionate way LOVEABLY
dog chew material RAWHIDE
common banana type CAVENDISH
weepy movies TEARJERKERS
excessive OVERBOARD
shaped edge to 45 degrees CHAMFERED
"Radio-Activity" band KRAFTWERK
Susan Powter, for one PITCHWOMAN
Ugandan dress GOMESI
king killed by Hamlet Sr. FORTINBRAS