7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
make mayonnaise, e.g. EMULSIFY
they're often a foot long RULERS
not mysterious EXPLAINABLE
secretive, powerful groups CABALS
degree of excellence CALIBER
fashionable CHICHI
team from Seattle MARINERS
cat's defense CLAW
sock knitting pattern ARGYLE
bragged noisily SWAGGERED
former bookstore chain BORDERS
collectible curios RARITIES
art movement DADA
pipe dreams FANTASIES
nitpicking PEDANTRY
learn GLEAN
like bad jokes UNFUNNY
enclosed passage BREEZEWAY
floating above the ground HOVERING
no longer together APART
act of growing louder CRESCENDO
deceptive reasoning CASUISTRY
what the poorest people have NOTHING
England soccer player Theo WALCOTT
British department store DEBENHAMS
detective, informally SLEUTHHOUND
group of developing nations BRICS
rebounded, as a bullet RICOCHETED
devoured food, with "out" PIGGED
admonishes REPREHENDS
adding flavor to SEASONING
soil specialists AGRONOMISTS
person just joking around KIDDER
in an undeveloped manner LATENTLY
those tending to sheep HERDSMEN