7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
they're legally served SUBPOENAS
adding hues to COLORIZING
British comedian Eddie IZZARD
supercharger TURBO
went over white water, maybe KAYAKED
cuts back PARES
Ankara native TURK
perjurer FIBBER
"Stan the Man" of baseball MUSIAL
moon of Pluto CHARON
crocus cousin GLADIOLUS
starting on fire IGNITING
wooden barrel CASK
more disgusting YUCKIER
what Russian is written in CYRILLIC
a science from ore to alloy METALLURGY
geographic plateau BUTTE
upper body TORSO
ones on a trail HIKERS
producer's counterpart CONSUMER
actor Fry STEPHEN
running the iron over PRESSING
lack of locks BALDNESS
most verdant GREENEST
crushing into wrinkles CRUMPLING
Carl Lewis or Usain Bolt SPRINTER
treat with a polar bear logo KLONDIKE
in a state of ignorance OBLIVIOUSLY
Bruce of British TV fame FORSYTH
a drum roll PARADIDDLE
artistic "surroundings" FRAMES
human repair facility HOSPITAL
Liverpool comic Jimmy TARBUCK
Kent's county town MAIDSTONE