7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
plush bear TEDDY
land bridge ISTHMUS
Arthur's childhood nickname WART
it sheds light LANTERN
barrel maker COOPER
island state HAWAII
good for you BENEFICIAL
past deadline BELATED
invest in a risky manner SPECULATE
push beyond capacity STRAIN
asks for INVITES
strength MIGHT
something left out OMISSION
safe and warm COZY
twig SCION
prison escape BREAKOUT
tall building TOWER
shining GLEAMING
span of existence LIFETIME
abundance PLETHORA
brother or sister SIBLING
handheld explosive devices GRENADES
pull along the ground DRAG
arterial vessel AORTA
give birth to BREED
strongly desires CRAVES
royal fool JESTER
quixotic target WINDMILL
Tom Sawyer's creator TWAIN
finish school GRADUATE
one in the market BUYER
school for young women FINISHING
"rise over run" SLOPE
reddish-orange fruit TANGERINE
slicing utensil MANDOLIN
hairstyle COIFFURE
implied meaning PURPORT
Great Sandy Desert location AUSTRALIA
highest male voice TENOR
sloping edge BEVEL
musical master VIRTUOSO
category of fruits CITRUS
passed along, as info RELAYED
corridors HALLWAYS
wall covering in an attic INSULATION
thick and shaggy BUSHY
bill of fare MENU
brick structure on a roof CHIMNEY
pleasure seeker HEDONIST
bookworm READER
living room furniture ARMCHAIR
discipline PUNISH
Eastern European country ALBANIA
keepsake MEMENTO
laboratory vessel BEAKER
game with bowlers CRICKET
constricting NARROW
light bulb wire FILAMENT
interfere MEDDLE
"Home Improvement" neighbor WILSON
made smaller SHRUNKEN
jostle roughly HUSTLE
message sent pole to pole TELEGRAM
victim of injustice UNDERDOG
flourishing PALMY
feeling invoked by a word CONNOTATION
big man's display MACHISMO
impropriety SOLECISM
represented OSTENSIBLE
where checks are deposited ACCOUNT
cut, as coupons CLIPPED
largest city in Florida MIAMI
swing and a miss STRIKE
outer covering of the eye CORNEA
send out a TV program BROADCAST
wool source SHEEP
cold continent ANTARCTICA
Nixon's undoing WATERGATE
perennial herb ROSEMARY
showing cleverness INGENIOUS
place in the mail POST
language of Mexico SPANISH
architecture style GOTHIC
compensate for OFFSET
unproved statement ALLEGATION
upper limit CEILING
mellow Beatles hit YESTERDAY
favoring one party PARTISAN
fit for a king REGAL
King Arthur's sword EXCALIBUR
bathrobe material TERRY
prominence SPOTLIGHT
enemy vanquisher VICTOR
rip into shreds LACERATE
mascara target EYELASH
sidewalk FOOTPATH
morning meal BREKKIE
small owl BOOBOOK
actress Kidman NICOLE
push away REPEL
auto fuel PETROL
appropriate, as land SNAVEL
slick OILY
nickels and dimes COINS
eggy dish OMELET
dribbled, as a basketball BOUNCED
weed puller, at times GARDENER
baby's room NURSERY
nothing special ORDINARY
recklessly daring AUDACIOUS
provide an advantage to BENEFIT
rush along HASTEN
start skydiving JUMP
therapist, slangily SHRINK
fill with new ideas INSPIRE
she always had a bad hair day MEDUSA
boxers' alternative BRIEFS
lying before the judge PERJURY
car dealership option LEASE
ancestral group CLAN
interference with commerce EMBARGO
crocodile's cousin ALLIGATOR
attribute IMPUTE
credit ASCRIBE
payment of respect TRIBUTE
act of retaliation REVENGE
temerity AUDACITY
military bigwigs BRASS
shunning company ANTISOCIAL
vocal tremble QUAVER
rudimentary stage EMBRYO
not showing any reaction UNMOVED
elementary FUNDAMENTAL
bothers VEXES
realize ACHIEVE
give a speeding ticket to CITE
sharp satire LAMPOON
big fish KEEPER
nurse a grudge STEW
second phone EXTENSION
Japanese car maker SUBARU
like some teeth CAPPED
sound of bells or laughter PEAL
secret agent OPERATIVE
based on assumption DOGMATIC
object THING
from this day on HENCEFORTH
worthy VALUED
deli spread MAYO
ocean quality SALINITY
rising up INSURGENT
broke with a sharp sound SNAPPED
opposition to slavery ABOLITION
put a shine on BURNISH
taking a shine to FANCYING
it lets the sun shine in SKYLIGHT
shine wetly GLISTEN
shine brightly CORUSCATE
shining brightly FULGENT
shine brighter than UPSTAGE
small flow TRICKLE
worn out TIRED
gossip CHINWAG
knock loose DISLODGE
have a share PARTAKE
one without a permanent home VAGRANT
short pleasure cruise JAUNT
travel abroad PEREGRINATE
urge to travel WANDERLUST
sightseeing guide CICERONE
long trip VOYAGE
travel on a circuit ITINERATE
mandible JAWBONE
defender of the Alamo CROCKETT
not a fly ball GROUNDER
nickname for a rich person MONEYBAGS
multi-layered dessert BOMBE
be enough SUFFICE
small frog PEEPER
return the compliment RECIPROCATE
formal daytime coat CUTAWAY
bronco buster BUCKAROO
not in the phone book UNLISTED
the crack of dawn SUNUP
someone you may book ENTERTAINER
hitting the books STUDIOUS
nomenclature TERMINOLOGY
more discerning PICKIER
disparaging DEROGATORY
place to build a birdhouse WORKSHOP
where football players gather HUDDLE
type of thermometer ORAL
virtuous WHOLESOME
cease DESIST
infer from current data EXTRAPOLATE
idealistic UTOPIAN
ending in -s, often PLURAL
cook under high heat BROIL
expert in crop production AGRONOMIST
cold treat POPSICLE
cooked squid CALAMARI
scuffle TUSSLE
proper social behavior ETIQUETTE
intense hunger STARVATION
large clam GEODUCK
kind of cracked wheat BULGUR
subordinate group WING
a handy activity MANICURING
city on the Po river MILAN
silvery salmon COHO
a leaf can make it larger TABLETOP
warehouse box CRATE
hissing sound SIBILANCE
seeing red SEETHING
Jay Leno's showtime TONIGHT
windshield cleaner WIPER
veteran actor TROUPER
green hue EMERALD
one on foot PEDESTRIAN
consist of COMPRISE
building front FACADE
first-rate ADMIRABLE
soundly defeated CREAMED
moves, a la "Star Trek" TELEPORTS
compulsory OBLIGATORY
babbling PRATTLING
degree of firmness CONSISTENCY
eye ailment GLAUCOMA
hors d'oeuvres APPETIZERS
recorded music fans AUDIOPHILES
normal shape for a cruller OBLONG
composed and self-assured POISED
Boston skaters BRUINS
filled with, as danger FRAUGHT
make into law ENACT
deep-fried pastry BEIGNET
parts of a state COUNTIES
Austrian composer MAHLER
annual sled race IDITAROD
glittering SPARKLY
lower leg part SHIN
strong inclination PENCHANT
like Jell-O or flab JIGGLY
made into a ball WADDED
uncalled-for NEEDLESS
staring intently GAZING
variety show REVUE
art with cut-out paper DECOUPAGE
"Gone with the Wind" star GABLE
crescent-shaped lens MENISCUS
opening music OVERTURE
mosquito-borne disease MALARIA
become frozen GLACIATE
removal RIDDANCE
freeloads SPONGES
investigation INQUIRY
least prolonged BRIEFEST
ruler divisions INCHES
long-time foe ARCHENEMY
flabbergasted GOBSMACKED
freight barges SCOWS
Eurythmics singer Annie LENNOX
beyond bossy DOMINEERING
loathes ABHORS
Latvia neighbor LITHUANIA
take one's sweet time DILLYDALLY
funny shows SITCOMS
fifth element BORON
put too much weight on OVERLOAD
pointing to INDICATING
old-fashioned laundering aid WASHTUB
trite saying BROMIDE
threatening to rain OVERCAST
celebrated author Norman MAILER
lacking courage COWARDLY
percussive "clashers" CYMBALS
amount that a semi can hold TRUCKLOAD
life functions METABOLISM
appointed for life TENURED
participating in a crime COMPLICIT
window slat LOUVER
fearful TIMOROUS
helicopter part ROTOR
former president of Egypt SADAT
severely flawed protagonist ANTIHERO
try-before-you-buy downloads SHAREWARE
related to sailors or ships NAUTICAL
strong blast of wind GUST
battle between two warplanes DOGFIGHT
former capital of Japan KYOTO
mingle with the crowd SOCIALIZE
overjoyed JUBILANT
playground fixtures SEESAWS
peas and carrots VEGGIES
element #19 POTASSIUM
not far away CLOSE
karst topography mineral LIMESTONE
U.S. territory in Micronesia GUAM
summit VERTEX
island in the Bay of Naples CAPRI
spellbound ENTHRALLED
places to play video games ARCADES
abandon FORSAKE
castle walls have them BATTLEMENTS
Charlie of silent films CHAPLIN
blood-sucking insects MOSQUITOES
stopped from squeaking OILED
peel off in thin fragments EXFOLIATE
high points ZENITHS
barkers' workplaces CARNIVALS
primary dramatic character PROTAGONIST
cutting off, as wool SHEARING
home of the New York Jets MEADOWLANDS
taking an attitude POSTURING
Japanese floral arranging IKEBANA
small, sour fruit CHOKECHERRY
carrying more fat FLABBIER
lay down the law INSIST
ice cream units SCOOPS
meets the requirements QUALIFIES
making a gesture MOTIONING
diluted THINNED
personal organizer brand FILOFAX
goes too far in response OVERREACTS
without question INDUBITABLY
"Moneyball" actor Pitt BRAD
enormity BIGNESS
element #12 MAGNESIUM
came apart UNRAVELED
got wind of HEARD
bringing about CAUSING
counties in England SHIRES
no longer existing DEFUNCT
cliquishness EXCLUSIVITY
delicate quality FRAILNESS
comic poet Nash OGDEN
enjoyed a big meal FEASTED
not containing many people UNCROWDED
not useful UNHELPFUL
in a suave, refined way URBANELY
a bit of a nerve INTERNODE
pregnant EXPECTING
"take to the heart" CENTRALIZE
perfect, for example TENSE
theater makeup GREASEPAINT
film reviewer Pauline KAEL
flying high SOARING
slobbered DROOLED
moving without purpose DRIFTING
most severe STRICTEST
shenanigans HIJINKS
last longer than OUTLIVE
Travelocity competitor ORBITZ
handling badly MISMANAGING
range of hills in England COTSWOLDS
like some apartments FURNISHED
thingamabob DINGUS
form of dermatitis ROSACEA
author of "The Courtier" CASTIGLIONE
disrepectful laughs SNIGGERS
unfathomable INSCRUTABLE
business closure SHUTDOWN
close by NIGH
power in vacuums BISSELL
egg yolk or detergent EMULSIFIER
engages in karaoke SINGS
cut back in scope DOWNSCALED
lower recliner parts FOOTRESTS
explain in detail ELUCIDATE
compromises a little BENDS
harsh workplace SWEATSHOP
coming close to overflowing BRIMMING
act like a tourist SIGHTSEE
front of the mandible CHINBONE
part of France's motto EQUALITY
former NYC mayor Ed KOCH
giving a specific office DESIGNATING
jeered RAZZED
literary sisters' surname BRONTE
put down BERATED
low points DEPTHS
emotionally stressful WRENCHING
lack of polish INELEGANCE
bird in a clock CUCKOO
fail to hear the alarm clock OVERSLEEP
around-the-clock CONTINUOUS
game with a shot clock BASKETBALL
swinging clock part PENDULUM
sporting five o'clock shadow UNSHAVEN
wearable clock WRISTWATCH
serving as a warning MONITORY
infrangible UNBREAKABLE
"groundbreaking" worker PLOWMAN
Elizabeth of cosmetics ARDEN
Polish bread ZLOTY
cheese from buffalo milk MOZZARELLA
soft precipitation DRIZZLE
diplomat Rice CONDOLEEZZA
excited ABUZZ
"Muppet Show" bear FOZZIE
Philadelphia mayor Frank RIZZO
Beehive State basketballers JAZZ
going under SINKING
pronoun for you and me OURSELVES
speed along HURTLE
encroachment INVASION
new sailor's feeling QUEASINESS
minor improvement TOUCHUP
in name only TITULAR
oneness UNITY
three-dimensional LIFELIKE
four-score EIGHTY
bunch of fives FIST
knock for six FLABBERGAST
seven days WEEK
sudden attack BLITZKRIEG
attack from concealment AMBUSH
attack helicopter APACHE
attack the validity of IMPUGN
sudden uncontrollable attack PAROXYSM
plan of attack APPROACH
attack ad target POLITICIAN
severe privations HARDSHIPS
small model person DOLL
England's "Red Rose" county LANCASHIRE
future butterfly or moth CHRYSALID
spectacular gymnastic feats ACROBATICS
Tuscan football club FIORENTINA
oil producer OLIVE
difficult, as a task SISYPHEAN
difficult and unpleasant AUGEAN
reading difficulty DYSLEXIA
difficult to understand ABSTRUSE
difficult to deal with IRASCIBLE
difficult voyage TREK
difficult position QUAGMIRE
Great Basin desert MOJAVE
break up soil ROTOTILL
small, striped squirrels CHIPMUNKS
Ottawa's province ONTARIO
detach from a trailer UNHITCH
Broadway programs PLAYBILLS
most extended LONGEST
dangerous food poisoning BOTULISM
a breather LUNG
untidy state DISORDER
more sick ILLER
expelled from a country DEPORTED
thick stick used as weapon BLUDGEON
muddle-headed ADDLEPATED
problema gástrico ÚLCERA
opuesto de facilidad DIFICULTAD
sistema político RÉGIMEN
persona que no come carne VEGETARIANO
donde se vende salmón PESCADERÍA
queso blando italiano RICOTTA
pan o bizcochito americano MUFFIN
corte eléctrico APAGÓN
disfrutar el perfume OLER
partícula invisible ÁTOMO
comenzar a vivir NACER
no singular PLURAL
tocaba ligeramente ROZABA
de la época de las flores PRIMAVERAL
ciudad del equipo "Bulls" CHICAGO
lo que niños mastican CHICLE
pequeño CHICO
ingrediente de pico de gallo CILANTRO
lámpara que concentra la luz FOCO
actriz y modelo Daisy FUENTES
él quema la boca JALAPEÑO
food sold in wheels CHEESE
"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat SAJAK
set of wheels AUTOMOBILE
cartwheel performer ACROBAT
like a fifth wheel SUPERFLUOUS
guy at the wheel of a ship HELMSMAN
craftsman with a wheel POTTER
tree-sized cactus SAGUARO
Death Valley desert MOJAVE
desert procession CARAVAN
like a desert BARREN
state flower of New Mexico YUCCA
desert arachnid SCORPION
Mongolian desert GOBI
external OUTER
they shine under a load FILAMENTS
direct sales giant AMWAY
movie critics REVIEWERS
singer-songwriter King CAROLE
pleasantly warm SUMMERY
knight wear MAIL
dishonest behavior CROOKERY
ancient Syrian city BOSRA
possible choice ALTERNATIVE
he works on the premises LOGICIAN
Chinese oil and gas company SINOPEC
ran away to "join up" ELOPED
soothes LULLS
surveying instrument THEODOLITE
standard bearer FLAGPOLE
nautical winch WINDLASS
small Icelandic island GRIMSEY
path for a plane AIRWAY
walked with heavy steps PLODDED
country singer LeAnn RIMES
neighbor of Mozambique SWAZILAND
not out of reach ACHIEVABLE
furnished with gear OUTFITTED
time off from work, usually WEEKENDS
hitting really hard BATTERING
seeker of insurance benefits CLAIMANT
having the most fog MISTIEST
person with many interests GENERALIST
apportioned METED
Jet d'Eau and Trevi FOUNTAINS
stand-up's hope LAUGHTER
"Star Wars" planet TATOOINE
passes out SWOONS
snatched GRABBED
virtual reality CYBERSPACE
shared file TORRENT
leading search engine GOOGLE
online diary BLOG
crowd-funding website KICKSTARTER
digital letters EMAIL
early music-sharing site NAPSTER
submarine sandwich HERO
Jennifer Lopez, for one LATINA
computer's human check CAPTCHA
wildebeests GNUS
President Eisenhower DWIGHT
succumbs to attack or siege FALLS
world's smallest republic NAURU
seminal medical oath HIPPOCRATIC
more inclined to talk MOUTHIER
Spanish port of call CARTAGENA
2013 British Open champ MICKELSON
pertaining to the bosses MANAGERIAL
grant as a right CONCEDE
settle an argument RECONCILE
stalemate DEADLOCK
final proposal ULTIMATUM
submit to a judgement ARBITRATE
settle a dispute MEDIATE
legal agreement COVENANT
"butter" on farm GOAT
sharp and forthright ACERBIC
Glasgow soccer team RANGERS
underlying quality UNDERTONE
of poor quality CRUMMY
a high degree of skill PROFICIENCY
Virgin boss Richard BRANSON
made dull monotonous sounds THRUMMED
expensive, handmade mattress AIRELOOM
a Peruvian fruit CHERIMOYA
doing good BENEFICENT
original model ARCHETYPE
trail mix, Down Under SCROGGIN
old German nobleman JUNKER
Indian butter substitute VANASPATI
breakfast cereal brand WEETABIX
super conductor MAESTRO
Australian national park PURNULULU
of the same kind HOMOGENOUS
worthy of great respect ESTIMABLE
in a sinister way DARKLY
hitting hard POUNDING
this evening TONIGHT
what the Nielsens measure VIEWERS
cashing in REDEEMING
choir members VOICES
where medicine is given out DISPENSARY
people of Rio de Janeiro BRAZILIANS
way to reach a compromise NEGOTIATION
fold TUCK
old-style man's jacket TAILCOAT
impossible to change INALTERABLE
director's cry ACTION
fits of anger RAGES
marsh bird SNIPE
old-fashioned carriage SURREY
twisted hard WRENCHED
like some hooves CLOVEN
legendary closer Rivera MARIANO
Pennsylvania seed company BURPEE
puts down DEGRADES
noisy snake RATTLER
quilt, for example BEDCOVER
distribution ALLOCATION
corrupted DEBASED
plumber's problems LEAKS
British playwright Tom STOPPARD
luxurious quality RITZINESS
destroy WRECK
short hairstyles BOBS
it's filled in a bakery PIECRUST
landlord LESSOR
laid waste to DESTROYED
two-time Oscar winner Foster JODIE
freshwater fishes CRAPPIES
author Truman CAPOTE
cannonballs, for example AMMO
humorists COMEDIANS
operatic composer Richard WAGNER
Richmond resident VIRGINIAN
hostile INIMICAL
trims in Photoshop CROPS
intricate arrangement LABYRINTH
throughout working hours DAYLONG
turns into a big fad POPULARIZES
some commercial writers ADMEN
lustrous play of color IRIDESCENCE
full complement of arrows QUIVERFUL
actor Paul RUDD
overshadow DWARF
major Norwegian city TRONDHEIM
British hovercraft inventor COCKERELL
the "king of the herrings" SHAD
arms and legs APPENDAGES
for a short time AWHILE
overblown DRAMATIC
brownish-red RUFOUS
sentimentality SLUSHINESS
lobster dish THERMIDOR
no-hoper, in Australia DRONGO
UK department store chain SELFRIDGES
largest lake in Sweden VANERN
poked with a point PRODDED
ice hockey player Denis SAVARD
New Zealand birds KIWIS
one mouthful BITE
flowing back RECEDING
multitudes ARMIES
it's used to hem a blanket WHIPSTITCH
come up with new terms RENEGOTIATE
made changes ADAPTED
more substantial MEATIER
one of the noble gases KRYPTON
able to be split DIVISIBLE
game with chips and a cup TIDDLYWINKS
favorable positions ADVANTAGES
thick cold weather beverage EGGNOG
encouraging FOSTERING
fake tan provider BRONZER
talks on and on in Congress FILIBUSTERS
Microsoft Excel document WORKSHEET
wasted, as time KILLED
resident of Doha QATARI
really wanted COVETED
apartments, typically RENTALS
longtime residents NATIVES
unbelievably INCREDIBLY
store cops' concerns SHOPLIFTERS
Supreme Court justice SCALIA
waiter SERVER
citizen of Monaco MONEGASQUE
intangibly IMPALPABLY
sling mud at SLANDER
one at the movie theater CINEMAGOER
Intel laptop brand ULTRABOOK
they play their parts ACTORS
not direct ROUNDABOUT
uncertain intention AMBIGUITY
without definite course DEVIOUS
indirect SINUOUS
oblique in meaning BACKHANDED
not straightforward DECEITFUL
leading back to the start CIRCULAR
listens without seeming to EAVESDROPS
tiny iPod model NANO
early French settler ACADIAN
spreads throughout PERVADES
messing (with) TINKERING
chair lift alternative GONDOLA
melodious songbirds THRUSHES
tree sought by fletchers ARROWWOOD
software that never happens VAPORWARE
stunt flyer AEROBAT
rich and crumbly, as soil LOAMY
done in an unmannerly way TASTELESSLY
independence of movement MOTILITY
Oilers hall-of-famer Paul COFFEY
furniture mover REMOVALIST
nauseated QUEASY
solid ground LANDMASS
small Aussie owls BOOBOOKS
typist's work KEYSTROKES
Aussie entertainer, Barry HUMPHRIES
resolute person DIEHARD
solid foundation HARDPAN
Fosbury's high jump style FLOP
corruptible VENAL
creating scoring chances PLAYMAKING
sweat-induced horse foam LATHER
Hanna-Barbera hound HUCKLEBERRY
counterfeited SIMULATED
woke up again REWAKENED
breath-tainting plant GARLIC
bug killer GERMICIDE
Betty's presidential husband GERALD
in a chilly manner FRIGIDLY
city of Ieper's French name YPRES
precision measurer MICROMETER
uptight PRIGGISH
tightrope walker ACROBAT
it may be airtight ALIBI
famous literary tightwad SCROOGE
shoe tighteners LACES
too tight, perhaps PINCHING
tight-lipped TACITURN
one who trades without money BARTERER
most gloomy and drab DINGIEST
crisp Italian breadsticks GRISSINI
white-shouldered, perhaps DANDRUFFY
in an irritating way IRKSOMELY
he lives poor to die rich MISER
strongly disapproving of DEPLORING
pertaining to earthquakes SEISMICAL
"headdesk" relative FACEPALM
figure skating practice FREESTYLE
quibbler's quality PETTINESS
"Show Me State" native MISSOURIAN
characteristic of satin SMOOTHNESS
looked for larks BIRDED
disappointingly CRUSHINGLY
putting money back in again REINVESTING
canvas shopping bag quality REUSABILITY
sandwiched between INTERLAID
sentimentality BATHOS
Sean Connery, perhaps BONDSMAN
one who sees the light OPTICIST
things that can be touched TANGIBLES
in a very interested manner RAPTLY
sheet music notation FLAT
"America's Pastime" player BASEBALLER
cry of surprise ZOWIE
city named for three states TEXARKANA
hallmarked metal SILVER
US Hockey Hall of Fame city EVELETH
hall tree COATRACK
American comedian Hall ARSENIO
Hall of Hall & Oates DARYL
"Annie Hall" actress Diane KEATON
Rockies' home state COLORADO
Sharpie manufacturer SANFORD
concentrated or focused FUNNELED
the state of the atmosphere WEATHER
Dushanbe is its capital TAJIKISTAN
rendering a router unusable BRICKING
a color that's an "area" GRAY
well source GROUNDWATER
railroad stabilizer BALLAST
lost in thought ABSTRACTED
mounted athlete POLOIST
group of six SEXTETTE
delight GLADNESS
encircle ENGIRD
more like Einstein CLEVERER
unscrupulous SCOUNDRELLY
Liechtenstein's capital VADUZ
FIFA president Sepp BLATTER
costing more DEARER
they're paired with nooks CRANNIES
holds on CLINGS
black bug with red markings BOXELDER
"Music Man" had 76 of them TROMBONES
proved to be wrong CONFUTED
Munich is its capital BAVARIA
massive Himalayan subrange KARAKORAM
able to be continued RESUMABLE
region south of Burgundy BEAUJOLAIS
gauge filled with mercury THERMOMETER
Venus Williams' sport TENNIS
Earth Day's month APRIL
Mars bar ingredient CHOCOLATE
"Jupiter" symphony composer MOZART
Saturn, once AUTOMOBILE
Neptune, California sleuth VERONICA
"Community" star Joel MCHALE
some football players DEFENDERS
gunning, as an engine REVVING
French four QUATRE
corn dish PONE
no sweat EASY
in a pesky way ANNOYINGLY
depart, informally SKIDDOO
Australian PM John GORTON
beat at a regatta OUTSAIL
ceramic building block FIRECLAY
plant with silk-buoyed seeds MILKWEED
stylishly SWISHINGLY
frantically HECTICLY
very representative ARCHETYPAL
blogger's writings POSTS
western author Grey ZANE
they work in rock STONEMASONS
determining the length of SIZING
talks arrogantly BLUSTERS
canine DOGLIKE
loose-fitting gym wear SWEATPANTS
crease FOLD
countertop brand CORIAN
like tunes for children SINGSONGY
gives support to UPHOLDS
element number 44 RUTHENIUM
Peace Prize winners, e.g. NOBELISTS
Ford car marque MERCURY
shade of blonde PLATINUM
remove creases from IRON
go ahead LEAD
famous London theater PALLADIUM
1979 Johnny Cash album SILVER
cent or penny COPPER
Swedish roof rack maker THULE
they're slipped on for sleep PAJAMAS
largest Bahamian island ANDROS
state secret disclosures LEAKS
power reduction BROWNOUT
"flying stovepipe" engine RAMJET
in an ostentatious manner GAUDILY
German capital inhabitants BERLINERS
Welsh poet Thomas DYLAN
filling with love ENAMORING
string-plucking musicians HARPISTS
Miami athlete DOLPHIN
plants grow in it SOIL
postmark HANDSTAMP
positivity SUNNINESS
compassionate EMPATHIC
longshoreman DOCKER
cave YIELD
"The Cave" Nobelist José SARAMAGO
cave enthusiast SPELUNKER
"Fingal's Cave" composer MENDELSSOHN
cave-dwelling TROGLODYTIC
cave painting site LASCAUX
deep cave in New Mexico LECHUGUILLA
well-liked POPULAR
likeable PLEASANT
not likely IMPROBABLE
like the wind FAST
"Like Crazy" actor Anton YELCHIN
Facebook "like" feature BUTTON
artistic likeness PORTRAIT
they're superficially trendy POSERS
ignoring the risks FOOLHARDY
disturbing TROUBLING
1978 James Michener novel CHESAPEAKE
put a mark of disgrace upon STIGMATIZE
American 1040 completer TAXPAYER
absorb exclusively PREOCCUPY
automatic reply occasion VACATION
automatic drip product COFFEE
automatic washer part AGITATOR
automatic right ENTITLEMENT
automatic data transmission TELEMETRY
automatic watch piece MAINSPRING
automatic pilot's location COCKPIT
in a harmless way BENIGNLY
unrecognized "state" DENIAL
Le Carre's spy SMILEY
Subway competitor PANERA
bleach DECOLOR
millennial's motto, perhaps YOLO
former Atlanta NHLer THRASHER
in a destitute manner NEEDILY
"More Than a Feeling" band BOSTON
Radio City Music Hall dancer ROCKETTE
Tunisian island DJERBA
about half the world HEMISPHERIC
less focused BLURRIER
web ad platform TECHNORATI
exceptional PARTICULAR
"original" Hyundai model GENESIS
New Zealand glowworm cave WAITOMO
Bambi's flying pest DEERFLY
race car driver Jeff GORDON
answer a suit, legally COUNTERSUE