7 little words

7 Little Words answers


Clue Answer
British sausage BANGER
apportion PARCEL
Australia's Great Reef BARRIER
koala food EUCALYPTUS
say how you feel OPINE
adding up to TOTALING
make dirty SOIL
prizes AWARDS
where the train stops STATION
Sylvester's fixation TWEETY
breaks apart DISSOLVES
avaricious GREEDY
cast out EXILED
mysterious CRYPTIC
make things different CHANGE
anguish DISTRESS
ring of flowers or leaves WREATH
put in the bank DEPOSIT
incredibly beautiful STRIKING
multi-headed creature HYDRA
tree limb BRANCH
fantastic DYNAMITE
male goat BILLY
The Beach Boys, for one GROUP
Swedish capital STOCKHOLM
football game start KICKOFF
variety of printer INKJET
one more ANOTHER
U.S. Civil War theme song DIXIE
Tony's breakfast flakes FROSTED
rider of the horse Tornado ZORRO
overwhelmed FLOODED
leg part CALF
feel a strong desire for HANKER
green nut PISTACHIO
building up to CUMULATIVE
gray rain cloud NIMBUS
formally present TENDER
day of rest SABBATH
wolf-like LUPINE
food of the gods AMBROSIA
postmen fill them MAILBOXES
relaxed and friendly MELLOW
out of practice RUSTY
take into custody ARREST
splinter-removing implement TWEEZERS
variety of nut FILBERT
Russian writer Chekhov ANTON
section of the brain LOBE
personal narrative MEMOIR
vandal's drawings GRAFFITI
gymnastic move SOMERSAULT
peaceful IRENIC
elegant or fancy RITZY
fluffy dessert MOUSSE
kind of onion or shorts BERMUDA
logical "Star Trek" character SPOCK
hospital attire SCRUBS
defiant one REBEL
two-player nautical game BATTLESHIP
minor setback HICCUP
side trip SALLY
capricious ARBITRARY
terse, witty saying EPIGRAM
groveling WORMY
riding whip QUIRT
outrageous COCKAMAMIE
having a bad reaction ALLERGIC
go to school LEARN
"horrible" comic Viking HAGAR
terrific FABULOUS
where Oslo is the capital NORWAY
basketball game with letters HORSE
going without eating FASTING
distressing PAINFUL
small household item NOTION
prickly shrub BRIAR
one who goes by the book STICKLER
containing pictures ILLUSTRATED
look of contempt SNEER
like a shrinking violet BASHFUL
Sean Connery's birthplace EDINBURGH
hot news story SCOOP
Sinclair Lewis novel ARROWSMITH
use profanity, perhaps BLASPHEME
Mickey Mouse creator DISNEY
Atlanta team BRAVES
put in stitches SUTURE
in need of lubrication SQUEAKY
playoff time POSTSEASON
rubbing of the muscles MASSAGE
cistern TANK
plant life VEGETATION
diaper NAPPY
trek in the outback WALKABOUT
gents CHAPS
back of the neck SCRUFF
being ENTITY
within reason PLAUSIBLE
sandwich part BREAD
game with kings and jumping CHECKERS
strong wind GALE
what dogs can't see COLORS
guests COMPANY
family get-together REUNION
stinging insect HORNET
cabbage dish KRAUT
hot dog topper RELISH
feral WILD
surname of two presidents ROOSEVELT
muffaletta ingredient OLIVES
kind of lens ZOOM
turnpikes without tolls FREEWAYS
recoils roughly KICKS
referee's knowledge RULE
malicious ill will SPITE
careless SLIPSHOD
downcast HANGDOG
campaign rocker SCANDAL
of a bedroom community SUBURBAN
prodigy WONDER
public place for a stroll PROMENADE
beginning of puberty ADOLESCENCE
flintlock or muzzleloader RIFLE
glare protection SUNGLASSES
former QUONDAM
mulberry muncher SILKWORM
composting ingredient LIME
manner of personal conduct DEPORTMENT
imprint on glass ETCH
breakfast spot NOOK
stone marker OBELISK
chime ringer DOORBELL
know-how EXPERTISE
emphasize ACCENTUATE
sponge CADGE
incentive MOTIVATION
sharp-tasting ACRID
ballerina's solo VARIATION
like some dinners CANDLELIGHT
poor engine sound COUGH
period between noon & night EVENING
bounce while walking FLOUNCE
knitted head cover SHAWL
barbecued entrée RIBS
mentally fit SANE
flushing out of game BATTUE
stage show setup LIGHTING
larch tree TAMARACK
extreme poverty BEGGARY
small, mouselike pet GERBIL
maintenance UPKEEP
thick piece CHUNK
belladonna lily AMARYLLIS
habit-forming ADDICTIVE
raised up LEVITATED
father of Pocahontas POWHATAN
chimney particles SOOT
meeting of two motorists COLLISION
dry dock work REPAIR
bit of food MORSEL
engine valve THROTTLE
soft fabric VELVET
rough, as waves CHOPPY
extremely conservative REACTIONARY
intense hatred ENMITY
swing back and forth OSCILLATE
1940s swinger HEPCAT
user of a bird cage swing CANARY
miniature dwelling DOLLHOUSE
widely swung punch ROUNDHOUSE
swing MANAGE
circus swinger TRAPEZIST
not far away NEARBY
profoundly touching POIGNANT
wearing a plume on your helmet CRESTED
like a dense fog SOUPY
make certain ASSURE
hero worship ADMIRATION
accustomed ACCLIMATED
white Alpine flower EDELWEISS
a wolf in sheep's clothing IMPOSTOR
ornament carved in relief ANAGLYPH
columned entranceway PORTICO
simple roofing material THATCH
was ambitious ASPIRED
sticking one's nose in MEDDLESOME
setting SITE
author of "Walden" THOREAU
state tree of Missouri DOGWOOD
movie DVD, perhaps RENTAL
slender amphibian NEWT
platypus DUCKBILL
beyond tolerance UNBEARABLE
make official NOTARIZE
place for pet turtles TERRARIUM
nature lover OUTDOORSMAN
grumble and gripe CARP
neighbor of Slovakia HUNGARY
cook on the grill CHARBROIL
where the Flintstones live BEDROCK
football position TAILBACK
disqualified INELIGIBLE
divided house DUPLEX
narrow crack CREVICE
literary work of rural life PASTORAL
variety of apple PIPPIN
small dome CUPOLA
tripping and nearly falling STUMBLING
city renamed Constantinople BYZANTIUM
tart fruit CRABAPPLE
exasperation FRUSTRATION
Photoshop company ADOBE
chocolate maker HERSHEY
rallying cry WATCHWORD
short newspaper article PARAGRAPH
Nebraska city OMAHA
nonsense MALARKY
twisted pastry CRULLER
cleaning cloths RAGS
expresses in a new way REWORDS
having a hide SKINNED
jejunum neighbor DUODENUM
very funny HYSTERICAL
scared ALARMED
chicken or turkey FOWL
Mexican turnovers EMPANADAS
measure of one-third inch BARLEYCORN
"Hey you!" PSST
poetic line of six feet HEXAMETER
squad car movement PATROL
Parton's theme park DOLLYWOOD
portion out DISPENSE
broad WIDE
tart drink LIMEADE
African country RWANDA
drive back REPULSE
fire starter KINDLING
invigorating BRISK
the study of fish ICHTHYOLOGY
high-pitched SHRILL
colorful spectacle PAGEANTRY
hang around LOITER
expensive Monopoly property BOARDWALK
concur, as a court ruling UPHOLD
cowardly GUTLESS
large musical composition ORATORIO
hopeful aspirant, slangily WANNABE
suggest CONNOTE
three-dimensional solids POLYHEDRONS
advances PROMOTES
with hands on hips AKIMBO
one prone to fretting WORRYWART
court order SUBPOENA
loyalty FIDELITY
large party JAMBOREE
land between India and China NEPAL
not visible to the audience OFFSTAGE
open up, as a flag UNFURL
from Amsterdam, say DUTCH
requiring much effort LABORIOUS
country music's Kenny CHESNEY
earth tone TAUPE
Emeril of the Food Network LAGASSE
small manual BOOKLET
"Star Trek" creator Gene RODDENBERRY
stare with one's mouth open GAPE
chili-making contest, say COOKOFF
city dweller URBANITE
hair salon colorants DYES
impression made by a horse HOOFPRINT
social protestor's doctrine ACTIVISM
meekness SHYNESS
rain in fine drops MIZZLE
Stanley found him LIVINGSTONE
dampened WETTED
green-blooded aliens VULCANS
squeezing snakes BOAS
music chart consideration AIRPLAY
leaves in a hurry SPLITS
olive stuffing PIMIENTO
unappreciative sort INGRATE
not paperback HARDBOUND
use a Xerox machine PHOTOCOPY
like old floorboards CREAKY
country singer Tim MCGRAW
"Some Like It Hot" star Tony CURTIS
remaining LEFT
like the Jetsons' maid ROBOTIC
Japanese farewell SAYONARA
big craters in pavement POTHOLES
post-disaster opportunists LOOTERS
intergalactic craft STARSHIP
doctor's clients PATIENTS
nation in west Africa SENEGAL
accumulate for future use STOCKPILE
Robert of "Tender Mercies" DUVALL
taxonomic level KINGDOM
wing movement FLAP
cessation of hostilities ARMISTICE
arresting COLLARING
area of exposed bedrock OUTCROP
Ford flop EDSEL
out-of-control UNRULY
flood diverter SPILLWAY
within earshot AUDIBLE
creatures BEASTIES
twists out of shape WARPS
calling again REDIALING
edible root JICAMA
period of equilibrium STASIS
metallic sounds PINGS
short on staff UNDERMANNED
gumdrop-like candy JUJYFRUITS
organ grinders' animals MONKEYS
incursions RAIDS
fall bloomers, for short MUMS
media mogul Rupert MURDOCH
goldenrod and mint PERENNIALS
turning into BECOMING
guilt determiners JURIES
suitability EXPEDIENCY
stumbling TRIPPING
of low birth IGNOBLE
sweater feature NECKLINE
tariffs affect these IMPORTS
change the meaning of REDEFINE
Andover students, often PREPPIES
radio and TV comedian Red SKELTON
allures ENTICES
Charlotte's team, formerly BOBCATS
made Swiss steak BRAISED
uses the remote CLICKS
performs ACTS
tried out TESTED
female with pride LIONESS
disposition INCLINATION
royal house PALACE
was no longer an outsider ENTERED
proceeds TAKINGS
make cross DISPLEASE
Ringo Starr, for one DRUMMER
more thickly populated DENSER
moles make them TUNNELS
put in the laundry WASH
actor Hal HOLBROOK
close-fitting dresses SHEATHS
every 24 months BIYEARLY
arbitrate INTERCEDE
they outline tactics PLAYBOOKS
moved to a new land EMIGRATED
free, in a way UNCHAIN
accommodating OBLIGING
cherishes LOVES
soft frozen dessert GELATO
antiquated OVERAGE
moved back and forth ZIGZAGGED
washer cycle SPIN
ate small bites NIBBLED
complete lack of skill INEPTITUDE
kind of boom SONIC
ailments MALADIES
Indonesian volcano KRAKATOA
sum on a deposit slip SUBTOTAL
suspend, as a meeting ADJOURN
inn quality COZINESS
Pearl Jam's genre GRUNGE
wisecracker CUTUP
doesn't play gently ROUGHHOUSES
quench SLAKE
brought together UNITED
gratis FREE
adds sweetener to SUGARS
comedian Foxworthy JEFF
sounded like a goose HONKED
precursor of adrenalin DOPAMINE
Porsche model BOXSTER
potential plants SEEDS
cleaning agent DEGREASER
female "warbler" SONGSTRESS
doing up BUTTONING
facial features BROWS
science of smell OSMICS
smell a rat DISTRUST
foul smell STENCH
smell masker DEODORANT
smelled out DISCOVERED
fragrant smell PERFUME
quick smell WHIFF
in handcuffs SHACKLED
CNN correspondent Wolf BLITZER
makes more difficult COMPLICATES
ballooning SWELLING
conflagrations BLAZES
rock bottom NADIR
shampoo brand PANTENE
37th president NIXON
Warren Buffett, by birth NEBRASKAN
largest component of air NITROGEN
nine-sided figure NONAGON
synthetic fabric NYLON
Empress Josephine's husband NAPOLEON
8th smallest prime number NINETEEN
challenging raceway section CHICANE
a place of control or power HELM
seemingly inescapable burden ALBATROSS
rudiments BASICS
ring-shaped ANNULAR
making harsh donkey noises BRAYING
consumed by fire IMMOLATED
"Fiddler on the Roof" star TOPOL
New York university COLGATE
cockatoo head plumage CREST
photo with a zoom, perhaps CLOSEUP
chin dimple CLEFT
Dutch old master REMBRANDT
skilled apprentice JOURNEYMAN
with a heavy heart SADLY
heavy downpour TORRENT
heavy load mover DOLLY
heavy-duty DURABLE
heavy fabric CRETONNE
movie heavy VILLAIN
with passion HEATEDLY
accepted customs MORES
room to spare CLEARANCE
division of police force SQUAD
most ready for eating RIPEST
courageously GUTSILY
speculator THEORIST
Beetle Bailey's nemesis SARGE
cricket posts STUMPS
bamboo walking stick WHANGEE
Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
able to fly VOLANT
moth-eaten ANTIQUATED
sweet nothings ENDEARMENTS
innovative CLEVER
clickable words on web pages HYPERLINKS
resolved, as a dispute SETTLED
fists, slangily DUKES
from the 49th state ALASKAN
singing cowboy Gene AUTRY
gross lack of sensitivity CRASSNESS
being miserable MOPING
Abramovich's football club CHELSEA
depict in a mannered way STYLIZE
Welsh actor Sir Anthony HOPKINS
head of the house ROOFTOP
frustum-shaped chocolate ROLO
tipo de músico PIANISTA
es como una trompeta grande TROMBÓN
esposa de Ricky Ricardo LUCY
terremoto pequeño TEMBLOR
instrumento de viento madera OBOE
es más grande que la viola VIOLONCELO
instrumento de flamenco CASTAÑUELAS
cosas que las mujeres pintan UÑAS
capital de Suriname PARAMARIBO
continente que incluye Chile SUDAMÉRICA
montaña alta de Sudamérica ACONCAGUA
territorio político PAÍS
Salma, actriz famosa HAYEK
adhesivo para heridas ESPARADRAPO
accesorio de costura AGUJA
capital rusa MOSCÚ
sujeto de estudio LITERATURA
espectáculo teatral ÓPERA
azúcar fundido CARAMELO
prized cut of beef TENDERLOIN
rib-ticklers JOKES
German sausage BRATWURST
hams it up OVERACTS
turkey filler STUFFING
chicken leg DRUMSTICK
chops HACKS
thick shoe BROGAN
soft boot MUKLUK
tropical covering LOINCLOTH
baby's attire DIAPER
skirt support BUSTLE
Australian aboriginal hut GUNYAH
having good judgment DISCERNING
roundabout CIRCUITOUS
it may contain beds GARDEN
emperor on the fiddle NERO
imitates APES
biochemical catalysts ENZYMES
one who makes up numbers COMPOSER
capital of Tanzania DODOMA
utter rubbish GIBBER
small partitioned-off areas CUBICLES
appreciate the taste of SAVOR
very small "flower" RIVULET
monumental TOWERING
said hello to GREETED
they're clapped together PALMS
climber's grip HANDRAIL
fondness LIKING
tending to confuse OBFUSCATORY
from a South American nation ECUADOREAN
children's author Blume JUDY
act or process of knowing COGNITION
two, proverbially COMPANY
"cheeky" aid to beauty BLUSHER
in an aloof fashion DETACHEDLY
understanding UPTAKE
second wife of Juan Peron EVITA
he's "Bart" for short BARONET
pedestrian sounds FOOTSTEPS
biodiesel or ethanol BIOFUEL
trial venues COURTROOMS
city on Honshu HIROSHIMA
as reason would dictate LOGICALLY
actor Sharif OMAR
huff and puff PANT
stuff and nonsense TOMMYROT
cut-and-dried SETTLED
to-and-fro ZIGZAG
rant and rave BLUSTER
spick-and-span SPOTLESS
down-and-out DESTITUTE
skin reaction to cold GOOSEFLESH
Australian actor Russell CROWE
like llamas ANDEAN
reprimanded harshly CENSURED
children's clothing chain GYMBOREE
not out of the question CONCEIVABLE
breathe while having a cold SNUFFLE
one who makes test flights FLEDGLING
sufficiency ADEQUACY
home of Immanuel Kant KALININGRAD
relating to hearing AUDITORY
person not yet in majority CHILD
pointedly ignored SLIGHTED
female siblings SISTERS
stone of a fruit ENDOCARP
stony-hearted UNFEELING
stonewall OBSTRUCT
stone-break SAXIFRAGE
Rolling Stone Mick JAGGER
Namibian beach resort SWAKOPMUND
not fitting INAPT
covered with spangles SEQUINNED
emphatic type ITALIC
very far from well done RARE
younger Obama girl SASHA
extreme poverty INDIGENCE
Russian republic in Caucasus DAGESTAN
hairy-leaved medicinal plant COMFREY
end of a match DIVORCE
London soccer team FULHAM
Aboriginal wind instrument DIDJERIDOO
"letting out a clutch" LAYING
backbones SPINES
Dallas NHL team STARS
make into a new form REFASHION
in the style of a king REGALLY
actress Nicole KIDMAN
conversation DIALOG
hired drivers CABBIES
faced the pitcher BATTED
in the movies ONSCREEN
low-rainfall periods DROUGHTS
ice cream drink FLOAT
"Hi" and "Hello" GREETINGS
often "bad guy" actor Bruce DERN
finished a golf hole PUTTED
looping paths ARCS
mothballing SHELVING
chemistry Nobelist Dorothy HODGKIN
made straight for BEELINED
cheer of joy HOORAH
effeminacy SISSINESS
dominated, as conversation MONOPOLIZED
making easier to control TAMING
finishes off, in chess MATES
wandering ITINERANT
"The Office" setting SCRANTON
force that pulls inward CENTRIPETAL
streams easily FLOWS
London "columnist" NELSON
timetables SCHEDULES
dig into RESEARCH
delightful ENTRANCING
part of a mixture INGREDIENT
playing a part PERFORMING
relating to the intellect MENTAL
location of Vinson Massif ANTARCTICA
their balance is outstanding DEBTORS
quilt patterns PATCHWORKS
rang, as in someone's bell CLOCKED
concentrates hard FOCUSES
teasing, in a way FLIRTY
twangy instruments BANJOS
maximum security NY prison ATTICA
garden decorations GNOMES
classic infomercial knife GINSU
relationship between events CAUSALITY
"eek!" YIPES
cowboy's career, perhaps RANCHING
facial flaw PIMPLE
singer Adam LAMBERT
off-key, on "American Idol" PITCHY
happening every 1000 years MILLENNIAL
granting as due ACCORDING
manhandled MAULED
what commas indicate PAUSES
Golden Globe winner Chris COLFER
junior navy officers LIEUTENANTS
needing user input, in a way INTERACTIVE
kind of wrist fracture COLLES
yarrow MILFOIL
best years of life, some say SCHOOLTIME
belt inventor Sir Sam BROWNE
work, in Australia YAKKER
like Edward Lear's spoon RUNCIBLE
Punxsutawney Phil, say GROUNDHOG
moving clumsily or heavily LUMBERING
showy brilliance ECLAT
pre-1917 Russian council DUMA
like active satellites ORBITING
crater in northern Quebec PINGUALUIT
Eric Idle musical SPAMALOT
nutty, edible mushroom PORCINI
hit in the face SMACKED
weather forecaster Al ROKER
dark furs SABLES
toiling away WORKING
moved to a different place SHIFTED
uses a pan, perhaps FRIES
upper limits CEILINGS
hay machine BALER
is bossy towards HECTORS
rudely nudged ELBOWED
southpaw's opposite RIGHTY
person who preserves food CANNER
cherished LOVED
covers furniture with fabric UPHOLSTERS
complicated CONVOLUTED
possible chess match result DRAW
staple alternative PAPERCLIP
carbon copies REPLICAS
sense of smell OLFACTION
leading playwright David MAMET
thinking clearly LUCID
clear of an accusation VINDICATE
loud and clear OROTUND
clear out EVACUATE
clear and bright LIMPID
like a clear night CLOUDLESS
clearly expressed PERSPICUOUS
actress and singer Menzel IDINA
consisted of INCLUDED
mouse substitute TOUCHPAD
making a loud noise BANGING
canine, to a child DOGGY
Italian jewelry company BULGARI
takes care of one's children PARENTS
biology or chemistry SCIENCE
vast amount of money FORTUNE
ivory's counterpart EBONY
what musicians keep TIME
UK driving age SEVENTEEN
census subjects PEOPLE
quality of a profligate RAKISHNESS
waste time PIDDLE
antifreeze brand PRESTONE
like an untended flowerpot UNWATERED
collided with BARGED
to make smooth SLEEKEN
overrun by rats, perhaps VERMINOUS
Formula One boss Bernie ECCLESTONE
lively Irish party HOOLEY
for the most part LARGELY
athlete's glare reducer EYEBLACK
Elizabeth, to her friends LIZZIE
infant of son or daughter GRANDBABY
national hockey team KOOKABURRAS
NSW's floral emblem WARATAH
wet, tropical region RAINFOREST
some of those Down Under AUSTRALIANS
wild dog WARRIGAL
smiling happily BEAMING
sword lilies GLADIOLI
did well THRIVED
fear of water AQUAPHOBIA
surface protector SEALER
sluggishly STAGNANTLY
not extant INEXISTENT
one who stays away ABSTAINER
a range of radio frequencies WAVEBAND
lacking sense of place ANCHORLESS
recognition of surroundings AWARENESS
electron shell subdivision ORBITAL
positively charged atom CATION
organic chemistry element CARBON
it speeds up reactions CATALYST
group of atoms MOLECULE
study of reaction rates KINETICS
subatomic cluster NUCLEUS
telephone exchange SWITCHBOARD
prompting MOTIVATING
vegetation of pasture land HERBAGE
bowling pin, in the UK SKITTLE
like Viv Richards ANTIGUAN
garden framework PERGOLA
stored away HOARDED
ripeness before its time PREMATURITY
an electric piano player KEYBOARDER
Mandela opposed it APARTHEID
Detroit soft drink company FAYGO
favorite Salvadoran food PUPUSA
3rd party phone monitoring WIRETAPPING
common Swahili greeting JAMBO
shoulder adornment EPAULET
sounded "sheepish" BAAED
obtaining PROCURING
a watch's tell time HANDS
border crossing needs PASSPORTS
Sherlock creator Arthur C. DOYLE
diamond lookalike ZIRCONIA
filled to overflowing CHOCKFUL
"Princess Bride" star Elwes CARY
scatters seeds SOWS
problem with old bread MOLDINESS
cranky people GROUCHES
stuffing FILLER
people from Lima PERUVIANS
Logie Baird invented it TELEVISION
Pajitnov invented it TETRIS
Sax invented it SAXOPHONE
Cockerell invented it HOVERCRAFT
Nobel invented it DYNAMITE
Wynne invented it CROSSWORD
Edison invented it PHONOGRAPH
famous Australian beach BONDI
in an entertaining manner AMUSINGLY
old person, in Britain CRUMBLY
magazine-catalogue combo MAGALOG
make an echoing noise RESOUND
feature of heavy boot HOBNAIL
modified REWORKED
living fence trimmer HEDGER
falling back LAPSING
not consistent INCONGRUENT
in relation to money FINANCIALLY
stormwater channel FLOODWAY
Dallas NBA team, briefly MAVS
geek's trait NERDINESS
cause of low ocean resources OVERFISHING
capable of being saved SALVAGEABLE
seizes power USURPS
former Asian Empire MONGOL
Colbert of comedy STEPHEN
sneezy interjection ACHOO
chief in importance PARAMOUNT
English actress Driver MINNIE
Japanese home stereo maker KENWOOD
near the waves SURFSIDE
the serviceberry SHADBLOW
it makes wooden cylinders SPOKESHAVE
Cyber Monday draw SALE
November Tuesday event ELECTION
what Wednesday's kids have WOES
Black Thursday result DEPRESSION
"Friday Night Lights" sport FOOTBALL
"Saturday Night Live" chief LORNE
Sunday meal, often BRUNCH
educator Washington BOOKER
target of rhinoplasty NOSE
Ireland, formerly HIBERNIA
hooligans PUNKS
quarterback Joe MONTANA
author's publicity event SIGNING
smooth-sounding MELLIFLUENT
clothing size LARGE
putting away STOWING
crisscross patterns LATTICES
employee WORKER
girl on Willy Wonka's tour VERUCA
word in two state names DAKOTA
prepare a dance number CHOREOGRAPH
crucial time for TV networks SWEEPS
county carnival site FAIRGROUNDS
Geri of the Spice Girls HALLIWELL
something made impossible PRECLUSION
cold and snowy WINTERY
Oslo, formerly CHRISTIANIA
like many food eels JELLIED
disappears into the air EVAPORATES
taking a big drink SWIGGING
opera singer Anderson MARIAN
no, in Berlin NEIN
western author L'Amour LOUIS
store for office supplies LEVENGER
the ugly duckling SWAN
he wore new clothes EMPEROR
Billy Goats Gruff nemesis TROLL
tiny girl THUMBELINA
Hansel and Gretel's father WOODCUTTER
bird that carried Tom Thumb RAVEN
fairy tale surname GRIMM
relating to numbers NUMERARY
in an annoying manner TRYINGLY
like a mute mutt BARKLESS
pepper genus CAPSICUM
in a confused way FOGGILY
women's activewear brand DANSKIN
close-fit siding material SHIPLAP
receptionist's gear HEADSET
popular 2014 podcast SERIAL
just getting by COASTING
piano key material IVORY
largest city in New Jersey NEWARK
chiropractor's goal ALIGNMENT
perfume counter sample TESTER
downward paths DESCENTS
actor Keitel HARVEY
makes broader WIDENS
in a dangerous way RISKILY
cycle rickshaw PEDICAB
fragrant fir BALSAM
heartbeat rate disturbance ARYTHMIA
Congo's short-necked giraffe OKAPI
with a handle, as a sword HILTED
one who is belligerent TOUGHY
Austria's national language GERMAN
to plot better than OUTSCHEME
instrument like tuba, cornet SAXHORN
"The Office" star CARRELL
key office accessory STAPLER
office squares CUBICLES
Microsoft Office program POWERPOINT
Office Depot rival STAPLES
glowing state CANDESCENCE
plant of the mustard family PENNYCRESS
resin used in perfume LABDANUM
a condition of tulle GAUZINESS
trinket MOMENTO
without thinking WITLESSLY
repeat medical appointment FOLLOWUP
what a diner cook flips BURGERS
Flip Wilson's alter ego GERALDINE
game started with coin flip FOOTBALL
flipping discs game TIDDLYWINKS
some older ones flip PHONES
flipped disc FRISBEE
flip-flop VACILLATE
fenced-in area EXCLOSURE
like celery, but not spinach DIPPABLE
suburban London district SOUTHALL
edible mollusk COCKLES
"Rigoletto" regular OPERAGOER
lozenge-shaped poetic form DIAMANTE
bedbug blaster FUMIGATOR
obstinate UNWILLING
Myers-Briggs indicator FEELER
mountain-to-sea wind blast WILLIWAW
multilayer sandwich DAGWOOD
habaneros' milder cousins JALAPENOS
loading with a burden SADDLING
used pesticide, maybe DEBUGGED
event hosts COMPERES
readies a pump PRIMES
meat patty RISSOLE
like a castle TURRETED
knotty point NODUS
feeble and incapable EFFETE
gathering crops REAPING